Mac furious over marinas

| 17/06/2014

(CNS): The opposition leader became outraged on Friday over what he claims is the unfair treatment of Cleveland Dilbert and his application for a marina on Cayman Brac. During the Finance Committee session in which the environment department’s appropriations were being discussed McKeeva Bush attempted to move a motion to make Cabinet grant a costal works licence for Dilbert’s proposal alongside two other projects which government’s inner circle has passed without the requirement of an EIA. The marinas are all very different propositions and the minster responsible said each one had been considered on its own merits and Dilbert was not being discriminated against, as implied by Bush.

The committee chair, Marco Archer, refused to accept the motion from the leader of the opposition as he said finance committee did not have the authority to do what the motion was requesting. Despite Bush’s continued protestations, the finance minister stuck to his position and Bush said he would be bringing the issue to the Legislative Assembly as a private members motion if the Speaker would allow it.

Bush then proceeded to berate both the environment minister, Wayne Panton, and director of the Department of Environment, Gina Ebanks-Petrie, over the situation in Cayman Brac, where three different potential marinas have been given costal works license approvals.

However, the one known as the Dilbert Marina which is planned for an inland pond by the side of the Alexander Hotel, was the only project that required an Environmental Impact Assessment. Although all of the project approvals are conditional on certain things, the scale of the Dilbert project and the cutting of a channel from the ocean inland led to the most stringent of the conditions.

Bush, however, believed that the requirement for Dilbert to undertake an EIA was discriminatory. The minister explained that the two other marinas are in areas which have been dredged before and the DoE is more aware of the impacts that these smaller scale projects will have. The owner of the Alexander recently announced for the second time this year that his hotel would have to close unless his marina project could go ahead. Although Cabinet has also issued an approval for the project against the DoE’s advice, the government has asked for an EIA. However, the owner seems reluctant to undertake such a study.

During his questions about the other smaller coastal projects, Bush became incensed and described the various explanations given by Panton about the other two proposals as “cockamamie answers” and went on to suggest the other two projects were equally significant. He accused the environment director of “fixing it” for what her minister wants while making Cleveland pay for an EIA.

Panton said Bush’s view of the other two marinas being equally as damaging was completely inaccurate and it was the risks associated with Dilbert’s proposals that had led the DoE to advise Cabinet not to approve it, which was why Cabinet had insisted on an EIA but Panton said the proper process was followed on each of the applications.

Bush told the minister he was sick of his "Nancy stories", as he yelled at the government benches saying, “We know what you did; we know how you operate!” as he hurled numerous allegations at the environment director about her department’s review of the Dilbert application. The opposition leader said the whole thing was duplicitous and carried out by “those purveyors of good governance and butter cant melt in their mouth excuses” who he said were doing what they wanted, whether it was auditing his travel or “digging out the Queen’s bottom”.

Panton said he and everyone else was familiar with the opposition leader’s position of “substance over process arguments in the past” but he was giving him the facts, and while they may be inconvenient, they were still the facts. He said in the case of all three applications the proper process was followed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I write as a Caymanian business man with multiple investments in these islands and as a concerned citizen.

    In my opinion the issue that should cause grave concern for every Caymanian and every person who believes in fairness and ethical governance is this: In light of Cabinet requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Dilbert marina proposal; how did two other marina projects receive approval from Cabinet  without having to submit any environmental assessment whatsoever? Bearing in mind that the seaward development of one of the two marina projects approved by Cabinet without requiring an EIA is within a very important and bio-diverse marine park and tourist area.  This seems extraordinary and  the question should well and truly should raise concerns about how and why Cabinet gave this developer a free pass.

    We can argue the pros and cons of the viability of marinas in general for Cayman Brac; but that is a business decision that concerns the developers, and is not really of any significant public concern.

    FYI: Cabinet has already approved two marinas for Cayman Brac, apparently being mooted by the same apparently wealthy and apparently well-connected foreign developer!

    What should concern every Caymanian is that this developer can get a free pass and cabinet approval for a marina in a marine park and in proximity to one of the most popular dive sites on the island and the Russian Destroyer site, without any concerns being raised about the environmental impact of the project. All the while the Cabinet requiring an EIA for Mr. Dilbert's marina.  Even if we consider the scope of the three projects, in no way can I see where Cabinet is justified in their decision to give the two marinas and the associated major developments a free pass.

