Teachers learn Caymanian culture

| 18/12/2013

(CTA): Teachers in the public school system became students recently, when they took part in a workshop at Red Bay Primary School focusing on Caymanian heritage, art and culture, produced by Cayman Traditional Arts. The workshop, which was held earlier this month, is the first in a monthly series. Its aim is to teach Cayman’s educators about various aspects of Caymanian culture, including the culinary arts, as well as arts and crafts.  Vickie Frederick, principal of Red Bay Primary School, says the 30 teachers in attendance benefitted tremendously from the two hour session, given by instructors Rose May Ebanks and Donna Bryan.

“One direct outcome of this development workshop is the increased number of persons who will now have access to learning opportunities designed to strengthen the mission preserving Cayman’s culture,” she advises. “Each participant is now better able to help students and parents nurture a deeper appreciation for a heritage that defines and distinguishes the Cayman Islands.” 

Chris Christian, who runs Cayman Traditional Arts, says the workshop complements the Heritage Arts programme that has been installed into the national curriculum for the 2013/2014 school year.

“Since September myself and our team of instructors have enjoyed teaching the brand new Heritage Arts programme to all year six students in the public school system,” he explains. “Students have so far been taught a variety of art and craft techniques, such as the art of rope making, as well as traditional Caymanian recipes including cassava cake. They then go on to apply their knowledge at various public demonstrations, including art shows and food events, interacting with the public and sharing what they have learnt.”    

The Heritage Art and Culture workshop for teachers will be held monthly from December 2013 until June 2014 and looks to grow in the new year as teachers from schools in Cayman Brac have also expressed an interest in participating from January.

For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/CTA-Cayman-Traditional-Arts/145070528867373

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  1. Anonymous says:

      It realy seems like Caymanians are loosing their culture .   1 your culture should never be lost or forgotten.  2  Theier should be more cultural things thaught to the younger generation. I talked to someone  that was at 1 of Rose  Mae Ebanks  culture class , she said that their was one boy that realy took art at heart, when his mother came to pick him up from school , the  boy told his mother that he had to stay and learn how to make platten so he could make his own hat .  This boy made enough platten to make his hat and 2more hats .When his parent seen his hat , they liked so much they wanted 1 too .