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| 03/10/2013

CNS): Government has announced the formation of a new task force to review the National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA) to ensure that the department fulfils its remit. In the meantime, government officials and the country’s political representatives have committed to helping all unemployed Caymanians take up posts currently occupied by term limit exemption permit (TLEP) holders. As government begins the first step in its major overhaul of the immigration laws and policies, the regularization of TLEPS will not happen until all the positions they hold are advertised and jobless locals are given the chance to apply for those jobs.

In order for that to happen, out of work Caymanians are being urged to submit their details to the NWDA agency which will be involved in the government wide effort to identify unemployed Caymanians and match their skills with the vacancies.

Aspart of the first major set of amendments to the immigration law the TLEPS whose special permits expire at the end of October will be regularized or rolled over. Employers are being given 45 days to apply for normal work permits for these ex-pat employees but every one of the more than 1500 jobs must be advertised first.

According to a release from the premier’s office Thursday, the National Workforce Development Agency will be provided with a list of all the jobs that are currently held by TLEPs which will be used to assist Caymanians who have the necessary qualifications or experience to apply for those jobs.

A task force is being created to review the NWDA which has been severely criticised in the past for failing to link people registered as unemployed with jobs held by permit holders. A recruitment drive is also expected shortly to increase the staffing levels so that the agency can do the work it was created to do.

“We recognise that in order to adequately meet the needs of the community the NWDA requires additional staff,” said the chief officer for employment, Mary Rodrigues. “The necessary approvals have been received by Cabinet and we are expecting to receive approval to begin recruiting shortly."

While government says it is working to match unemployed Caymanians with jobs held by those on work permits, a task force has been formed to review the NWDA and identify areas of priority that need to be addressed so that staff can deliver the services and the support necessary to aid in the training, development and employment of Caymanians in the short and long-term.

“The NWDA was established in 2012 to help prepare Caymanians to take part in current and future economic opportunities,” said Bodden Town MLA Alva Suckoo, the councillor in the home affairs ministry who will be leading the review committee.  “Government sees a need to step in and help the agency refocus its original remit so that Caymanians can get jobs and employers can confidently hire local employees. 

“We must assist Caymanians to become better prepared to make a meaningful contribution to our society and this initiative goes a long way towards offering them the assistance they need in order to become better employees, while removing the obstacles and pitfalls they often find in their way,” he added.

The committee will analyse the priority areas and current NWDA operations and submit a report for each area advising how the agency is delivering its services. The Task Force will take all information and suggest ways to enhance the NWDA’s abilities to carry out its duties.
Suckoo will be joined in chairing the committee by Dr Tasha Ebanks, deputy chief officer in the ministry of education, employment and gender affairs and they in turn will work with o a cross section of human resource professionals, members of the financial services industry, tourism professionals, small business representatives and others. The Task Force will begin meeting next week and is expected to submit its final report in January, 2014.

In the meantime, however, the NWDA will be involved in the push over the next few weeks to try and get locals in the available jobs that the TLEPs transition presents. All TLEPS expire on 28 October and under the proposed immigration reform, no new TLEPs will be issued after that date. Employers will be given until 9 December this year to apply for work permits for these 1,500 foreign workers but they will need to advertise the positions enabling all efforts to be made to identify a Caymanian who is capable and available to fill the position.

All employment applicationsmade to any employer, including those who have workers on TLEPs, should be copied to the NWDA so that agency can track applicants and inform Immigration when there is an available Caymanian. Caymanians who are looking for a job are urged to immediately register with NWDA so they are in the database of available Caymanian employees.

In addition, to the agency and the work of government officials all elected members of government and MLAs have committed to providing assistance and help match their jobless .constituents with the TLEP vacancies.

The employment minister, who has said very little publicly about unemployment or the PPM government’s decision to change the immigration laws, said in the release that she felt, “passionate about the fact that our Caymanian people must be able to access the real job opportunities in this economy.”

The changes to the immigration law are expected to be debated in the Legislative Assembly later this month following the budget debate and the finance committee hearings which begin next week.

The immigration department has released a document listing the positions held by TLEPS but the department is urging Caymanians looking for work to contact the NWDA and not their office to help in the process of matching their skills to the jobs on the list. Immigration officials confirmed that until the employers have advertised the positions and considered all of the qualified Caymanians spouses of a Caymanians, and permanent resident applicants and determined that none of the applicants meet their requirements only then can the employers of TLEP holders submit a work permit grant application for consideration.

Government has also announced a series of town hall public meetings to present the immigration changes which will start in West Bay next Tuesday, 8 October, at 7pm

See list of permit holders and the immigration amendment bill below

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, leave and never come back

  2. Anonymous says:

    Until we as Caymanians realize that our leaders will always be swayed by the highest bidder and not guided by principles, nothing will change.

    Fact number one, there are a lot of unemployablable Caymanians that plain and simply don't want to work.