    Another important question that deserves attention is: How did the same developer of the north shore marina (MM CB Ltd.) obtain approval for a marina within the reef on the south side, without any requirement for an environmental assessment either?? This question bothers me. And it should bother everyone reading this.

    A Bracker colleague pointed this next tidbit out  to me today and it is an astounding find: It is very interesting to note that – according to a query into the government land department online land database, made today, June 20th – members of the Kirkconnell family are still listed as registered proprietors of the land related to that marina!   

    These are the issues that concern me greatly. They should be of great concern for each and every Caymanian reading this!

    PS: Speaking of things not looking quite right in the land of Oz: The public should look into the reasons and persons and issues connected with why two Brac civil servants were censured, with one being put on extended required leave at full pay. Both slapped for apparently doing nothing more than their job in upholding the laws and regulations. Look into the complaints and into who made the complaints against them. If you dig deep enough on this issue the story will really get interesting!! Connect the dots, folks…connect the dots! 

    I have a lot more I could say about the things we don't see at first glance, but from what I have been made to understand it all will be news soon enough.   Stay tuned!

  2. pmilburn says:

    Got to love the picture of Mac in this story.Will go down in journalistic history.

  3. me the numbers and show me the business? says:

    Um, er, ah….A really well built Marina just opened 2 years ago: George Town Yacht Club GTYC in GCM near the airport.  It is really well received…AND  STILL  NO  TOURIST YACHTS or many local boats at ALL !?

    Soooo, please tell me how a well funded, well built, and well received Marina that has no tourism, how can the Brac be more successful?  This is just a ploy to grab Govt funds for the Brac and we all see through it.  Don't lie to us with jobs and tourism, this is nothig more than a pandering payoff and we won't stand for it.



    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously do not visit the gtyc yacht club. The mega yachts are arriving every month. Some stay a week some stay couple of months. If you build it they will come. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I love mega yachts. I think they are a good symbol of civilizations progress. If I had a daughter, I would want her to work on one. 

  4. MEM says:

    I know one thing, I really enjoy how Mr. Bush presents a speech with all the old Caymanian Twangs, a true Caymanian for sure lol, what he says has no substance, how he says it deserves an Apollo presentation. Thanks CNS for capturing these memorable lines from our ex-premier! LOL!

  5. Anonymous says:

    3 Marinas all planned for areas in a marine park. One requires an EIA.  Enough said!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The words "over marinas" are redundant when it comes to His Majesty The Baby.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cleveland is big baby & knew better before investing on pound land! after all he’s from the Brac! bracka

    • Anonymous says:


      So what what is the big deal that he knew that the pond was there and it stunk? and he invested next to it.

      He was promised by the governmnet to take care of the scent. They have to live up to their obligations.

      What would you say about Mr. Dart  investing billions in Grand Cayman next to the dump? He knew at one point the dump will  have to be move.

      Why are your drawers all curled about the Dilberts…is it envy?

      • Anonymous says:

        "Their obligations", did you say? Cna you please direct us to the contract which obligates the govt.? Or was this one of McKeeva's promises and that is why he is so hot under the collar?

        • Anonymous says:

          My neighbors stink and I think it's the govt's job to clean them up!

        • Anonymous says:


          It was the PPm who promised Cleveland to take care of the scent, should he build the hotel on that site.

          They should live up to their obligations!

          • Anonymous says:

            You seem to lack basic understanding. There is no such obligation. Point to the document which contain the obligation or stop making up claims.

          • anonymous says:

            I see that entitlement is expected in political circles too. Sad and third world.

      • Anon says:

        Government has no friggin' obligation other than to ensure the well-being of these islands and the community. Any politician or civil servant who promised otherwise should be penalised.

        And are you really going to compare DART and Cleveland? DART's only mistake was not realising you can't throw money at everything to make it do what you want. He did not ask for government to help pay to cleanup after his bad investments so that he can make another one. Also, the dump is a major safety issue for everyone. Obviously it needs to be fixed. The pond has been there and like that ALWAYS. 

        Some of my people love to throw around this accusation of envy. Anyone with sense would know not to envy a man who make negotiates poorly, plans poorly, and likes to cry victim. If you envy all that for a few extra dollars, you may be poorer than you think.

      • Anonymous says:



        The reason we –as a country — have all these boards and comittees in place is to ensure that politicians cannot commit the public purse based solely upon their utterances.   Politicians promise things.   It is worth nothing.    

