LIME investing $30m to keep up with demands

| 28/02/2014

(CNS Business): To keep up with the speeds that people are requiring, LIME is investing, over this year and next, over $30 million locally to upgrade its system, according to LIME Cayman Islands CEO Bill McCabe. The ability of Cayman to compete with the rest of the world, especially in the high-end industries that thrive here, is highly dependent on the ability to connect and communicate, and that means that the demands for speed and really good infrastructure is tremendous, he said. Looking to the future, he said that they were very interested in Health City Cayman Islands’ plans for telemedical services, noting that telecoms would be at the core of that for HCCI to be able to provide diagnostics and medical services. Read more on CNS Business

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Forget upgrading the infastructure, spend the money on your customer service. 

    It is an absolute joke how bad it is, its really not difficult. 

    You give me internet and I pay you each month, yet for 6 months, every month you manage to screw up the simple task of billing me correctly. 

  2. Foreign Devil says:

    to little to late to ever love lime again……………..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes but will it still take them six months to sort out the most basic of customer service queries? Will they still bill you for months when you received no service entirely because of network issues at their end? Will we still have to queue up for three hours on a working day (no Saturday service, shop shuts at 5pm) in George Town to put in a service request, only for the technician to put up an "out for lunch, back 3.45pm" sign in the window at 1pm? Will we still pay an average of 5-10 times as much as you do in the UK or US for the same service? Lime are a joke, and the only reason they are so bad is because they have the market sewn up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here is a classic example of why employers shy away from hiring Caymanians. I went to a Lime store today to query why the data on my phone stopped working outside of wifi areas and here is how the covo went after I got to the counter:


      Lime rep: How can I help you?

      Me: Hi, I’m here because I can’t seem access the data on my phone anymore unless I’m using wifi

      Lime rep: Oh, it’s not working right now, mine nah working nyda 

      Me: It’s been down since Saturday. Why hasn’t Lime sent out a text to customers to notify us so we don’t waste time coming to the store?

      Lime rep: I dunno why dey nah done dat yet

      Me: Do you know when it might be fixed

      Lime rep: I dunno

      Me: Well, should I just go to Digicel then?

      Lime rep: You could do that since theirs is working

      Me: Hiss teeth, cuts eye and walks out!






      Caymanian Lime customer

      • Anonymous says:

        I go at lunchtime to George Town. Two people in the queue ahead of me. At the end of my lunch hour, still two people in the queue ahead of me.

        My employer is flexible so I think I'll be smart and nip out the next day at 10am. Three people in the queue ahead of me. One hour 45 minutes later, one person has been seen. I am forced to give up and go back to my paying job. No chance of coming back at the weekend (service desk closed on a Saturday). No chance of coming back after work (service desk only open 9am – 5pm, closed for an hour at lunch).

        The whole time I am sitting at Customer Service, a technical support guy is sitting opposite me playing with his phone. Doesn't service a customer in the 2h 45 minutes I have been there in total, apart from to tell them to join the Customer Service queue. Why he hasn't been cross-trained to do both roles is beyond me, but it's nice to see where my $120 a month for broadband goes – a tech support agent who doesn't support anything.

        Sensing my frustration, a manger suggests I call Lime's support centre, as what I want to do (move my connection to another house) can be done over email. Call Lime, explain the situation: "yes sir, you can do that, I'll transfer you to the right person". Repeat three times until I get to someone who says "no, you have to go back to the store to do that, can only do it in the store". Nearly explode with anger.

        That was eight weeks ago. I still have no connection despite over 20 emails to customer service people and calls with mindbogglingly stupid or unhelpful people ("your problem has not yet been resolved" – yes I know, that's why I'm calling you…). People saying they will get back to me that day and never do, people who apologise for the inconvenience and promise they're looking into it only to disappear…

        I am a tolerant and patient person but the level of service is farcical.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well the new boss is an expat ,and it sounds like he hasn't offered a service update to his staff. Maybe this mean something to you. For the rest of us we calculate our thoughts,cause if I had to share my experience with unqualified foreigners the list would wrap around your hateful mind a few times. 




        • Anonymous says:

          I dont care where he is from, if he sorts out the customer service and manages to reimburse me for all the times that the network has been down, I will pay his permit fee.

          If he knows of any people who can chew gum and walk at the same time and have a better handle on what is happening with the customer service, I will pay their permit fees too.

          Just get people in who can do the job, forget what passport they hold.