Pet Yorkshire terrier killed in dog attack

| 06/02/2014

(CNS): As issues surrounding dangerous dogs mount, police have confirmed that they are investigating a report from a pet owner whose Yorkshire terrier was mauled and killed by a dog while she was walking it in the Fairbanks area of George Town. With increasing reports and anecdotal evidence that people are becoming anxious to walk their pets or even go out to take exercise at night due to the apparent increasing number of vicious and seemingly uncontrolled animals on the streets, this attack underscores the points raised recently by local activist Sandra Catron, who is now calling for a dog court to deal with owners who mistreat or neglect pets.

The growing number of animals that are roaming the streets unleashed and without muzzles may also indicate that many have been abandoned. However, the Department of Agriculture does not appear to have the necessary resources to round up the ‘homeless’ former pets that are increasingly more than just a nuisance but becoming downright dangerous.

Not all incidents and attacks are reported as a result of the confusion between which agency deals with the Animals Law and reports regarding dangerous animals and related attacks. The RCIPS told CNS that they are the first call for service in the event of ferocious dogs at large or reports of attacks.

Inspector Adrian Seales said that many of the reports that are made to the Animal Control Unit are often regarding people in possession of prohibited dogs, such as the Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. He said the Agriculture Department can also receive prohibited dog reports as well.

“The Animal Control Officer at the Agriculture Department work in partnership with the police," he said. “In incidents where police action is not required by complainants the Animal Control Officer is authorized to remove the animal if it comes to their attention. Dog owners are culpable for any injuries/damages done by their animals and on summary conviction are subject to a fine of CI $5000.00 and to imprisonment for 6 months,” he warned.

However, as previously reported, Sandra Catron’s pet Coco was subject to numerous attacks by a neighbouring dog, and despite constant reports, the animal was not removed until she took her complaint to the governor.

With anecdotal reports of dogs even leaping over fences to bite humans as well as the tragic news of the death of the Yorkshire terrier, Catron believes it is time the local authorities introduced a specialist dog court where irresponsible owners or those who are cruel to animals can be appropriately dealt with and to raise awareness about how to care for animals.

In the meantime, however, Catron states that the authorities must take more notice of these types of complaints and enforce the law.

“This issue is much more widespread than the authorities realize and are willing to admit. Sadly most people are not reporting the deaths or damages caused by these dangerous dogs. It’s now time for this matter to be taken seriously. The DPP needs to prosecute negligent dog owners for the damage their dogs are causing people,” she told CNS.

“Persons have contacted me about being afraid to go walking with their children because of rogue dogs. That’s just not the way a civil society works. Now, I am hopeful more members of this community will demand enforcement of the Animal Law and prosecutions. If my ordeal with Coco now gives people the knowledge and courage to do so, then it was worth it,” Catron added.

The activists also said that she believes most responsible dogs owners would put muzzles on their pets in public if government introduces a mandatory requirement.. “I would be willing to muzzle my dog to ensure that all dogs are protected. This would decrease the chances of serious injury," she said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Police need to step up to the plate and enforce all laws! Not just the laws they feel like.

    And the Governor needs to make sure the Police do so! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Both dogs owned by this lady are the only aggressive dogs in this area, every other dog owner in this neighborhood can state that when walking their own dog both the yorkie and pomeranian were barking, running at the other dogs and growling, so much so that the owner avoids crossing paths with other people and other dogs just because of their behaviour. The yorkie was the instigator because it came off its leash, the other dog was on a leash and was defending itself, its unfortunate but this woman is taking completely unnecessary revenge which is cruel especially when her dog was the instigator. 

  3. RIP TIEKO says:

    Yorkies are terrifying all that weight behind them and all. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dogs dont look at it as a small dog running towards a big dog- they see it as another dog in their territory/yard so they attack- If a big dog ran into a small dogs yard the small dog will bark and try his best to protect its territory. People constantly think dogs think like humans- which what leds to abuse of the animals

  5. freedom says:

    It's the big dog owners fault!!!! People think they know how to raise dogs and believe they are good owners because they "spoil" their dogs..  I have a 115lb rottweiller and will defend itself or me if the occasion presents itself..  BUT, if a small dog approaches him, all i have to say and i mean ONE TIME is "be gentle" because he knows the biatch lick thats coming if he's not.  Once i say that, he will allow that small dog to do anything to him and just be a big teddy bear.

