Zolfo Cooper and GCMbattle for top spot

| 29/08/2014

(CFU): The 2014 Corporate Summer Touch Rugby League is now two-thirds of the way through the season and in the SOCIAL Division things are starting to hot up. This year the sport of Touch is growing more than ever in these islands and in the secondary Division, also known as the “SOCIAL DIVISION” teams are largely made up of players who are either new to the sport, or who like their touch rugby a bit more relaxed these days.

After ten rounds in the Thrilla in Manilla, Ali and Frazier were almost inseparable on points and history seems to be repeating itself after Round 10 with the two heavyweights in this Division still slugging it toe-to-toe with nine wins and one defeat apiece.

 On top of the table is Zolfo Cooper who went nine straight games without defeat. Scoring at will, and getting into double figures at times, this team has shown some real ball handling skills and a soft-shoe shuffle that would make Mohammed Ali look like a leaden-footed deep sea diver. It is form that could see them elevated to the top Division come next season. However, they were stung to their first defeat of the season (5-8) by the floating butterflies that are the all-girl team of Maples Mavens.

A point behind them is GCM who play with a hustle-and-bustle style typified by Niall O’Sullivan and Fiona Brander. They too have only lost one game, a default against KPMG2, and have by far the meanest defence in the league. Their table-topping clash with Zolfo Cooper is looming on the horizon and both teams will be looking to get a full strength team on the pitch for that one. Will they be able to deliver the knockout blow or will they rope-a-dope Zolfo and hit them with a sucker punch at the end? Tune in fight fans – August 29th – not on PPV but live at the South Sound Rugby Ground!

DMS are not far behind in third and will rue their 2-4 defeat to the league leaders. In close games like that it’s important to take your chances and they just couldn’t convert when they had the ball.

LIME is always entertaining to watch and currently sit fourth in the standings. Managed by the effusive and effervescent Mark Woollard this team bubbles and sparkles around the pitch. A couple of defeats along the way but a cracking 7-4 win over Appleby elevated them to fourth and really laid down a marker for the rest of the teams in this Division.

Tying with LIME on 32 points is Rawlinson & Hunter. Only defeated twice, with both losses to the top two in the Division, this team is marshalled by the evergreen Conrad Proud. And he should be proud of his teammates who have put in a sterling effort so far this year.

Appleby starting strongly and have some fine players on their roster but have lost their way of late with two defeats and a draw in their last three. The loss in The “Fruit Cup” to LIME left Appleby feeling sour as they seemed to run out of juice towards the end.

UBS and Baraud are tied on 26 points and both have played some useful rugby at times. UBS games feature plenty of tries both for and against but their defence is the better of the two teams as Baraud have allowed too many scores against.

Maples Mavens have sustained a few defeats but with notable victories over Zolfo Cooper and Queensgate they know that they can cause a few problems for any team out there.

Trident started the season with a fine win over the Mavens but then suffered six defeats in row. Tough for any team to take but their showed real strength of character and resolve to come back with a two-game winning streak. Their delight at scoring tries resembles a kid seeing his presents for the first time under the tree on Christmas Morning – their last performance a 9-3 rout of Grant Thornton. Ding Dong Merrily on High!

BDO are a team with players getting to know the game and they have managed only two wins so far seeing off Conyers Dill & Pearman 2-0 and Walkers Blue Hatchlings 4-1. This will stand them in good stead moving forwards.

Now Conyers Dill & Pearlman may sound like an old AOR band from the mid 70’s which currently resides in the “Where Are They Now?” file but make no mistake this merry band led by the rosy cheeked Michael Mulligan have a never-say-die approach to touch rugby. Seven straight defeats on the bounce would be terminal for most teams but not CD&P who turned things around with a storming 3-0 win over Walker Blue Hatchlings. The fact Captain Mulligan was absent should in no way be considered as part of the reason for the upturn in fortunes ;-).

Queensgate, Walkers Blue Hatchlings and Grant Thornton prop up the bottom of the table with 13 points each. Queensgate traditionally have an eclectic bunch but are having fun scoring tries if not winning games. Walkers Blue Hatchlings have suffered from a lack of experience and numbers but did record a notable 3-2 victory over Maples Mavens. Grant Thornton could easily be mistaken for a company that has been making awesome confectionery for over a hundred years (tagline for the TV ad… “Mmmm… Grant Thornton.

Purveyors of the finest chocolate liqueurs since 1895”) but this assurance, tax, and advisory firm may have an instinct for growth in the business world but in the touch rugby world their stock has plummeted. Only 16 tries in 13 games (8 of which came as a result of an 8-0 award for a default match) is scant return on their investment, but better days are surely ahead as they seek their first real victory of the season.

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