Ozzie sets up dump committee

| 11/02/2014

(CNS): The minister with responsibility for rubbish said that a committee established to seek a solution for the George Town landfill will spearhead the development of a planned waste management system for the islands. Facing considerable criticism for not addressing the issue, just nine months after taking up the post when governments for the past nine years have failed to act, Osbourne Bodden said he was confident the committee, made up of technical experts and no politicians, will identify real solutions. Described as a multi-agency steering committee, it first met on 22 January to begin the work on the five stages of the initiative to plan, develop and execute a new approach to garbage in Cayman.

As with all public sector projects, it will go through a formal process, starting with the appraisal and business case, procurement, contract management, delivery and evaluation in order to meet governments obligations under the Frameworkd for Fiscal Responsbility, the public finance agreement that the Cayman government signed with the UK.

The committee is made up of members from the Ministry of Health, the Department of Environmental Health, the Department of Environment, the Finance Ministry, Public Works Department, the Public Health Department, the Water Authority, as well as from the Department of Planning and two private sector representatives, all of whom have a high level of knowledge and experience, officials said.

Bodden said Cabinet was relying on the group to provide government with their best technical advice, to take responsibility for the business issues associated with the project, to approve budgetary and procurement strategy, to define and realise benefits, and to monitor the risks, quality and timeliness of the comprehensive waste management system.

“The question of what to do with our solid waste has been a long-standing area of concern, and with each passing year, the need to address it increases as we continue to use landfills as our primary method of solid waste management,” Bodden said in the Legislative Assembly recently.

“Events such as the recent fire at the George Town landfill, in December 2013, only serve to underscore the fact that it is of critical importance to the country that we find a sustainable solution to waste management.“

In order to keep the work of the steering committee neutral and free from political involvement, he confirmed that he will not be sitting on it but will get regular updates on the work and progress from Jennifer Ahearn, his chief officer.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is the Cayman Islands National Weather Service not part of this committe?

    Hazardous Fire burning – How is the weather? Will it rain or not? What can we expect?

    Smoke – Which direction is the wind blowing?  

    Basic stuff right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    All of Industrial Park is blanketed in smoke. It's strong INSIDE the office!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This has been an issues for decades and we are only now at the committee-forming stage!!!!!!  That is ******* ridiculous. DO something you fools.

  4. Anonymous says:

    16people and 2 years of research to tell Ozzie and ppm what they already know about the dump is laughable. Only in Cayman is this viewed getting serious as tackling the problem

  5. Here We Go says:

    Here we go. Lets just blame Minister Bodden. Are we that short sighted and ignorant? Are our memories that short? First lets examine the real questions:


    1. Is there any grounds to suspect foul play when we look at the UDPs decision to move the dump to BT? Which politician owed money to the owner of the land in BT? In whose interest was it to purchase the land at more than market value ?

    2. Who designed this grand plan ? Walling Whittaker ? Didnt he work for a company that was being PAID by DART? Conflicted ideals ?

    3. Minister Bodden has been in office 8 months. What did the UDP do in 8 years ? Nothing! At least Mr Bodden has a plan that complies with the FFR and other restraints we now face and at least he is saying that the problem will be solved before this term is completed.

    4. Has anyone taken a look at the NRA deal signed with DART? First of all, it was agreed by the politicians who then took it back to theri technical people after the fact and advised it was not a good deal. Also, the incentives given to DART through this NRA deal are designed to never end! Yes I said it ! DART will forever be getting incentives and all this development will not mean nothing for Governments pockets. 

    5. Lets stop saying that DART is good for Cayman. DART is good for DART…Face it.


  6. Anonymous says:


    Not there the dump could have expand is just that an IDIOT. It was not even crown land seek information before you open your mouth or engage your brain before you put mouth in gear. That’s your ear full enjoy!!

