Planning department splashes out on new fleet

| 04/02/2014

(CNS): The Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure is on the look-out for a fleet of new vehicles. Despite the promised fiscal prudent management of public funds promised by the finance minister, government has begun a competitive tender for twelve new vehicles, including nine various types of vans and trucks and three small cars. According to the request for proposals which was circulated last week, the ministry needs three new cargo vans with shelving, two cargo vans for mail, a transit type vehicle fitted with cage to transport dogs, one 4×4 one ton diesel truck and another one ton 4×4 gas truck and three small sedans.

The documents stated that the vendor must be able to provide a bumper to bumper warranty for the vehicles, which should be at least four years. The successful tenderer or tenderers should include a maintenance proposal option priced with labour and commitment on parts for four years

Suitably qualified vendors who are authorized suppliers of vehicles and equipment from an established manufacture or distributor can deliver tenders to:

The Secretary, Central Tenders Committee, no later than 12:00pm by February 14 in a sealed envelope marked Tender CTC/ 13-14/PLAHI/014 – Tender Document for Agriculture, Post Office, PWD, Labour and Planning.

Documents are also available on the CTC website:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    CNS Pleas change the headline.  Most of those ranting on herething that those vehicles are for the Planning Department.  Your article states the true facts but they read the Headline and think it is all going to Planning.  Your headline is misleading at best.

  2. KISS says:


    Govt. spending nightmare all over again!?! 

    26 new police cars, 26 new firefighters, new Planning Dept flashy vans?


    WHERE are the buget cuts we were promised?  (oh yeah schools and teachers- let's keep the next generation of votes dumb and dependent.

    For F's sake.  We've got NCVO, Feed our Future, Meals on whells struggling to FEED our school students and the eldely and the Govt to my estmation has just announced a SPENDING SPREE:

    1.) Salary, health +pensions-$1.3 million PER YEAR for next ten years of new firefighter salaries (becasue we NEED 200+ fireman in a place with NO fires??? hUH) Sounds like Govt attempt to silence the unemployment problem and still approve every singel work permit renewals for every single expat?

    2.) $35,00 x 26 new police cars = $910,000 (more like $50k as they are fitted out to a higher standard)

    3.) $80,000 on new pretty vans (what ever happened to your own car and Gas Boy eh?) but do you KNOW that our Dialysis patients ride to the hospital in our ambulances?  Yup, might be too busyto save your life since they have to give ol uncle a lift…

    So we are now lookng at:

    NEW SPEND of $1.47 MILLION DOLLARS  while the charity groups scrap togeter to build nre Hospice center, School kids go hungry, out literacy rate is par with the Eastern Caribbean, and our POLITICIANS still spend like crazy???

    Must be nice to be in the $$$ Inner Circle $$$ but your judgement day with God will find you greedy, corrupt, and self serving.

    SHAME on the Cayman Government for spending in times like these….Shame on you.

    • The real bobo says:

      Kiss kiss kitty and slurp out dossie listen take ya meat outa we rice. I don't understand why people can't see that essential services must not be sacrificed to our detriments what is happening now isbecause of a lack of appropriate maintenance program in terms of our vehicles and lack of management skills on matters of staffing issues such as staffing and other matters. As to our people ,dialysis patients , riding in  our ambulances I'm sure you would not offer your car, so again kiss kitty and really slurp out dossier, some of the elderly  folks can tell what this means.

  3. noname says:

    Now if you could only get them to do their damn jobs.  Ever try and get an inspection done? They never show up when they say they will and when they do they spend more time in the car then they do at the jobsite.  They (like many CS) are not their to help anyone but themselves. They need some customer service training more than new cars.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please note the headline is different from the article and is misleading.

      It is "The Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure" which is putting out for tender for new vehicles; not the Planning Department.  If you read the vehicles they are looking for, it is obvious that most of them would be for used in area other than the Planning Department.

  4. Anonymous says:

    "Despite the promised fiscal prudent management of public funds…." Why did you put this in your report CNS? Is there something wrong with them renewing ancient vehicles? Watch your biased reporting, ladies.

  5. Anon says:

    I think they need to commission a report from pwcfirst to determine if they really need these cars to begin with. Move in the gov admin building and you won't need a mail delivery truck.

    • Anonymous says:

      The mail delivery truck is most likely for the Post Office, which has to deliver certain types of mail around the island and also transport mail to and from the airport and port. The Ministry that has put out the tender has responsibility for multiple departments and agencies and appears to be centralising puchase of vehicles in order to save money. I say bravo.

      It would be helpful if more information was included on the CTC website and in this article so people get the full picture. I'm only assuming based on the requirements listed above, but this tender appears to cover at least three departments. The dog transport cage indicates at least one vehicle is for the Department of Agriculture and mail delivery screams Postal Services. Sedans are most likely for Planning or Lands and Survey, but these and other vehicles could also be intended for the Petroleum Inspectorate, etc.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please say it ain't so!  What are you guys doing?! Is this fiscally prudent right here and right now!

  7. Being Realistic says:

    Life goes on.  Government is required to continue to provide services even when the economy is not the greatest.  CNS, you said "Despite the promised fiscal prudent management…." Are you inferring that Government should not be buying any capital equipment such as needed vehicle replacements?  If so, you are showing your ignorance in proper public sector fiancial planning.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those vehicles should be left on government compounds and not used as their private vechels. It costs to maintain them and much more when they are used as private cars by certain individuals to do gardening on weekends, tow recreational boats and the list goes on .  Stop the waste, manage government property properly. 


  8. Anonymous says:

    Is this headline accurate? It seems as though the tender is at the Ministry level, not specifically for the Department of Planning. "Two cargo vans for mail" seems a bit strange for a single department that's housed in the GOAB.

  9. Anonymous says:

    "Planning department splashes out on new fleet"?  The above article states the ministry of planning, lands, agriculture, housing and infrastructure is looking to acquire 12 new vehicles, which I'm sure will be spread out among the deparments within the ministry, not just the planning department.