    The fact that the big dogs owner very well knows he can and will be aggressive, and NOT have him muzzled is his fault and he/she should be held responsible.  Small dogs get loose all the time and approach bigger dogs, and it sounds like it has happened to him before. so he should have been muzzled. BIG DOG OWNERS FAULT!

    • Anonymous says:

      You control your dog with a "biatch lick"? Well you know nothing of dog training either. Idiot.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is now "under investigation" which means it is swept under the Caymanian rug and there it will stay until everyone is too old to remember it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yorkshire Terriers can be vicious and attack larger dogs by going for their throats.  Large dogs know they need to attack quickly to protect themselves from serious injury from terriers like this.  if the terrier owner cannot control their dog, then they have no-one but themselves to blame. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Darn those vicious 1 lb Yorkies! Thanks for getting to the bottom of this for us.

      • Anonymous says:

        You do know what terriers were bred for do you?  I suspect not, since your smug sarcasm seems to emanate from total ignorance.

  8. Anonymous says:


    – All dogs are dangerous. Small ones are dangerous to a baby. All are dangerous to other anumals, like cats. All should be treated equally. A dog is a dog.

    – Any dog can run out at a cyclist, runner, or child, scaring them so much they swerve into the path of a car. Woul the owner be liable for no prosecution then, if a dog chased an child on a bike into the path of a car and the child was killed? I should strongly hope not.

    – If a dog is in the road, on public land, on someone elses land, the owner should be contacted by the police.

    – the police need to be accountable and called outl. They are useless. Absolutely useless.

    – There should be a dedicated agency who you can phone and who will respond. I agree with other poster, in that I have called the police who are dizzyingly, maddeningly lazy fob-off artists and who themselves should be fired and prosecuted for wasting police (their own) time!

    – There should be a public website where complaints are logged (by a government agency). Then a complainant can see that their complaint has been logged and the general public  can see which dogs/owners/addresses have had action taken against them and how close to having their dog permanently confiscated and being crimminally prosecuted the owner is.

    – The owners should be punished. Fines for each offense. If your dog is found outside your property without you, or is unrestrained, you just got fined, say CI$200 per offense. That would focus owners' minds.

    – On each enquiry police officers/animal control staff should have to give their names and seriel number, so complaints can be made against them. I feel like recording some of their stupid, ill-informed, lazy, lazy, lazy phone comments.

    – Attacks are not the issue. Who did what is not the issue -the potential for injury to the animal or a third party is the issue.

    – An offense is caused every time an owners dog is loose, just like it is an offense to have a bullet in your possession. People who clearly can't get their head around the issue on here seem to fail to see that an offence can be caused without an actual attack. Failing to see and understand this is like thinking that a naked man wondering down the street with duct tape, a gun and knife, trying but failing to attack women, has caused no offense until he actually attacks, or injures someone. Wrong.

    – As every in Cayman I expect this to drag on and nothing happen. Just another national disgrace and embarrassment.

    • noname says:

      List of facts for this specific instance where the terrier died as follows:

      1) Both dogs were on leashes, the terrier on one of those retractable ones.

      2) The terrier jumped out the owners arms and attacked the larger dog.

      3) The large dog was a Cayman mutt, not a pit or any other "dangerous breed".

      4) The previous day the terrier had attacked the same dog.

      5) The terrier died on the operating table.


    • Anonymous says:

      Ermmmm…those are not FACTS, they are your opinions. Many of them are valid but that does not make them facts.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can we have someone from the police force or a lawyer weigh in on this please? For example, can owners in a private development post signs asking people (who don't live there) not to walk their dogs? I assume so, as it is private. What should be done when someone trespasses with their dog (and their poop)  and also is rude when asked to keep their dog on a leash as it rushes at people and destroys property? What about if their dog bites someone?

    Serious question. 