    • Live Free.... says:

      I was the one that said that if Camana Bay was not there, the Dump can expand using that Land. And first off I never said anything about the Land that Camana sits was Grown Land, and yes I wish it was, atleast the Government would have more Land to expand the Dump, and the Government back in the 80's should have purchase that Land, for two reasons, one to protect the amount Mangroves Trees that Dart tore down to build that oversize Mall or Town whatever they called it. And second, Land for the Dump in the future. Cayman had some short sigted Politicians in those days, no one thought that if they are going to do this Master Road plan which included the Esterly Tibbetts Highway, in which took some of the Dump Land, would have considered Purchasing the Land that Camana now Sits on. They could have beating Dart to the Purchase of that Land.

      Now Anon 18:05 for calling me an Idiot, I'm more inform than you think, you should try reading some of my other comments on CNS, I guess you are a new to this Site, so you would not know where to find comments by Live Free….. You should have engage your Brain before you pass such remarks, telling me that I must engage my Brain before opening my Mouth. And here's an advice for you, stop using CAPS when not needed, you should have turn off CAPS before you type, I guess you didn't engage your Brain before you started.

      And next, I'm not to impress by the Thumbs down to my last comment, but hey, it's all fine, everyone free to their own opinion by using the Thumbs. And yes I made some Typos, by miss spelling Waist instead of Waste in regards to the Waste to Energy Facility, I didn't do a spell check, because I had no time yesterday. I post the comment yesterday, because I just can't stand hearing people talking about Dart this and Dart that, as if he Cayman Financial Savior. There is a lot of people in Cayman that can help with the Dump who is Wealthy, So, why Dart? One day someone or a Company would stand up and help the Government with the Dump. So the people of Cayman need to stop looking up to one man, and leave the Dump where it is, for whatever the committee decides to do with the Dump, I'm sure it can be done right there.

      Live Free…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Slamming someone whilst contradicitng yourself, some good ole Caymanian common sense from your sacred vessel.

        I also see that you proclaim intellect from comments on CNS?

        Sweet Baby Jesus.

        • Live Free.... says:

          What Contradiction you speak of? all I said about myself in the last comment, was that I had no time to correct my spelling, so what is so contradicting about that? Contradiction is state of denial, I did not deny that I missed spell, I affirmed that I did, and state my reason's why. I have a right to respond to any comments, but slamming!!!! Why not use the words, ruddily replied. For I had no physical contact with the commentor.

          Live Free….

      • Anonymous says:

        I think Live free has a point that there are other wealthy people in Cayman that can help government with the dump. So let me ask a question WHERE ARE THEY ? I don’t see anyone else on the island putting offers to help on table. Maybe that’s WHY DART.  I’m sure the committee will come up with plenty of ideas of what to do with the dump hell we already know what these solutions are. But the big question will be how are we going to pay for it? That’s what this BS committee needs to figure out.

  7. Anonymous says:


    That thing is not lined and needs to be removed completely. The seepage is insane. Most of it right into our life-blood, the North Sound.

  8. Anonymous says:

    In Canada, when politicians want to duck out of a sticky situation, they create a "Royal Commission" to look into the matter. Then, after 4 or 5 years and many millions of dollars, a huge report is tabled in the House of Commons and nobody can remember the initial issue. It works like a charm for the politicians because they can claim that they are "doing something" while they in fact continue to "do nothing".


    As a side note, if I were on the Trashmore committee, I would immediately vote that the word "committee" be changed to "Royal Commission". The pay is much much better.

  9. Anonymous says:

    In rugby, this is called "kicking the ball into touch", meaning, in this present case, it stops everything for a while and gains a breathing space for a team under pressure – the PPM.

  10. Life in the Fast Lane says:

    Things are moving too rapidly!! They should have first appointed a group to make recommendations of who would be on the steering committee. Then carefully reviewed the recommendations. Then narrowed the participants down to a manageable number before forwarding this to a board specially picked to review that. Then, after a careful review of the review come up with a game plan. This could have been sent for further consideration and consultation. Now, because it's moving so fast I don't know where to take my garbage!