    Fact number two, there are many highly ethical hard working unskilled Caymanins that want to work but cannot get employed because wages for these types of positions require that they live like the Filipinos with a t least 8-10 per household so that all expenses are shared for them to survive.

    Fact number three, there are many highly ethical, hard working , "skilled and well educated" Caymanians that are unemployed and are actively seeking employment but the bar is consistently raised in terms of years of experience and in many cases employers advertisig the jobs at extremely low wages so as to distract the Caymanian from applying and then giving the expat higher wages once a work permit is granted.

    Grouping all Caymanians together and saying we are all lazy and don't want to work is wrong.

    The current governmant is no different that we have had over the past 20 years. They are full of promises and cures while running for election. Once they are elected, they forget about those who put them there and come up with smokescreens and fancy name programs that supposedly will be the cure all for unemployment and the like. They are politicians, they are not statesmen. All our Statesmen are dead and gone and we have seen one since the politicians voted themselves big fat salaries. We will never have a Jim Bodden or a Ormond Panton ever again. It is not about country anymore it is about a political career and these politicians will say and do anything to ensure there career and their big fat checks and benefits continue year after year.  That is one big reason I favor a term limit on politicians.

    The solutions lie with the politicians getting some backbone by standing up and doing the right thing by their fellow Caymanians. Band aids and fancy named programs are not all that is needed. If you had a family member with curable disease, wouldn't you try to find out what is needed to cure this disease or would you just offer them a cup of fever grass tea or just leave them to die. Politicans need to realize that we as Caymanians put them there. We are a small community with many of us being distant or close relatives of these politicians yet when they get in to the house they forget about us, buy themeselves fancy suits and cars and jet around the world like money was going out of style, forgetting first of all the purposefor which we put them there and secondly that it is our money that they are wasting.

    Caymanians need a hand up not a hand out. We are a proud people, always have been. A lot of us may be unemployed but we do what we can as family to keep food on our tables and to keep our children fed and clothed. Politicians need to take on this same approach. Telling us that if 1500 expats  leave the island our country will collapse is nothing more than a scare tactic and I say shame on the Premier and his group for promoting this. I don't think this will happen. Remember when Ivan came, over 5000 expats left. Many of them did not return,. Why? Cayman had nothing to offer them anymore. The land of milk and honey was demolished overnight. They were lucky. All they had to do was pack a bag and get on a free Cayman Airways  flight paid for by us.  We had to stay behind and clean up the mess. I am not saying that they should not have left because of the circumstances but those who just abandoned us where a lot more that 1500. The flip side to this was that other expats saw opportunity and our population nearly tripled. My point being is that although we may not be able to replace all 1500, there will always be many expats willing to come here. Simply being pressured by these 1500 and their unscrupulous employees that had years to plan their exit is wrong. This is about getting permanent residency and eventually status and we all know it. What these employers don't realise that these same employees once they get permanent residecy wiill in a lot of cases become their competition because they will no longer need to work for them.

    Mr. Premier, I expected better from you. I had a hard time deciding who to vote for in the last election but I did give you one of my votes despite my gut feeling that there would be a reoccurence of the last PPM administration. Not that the UDP was any better but I had to chose between the lesser of the two evils and you seem to be the slightly better one. I am asking you now to be man, no, be a staesman, stand up for your people. Just because you don't do the popular thing doesnt mean that it is wrong. You will get more respect from taking a stand than from going along with those who influence you.Have principles man, be a Caymanian, forget about the trappings of political office. People will respect you more and you will get mine and lots of others support. Maybe you could buck the trend and be the first statesman in many years. I challenge you to do the right thing and listen to your conscience and to your people.




    • Anonymous says:

      lol..dsys of statesmen are long gone..Money talks now!!! Times are tough, the spoils go to the highest bidder!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Or more like the hardest most experianced worker.  Get used to it.  its just good business.

    • Anonymous says:

      well said but I doubt the new Premier or even the last two could could ever even begin to look like statesmen…They are too tainted.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What is the best way to advertise to make sure no one responds?  Any tips?

  4. Anonymous says:

    ok so tonight went at XXXX for dinner…noticed that all servers were local, which is great, but they LACK work ethics big time! Firstly the waitress came to take our orders at 9:10pm and we got there 8pm and she said she forgot about us..lol….secondly the other one came to clear the table and had a sour face and no eye contact whatsoever!!

    Not to mention that food had too much salt…felt like I was washing it down with water from the ocean!!! 

    When I go out to eat I like to see friendly, smiley faces…I'm paying for the crap service you know!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Really, you sat for an hour and ten minutes in a restaurant waitng on someone to serve you? I think you need to look in the mirror and see who needs the course in ethics?