        Had Mr. Dilbert been wise, he would have either secured a board committment to his plans prior to construction, or at least gotten Big Mac to put it in writing (not that he would honour it, but at least there would be some substance to his claim.)    Bush was play good-ol-boy, and now that the problems have come home to roost, not surprisingly, the former Premier is irate and flinging insults.    

        Gee, go figure.   What a shock.   

        • Anonymous says:

          but the boards are political appointments.  We should have them run for the offices and be voted in by the poeple.

    • Anonymous says:

      exactly.    Here is the bottom line:     Do you or I or anyone KNOW the environmental repercussions of removing barrier reef, a section of road, rerouting the old road and dredging a bird refuge?   No, we do not.   Thus, a EIS must be done.    The other two proposed marina locations only involve the creation of a dock.     In one proposed location, there is already a protective jetty, and in the other, it is behind the barrier reef, close to another existing dock.    

      In addition to that — and possibly equally important — the builder is petitioning the government to defray any of the cost of construction.   

      I think Mr. Dilbert made a bad business decision.      It happens.   I made one myself once.    Nobody came to my rescue, nor should the public purse have done so.    I believe Mr. Dilbert's hotel could be repurposed — perhaps long-term housing or even office space.    

      • Anonymous says:

        No, here is the bottom line. You don't know squat. Go off half-informed like far too many  intellectually lazy Caymanians and give the rest of us roun' ya a bad name and have people thinking we're all ignoramuses So please reply and show us some more ignorance.  It has been reported that Mr. Dilbert ultimately agreed to defray all of the costs, roads, etc, out of his own pocket. 

        Do you or I or anyone KNOW the environmental repercussions of removing ironshore, dredging the bottom inside of a Marine Park and the most popular dive area on Cayman Brac, and dredging a yacht basin inside the reef at the proposed location? If you know, bright box, please do tell. Blowing hot air is easy.  Isn't it?

        OMG! Did you bother to engage any functioning brain cells before writing your comments here? You believe the hotel could be "repurposed"? Reallyyyy?? What gives you the idea that future residential tenants, or business tenants and their clientele, will find the pond stench and health hazards any less offensive than the hotel guests did? 

        The bottom line is that, absent EIA's, the effects of any of the three proposals are dangerously unqualified opinions. But it is interesting to note that two of the proposals are associated with lucrative real estate deals and political influence.  In other words the sort of stuff Mac got castigated for.  Apparently the new boyz in power are not so different after all. No big surprise there.

        THAT is the bottom line.

      • Anonymous says:

        You need to check the plans if you think it's only for a dock.  One is planning to build a bed and breakfast, some kind of store and a theme park.  It will also flood the area that the houses are in.  There will be other environmental damages as well and should have had an EIS done.  In Addition, those are all around marine park areas and where the divers dive.

  8. SKEPTICAL says:

    He has no personal axe to grind – unless something he promised, has been thwarted.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mac., are you clutching at straws or is that a deliberate ploy?

  10. Henry says:

    G – whistling ducks don't live or feed in salt water. So your point warrants no case. The pond is a bird sanctuary and should remain a sanctuary. Why do you think mr. Dilbert does not want to complete the eia? because he already knows it would be a waste of his money and already knows the answer. 

    Mr. Dilbert sorry but you should have done your homework and make this a lesson learn, trust no politician!

  11. B. Hurlstone says:

    Bush baby, why don't you just go home and eat your milk and carrots.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why are the two other marinas approved without an EIA when they are nothin a Marine Park? This I don't understand. And for,the record I support all three marina applications but feel what is good for,one should be good for all.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, and I am in the same boat, my neighbour just built a new shed in his yard and he did not need planning permission, I want to subdivide my plot and build a  nice 4 bedroom house in my yard and they want all kinds of planning permission and stuff! It's descrimination!

    • Anonymous says:

      Did DoE raise the same concerns about the others? 

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Gina for standing up and advising when something is detrimental to the Cayman Islands.  Some uneducated and unitelligent persons wouldn't understand that!  It amazes me that the highest office in the land could be held by someone with such little grey matter between their ears.  Bullying, or ranting and raving show nothing but the degree of ignorance of the person.  Anyone with any intellect and common sense could see that proposal is not only detrimental to the environment, but there is also no guarantee that it is going to produce the business they are so desperately seeking.  Then what?