  11. Mr. Logic says:

    I can save that committee a lot of time..here is the solution:

    1. Move the 'dump' and create a true solid waste facility at a new location.( the logical location is East End or Bodden Town- the two areas with lots of land….the Dart location was perfect, in between two expired quarries behind Breakers)

    2. Implement recycling requiring home owners to sort the garbage prior to putting it out.

    3. Dig the top 1/3 of exisiting 'dump' and recycle or do waste-to-energy with the material. The bottom 2/3 is too wet or degraded to be useful- nonsence that it can be ever reused….this is why the idea of converting the entire 'dump' into waste-to-energy is nonsense.

    4. Cover the existing 'dump' with a plastic liner and 6-8 feet of soil to slow the leaching. Plant grass and trees on top of it.

    5. Place methane venting pipes into the exisiting dump and sell the methane to CUC or others for fuel.

    6.  Place deepwells around existing dump to pull off the leachate going into the North Sound and pipe it next door to the Sewage Plant. The Leachate will slow down after a few years of the 'dump' drying out.

    So there Committee….your work is done for you. The solution is above. Head to the beach…(oh, yes, I forgot…Politics!!….yes, the dreaded "P" word…..) Cayman, we need to get over this nonsense and do what is right.  Leaving the dump there pumping leachate, lead and other carcinogenics into the North Sound is simply STUPID! Nothing that is proposed can stop it because it is not lined. End of story!

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent Suggestions Anonymous ! – I would just humbly submit that you CAN indeed mine the entire thing out – all the way to its base.  The conversion of that base "stuff" is very much possible because the temperatures that the reactor containers that burn the "stuff" at is so high that it will do the job.  Not helpful to explain the chemistry – Just know it is being done already and the combustion process is self sustaining – sometimes, some of the methane from the dump is used if needed.  One must concede however that it will take quite a while to get the whole thing done but that is actually a benefit when you run the numbers.

      Again, These six points summarize all the other real solution sets we've seen posted.  I pray we keep the momentum going.

      Whomever the Minister in charge of this effort may be, we need to support them by contributing proven solutions and just as important, the correct process methodologies for implementation

      If every aspect of the project is clearly & completely defined & the requirements agreed, solution design is a very manageable process and the execution will deliver what is most suitable.  (For PMPs out there – you know… )

      Can't believe I'm saying this but I'd love to tackle this one… 

      PS. I read a post that says that the Minister would need at least 2 years to organize the project – This is a very accurate estimate in my opinon.  Something of this scope, scale and public impact will need to to go through many cycles – I know we would love for it to happen in 6 months but I can't imagine commencement under 2 years to be realistic.

      Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Realistic – Timebound = SMART

      God Bless The Cayman Islands & All who call these shores home. – Peace to All


  12. Anonymous says:

    For Profit – For Life

    I wish for this beautiful county to be rid f this stinking heap – and so does everyone else.

    Not to add to the raging criticisms etc. but I'd just like to offer that there are many proven solutions for:

    1. Converting most of the waste to energy – At a Profit

    2. Selling the by-products of the conversion process – At a Proft

    3. Removing and exporting valuable metals & other materials for recycling – At a Profit

    4. Establishing a state of the art facility to process waste on an ongoing basis – At a Profit

    5. Establish a culture & process of recycling at the every collection point – At a Profit

    ALL THESE ARE POSSIBLE TO DO – AT A PROFIT  – It's not a new technology or process

    I. Google: Switzerland Imports Garbage

    II. Paste in your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYDMQcJo9_Q

    and everyone from CUC to private companies, to the government can turn this mess into a never ending flow of cash that can benefit every soul on this lovely Island.  Ask the RIGHT minds and they will tell you how.  Remove greed and hidden agendas to see the pure efforts that need to be undertaken.

    Also just want also to mention a fact that many dicuss quietly but refuse to talk about…

    The airborne pathogens (ie. Viruses) and particles that transport dangerous bacteria; are sweeping from the slopes of the dump pile with the breezes and many are becoming sick – especially kids.  If you can smell it – you are taking filth into your body.