      There is not a restaurant in Cayman that has a full Caymanian staff. This is all made up and you know it,

      • The Caymanian says:

        A true Caymankind reply.  Thanks for proving the point.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not making any excuse for this sorry excuse of a resturant but, I agree with him, why would you sit anywhere and wait and hour for service, you should have bounced and took your money somewhere else. The service should have been an indication of what the food would be like.

          Leave a review on Trip Advisor or Cayman Eats for them so you can help others avoid the place and not have to deal with what you went through..

          Don't just complain about it, do something about it, reviews are a resturants bread and butter, think about it if you read bad reviews you would have never went there..

        • Anonymous says:

          Sounds like you wouldn't now a Caymanian if they smacked you in the face…Describe what kind of "kind" you are for making up the crap you did to malign and generalize Caymanians..

          Speak the truth!!

        • Anonymous says:

          so what was your message "expatkind?" There are at least 6 flights every day flying out of  Cayman. If you don't like us, our laws and our culture get on one of these flights. I for one won't miss your  "kind" comments.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why is it so hard to interview Caymanians and hire them? NOT all Caymanians are difficult to work with or comes with bad work ethics.  Give them a chance and you will discover who is good from who is a joker during the interview.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those good Caymanians are already employed!!

    • Anonymous says:

      No.  I want to keep my longstanding employee rather than risk someone who has not wanted to work recently.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So, lets explore this scenario – NWDA matches an unemployed Caymanian to a job.  The candidate works for 2 weeks (or less) can can't take the stress any more and leaves.  Would be employer have to start his search for a new expat to fill the post?  Or assuming another unemployed Caymanian is offered the job and that person too leaves shortly because he/she does not want to do overtime or work weekends, what does the employer do then?  The employer already lost a very good expat employee and hired and tried to train the Caymanians, but that didn't work.  The employer's business is hurting now because Caymanians don't want to stick to that job and that expat has already been asked to leave the country.  It would be a few months before the employer can get another expat to come to Cayman again. If the employer lost most of his expat employees this way, how would he run his business?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ok.  So here's how we test run this whole concept of filling all these jobs with caymanians.  All expat workers get a week off…ALL EXPATS…..fill ALL these positions with locals and see how things go. That sounds fair enough. So , your helpers will be beachside while YOU or a fellow caymanian cleans your house , takes care of your children, etc.    does all the food service….landscape and lawn care….pool service….and the list goes on…..Sounds like a good way to test the waters on the subject..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Where can I get help to make sure my business isn't harmed by not getting to hire the best and most experienced people?

    • Anonymous says:

      Not only do a few need help in rquesting a job, they need help on how to present themselves when looking for a job…ladies, you don't go with a skirt up to your ……, you look like you looking for work, but not that type, gentleman, you don't go with corn rows down to there, earings, baggie shirts and pants falling off….this is what is going into the NWDA first impressions are ever lasting…….I won't hire with this type of appearance…

    • Anonymous says:

      By providing opportunity for local persons to get trained and experienced as the law has required for decades. 

    • Judean Peoples Front says:

      Sweden or generally anywhere in Northern Europe.

  9. The Caymanian says:

    Too bad unemployables will never get the training, education, and upbringing from their parents and mentors to actually be able to compete in the job market for themselves.  Like all the expats did.  For them its too late.  Caymanian parents if you love your children do not bring them up here in this culture.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Publicising these famous unemployed will take the heat out the debate by showing why most of them aren't working.

    • Anonymous says:

      They can get the infamous 11 students with legal articles to act for them pro bono.

  11. Anon says:

    Just curious but how many unemployed are registered with Baraud, Affinity, Stepping Stones, CML and all other employment agencieswe have on the island? That's what I would do first if I were unemployed! 

    Anyone know? If nwda is a deemed to perform poorly and the unemployed are not getting the services they expect from nwda, then surely these companies would help.  After all I would assume a Caymanian can register with them free of charge. Also these companies would incur no expense because a caymanian would only get paid when placed. So I would assume these companies would have no objections registering 2000 people in their database. Furthermore it would be in these companies' interest to place theses individuals into the labor market, otherwise there is no revenue for them.

    Also companies out there can take on caymanians as temps and then provide them with full employment if the placed temps are performing.

    So do we need nwda to match or should govt outsource this for no cost to these firms and change the role of nwda to enforce and oversee?

    Another 2 cents. Input appreciated!


    • Anonymous says:

      RP, I have been registered with all of these agencies since I was made redundant last year, I am a qualified financial accountant with 20 plus years experience but can not be hired for fund or audit work as I am not trained in these areas and they won't train me (at least thatis the reason I get).  I have also registered with the NWDA since earlier this year after I received my PR when I married my Caymanian husband, and to date have not been very successful with either.  I can count on one hand how many interviews I have been on.  I don't know what the right answer is but I do get the feeling some days that companies certainly make their job requests to immigration and the NWDA very specific to exclude most applicants.  Hopefully, things will change with this new program the government has in place.  I am optimistic.

