Man aged 60 avoids jail after rock assault on friend

| 07/02/2014

(CNS): An altercation between two long-standing friends over cash landed a 60-year-old man a probation order on Thursday, after the court heard that Hank Bodden had faced a degree of provocation before he picked up a rock and hurled it at his 75-year-old chum, Austin Scott, cutting his head open. Justice Charles Quin found that the spur of the moment assault, which Bodden had admitted, was not particularly serious with no long term damage to the victim, who had five stiches in his head as a result. With no previous convictions and described as a productive member of society, Bodden was given a twelve month probation order with directions to attend an anger management course and alcohol counselling.

The court heard that the two men got into a row over unpaid rent at a dominos area near to the Lobster Pot in George Town. After the two men cursed at each other, the victim allegedly told Bodden he was going to cut his throat before getting into his car. It appeared that in frustration Bodden picked up a rock and threw it at Scott; the rock went through the truck window and hit Scott on the head.

Doctors testified there was no permanent damage, and although the police had not managed to get a victim impact statement, the defence told the court that they had been informed that the victim himself did not consider the assault serious and it was an unplanned isolated incident.

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