Volunteers improve life for impounded horses

| 18/12/2013

(CNS): Volunteers from the Cayman Islands Equestrian Foundation teamed up with the Department of Agriculture (DoA) recently to build a new enclosure to house impounded horses. The DoA identified an appropriate lot of land within its Lower Valley compound and the CIEF volunteers cleared the area of rocks and brush and helped raise funds to construct housing.  Creating a more comfortable environment for horses that are taken by the DoA because of trespasses private property or Crown Land or when lose animal strays into public areas and roads and when horses have been neglected and the owner of the animal is not known.

“When the situation arises that a horse is impounded or is confiscated, it needs a comfortable place, with shade, water and food,” explains Assistant Director Brian Crichlow.

CIEF President Milly Serpell there was  ‘surge of enthusiasm’ amongst her organisation’s membership to help  address the plight of wayward horses.   In response Secretary General Nicky Millward comments the Foundation held fundraisers, such as a Fun Show at its Equestrian Centre, and a screening of “The Lone Ranger”. It used the proceeds to purchase materials, and then constructed a fence as well as a covered area in the new paddock.

While there are usually no more than two horses impounded at any given time, unfamiliar horses do not usually get along together so CIEF has plans to construct a second enclosure next year. It is also hoping to contract the services of an equine vet, who would visit occasionally and supplement the work of the staff from the DoA and the St. Matthew’s University School of Veterinary Medicine. There are also plans to hold clinics for the benefit of horse-owners.

There are over 400 horses in the Cayman Islands. CIEF has 110 members – about half of which compete in local and overseas competitions

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