    • Anonymous says:

      That would be tresspass – already an offense.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am an expat on a work permit, and I am of the belief that expats should not be allowed to have dogs until they become PR (if they become). Too many of us get dogs, then leave the island and the dog is either left to roam or taken to the shelter (I know the more responsible ones take the dogs with them, but a lot do not). Cut the demand and the prices will drop, making breeding them not worthwhile. Of course RCIPS stepping up to the plate on pursuing criminals or more neighbourhood watches will be needed..but hey..long term there will be less dogs..

      • Anonymous says:

        If Expats are not allowed to get and look after dogs who will? The humane society is already overflowing. Take a look at who is volunteering there and who is fostering the dogs from the shelter. You are suggesting this not be allowed? That sounds like a terrific solution to the problem. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Food for thought.

          Maybe some expats would not find the time of the day, to walk those dogs at the HS.  

          Some doit I am sure only because it look good on their PR or Status applications.







      • Anonymous says:

        Means tested perhaps.  It is conceivable that loving pet owners, if confronted with a roll over, would want to move on in their lives accompanied with their trusty Cayman mutt instead of discarding their obligation and allowing these cheated animals to run wild or become a public concern.  It is a maturity and character issue, not an immigration issue.


      • Anonymous says:

        Your a what now?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I suppose it was a Caymanian yorkie that got killed by a Jamaican dog. That's how it goes around here.

  11. Anonymous - RIP TIEKO. says:

    Yes the Yorkie did run towards the bigger dog but this dog was 5 pounds and wasn't packing much heat . How much threat did the Yorkie really pose? How on earth could  that Yorkie have done any damage to the big dog?


    The point is that this isn't the first time this has happened. Small dogs have a tendency to have "Big Dog Syndrome" but that doesn't mean that they can pack a fight. With one swoop the yorkie's chest was punctured and blood all over the owner. The big dog had also previously bitten another dog in the same complex so it had a history of being agressive and thus should have been wearing a muzzle.


    . I don't understand how the big dog's owner is trying to put blame on the family who is grieving. It is not cool and as a responsible pet owner youi should have your dog muzzled and trained accordingly. At the end of the day your dog KILLED another dog, and this doesn't happen. I have seen plenty of big dogs not show agression towards small dogs…its the nature of the dog. 

    I know the owner is currrently very upset and put alot of money and love into her small dog who was only 5 years old and had a long life to live. Yet the owner of the dog who killed her dog is trying to put the blame on the deceased pet. Shameful. Show a little remorse.




    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously, this dog sounds to be a particular dangerous dog as it attacked before.  The offending dog should be put down before they attack something even more valuable, such as a small child.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, dogs don't use logic as humans do. To say it is only 5 pounds and didn't pack much heat is redicoulous.  A dog sees another dog attacking it and it is going to defend itself, regardless of the size!  Due to the size difference yes of course the larger dog has the upper hand!  This is a tragic ending to a bad situation, I don't think the owner of the larger dog is trying to blame anyone for the incident but also don't think they should be blamed either….as you said the Yorkie ran at the larger dog.  The fact is the Yorkie got free and went at a larger dog who was on a leash at the time and the outcome was not a good one for anyone involved!!

    • Comoncents says:

      From what I can figure out both dogs have a history of agression. One has died in dog fight. Other is alive and still has a history of violence. Easy answer to this is terminate the dog still living as it seems to pose a threat to peopleand animials. The damage it could do to a child is very worrisome.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You should get all the facts before you write stories

    it is very sad that an animal has died but do  dramatize a story just for headlines

  13. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to Jamaicayman.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is it true that the Terrier was being walked ,and on a leash ,when it escaped and ran into the yard where the larger dog was.

    • Anonymous says:

      No that's not true. The owner of the Yorkie was walking the dog on leash and it got loose and the owner of a large aggressive dog killed it because the owner could not handle it.

