Piers would allow cruise visitors to take more tours

| 05/02/2014

(CNS Business): Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell told CNS Business on today’s video clip that if Grand Cayman had cruise ship piers, this would give visitors time to take more than one tour when they stop here. The economic benefit for the Caymanian people would be “very huge” because they would allow the cruise ships to stay longer in George Town. “This coming year we will have 1.7 million people arrive. That means you have 1.7 million people who want one tour.  If you have the piers, because they stay longer, we’ll have 1.7 million people that can purchase two tours per day. So the piers actually allow  you to double the income  that’s available from tours that come into the country.” Read more and comment on CNS Business

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Obviously some of the second thoughts to the pier are prompting a pro pier construction response from the government. 

    To thnik all wll take 2 tours is not reasonable Moses.

    Forget the pier save he mony and fix the dump, it smells bad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you want the ships to stay in port a bit longer, then allow them to keep their gambling operations going while in Cayman waters.


    This will not hurt Caymanians because they do not hang out on the ships while the ships are in port.


    Seems like a win-win to me.