  14. Anonymous says:

    It has come to my attention that the "stink pond" is also a health and environmental hazard to everyone on this island.  The dirt around the pond is NOT dirt, it is a mass of millions of maggots and mosquito larvae.  The pond has animal feces in it and, therefore, eColi – one of the deadliest bacteria on the planet.  The maggots and the larvae hatch from an eColi infested pond and then fly all over the island infecting everyone who comes into contact with it.  Have you noticed the unusual amount of sickness on Cayman Brac?  Children having horrible coughs consistently and people dying of cancer and other blood disorders.  I have been sick from something on this island for 2 years now and when I saw this horrible situation around the salt pond I understood a lot.  There is only one of 2 things that the government needs to do about this pond and they are to #1 drain it completely, hauling the infested waste somewhere in the sun so the bacteria can be killed and filling it with dirt and make a park there or #2 deep dredge this pond; really DEEP dredge it and put in a huge culvert between it and the sea so that water is constantly moving back and forth to keep the pond fresh.  Then maybe the whistling ducks will comeback.  They have moved on because, in this case, they have more sense than a lot of people and know that this pond is poison.  This "pond" issue is not about a hotel or a marina.  It is about a cess pool of disease  around where people live and sending out its venum via flying bugs to infect the entirity of the island.  The "powers that be" who can change this and correct this situation know about it.  If I could post a photo of the solid wall to wall maggots crawling around in a mass all around this pond I would.  I have seen it and I am worried to death about the citizens of this island and their health.  I am also worried about my own health that is compromised by something horrible in the atmosphere here.  Somebody do SOMETHING and do it fast before the people who put you in office all have health issues from this neglect and political bickering!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a very interesting but disturbing view point.  It is a well known fact our children are missing a lot of school due to colds and allergies.  The mosquito problem seems to be worse than ever, we have a state of the art MRCU unit here, yet I haven't seen the truck out spraying for quite some time, what is being done to tackle the problem coming from the pond?  My personal view is the hotel was build in the wrong place from day 1, and Mac is throwing his toys out of the pram because he promised his buddy something that didn't happen, but that doesn't solve the problem of the obvious health hazard we are dealing with daily.

    • spotsydebbie says:

      You're kidding, right?  Oh brother!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I do wish Mr.Bush would keep his cakehole (U.S. piehole) shut. Nobody with any sense gives a hoot what he thinks anymore. He's an embarrassing aberration who needs to go home and let the country move as far away from his style of governance as possible, in other words by the book rather than merely what he wants.

  16. pmilburn says:

    Can feel the stamping of those little feet way down here.Tsk.Tsk!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dem tiny little feet in dem shiny shiny shooz. Stampin like an angry little pony. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is best summed up in one word – BULL!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Come on Cleveland, just get on with it… you know you want to close the hotel and rent out the rooms as studio apartments.  

    No one really believes your antics anymore.  The government is not subsidizing your project so you can rent them for more money because they come with boat slips.

    Our environment is more important than your bank account.  Thank you Minister Panton.

  19. Anonymous says:

    What exactly does that mean ' digging out the queens bottom'?  Where would one use that expression and is it specific to the queen, or could one say ' digging out Willie Mckeeva Bushs bottom' ?  Please advise as I am a Yankee and somewhat low-brow and maybe I could use it during my next run in with say my car mechanic. 

    • JC says:

      This comment is so funny. I was laughing so hard that I accidentally clicked the thumbs up instead of the smiley.

      Anyway thank you for starting my day with a snicker, 13:29

      I cringed when I read 'digging out the queens bottom'. That's gross. But I wouldn't expect anything less from that 12 year old buffoon.

    • Anonymous says:

      The term Queen's Bottom is commonly used to describe the bottom of the sea or pond which is is not land registered to any owner and falls under the care of the Government, in essence the Queen.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Queen's bottom happens to to be the sea bed.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ever wonder why Mac is so involved in this?  Is he just trying to distract us from the investigation of him spending millions traveling around the world in luxury at our expense?

    Or is he the one that promised Dilbert that the government would buy millions of dollars of fill when he dredged it up?

    Please, Mac, stop playing politics with our environment.  We don't want our island dredged up.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Social Report

    "Does not play well with others"

  22. Anonymous says:

    Come on Denny. Add the photo of furious Mac so we can rember that look

  23. Anonymous says:

    Mac stop ranting about another Cayman Bracker demanding special treatment. Worry about West Bay and all the money you spent traveling & partying.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Good to know Mac is furious. Now he knows how we feel about he and Juju's wasting.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Cockamamie answers,nancy stories,digging out of the Queens bottom. Hilarious.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Oh, dear, temper, temper. And, no, you cannot get your own way. Now go tidy your room.

