Planes unaffected by smoky conditions

| 13/02/2014

(CNS): Although the smoke coming from the George Town dump caused some minor discomfort to people around the airport for a couple of hours today, officials from the Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) confirmed that flight operations were not affected. Although there was reduced visibility, flights took off and landed as normal. The afternoon rain helped to minimize the smoke that was billowing towards the airport area and as a preventative measure the CIAA used ventilation fans to enhance the circulation of air in the check-in concourse. They also closed some of the doors in an effort to prevent smoke from entering that area.

Facial masks were made available to airport staff but inspections of the terminal and consultation with airport partners led to the determination by the airport authority that with only a faint smell of smoke it was not unbearable for employees or passengers.

However, the CIAA said it would continue to closely monitor the situation in consultation with the Fire Service.

Meanwhile, CUC closed its doors to customers at the North Sound offices as a result of the massive amount of smoke around the industrial area and the Water Authority closed early. The Cayman international School, which is located very close to the landfill, was closed from this morning and Hope Academy at Grand Harbour also closed as a result of the shifting winds that began driving smoke east.

The fire service has confirmed it could still be a few more days before the fire is completely extinguished but it is now contained and controlled by fire crews.

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