    Let us fix this before we are forced to do so… Peace to All

  13. Anonymous says:

    you know what happens when you send a committe to do something…

    • Anonymous says:

      They do nothing.  It is time to move  on this disgusting topic.  Stop forming committees and get on with the job.  Find a solution to the problem.  Nine months and we are sit lying down, get up , stand up and work.  This is a serious problem.  If the heat is too hot in the kitchen, get outside and enjoy the cool breeze.

    • Anonymous says:

      They get richer?

  14. cough says:

    Oh good, another day of breathing polluted air we shouldn't be breathing on Snooze Lane (nor anyone anywhere else on island).    I must say thanks to the government for their complete inabilty to deal with this problem (so far, I will give this committee the benefit of the doubt – time will tell).  Admittedly a rather large and complex problem, not just the dump itself, but everyone's attitude towaste needs fixed as well.  Can I send my AC bill to this 'committee' that I have to frequently use just to filter the stench, adding to another polution problem?  If they fail to do anything meaningful (other than walk away with a load of cash), can we have their personal addresses so we can all start dumping trash on their front lawns? 




  15. Anonymous says:

    Good, because it's on fire again.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Come on Ossie stop wasting time. Arden has already completed this committee work so all you need to do is to move to the implementation phase. Just ask the members of  the previous PPM Cabinet, two of which are in the current Cabinet. I can't believe that KT and Alden didn't tell you that. Ask Charles Clifford and Anthony Eden too !

    Another committee to reinvent the wheel…….WTF Ossie !!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why does he need a committee to come with solutions when he said during his campaign that they already had realistic options for remediating the dump on site in GT. And whether there’s politicians sitting on the committee or not they still answer to politicians so it’ll still be politically motivated as all things Cayman are. All they will come up with are solutions that Cayman cannot afford, but they will get paid well to do it. Why not start recycling right away, what’s the holdup at lease the new trash would be separated.

    • Anonymous says:

      The dumb asses should be educating the population on recycling and we would be one step ahead.  Do they need glasses, radar, CCTVs or what.

  18. Anonymous says:


    The encapsulation of the Dump material  within a "cementatious block" could be used as a land   fill for swamp or ponds.  Such method would be safe, none polluting, increase land useages and provide employment, converting the dump material into fill. The method to do this is simple and wll generate a value for cost, long term method.  The alternative must be to sell Trashmore to Dart for one dollar, perhaps Dart will then suitably cover and landscape the dump.  Future waste then  being encapsulated, (as a processs within a building) into "cementacious blocks" using quarried material that is readily available here. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ban the importation of styrofoam containers. So far, that's the only thing that the rudderless compass hasn't found wrong with the dump.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Move the dump!! Recycle!! And charge a fee to everybody!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Charge a fee and people will dump their rubbish anywhere, even more than they do now..its been shown time and time again in many other countries.

  21. Anonymous says:


    Of BS. All this Government is doing is absoutly NOTHING they have more committees and consultants than the Obama who runs the free world.
    I believe that the people needs to make there voice heard and tell them they need to do something to get this dump sorted out, it is the first place I have ever seen a dump in the capital especially where tourist frequently visits.

    OSSY pull the the finger out it’s time to stop the darn lip service

    • Anonymous says:

      They need to do something! – Yes, but what?

      The people should tell them to do something! – Again, what?

      I know that planning before signing is a 'new' concept to some people, and I don't claim the government is doing it right, but at least tehy're trying to do it.

      And for all of you who think they should 'just build it in BT' the Minister has given himself an out by saying its an apolitical technical committee. (Just don't look too close at the back row.) Maybe, just maybe, we can get a proposal/plan/action that isn't based on political expediency one way or the other. A plan that, if done right, will be less devisive than 'just do soemthing' has been so far. Whatever it ends up being.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If Ozzie believes that there will be no politics in this committee then he is not following the ball.  Ozzie was elected on the politics of the dump, come on man…who is Ozzie kidding.

