Museum to celebrate local sea captain

| 28/10/2013

(CNS): A brand new exhibit honouring Captain Paul Hurlston will open next month at the National Museum in the Special Tributes Gallery. The exhibition depicts the local retired seafarer’s life from his family history and early catboat ventures to his work with international shipping companies as well as his life post-retirement. Voyages: A Sea Captain’s Legacy, tells the story of one of Cayman’s living legends of the sea. The exhibition will form part of the museum’s 22nd anniversary. In addition the popular exhibit about migratory birds which opened in May has been extended.

Passing Through: Migratory Birds of the Cayman Islands which is on display at the Changing Gallery will continue until next year after it re-launches next month with additional enhancements on featured birds and information on recent sightings.

Meanwhile, the museum is extending at invitation to all for the Big Ole Looky Ya, when traditional, as well as contemporary artisans/artists will be displaying and selling their work and wares in the museum courtyard and the adjacent Goring Avenue.

“Everyone is encouraged to support our local artisans and bring the family out for a day of early Christmas shopping, kids’ activities, and food,” said a museum spokesperson. “This is an event all will enjoy, from kids to adults, locals and visitors alike. Vendors are still being accepted, so interested parties should contact the National Museum to reserve tent space as soon as possible.

This free event is scheduled for Saturday, November 23rd 2013 between 10:00am and 2:00pm for more information call 949-8368 or

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  1. Colin Panton says:

    Congratulations Capt. Paul. I have always admired what I know of your seafaring past.

    I recommend a visit to this Exhibit.

  2. Swing Blade of South Sound says:

    Captain Paul Hurlston for Premiership!   

  3. Anonymous says:

    An exhibit honouring just one person's tales? What about all of the other mariners? Why doesn't each of them get a turn, and then a couple of the most popular become permanent? Or is that too creative?

    • Anonymous says:

      Congratulations Capt. Paul.  I always enjoy talking with you. You really do deserve this.

    • Anonymous says:

      18.33, would not wish to live anywhere near you, whinging moaner that you are. Not one positive word about a man who deserves it. You will just have to wait your turn, get back in line, you obviously need to feel loved..if you are worthy of such a tribute I am sure you will get one. More likely you will be at the head of the queue for the Miserable Moaners exhibition, but you gonna have some stiff competition for that one too.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don't know of his exploits. I've never heard of the man. Perhaps I should go see the exhibit. There are actually at least three storied mariners in my family, one of whom has an exhibit (just not in the National Museum,but on the Brac). I guarantee you, he deserves it, and my point is merely that if we want to highlight those stories, there are plenty of people from which to choose, and it struck me as odd that so much effort would go into an exhibit about one person, especially someone who is apparently still living. Museums celebrate and showcase history, generally not living history. I will leave the positive comments to others who are knowledgable about this man. I just made the point I made, for what it was worth.