      • Anonymous says:

        Then you know what the DER and NWDA should be the ones fined for not following up with the cmpanies that have work permit hlders for these positions…but that won't happen

    • Anonymous says:


      This would be great – IF the recruitment Companies ever actually did anything once they have had you in for the initial interview.

      I have been registered with just about every recruitment agency on the Island and as a qualified Caymanian, the only feedback I have had from ANY of them (after the initial interview) was a total of 2 'mis-matches' over the years                                                                   – those matches proving to be for positions totally outside of the scope of my Degree.

      I am yet to receive a phone call or follow-up from any Agency asking if I had been placed (which thanks to me, I had). Not one call from any of them, after the initial interview. I even called some of them to ask for an update and they are still 'getting back to me'.

      I was actually embarrassed for the 2 poor Employers who felt that they had been pushed into calling me but did not want to give me false hope for a position in the wrong field.

      I am sure there are going to be some posts with more positive stories but sorry folks……… from my personal experience, I would not hold out any hope for such an initiative.

      No, throughout my career (although it was 'no skin off my nose' showing willing to register with ALL of those Agencies and the DOE), I personally have found that the only way you get hired is to persevere and knock on those thousands of doors yourself, until you get a result.

      Otherwise, I'd probably be sitting around still waiting for that Elusive Agency call…….
      Laudible thought though 'Just curious but how many,,,,,'

  12. Anon says:

    The nwda is urging the unemployed to register?  No! If you are unemployed and fail to register with nwda, your unemployment benefits are cut immediately.  Also, if you don't attend a job interview or attend mandatory nwda prescribed training, your benefits are cut.  Also, if you don't take up a job which you have been offered resulting from nwda matching exercise,  your unemployment benefits get cut!

    if you don't prove to nwda that you are seeking suitable employment, your benefits are cut. Unemployed should show weekly proof of which jobs they applied and contact phone number.

    A person unemployed by definition should be able, willing and available.  Any of those criteria is not supported by the unemployed, benefits cut!

    Finding employment should be the responsibility of the unemployed before it is the responsibility of nwda. Nwda should ensure unemployed and employers are playing by the rules and that caymanians are treated fairly when applying for positions. They should also provide support to the unemployed provided that the unemployed prove that they are putting all of their effort in upgrading their skills or continuously seeking employment suitable to their skills and experience.

    Nwda should also provide the facilities for an unemployed person to be in a position to apply for a job. Ie. job listings, phones, Internet, computers, email/mail service, waving any police clearance fees etc. 

    so the unemployed should not be urged.  If we need to urge them to register, they should not be considered unemployed! 

    There needs to be accountability on behalf of the unemployed, employers and nwda.  Any of these parties fail to take responsibility, the entire system will be ineffective. Plain and simple! 

    1. Let's start with unemployed accountability – mandatory registration.

    2. Next step – employer responsibility – all jobs available must be listed with nwda.

    3. Lastly – nwda responsibility – support the registered unemployed to take up available positions while monitoring both the unemployed and the employers. Enforce and penalize when necessary. Employers by fines and unemployed by lowered benefits.

    Let!s get this done!

    No more task forces! We don't need managers to manage managers.  If nwda leadership is not performing let's fire and hire suitable leadership for this entity. 

    My two cents whether you guys like it or not.


    • Anonymous says:

      Cut benefits?


      Ain't gonna happen. Remember that these people are registered voters.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Another lot of hot air. Someone quoted above, "The Premier himself said Caymanians do not want those jobs." When we have a premier who will make such declarations it speaks volumes of how little he knows his people. How many unemployed Caymanians has he REALLY spoken with to make such a statement?  Not many.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier is very truthful in saying what he said. Its a known fact Caymanians do not want these jobs.

      We Cayamians cant handle the truth, so we spread propagada.The truth is , Caymanians do not like foreigners…..most of them.

  14. Anonymous says:

    So who can I write to if I apply for an advertised post and it is given to an expat on a work permit? I would think with the new penalties they should be posting this email on all media sites. Or if that for show and it will never be enforced?

    • Anonymous says:

      so, if you apply for a job and an expat also applies, the job should automatically be yours?



  15. Anonymous says:

    Today was a sad today I realised I will prepare to shut down my business I layed my men off and will pay off my local bills and then thats that.  It is very sad. I estimate on any given month I paid out almost 50k into the local economy.  I will keep my home here but I am going to be moving to another Island and setting up shop I cant take the stress anymore  I am not an ATM machine.  My wifes workpermit has now been held up over 3 months.  To make matters worse I caught one of my employees stealing today. I will tell him its all his fault.

