Veteran runner looks for last minute backers

| 07/11/2013

(CNS): Derek Haines, a veteran among local marathon runners, has just three weeks of training left before he takes to the pavement in next month’s annual Cayman marathon. Having turned 65 last month and with more than three decades of experience under his belt, aside from finishing the race in a reasonable time Haines is also hoping to raise $30,000 for the 'Feed our Future Cayman Islands' summer meals programme to continue, giving local kids at least one decent meal a day when school is on break because so many of them are dependent on school lunches. Still short of that sponsorship target, Haines is appealing for more support.

Hoping a few more backers will come forward to help him reach the target before the endurance race on 1 December, the running Rotarian said corporate sponsors will have their brands on his shirt and, given that his pace is a little slower than in years gone by, he said, they will get great value for their money.

“A growing numbers of students in our community rely on subsidised or free school meals each day as for many this is the only meal they will receive. In fact, current statistics show that over 20% of the enrolled government school population for the Cayman Islands are being provided government assisted lunches," he said. “Every child needs nutritious food. If children do not receive nourishment they cannot learn, they cannot behave to expectation, they will not remain healthy. Health risks include obesity, diabetes and other associated illnesses.”

He explained that to implement the summer programme the Feed our Future project needs in the region of CI$30,000, based on a target of making available weekly grocery credit or goods valued at up to $50 for 50 plus children’s families.

An added incentive that comes a little cheaper is the ‘guess his finishing time' competition. For a pledge of $25 people can take a stab at how long it will take the 65-year-old to make it to the finishing line and the closest guess will receive six bottles of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin. Haines’ fastest time is 2hrs 59mins. However, that was 27 years ago, so he said the guesser may find that his finishing time of just over 4 hours last year might provide a better yardstick.

Anyone who can help Haines reach his target can contact him at

For more information about the charity go to

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  1. Endeavour says:

    This man is a legend and probably has single handedly raised more money for charitable events than any other person in the Cayman Islands. I will certainly contribute and hope that many more will assist.

  2. pmilburn says:

    Kudos to Derek for what he does to help our local charities.

  3. xxx says:

    Best of luck and much respect Mr. Haines.  Thanks for what you do. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Chief Supt Derek Haines was the only UK officer in all my years in the RCIPS (Trust me, I have known/dealt with many of them) who truly gave 110% to maintain law and order in these islands. Even when Hurricane Ivan turned all of us upside down, he was the first senior officer to promptly step forward and take control of the RCIPS, despite losing everything in South Sound.

      Today, seeing Mr. Haines as a civilain and a senior citizen, giving so much back to the community over and over again, is phenomenal.

      Sir, you will always have my deepest respect and thank you for your continued selfless contributions to our islands. 

      "You can never keep a good man down, they always get up, move on and continue to shine in whatever they do or wherever they go"


      Shaun H.C. Ebanks.     


  4. Anonymous says:

    My guess is 4:52