  27. Royal Dee-Dee says:

    “digging out the Queen’s bottom”. – ROFLOL! That’s a new one to me and I’ve been around longer than McKeeva. I wonder what one would find at the bottom of her royal romp? The whole thing stinks any way you look at it.

  28. caring says:

    Mac please pick stop attempting to sway votes.  You are pretty see-through sir.

    We ALL should be up in arms that no one is paying their hospital bills or business loans.  Mac, you are fueling this entitlementdisease by demanding a marina for a buddy where there is no actual boating tourism to be had? 

    Will this be used by the rafting Cubans?  Because the last time I checked " Yachting Tourism" (due to high fuel rates) was down over 60% in the next-door to Miami Bahamas so WHO will be using these marinas?  Sorry sir, the only folks with $$$ fo fuel and land in the Brac are drug dealers XXXX

    A little common sense should prevail.  Let's pay our bills and then see what happens if there is money left over.  As for marinas in the Brac?  I have a bridge in Brooklyn too.  Silliest ideas that Moses, Juliana, and Mac have come up with in a long time. There is some soke here- who is on fire and WANTS the marina?  If not honest yachtsmen from Miami, then WHO?

  29. BracFan says:

    For the Dilbert marina, would the EIA also assess the environmental impact of the traffic being re-routed?   As I understand it, the proposed channel would cut the Brac South Side Road and require traffic – including heavy dump trucks and gravel trucks – to go through residential neighborhoods.   Is that not correct?

  30. Colonial Wizard says:

    Its starting to look alot like Christmas or more like whats going on at the CIAA same old Nepotism and Cronyism PPM stands Please Pull ME away from the Government trough. Well i wonder what mothers is going to say or do about this or shall we wait another three years for the auditor General to disclose it. Nip these things in the bud before they start???? Doubt it though?

  31. Anonymous says:

    To 17/06/14 – 8:22. MacKeeva Bush's reference to "digging out the Queen's bottom" in speaking of dredging, is a correct reference to the ocean floor, which is referred to as the sovereign's "bottom", meaning belonging to the Crown. There is necessarily no rude inference in that remark but knowing Mac's irreverence to things colonial and his "entertainment" factor, one should not be surprised by his wit to use that terminology in the context.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Judging from subsequent actions taken, I'm not confident that either party understand what an EIA is or, or a TOR outline case is, or would care enough to inform themselves even with this knowledge at their disposal.  This is evidenced from the fact that none of those assembled seem to have put in the minimum required effort to read and comprehended the cautionary Mott MacDonald Report for the Port nor the Cardno Entrix Report on the serious Waste Disposal issues on Grand Cayman.  So, good luck to us all.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Mac, I hope when your trial date comes up Cleveland is in there with youwith his pom poms on for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      What tidal waves? where were you when the tidal waves covered 80% of Grand cayman. do you really think those waves came through any canals.

      South Sound has no canals and Ivan came over the land in as far as Smith Road. Stop talking shit you know nothing about tidal waves.

      You just another one of those dont want to see caymanian get ahead.

      • Anonymous says:

        What tidal waves are you talking about that covered Grand Cayman?


        80% of Grand Cayman was not underwater. Eastern districts the water was mainly along the coast. Was the Queens highway underwater?What about Midland acreas? How about Beach Bay/Northward? 

  34. MEM says:


  35. Trex says:

    Its funny how we want the Brac undeveloped and we muster our attacks against one businessman over a marina. We says its because he will benefit from it. I think that is a crying shame to have people here putting done the business of others that could bring more tourist and monies to the island. It sounds a bit like jealousy to me. They want him close down and then what for the Brac?  smh

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds to me that he should have got everything approved before building.

      • Caymanian.. says:

        And that's the problem rules for everything, more rules than people!  When it comes to development and moving our economy, you guys rally folk to protest against it and then complain that the government is doing nothing for the people and the economy!  So much emphasis on rules and not life!  Back in the ole days things were alot simplier. Do you think all like Tibbitts would have prospered in his business endeavors if he was living today and had to comply with every planning and permission there is?  I think he would have had a hard time because of you guys! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe mcmouth told him he'd Arrange it when the time came. 

      • Anonymous says:

        "Approved" in Mac's language is when HE says its ok…never mind due process and regulations, Now he behaves like a spoilt child to divert attention from who and what he really is.

        Go away Mac just go away.