    No brainer, immediately start up nation wide recycling of paper, plastic, glass and aluminum.  

  23. Anonymous says:

    It is encouraging to see that Mount Trashmore is uniting all Caymanians.


    They now all speak with a single voice.


    "Put the rubbish in any district but mine."

    • Anonymous says:

      Another thing thing we all agree on – we all like a good dump!

    • Anonymous says:
      • Anonymous says:

        Well you wont  be a force to reckon with, all we are talk and no action. We live in fear and stupidity.

      • anonymous says:

        No difference, you will just be at your workplace less. Other than that, no change.

  24. Foreign Devil says:

    Ozzie stop wasting our time and money, let Dart remediate that stinking dump and do the damm ground work in Bodden Town for a new Modern Waste Management Facility.

    Alden you need to seize control of this situation.

    • Live Free.... says:

      Foreign Devil, your best solution for the Dump is to give it to Dart to remediate? But what you fail to understand is, Dart is the reason we have to put up with the scent coming from Mount trashmore and the view of the oversized Mountain. if Cabana or should I say Camana Bay was not there, the Dump would have lots more Land to expand, lowering the sent and not seeing a Mountain, for they would have Land to push it down and spread it. Because they don't have enough Land the Government have to setup a Waist to Energy Facility, even if we did had that Land your Buddy Dart sits on, I would still embrace the idea of Waist to Energy, which would control the Dump from running out of Land in the Future.

      Live Free…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Live Free, That seems to be what most people here want, everything for nothing..

      • Anonymous says:

        SILLY….you mean governement has money to buy that additional land????  and by pushing it lower would stop it leaching into the North Sound??  or catching a fire???  stupid comment.

        • Live Free.... says:

          No Silly, no matter where you move the Dump, leaching would always occur, but by pushing down the hill of rubbish, the Gases below would keep cooler, which would result in less Fires and when a Fires do occur, they would be easier to contain by the DEH Staff without having to call the Fire Service. What happen yesterday is a result of the Rubbish Hill being high, and Temperature rising in the last couple of days, by this the Gases below Ignited and the Fire  started and got expose to the Oxygen, and Wala. This didn't happen over a period of one day, it started maybe a week before, and then it reach the surface. it is difficult to get to this kind of Fire under control for it is far below. I just want to say, good Job by the Firemen, especially those who came out on their off Duty, Hats off to the Fire service and all who is involve. Fire at Dump is very common Globally, but can be better control if the Hills of Rubbish be pushed down and Spreaded, and yes leaching, no one can stop that from happening at any Dump, but can be better handle, than what it is now at the Dump.

          • Anonymous says:

            Random Capitalization Throughout Having Told Someone Else Not To Do It.

            I think Mac or Foolio ses the name "Live Free".

          • Anonymous says:

            Great Idea just keep puching it lower unit it covers all of GeorgeTown. Fine with me as long as it has no effect to us Bodden Townians……!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Learn to spell bro… its waste to energy not waist

      • Anonymou says:

        When facing a problem blame the foreigner. Where have I heard that before?

  25. Peanuts says:

    After all is said and done, more is said, than there is done. A Talk Shop.

    • Anonymous says:

      …and while those discussions are continuing in a neverending circle, perhaps in the meantime there can be some things done to PREVENT some garbage to begin with???

      • Like, increase the duty on all on use paper/plastic dishes, cups and cutlery,
      • Ensure that every public facility has recycling bins
      • Demand that all hotels/condos have recycling bins and that they make the guests aware accordingly at check-in
      • Ensure that every school has recycling bins and that students are brought up to speed in regards to available recycling programs
      • Anonymous says:


        Briliant idea, but cant you see by now politicians do not care about the people. He hasnt a clue what to do about waste.

