Alden meets golf legend but project queries remain

| 28/02/2014

(CNS): A press briefing called by the developers of the proposed Ironwood development and golf course to announce a deal with government over the project and the construction of the East-West arterial was cancelled at the last minute Thursday. A number of questions remain about the proposed $360 million development, which is supposedly breaking ground this week. Although politicians shook hands with golf legend Arnold Palmer, who is backing the golf course, there have been no details released about the deal the minister for planning, Kurt Tibbetts, reportedly signed at the Westin yesterday, which could signal the destruction of the Mastic Reserve and trail.

Environment Minister Wayne Panton recently said that the road, which is currently destined to slice through the Mastic Reserve and the Salina Reserve, could be re-directed from the current gazette, which has not yet been formalized. He also said that the National Conservation Law would require government to follow the advice of the National Environment Council before allowing the development of a new road.

But more than two months after its historic passage the law has still not been implemented, which means a developer in partnership with the National Roads Authority could press ahead with yet another project threatening the environment, this time on National Trust land, without seeking the advice of is environment agency or the support of the people.

With the press briefing cancelled and no confirmation on when the ground breaking is taking place, the two MLAs from East End and North Side, whose constituencies this project straddles, have also raised their concerns. They said they have been given no details again about yet another potentially massive construction project, which would seriously change their districts for ever.

“We don’t say we object to the development per se,” Arden McLean said but as his independent colleague Ezzard Miller added, “We don’t know anything as no one has thought to tell us anything.”

The planning department has also confirmed that, with the exception of a small commercial unit, they have received no new applications from the developers over and above a sub division application made several years ago. Despite hearing that a Planned Area Development application was forthcoming, it has so far not materialized, officials told CNS recently

A sign at the site also indicated that some of the land in the area is for sale, and with the exception of some clearance of an access road, there is no activity taking place at the site where the golf course and resort, and mixed used community will be going.

The developers have said the proposed golf course will use the tyres from the dump, and while government has again failed to attract a buyer in its latest RFP, there has been no commitment yet from the minister for the Department of Environmental Health, Osbourne Bodden, that it will be giving the tyres to the developers.

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  1. Foreign Devil says:

    PPM needs to actually get something done or Big Mac is just going to thank them for completing all the projects he initiated at his inaugural address next three years when he wins back the premiership .

  2. Foreign Devil says:

    Yeah a new road will make it easy for the waste management truck to get the waste to the new waste management facility in Bidden Town, right Ozzie?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Making a highway through the swamp being paid by private enterprise is wonderful. I think people have heard about this project long enough lets get it started. Who didn't know this project was coming to Frank sound?

    It will take six months to get planning to approve it. Anyone will have at least that amount of time to object as usual by law. 

    It is time that the Eastern districts come into the 21st century. Plus they found something to do with the rubber tyres. Yeah something positive for the landfill . Stop complaining if you can add to the betterment of these islands. 

    We are 100% in all the hotels and some condos. We're looking to renovate the airport build a cruise ship dock and solve a landfill. This is going forward there is going to be alot of work coming in this island. Real estate is going up, work permits going up , Renting apts and houses too. 

    Do you have a project ? Banks are now at 200 banks finance is down. Loans for anything is up, house foreclosures are up. Let us be part of the solution.

  4. Peanuts says:

    The fact that the Government could think of not including the MLA from the district shows a certain lack of respect to the Citizens and Residents of that constituency. Very bad form. I hold the PPM to a much higher standard. Could it be that the change of Name and Leader has heralded a lowering of moral standards! I ask?

    • Anonymous says:

      The MLAs for the districts of North Side and East End do more harm for the economic development of Grand Cayman than anyone else on the island.

      • Anonymous says:

        All i bet we will hear is Ezzard banging on about 'jobs for Caymanians' and not a peep about the possible environmental damage. As for Arden does he have a voice when not on Rooster?

        same old same old……


      • Anon E. Mouse says:

        How ungrateful some of us can be. Had it not for the unending barrage of attacks by these two gentle men, Mr Bush and the UDP would still be in power to this day, but no, now that these two genyle men are not drinking our cool-aid then they are most harmful to our economic development. How pathetic.

      • Anonymous says:

        I could not agree more with this reply about the obstructionist activities of the MLAs from the smallest districts in the country.They constantly try to set the natoinal agenda and instill more fear into the people than and oer people in the country. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Your are referring to the PPM that ran for office, not what they have become since being elected.  Two different animals.  Don't feel alone I was sucked in their campaign lies also.  Never again.

  5. Turtle Stew says:

    Another big disappointment.

  6. Anonymous says:

    PPM, you stood on a platform that promised us a change from the subterfuge and corruption of the UDP and what are you giving us? You have no right to speak for a nation when the nation is not behind you. If you have gained your seats through lies and broken promises, I suggest you all stand down before the people ask you to stand down. Your behavious is shocking.

  7. Anonymous says:

    And Cayman Brac can't get approval for a marina?

    • Anonymous says:

      You did notice that they havent' actually applied to build anything yet, right? Smoke & ,mirros. Or sand traps and rough grass, depending on your preferred analogy.

    • Anonymous says:

      two wrongs dont make right

  8. Anonymous says:

    If this is done it shuold be done in the open.  With the people informed along the way.  Not in the UDP/Bush style of tell the pople after the fact!

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope Alden doesnt keep this development secret like he did the Schools.

      I would like to see him invite the Cayman contractors to the table, whenever these deals are being made, also to to get them involved… after all, they are the builders in this country.


      • Anonymous says:

        Why is the government inviting contractors to bid on a private project that hasn't even applied for planning permission yet?

        • Anonymous says:

          I will tell you why.

          They need to invite them at the inception and conceptional stages, so they can get a glimps of what opportunities and jobs are coming into their country. That way they can  assist the developers with the 60 od years of expperience they have in our  construction the sense of construction work. 

          We do not need another Mike Ryan and Tom Jones with the two cayman high school scenirio. The builders have had enough of the BS.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dear God help us no planning application submitted and no CPA approvals yet ppm agreeing to concessions for the project another nightmare waiting to happen.

  10. Anonymous says:

    "Hi Mr. Palmer.  I said lots of populist things to get elected, and now spend my time reneging on them.  How do you spend your time?"