    That said to those locals that have been trying to steal my customers and business you can have it  …you are Dumb Asses My business here was for the betterment of the island not to make money

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a real joker 20:29    "…you are Dumb Asses My business here was for the betterment of the island not to make money".  If we were stupid enough to believe that you were here fo rthe betterment of this island and not to make money then we would really be Dumb Asses!  By the way, why were you seeking a work permit for your wife? If you were so much for the betterment of these islands you would have sought to employ a local for the position and not your wife. Have fun finding another island! I can guarantee you that you will not be so well accommodated in another Caribbean Island and you were here. Our brothers and sisters on the other islands really have good sense, not dumb asses and they will know exactly how to deal with you kind.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why on earth would anyone set up a business that was not to make money? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Since your story seems to admit that you have a business in the local economy that belongs to you (not a Caymanian as to at least 60%) then by all means feel free to remove your criminal backside. As to you being able to keep your home here, that will be a matter for the immigration authorities.

      As for the employee that stole from you, report them to the police and demand action.

      As for the others, I hope the genuine local businesses with whom you seem to have been illegally competing can employ them. With less illegal competition, perhaps they can expand. In any event, perhaps one of them can get the job your wife was seeking a permit for.


      • Anonymous says:

        And this is the Cayman islands of today.  A culture of disrespect and self worship.  No one comes here because of the people.  Its because of the island lifestyle.  Caymanians( the worthless ones) are quickly making themselves unworthy and unneccesary. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I have a local partner more than one thankyou  

        and my wife dosn't want to work but your asses wont show up to work and cant keep books

        we are registered with workforce No one coming for the job

         That crap about me keeping my house is up to immigration thats just it, when I purchased my home The rules in place at the time have now changed. and my home is worth much less than I paid for it  

        Typical cayman syle of changing the deal.

        That employee that stole from me I should report it and demand action that is a joke in itself.

        The employee stole time on his time card very hard to prove

        and as far as if I leave other business might grow I doubt that, I told you my business wasntset up to make money  I have plenty of  money .

        And the business i am in is water purification try it smartass all you like 



        • Anonymous says:

          It is your local partners' decision as to whether or not to close the business and lay off the staff. It is not your business. You are just a shareholder. Perhaps they might wish to secure the services of someone else to replace you?

          I know many Caymanians who show up to work and keep books very well, thank you. Alternatively there are a number of excellent local book-keeping services. Perhaps it is because you will not interview any of them or pay a living wage is that they will not show up. Then again, it may just be your charming personality.

          The rules on property ownership have not changed. I suggest any decrease in value is possibly because it is associated with you.

          Cayman is spelled with a capital "C". No deal has been changed.

          Please do not call Caymanians (or anyone else) thieves if you are not able to prove it.

          Enjoy your wealth. Sitting in the front of the plane with a comfy seat will undoubtedly help your bottom feel better – after the plane door hits it on your way out.

          Consolidated Water seems to do a fine job in water purification, thank you. Failing that my Whirlpool fridge and good old Britta filter suit me just fine.

          I know, I am just an ignorant Islander who could not survive without any expatriates. I suppose if you want to tell me I will be back where I was in the 70's – my rainwater cistern and a lttle Clorox work too.





    • Anonymous says:

      With you leaving now why don't you post what business it is so we know this is a real post 20:29

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have a position available for a good hard working Caymanian….. I cannot find anyone …it seems like all the good workers are in work already – I am sorry there are so many unemployed but the selection I have considered so far may or may not be representative but I am struggling to seriously consider any.

    • Anonymous says:


      I know exactley what you are saying.

      I sure hope these caymanians that are going around saying they are unemployed, wont the country and the system down, by not even showing up for their interview.

      What we as Caymanians have to understand, there are a percentage of the population that will not work. The whole world have  these type of people, and they shout the loudess. 

      In the construction industry, i  have trained at least 15 young men, from the 80s up until the 90s

      Now these men have moved on and have their own businesses.They will not work for me any longer, its the pride that is killing the Caymanians.

      We also have to realise that amongst some, and i said some of these workers. We have thieves, bad manners, foreign haters…dont want to work with them, nasty attitude, come to work when they feel like it tell you he not working hard, and try to  discourage others from doing an honest days work.

      These caymanians have done it to themselves.

      In the 70s when we left school most went into the construction industry, we had respect, good manners, good attitude and worked hard.

      Only God knows where this generation comes from.



    • Anonymous says:

      Then the NWDA sends applications that I wouldn't have clean my toilet bowl

      • Anonymous says:

        I am reading a great many insults regarding the Cayman people. Those that feel this way have to come to the decision that these islands and its culture are not for you and should leave as soon as you can. At least for the sake of your own mental health but especially for the good of these islands. If this is how you feel you are not wanted here.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Are Employers required to use the NWDA? I don't see jobs from the newspaper at the NWDA and I check both places , I am very much confused

    • Anonymous says:

      No 4/10 3:17 – According to an interview on Cayman 27, Employers are NOT required to registered their jobs with NWA – they are 'encouraged' to be 'Good Corporate Citizens' and 'do the right thing' but as can be seen from other posts, there doesn't appear to be much encouragement to do so, when they go to great lengths to make the effort and get little to no response.