      • Comoncents says:

        Seems to me the owner of the Yorkie could not handle it as it got away first and engaged with a rival party and got killed. If true the dog is a Pit Bull it should be destroyed. Also it should be destroyed for killing the Yorkie.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately the entire story is not being told here. The only aggressor in this instance was the yorkie. The owner of the yorkie somehow lost control of the dog and it immediately ran towards the bigger dog and attacked it, barking non stop and biting the larger dog who was on a leash. When a dog is being attacked, it is going to defend itself and when there is 50 pounds difference, the outcome for the smaller dog unfortunately is never good. This is not a case of a rogue dog attacking a small defenseless dog. The yorkie attacked the bigger dog and the dog simply defended itself.  The owner of the bigger dog is a very responsible owner and  devastated by the outcome as well. It is a very tragic incident which would not have happened if the owner of the yorkie had kept control of their dog.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is not accurate. The large dog was the aggressive one and while the Yorkie ran up to it, he did not bite it. The owner is well known on the complex as not being able to handle the dog, who has pulled the owner down on many occasions. This large dog has previously attacked this Yorkie and a Pomeranian before unprovoked but luckily the Yorkie's owner was able to scoop him up in time to prevent a tragedy. The large dog always responds aggressively towards these small dogs and the small dogs bark at it. Large dogs being confronted by small dogs that bark or run towards them do not all kill . If the owner of the large dog was able to control it this tragedy could have been prevented and one family would not have tragically lost a member of their family. Which has completely and utterly devastated them and now they live in fear that their other dog will suffer the same fate because of an owner that is unable to control their dog. I find it curious that you say the owner of the big dog is devastated, as that owner still has their dog and as made no efforttowards the owner of the Yorkie to  offer restitution  and assurances that this gruesome traumatic event never happens again to this owners other dog or any other small dogs, or children on the complex that might run up to it. An offer to muzzle the dog while on the complex , so if in the event a small dog should run up to it it couldn't be torn apart, would be what a responsible owner would do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Was the bigger dog on a leash or not?

  16. Anonymous says:

    How about let's concentrate on the owners of the dogs that are roaming the streets chasing people, cars and other animals, digging in people's garbage and making mess and being a general nuisance – no matter what the breed is.  Why complain about the so called 'dangerous' breeds when they are generally (yes, I know there are exceptions) kept in their owner's yard or house.  Just look on the road, what breeds are generally roaming???  Leave the archaic dangerous breed term out of it and deal with the entire roaming dog probem.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The "headline" of this "report" is ostentatious and holds a bare minimum of factual information.  There was an altercation between 2 dogs being walked in an apartment complex on leashes – the dog that was unfortunately killed broke free from the owner attacked a much larger dog, a fight ensued and the larger dog, in defending itself, caused life threatening injuries to the small dog.

    The unresearched implications of the first paragragh of this article are ridiculous, irresponsible and lead to more of the media fear mongering that has ill effects on this small community.

    Get your facts straight and report responsibly, I live peaceably in the Fairbanks area with many other pet powners and while it is horrible that a family has suffered the loss of a pet, lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Unless you know the facts on this case please do not comment about the negligence of the dog's owner or that the dog is dangerous.  The dog in question was on a leash and is not vicious towards any people, cats or other dogs.  I know both owners and dogs and the story behind this tragic accident.  


  19. Anonymous says:

    You need a license to drive a car but not own a dog? The laws need updating too!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, only part of the story is being told here!  The dog that died got away from it owner and attacked a larger dog that WAS on a leash…the larger dog was was just defending itself from the attack, but unfortunately due to the size difference the smaller dog got hurt very badly and it did have to be put down as a result.  This was a very unfortunate accident that didn't have a good outcome.  The owner of the larger dog was and still is very upset by the whole thing however this is not a case of an irresponsible pet owner that just lets there dog run free and attack other dogs!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is inaccurate. The Yorkie sustained devastating injuries and he died within minutes of reaching the vet. Don't comment on things you know nothing about. That sweet little dog was torn apart.

      • Hoping for better days says:

        Dogs will be dogs. I sympathize with the owner and hope they will get past it soon but you can't predict how one dog will respond to another.

      • Anonymous says:

        That "sweet little dog" rushed a bigger dog and the bigger dog did as what any dog would do, defend itself. Because the "sweet dog" was little, the attack ended up being fatal.

        Both dogs were on leashes, the little dog got away from its owner. The owner couldnt control a 5 lb dog on a leash? That "sweet little dog" ranaover and rushed the bigger dog?

