Mystery continues over Williamsons’ death

| 06/11/2013

(CNS): Police said Wednesday that they are continuing with their enquiries regarding the drowning of 35 year old Patrick ‘Carlos; Williamson whose body was found in a pond just behind his George Town home in Courts Road on Monday 28 October.  A police spokesperson said that officers “will continue to investigate on behalf of the Coroner” how it was that Williamson came to drown but they have not yet stated If the investigation remains a murder enquiry or not. In addition, the RCIPS also confirmed that Williamson had not sustained any injuries of significance before he died. No arrests have yet been made in the case.

The Jamaican national was last seen alive in the early hours of Saturday 26 October when he dropped of a number of friends in the same neighbourhood of his own home after they had been out for the night visiting several local bars in George Town. Sometime during the evening Williamson was said to have been involved in an argument with a man outside Nectar bar but the police have not yet stated if they have found that man or if they continue to pursue that line of enquiry.

Williamson was reported missing on Sunday afternoon and his body discovered in the pond the next morning at around 7am by the landowner. Although the police were treating the unexplained death as murder, the post-mortem at the weekend revealed that Williamson had not be shot, stabbed or significantly hurt in any way before he drowned in the pond.


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