      It's a shame – let's home that past experience does not leave this initiative 'dead in the water'.

    • Anonymous says:

      Many companies that have business staffing plans have requirements on those plans stating they must provide proof of posting at NWDA and advertisement.  But the NWDA site is useless it doesn't even have classifications for half our industries and job categories in this country.  An employer working with the NWDA feels like they fell down a rabbit hole.

  18. Anonymous says:

    It is high time that the government itself starts to eat its own dog food. If the government were fair and ethical, it would hire its expat labour force through the work permit system and subject the civil service expats to roll over.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Employers will need to ask thorough questions and take very specific notes of answers and reasons for rejecting an applicant. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful but has anyone tried using the NWDA website?  It's a nightmare to use!  As an employer I posted several positions there over a week ago and they have still not been approved or accepted by the NWDA and this is supposed to help us find staff?  Forget sending emails they won't answer them, or calling them it goes to voicemail or even showing up with the paper versions no one will take the documents they refer you back to the website and say put them in the website and when you tell them you have they tell you that you haven't even though you are showing them the printouts from what you entered!  Pure foolishness and stupidity.

    • HI-LIGHTER says:

      These laws are going to far. We do not need to offer a chance at residency for the TELP's. 900 of those jobs are gardeners, and domestics. There are 900 other people in those work permit holders countries of origin who are lined up to fill those kind of jobs. The Premier himself said Caymanians do not want those jobs.

      What we need is more jobs, expanding into new industries and training the local population to fill them. This starts at the primary school level. If are going to play in the international world we have to start thinking internationaly not locally. We need outside expertise and denying permits for people already working in the finanical, and legal industries is the wrong plan. I am hearing a lot of this. When an accounting firm says they need people with a CA, ACCA, or similar, they need people with those designations for liability purposes. Same with all other industries. When the employment board sends a bookkeeper who has worked for a small company they will not have the designations and experience required to untake firm level work. This is were continued training comes in.

      Reduce the cost of doing business and open the market up. A lot off businesses are feeling under attack from the new government and these new laws. People forget that it is already law that you have to put in an AD for a work permit or renewal. Nothing new there. But why change laws regarding to people who are appealing refusals if they are already on island working. This creates major continuity of business issues.

      Also the government needs to regularize people who have been here for 10, 15 years who do not have PR or Status. These people are family and friends of Caymanians and Status holders.This will be a major legal issue if not addressed. These people are all pre- IVAN or arrived in the late 90's.

      • Anonymous says:

        10:01 I am so sick and tired of the likes of you, repeating the same old tired lines to refuse to employ Caymanians … "What we need is more jobs, expanding into new industries and training the local population to fill them. This starts at the primary school level. If are going to play in the international world we have to start thinking internationaly not locally."  This is a song that has been sung for decades … vacant words.

        • HI-LIGHTER says:

          The truth hurts dont it. Common sense. Get some. Laws of economics. Experience and education. Get some. Our people cannot progress and move forward if we are not diligent and competitive.

    • Baffled-person-who-is registered says:

      Yes, 'Wonderful but has anyone…' 4/10  08:05   – I just looked at the website and frankly, I am baffled !!!!

      Unless there is actually another Website up and running which I am missing then I cannot see how this site is even 'useable'.

      Try to click on a subject and it leads to a dead end – There is a subject only – looks like it's still in the process of being set up but has absolutely no 'viable' information available.

      I see no Employer listings/Employee Listings nothing !! The only things I see are a few 'old' news items mostly describing how 'such and such' a 2007 initiative has been overscubscribed or some other outdated nonsense. The latest Press release was from Feb 2012.

      Even the FAQ page is blank.

      Is there actually a section of the Website where we should be able to see you Job Postings?

      Surely, the extremity of the situation warrants a more interactive and grand website to help service this MONUMENTAL unemployment task ???

      PLEASE tell me there is a website which I am missing !!! ??? so I breathe a sigh of relief !



      • Anonymous says:

        You have to set up a CIGNET account and after that you have to set up a user account if you are an employer, if you are a candidate you have to do a registration process online as well.  It is not easy for any one, employer or employee to use the site.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Just another instance of the people who have put in the time, effort and money into making a life on Cayman as a responsible (no handouts) citizen being kicked out so those who haven't put in anything and taken much out of the islands can take their place making Cayman islands even less of a great place to live for those who hold themselves responsible for themselves.  These are the values Caymanian leadership hold dear.  Plan accourdingly.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn't get yourself too worked up. I got a 100 bucks that says not one "unemployed" Caymanian will find work as a result of this "initative".