        Da wa yuh get.

        If the owner cant control a 5 lb dog then the owner should not have a dog. Period.

  21. Anonymous says:

    There needs to be a dog catcher who is driving all over the Island on a regular basis to pick up dogs which are roaming the streets or are not on private property. The minute dogs step a paw off their owners property, they should be fair game to be picked up. Contact the owners of those who have identification tags and release them at a cost of CI$ 150 (to be paid in cash) or so. Three strikes you are out and dog is not returned to you.


    • Anonymous says:

      and who is going to pay the dog catcher?  is it the person whose dog is caught? What about when you can't find the owners for the dogs. A lot of people abandon  dogs when they are leaving and could care less about these dogs.  

      • Anonymous says:

        If an abaondoned dog is picked up and there is no owner to collect it then that dog is off the streets, which is what should happen.


      • Anonymous says:

        so what is your solution? to keep letting them roam around the neighborhood and multiply?

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm not sure if the apparent increase in agressive dogs being left to roam isn't just a reflection of people feeling less safe in their homes, feel threatened, buy a dog for defense!

      I quite like my neighbours dog patrolling my house and his, I get the benefit without having to feed/walk/pay vets, I just give it a pat once in a while.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The Department of Agriculture is absolutely useless.  I have called them several times to report aggressive dogs who "hunt" while I'm out running and they are rude and completely unhelpful.  There is no way they are working with the police where banned dogs are concerned…nor agressive pets.

    Police and animal control officers know there are banned breeds on this Island and refuse to do anything about it.  Heck, all you have to do is go on ecay and see the numerous ads for pit puppies for sale.

    I disagree with the broad statement of muzzling dogs.  Do your research.  Most dog bites are from small breed dogs but they go unreported because they don't inflict as much damage as larger dogs. 

    Having said that, people need to understand that having dogs on a leash while out walking is for your own dog's safety.  It drives me crazy when people say "my dog is not aggressive".  It has absolutely nothing to do with aggression but more safety.  Your dog could see something across the road and try to run after it and be hit by a car.

    I appreciate that the Caribbean don't see dogs the same way as North American or European but if you are going to own an animal, you need to be responsible.

    There are several excellent dog trainers on this Island who are willing to provide the necessary education and information that goes along with pet ownership.

    It should be mandatory for any domestic animal imported into Cayman to be spayed or neutered.  The should be very few, if any, exceptions.

    CARE, Canine Friends and Feline Friends are doing their best to control the ever increasing population of unwanted animals but they are a few and need government assistance. 

    Sticking your head in the sand doesn't make the problem go away Cayman!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      "…several excellent dog trainers…"


      It's not the dogs that are the problem, it's the owners; they are the ones who need "training".

  23. Anonymous says:

    These dogs will be attacking other dogs next.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Dog court would be awesome! 

    Judge: You have been accussed of the ruff treatment of Mr Tiggles and the furry of evidence against you gives me no paws in convicting. You sir, are in the dog-house! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Accused:  But Judge, I thought it was a straggly rat.  It was a Yorkshire Terrier.  Hard to tell the difference until after you have eaten most of it.

  25. Anonymous says:

    No-one cares enough to do anything about it even though there are laws in place.  I called the Police about a blatant case of animal abuse with my neighbours puppy. The Police actaully called me back to tell me they couldn't do anything as it didn't fall under there responsibility. I was astounded as I was actually holding a copy of the laws when she called.  I say lock these so called owners up with no water & food & no shelter & see how they like it for a few weeks.   I think a dog court is a fantatstic idea as long as it is used.  

    • Anonymous says:

      almost correct 10.35, a lot of peole care, just that the people who are supposed to care do not do a damn thing about it. Wlcome to Cayman, the land of Plenty of Laws and No enforcement!

    • Anonymous says:

      That's their favourite response. It's like all the RCIPS is willing to deal with are burlaries, murders, and maybe traffic offences. Any other law and they love to say it's not for them to investigate. Then who's job is it??

