New road speed limits due next month

| 10/04/2014

(CNS): Following the review of and public consultation on the speed limits across the Cayman Islands the National Roads Authority has completed its new speed zones map which will soon be reviewed by Cabinet. Once it meets with approval from the government officials from the NRA said that they expect the new speed limits will be gazetted in May. The changes will include dropping the speed limit on West Bay Road to 30mph, reducing the 50mph speed up in the area of Morritz and Reef resorts in East End and introducing a new 35mph limit in some areas.

The results of the review of the safety of Cayman’s entire road network which was undertaken by  international experts iRAP in January are expected in May or June which will inform further safety regulations to reduce accidents on the local roads an make the ones that happen less likely to fatal or even serious.

In the meantime, the NRA is continuing to utilize various strategies to make the roads safer and is testing countermeasures such as transverse rumble strips and anti-skid coating at some crosswalks and major roundabouts.

“Both the transverse rumble strips and the anti-skid coating are internationally proven methodsof reducing road collisions.  They are especially effective where loss of friction results when rain, oil and other lubricants are deposited on the roadways,” officials stated.

While technical solutions to improve road safety can go a long way in the end safe driving is the surest way to cut down smashes. The NRA encouraged all road users to remain alert to their surroundings and road conditions, follow posted speed limits and obey the rules of the road.

For more information please contact the National Roads Authority (NRA) at 946-7780 and visit the website at

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  1. Miles ahead says:

    I wonder if they took into consideration the suggestions to have  40MPH after 12am on West Bay Road as there is not much traffic or pedestrians at that time. A 12am to 6am 40MPH and then reduced to 30MPH for the next 18 hrs. 

    • Anonymous says:

      And just who the Hell could keep that straight.  If you are in a hurry take the Dart race way!

    • Anonymous!!@##!! says:

      I wonder who decided the speed limits that are being proposed?  this is so ridicolous , its got no merit. Just enforce what we have now , if you are caught over the 50 mph, ticket them. Going 20 in a 40, ticket them too.  You would thik that we are in the jungles with dirt roads. Some lame brain walking away with our money again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    After this, maybe they can work on work on "tuning up" the traffic lights. It seems to me that just as traffic gets moving, the lights go red again. It's extremely frustrating! Also, I really wish they would create a roundabout at the Smith Road/Bobby Thompson lights. Those lights are a hinderance not an enchancement to traffice flow at that junction. I usually create my own unofficial roundabout there by turning left on red, then doing a 180, then left to continue in the direction I wanted to go, saving myself time and gas money.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Changing the speed limit is one thing, enforcing it another.

    Also, we have some of the worst drivers in the entire world right here. We have some of the most senseless, reckless lunatics on our roads. We need constant police prescence on all the main roads of Cayman not just for speeding but other obvious traffic offences which are committed daily.

    Your life is in you hands behind the wheel in Cayman, you're probably safer on I75 highway in the U.S than on our tiny little island.

  4. Anonymous says:

    why dont we all just ride bicycles then? may get around faster that way

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great, a sign maker is going to get a lot of work. What a waste of money, unless it is enforced…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is that what those signs mean?


  7. pmilburn says:

    Wow about time.