      • Anonymous says:

        Possibly true, 15:13, because they are unemployed for very good reasons.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey 'Fri 4/10 18.32……Stop 'generalizing' and  putting everyone in the same category !!!.

          This is getting tired as well as sickening !!

           I am a qualified Caymanian who has been unemployed 'on-and'off' for the SOLE reason that the companies I worked for either downsized or repatriated their businesses back to their home Country or somewhere more Economical – so I have been made redundant more than once.

          During that time and over several years, I have been registered with DOE and the ONLY jobs which I have managed to get during that time are those where I have gotten off my backside and fought for MYSELF………I got the odd call from DOE to confirm that I was still out of work and I kept them updated and asked them for updates but other than that, they have done NOTHING for me whenever I was unemployed and like I said…..

          I am employed because I made the effort myself.

          I am laughing at myself now – because re-reading your message – you have a point but still……. when I WAS unemployed, it was NOT for want of trying…that's really my point about categorizing….. we're not all just sitting out there expecting DOE or NWA (or whatever they are now called) to simply hand out jobs.

          That's why I also get mad with people who tell me to just declare myself indigent and sponge off Government – Not while I have enough breath in my body to make an effort and help myself.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Blah, blah, blah – fact is Caymanians are to blame for other Caymanians being unemployed!!! How does someone like me get a work permit if a Caymanian does not hire me???  So sick and tired of hearing about unemployment – time for the elected leaders and Immigration official to really crack down and get serious about the issue.  20,000 permits and 2,000 unemployed Caymanians – shouldn't be hard to figure out (but then again the Cayman Government is an over-sized bureaucracy where politicians dictate to the chief officers what they want done!)

    • Anonymous says:

      20,000 workers and 2,000 unemployables.  Easy for most people to figure out the problem.  And yes!  If your leadership had to get a job in the private sector they would find themselves unemployed.

  23. Anonymously says:

    Excellent move now this should be a win, win for Caymanian employees, employers and expats. For employees give 100% at all times, employers now that you don't have the added expense of a work permit fee you should pay your employees a livable wage, for the expat if your position is given to a Caymanian Ihope that the pension law is changed so that you can get your money as soon as you leave in one payment.





  24. Anonymous says:

    I will give them until the end of the year before I start critiquing this plan. This is a new generation of ideas and perhaps a fair opportunity to present their solution should be given. However if by January, jobs are not filled to mass? Then we should have things to say. So Govt.? On your marks. Get set……

  25. Anonymous says:

    so the NWDA is being formed to do the job that the Emplyment Relations Office is suppose to do? Will one of these agency's become redundant or is this another boost in the Civil Service?

  26. Anonymous says:

    So employers advertise as early as you can, to give less time for the zombie army of the employment undead to rise and harm your business.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The more that is read about this place called NWDA, the more I am convinced that this has been a total waste of public money. The director, head, manager should be made to account for such poor and sour performance. If this was the private sector, he or she would have been issued a pink slip for poor performance. As a professional in the accounting field, I go through not ONE but TWO assessments yearly to ensure that my targets are being met. And guess what, if they aren't I am documented and given ONE opportunity to correct. Compare that to the civil service where it appears the more you do wrong, the more sick days you have, the more performance issues you have, the better the reward. Here is a hint to this current government…outsource the work of this failed entity and then and only then might the carving knife begin to take a slice out of the unemployment turkey.

  28. See Level says:

    For starters fire the current NWDA staff and seek qualified and willing replacements from the unemployed sector.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Is This not interesting the PPM now doing at the last minute in 24 days what they had 126 days to do and did nothing. Is the threat of another march led by Ezzard and Arden that troubling to Alden and his PPM led government. Remember this bill to keep all the TLEPS and allow them to apply for PR was approved by Cabinet on July 16, 2013. The PPM still intends to pass the bill,why not ask the people what should br done about an issue why make all the decisions, draft the bill, approve and publish the bill, then have townhall meetings to defend it and explain it.On another note why is Al Suckoo leading this charge and not Tara or Winston certainly this is about labour and why will it take so long to do the report 112 days seems like a long time to study an issue and find an answer. Just more smoke and mirrors to fool the Caymanians again while the expats get all the help they need to stay. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The operative word here is “to allow “all the Tleps to apply for Permanent Residence. That does not mean that they will all be granted Permanent Residence. If they get enough points they will be allowed to stay but that does not mean that they will stay in the jobs they now occupy. Caaymanian will have the opportunity to apply and if they qualify they will be given the position, or maybe i should say the employer will not be given a Work Permit. Personally I think this is very good. Contrary to public belief we still need imported labour, but here is a real chance for Caymanians to come up to the plate to get their share. It has nothing to do with “The two sons of thunder” and their petition. If Caymanians fail to register and does nothing to avail themselves o the opportunity when the dust settles they can only blame themselves. The PPM has been working on this from day one in office but these things takes time. Proper policies had to be made and laws drafted and subsequently passed.(hopefully). Something as important as this could not be rushed. As to why Mr. Suckoo is as you say “leading the charge” I think Tara and Winston appreciates whatever help they get from Mr. Suckoo, or anyone else. It is called Team work, what the previous administration knew nothing about.Caymanians please do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers and bear in mind that some of the jobs are low level pay, but half a loaf is better than none. Whatever the job is there is always something to learn. Some jobs are middle management/service – with good pay so get your resumes updated and make us proud- above all make yourselves proud.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Jesus Christ ………….let us face some tough facts. It is by far cheaper to hire a Caymanian in terms of avoiding the permit fees and recruitment efforts. If you are looking to be employed within your skill set and be paid market going wages in most cases the door is open. There are many people born here that hold lower and higher skill set jobs. They are assets to their employer. For the. Less ambitious the Government hires many and creates a job so to speak. The problem lies with the degenerative alcoholic or drug dition ct or those that think their passport is a degree. This is what the Government is representing as the poor Island man that is being deprived of work due to race issues. There are few Caymanians that are honest and have integrity that cannot get employed. The fact that criminals and drug and addicts are lumped as the foremost representative of our born population is sad.