  26. Anonymous says:

    Toy and miniature dogs tend to attract a lot of attention, as they are super defensive and quick to attack, especially when awayfrom home. My honest observation after owning 2 ,and meeting many other owners. Could this be a factor to consider? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Toy dogs attack? Are you crazy or smoking too much pot?

      • Anonymous says:

        You profiler! Of course toy breeds attack!

        As the idiots keep intoning: blame the deed, not the breed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, the entire story is not being heard here. The aggressor in this incident was actually the yorkie and not the bigger dog. The owner of the yorkie somehow lost control of the dog and it attacked the bigger dog who was on a leash at the time. When a dog is being attacked, it will defend itself and when there is 50 pounds difference, the out come for the smaller dog is never good. The owner of the big dog is a responsible owner who had their dog on a leash and it was a terrible outcome but not the fault of the bigger dog or it's owner.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Yorkie attacked the big dog. What a pathetic statement obviously written by someone with little intelligence . The Yorkie didn't get close enough to attack it. Shame on you. 

        • Diogenes says:

          If it got close enough to get bitten it must have been close enough to bite.  Think before you accuse others of stupidity. 

    • Kadafe says:

      I think this should definetly be considered. While I am in no part trying to defend the bigger (aggressive) breeds those toy dogs do have a big temper and and are quick to bite. I my opinion they will bite without hesitation whether it be a person or dog bigger than themselves. One cannot go for a jog without a toy dog nipping at your ankles. Yet the bigger one s are more behaved most time?


  27. Anonymous says:

    Bring back the dog catchers and let's destroy this feral vermin once and for all.

    (And now let's all sit back and enjoy the hysterical responses of the sentimental, anthropomorphising doggy-lovers)

  28. Anonymous says:

    Dont judge the breed! Its the owner- i have a pitbull and he is well taken care of and lives in my apartment and sleeps in my bed- has not attacked any dogs an i walk him on the road- maybe if people would be educated on their type of breed that maybe this woulkdnt happen

    If you have a yorkie you should not le them run around with out a leash( like most people do) due to these dogs being pesky( biting and running away from larger dogs) 

    if you have a pitbull they are naturally agressive to other dogs if not socialized so socialise from a young age

    willing to muzzle her dog ?? lol ??? 

  29. Anonymous says:

    At the very least there should be felony legislation and penalties (fine/loss of license) to compell all vets and DoA staff to immediately comply with the law and report any weaponized or banned breed dogs that haven't been spayed or neutered under their care.  Certainly if these dogs are being bred in a mill somewhere, someone has heard about it and/or seen to them at some point in their lifetime.  The fundamental problem is that none of these puppies should exist that are available to be lost/stolen or eat other dogs!  It goes without saying that any dog owner that cannot successfully control and recall their pet is responsible for the consequences of that animal, and that goes both ways.  If your precious puffball negligently trespasses onto private property, that's for your account, not for the private property owner – regardless of the breed. 

  30. Anonymous says:

    I wish there was some way those of us furious at dogs roaming our yards, frightening our kids, killing chickens etc could signify our disgust and anger at the complete lack of effort to do anything about irresponsible owners, sales of forbidden breeds (openly and covertly) etc. This is why people resort to poison which is cruel and is not the answer. Is there a petition we can sign anywhere?

  31. Anonymous says:

    This is awful!!! And I can only blame the government for this for THEY PUT LAWS INTO EFFECT BUT NEVER ENFORCED THEM.  So now a dog owner has lost its pet due to someone's negligence.  What type of dog was it that killed the Yorkie??? Will charges be brought against the owner?  or just a slap on the wrist

    • Anonymous says:
    • Kadafe says:

      Are u kidding? Do you know what a yorkie is? They have huge tempers! Simply YouTube it u will see. Do not assume that he didn't bite off more than he can chew because of his size.. If your dog was off oh his leash please remove the log from your eye before pointing out the splinter in mine. Thank you

  32. Anonymous says:

    It is about time something was done about irresponsible pet owners and uncontrolled dogs. It is not safe for people or their dogs to go for a nice walk without worrying about roaming and/or vicious dogs. Please make the penalties severe enough to make a difference.  It is the pet owners who are responsible for their dogs.