CEO panel could include minister and sports experts

| 19/02/2014

(CNS): Organisers of the Fidelity CEO conference scheduled to take place Thursday are hopeful that the minister responsible for youth and sports, Osbourne Bodden,will be joining, Jeffery Webb, Johann Moxam, Collin Anglin and Richard (Grizz) Adams to debate the issue Youth, Education and Crime and the question of why is sport failing. Giving the minister a break from the rubbish problems, Bodden will be facing questions along with the panellists on whether sport can help address the problems facing many young people in Cayman. Meant to be a provocative discussion with the minister, the director of sports, a rugby expert, the Chamber president and the president of CONCACAF on the panel, organisers are hoping to generate some sparks.

The debate is set to take place at the end of the conference, which will be opened by Governor Helen Kilpatrick and the sponsor’s boss Anwer Sunderji. All eyes will be on the premier, however, at 9:30, when he will be delivering his first State of the Nation address to the conference.

His predecessor, McKeeva Bush, had used the conference to make major announcements and in past years had stirred up considerable controversy. Last year, however, the presentation was a more low-key affair. It was given by Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, who had taken up the post of premier in the minority Cabinet after Bush was ousted from office in the wake of his arrest.

So far there have been no leaks regarding Alden McLaughlin’s planned address and no one knows whether he will use the opportunity to make any announcements or revelations about the year ahead.

The conference opens at 9am Thursday, 20 February, at the Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman.

For more information go to the CEO website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ozzie vs Jeff

    Ozzie vs Johan

    Should I bring my cow cod 

    • Anonymous says:

      People always look on the controversial side of things.  Wake up, we don't need controversy, we need solutions.