    • NOT Laughable says:

      What tourist?  I'm really really sorry, but the Brac is not a yachting destination simply by geographical maps!!  No airport or marina will fix this and no amount of money will make it so- the simple fact is that it is too far from another chain of land (islands like the BVI or Bahamas) for cruisers and yachtsmen and the cost of distance vs fuel doesn't compute.  You can build a marina or airport to Europe, but it will never compete due to geography.  No matter what this will alsways be a political football for 2000 votes!

      now what about a regional profitable prison or skilled manufacturing to use the empty one way containers? Now there is a business question .  Not a silly marina where no one will visit!?

      Bahamas marinas = current "tourist" occupancy= 12% down over 30% in past 5 years

      Marina Hemmingway Havana- 1200 slips- occupancy= 8

      these figures from crusing world writer, but before we give one fat dime I want to see the ROI and where the hell these developers on the Brac think "we" will get "our" money back? Not their pockets 

      not one red cent! 

  36. G says:

    If a Marina is benefiting NOT ONLY DILBERT, then why would they have such a problem with dredging one?  [And don't give me replies like storms and whistleducks! Marinas are suppose to protect vessels and whistleducks, don't they have enough ponds to go to?] 

  37. Anonymous says:

    The best defense is a strong offense, Mac would rather rant than explain his travel spending.

    • Anonymous says:

      Check the compass today and see where Mac wrote a letter in the paper about travel expenses. Just letting you know seeing as you think he's avoiding talking about them. :-/



    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, but  from the CNS description we missed quite a performance!  I love seeing Mac's rants!

  38. Anonymous says:

    "digging out the Queen's bottom"……..this man has lost his mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      His mind been gone

    • Bling Man says:

      Ya best na mess with the Queen's bottom.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just in case you guys dont know what it means. "The Queens bottom"It is the sea bed, that will be dredged, not only does she owns the sea bed but also the face of the bluff.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Big Mac throwing his temper tandrums again.  Sit down Big Mac and shut up.  We do not want to hear you speak.

    • Dred says:

      A saying comes to mind everytime I hear Bush rant….

      "It's better to remain quiet and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt."…Baaah it's Mac….already known fact.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Why wasn't all this taken care of before the hotel was built? Seems to me like someone not so smart bought a horse then tried to build a stable.

    Obviously a bad business move that someone is trying to fix by getting a marina.

    Just think why would any tourist want to stay in a hotel inland when they can get accommodation on the beach? Think what tourists come here for Mr. Businessman.


    • Anonymous says:

      When he was planning to build the hotel he was promised by the GIC that the pond smell issues would be fixed.  That's where he made a mistake. He took the CIG at their word, no different than their promise to Dart to clean up the GT Dump when he was planning Camana Bay. The problem with Caymanian politics is that you can bet that one administration will always try to undo what the last one did. That why nothing ever gets done or take 10-20 times as long as it should.

      • Anonymous says:

        anybody got a copy of those promoses? I'd like to know who made either one. Or are you just writing history?

      • Anonymous says:

        Still a bad business idea. Its classified as a boutique hotel, but just looks like a huge pile of blocks that doesnt fit in with its surroundings. Marina or not, myself as a caymanian would not choose to stay there so why would the tourists?  

  41. Anonymous says:

    The regressives are doing exactly the same things as Big Mac's udp lot.

    What is good for the goose must be good for the gander. Who was the broker that sold the real estate in the Brac for the other two marinas? Where is the consistency and why must the Caymanian do an EIA but the other developers do not? Things that make you go ummmmmmmm

    • Anonymous says:

      Same broker that sold the propertry where the Alexander hotel is.

  42. And Another Ting says:

    Come on Kiki now you know these guys are sanctified by the Crown, they wouldn't committ to the other two marinas unless they were sure of the benefit to their reelection. The sinister person who hates all dredging and development must have had an epiphany and the arch Angel must have said " approve it or else".  The truth is three commercial marinas in Cayman Brac are not only environmentally sound nor economically feasible. So with all the hooplah on both sides, nature will eventually have its way it always does with both man and land.

    • Anonymous says:

      So you say but one man here is going to be frozen so nature can't get him. 

  43. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Read up on dart and cryogenics

      • Anonymous says:

        Isn't that where they freeze you 'til they figure out the cure? The cheapest bit is freezing your head, then the other parts depending on how much cash you have to spend. Then there's maintenance, of course. Like some kinda strat deal, I guess.