  31. R says:

    The PPM are paying for their arrogant and decadent views.They believed they were going to get elect and ignore the reality facing many many Caymanians, They also forgot who elected them and why they got elected in the first place.They obviously had no clue about the crime situation and relied heavily on faulty or misleading advice just like the UDP only difference is UDP know who the criminals are and didn't ignored them. How sad for our little island our leader is continuing to seek and believe the same rubbish or waffle he is being fed my the so call elites in our society and our so called leadership in government and the police They do this at their own peril and that of the island.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Does this include government and all authorities (monetary, shipping, aviation etc)  expat filled positions? Will qualified Caymanians be given anopportunity to fill those positions?

  33. Just Sayin' says:

    I cant decide whether to LOL or ROFL. 

  34. Anonymous says:

    I''m an expat whos lived on Grand for 8 years, and I think this is a good thing.  We need to let the Caymanians have first shot at EVERY JOB, if they are qualified, and capable of doing.  Caymanians, its YOUR responsability to REGISTER, and SPEAK UP!!! let everyone hear that you need, want, and CAN DO the job.  


    But after this, dont complain when an expat has a job.  Majority of us are here cause we LOVE your island, and there is a lot of opportinity here, as long as you are willing to work hard.  and the only way we got this great opportunity is beacuse (not in all but majority of casses) There were no Caymanians to fill the posistion.


    So i End with Show immigration they were wrong in giving 20,000 poeple work permits, take ALL or majority of the 1500 telp jobs….. but for the ones that you dont take….. dont complain when an expat gets it…

    Love this Island, Love the people.

  35. Anonymous says:

    It seems the more and more you read, the more and more it becomes apparent that for the last 12 months plus, this unit has been useless. I am not sure if this still applies, but it would be good or interesting to see how many jobs were waivered by this place. Maybe an FOI is needed now. First they bring in HR professionals, now this. Whats next?!?!?!?!?! If they never placed Caymaninas over the past year, how in the hell are they gonna do it now?

  36. Anonymous says:

    I hope all of the unemployed Caymanians will make their way NWDA and sign up for what they were not able to get. JOBS.  One thing to remember, please show up on time for the job or on the job.  Caymanian

  37. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful! Please publish the names of Caymanians with their qualifications, including where they earned them from, seeking employment so that we can all see…in this era of Freedom of Information….what talent is available and so as we can all be better informed when people falsely accuse Caymanians of not being available for work.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very clever post, 18:45, but I doubt many people got your irony.

      • Govt says:

        Civil service needs to clean house and train locals for govt jobs. The white collar firms need to stop playing the work permit renewal game too. 20,000 permits and 2,000 unemployed Caymanians? Sounds like locals should have 10% of those permits and problem solved.

    • Anon says:

      There should be an online system (as simple as Ecay) where employers have to register the available jobs and the unemployed can view and apply.  Also all unemployed must post their resumes cvs on the site for employers to search. This site should be facilitated by nwda.  Enough Compass advertising!  Real time job postings. Look how well ecay matches buyers and sellers why can't we have the same for the labor market? 

      Simple, cost effective solution which enables nwda to monitor job opportunities, the skills and number of unemployed as well as any job applications.  

      The only staff at nwda would be a few IT guys and case workers who review and enforce the rules to ensure all wp positions are posted on the site, the ads are reasonable and not crafted, and monitor how often the unemployed log in, what postings they view/apply for etc.

      Also, this simple online system should work well when a business requires someone for a day or two. At least an unemployed can get a foot in the door and an honest days wage.  I would be all over this if I were unemployed.

      NWDA, let's borrow some IT guys from other govt deptartments and get this done NEXT WEEK!

      Two more cents!