        You are so right, his first priority was to educate the people on recycling.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Haulit off already. smh

  27. Anonymous says:

    Great. Another committee to fly around on jollies to inspect dumps all over the world, just like Arden did in the last PPM administration.

    In the end, they will learn that the Government doesn't have the money to deal with the situation and all we'll get is four years of more rubbish piling up at the George Town Landfill while the citizens of the most populous district of the island, not to mention our precious tourists, suffer.

    I guess we should expect such rubbish from the Minister of Rubbish.

    • The real bobo says:

      The Mountain is one major mess of an issue. How to clean, use and remediate.  What we do from here on is another, does the country get carried into a recycling culture change yes. What and how is the rubbish handled, read reports that have been laying under the desks for umpteen years, Minister Bodden please don't let them go spending spending , I.e this committee make them read and understand and implement  the previous studies line by line .

  28. Anonymous says:

    Still waiting on my phone to ring.  Over the last 6 years I have moved more trash off this island than anyone ever. I have forgotten more than most experts will ever know. DA

  29. Truth says:

    Great!  Another in a long, never ending line of committees made up of clueless members dedicated to making sure they get something out of it before it goes bust again.  If this is the best Cayman can do for itself then it deserves to stand by and watch its future squandered on the entitled few.  Maybe this time if they all got together and wrote a song about it that the barefoot man could sing on the radio they might just get farther then the last committee.  How many of you out there expects anything of merit to the island itself will come out ofthis latest work party?

    • Anonymous says:

      Will the public be able to attend these sessions of the committee??? i would sure like to attend and hear what their debates and  conclusions are!!

  30. Anonymous says:


    Of BS. All this Government is doing is absoutly NOTHING they have more committees and consultants than the Obama who runs the free world.
    I believe that the people needs to make there voice heard and tell them they need to do something to get this dump sorted out, it is the first place I have ever seen a dump in the capital especially where tourist frequently visits.

    OSSY pull the the finger out it’s time to stop the darn lip service

    • Anonymous says:

      Pure rubbish is perhaps the best way to describe it. The government just brough a consultant to reviewthe Fire Service and less than two weeks later there is another review underway. Didn't these so called politicians learn anuthing from the late Jim Bodden. He was one of the persons who was largely responsible for putting Cayman on the map so to speak. He had the foresight to make good decisions and he didn't hesitate in implementing them. These guys or the Civil Service don't seem to have the brain to think for themselves. Both sides need someone to tell them what to do. That means that whatever rubbish they are told they will go with it. Chief Officers are appointed in Ministries who are clueless on the subjects for which they have responsibility so tell me in God's name how they are going to provide advice to their Ministers. Absolute rubbish. They need to bring Jimmy Ryan back to head up the Civil Service. At least his appointment of Chief Officers and HODs made sense. God help our poor  public service. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't forget his "good decision" to know down most of Fort George.

      • Anonymous says:



        And you fail to mentioned the salary they are being paid.

        We are paying these guys extremly high  salary just to warm their seats and creating more liability to the tax payers. (  life-time Health care and Pension)

        Why are we paying for their services and when we need advice or decisions made, we have end up bringing in other educated people to make those decisions.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Excellent! That will do it! Another committee. Jesus wept.

  32. Cay-man says:

    ”┬áThe minister with responsibility for rubbish…”, thank you CNS, that made my day! I really don’t know what the rest of the article says. Cant stop hollering wit laughter!

  33. People For a Dump Free G.T. says:

    What happens whenthis committee finds that the only feasible solution is the one that should be nearing completion by now? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Good question 18;39

      But remember, Ozzie is still the main man over this committee. And how that works, no one given the honor to sit on committees spearheaded by their politicians, will go against his ideals.

      This is the reason we need to take  the decision making, for all capital projects away from all the politicians. These decisions should  be put  in the hands of committees elected by the public, not appointed by politicians. Otherwise the corruption will continue!!! and nothing will ever get done.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ozzie is not on the Committee.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are right, he is not on the commitee, but they report to him. So he owns them and it's his committee..