British warship departs after disaster relief review

| 13/10/2014

(CNS): Despite speculation by the opposition leader and many of his supporters that a British warship which was visiting Cayman during the course of his trial was a show of power by the British HMS Argyll departed Friday morning without incident following its brief three day visit in which dignitaries sipped cocktails on the deck and the crew took part in various local events and visits. The main purpose of the ships call, according to government officials, was disaster relief planning. The visit to Cayman was part of the vessel’s six-month deployment to the Caribbean and Northern Atlantic and gave the crew an opportunity to provide training, support and reassurance to the UK territory.

HMS Argyll’s Commanding Officer, Commander Paul Hammond said: “It was a great honour to visit Grand Cayman and to continue the long relationship between the Cayman Islands and the Royal Navy. I am delighted we had the opportunity to provide assistance ashore and that we now betterunderstand how we can assist in the event of a hurricane or other disaster.”

Local disaster managers spent time onboard to discuss the capabilities a Type 23 Frigate could provide in the aftermath of a hurricane while the ship’s company was said to have gained a greater understanding of the Cayman Islands. This, they said, will allow more effective assistance should a disaster occur.  Alongside the official work regarding disaster relief 25 crew members also helped with some work at the prison repainting surfaces and undertaking some heavier maintenance on the structure of the prison building. The crew also took part in sporting events and local dignitaries, including the governor, spent an evening on board at a reception and capability demonstration.

The Cayman Marine Unit also received boarding training from the Royal Navy team. Steward Tony Biggar said: “This has been a good opportunity to teach the local marine unit some of our techniques and for us to learn from them…The marine unit and everyone on Grand Cayman have made us feel really welcome here; I really hope I have the opportunity to visit again during my career.”

Officials said that HMS Argyll has deployed to the Caribbean region to provide reassurance and, if required, humanitarian aid and disaster relief support to the UK’s British Overseas Territories and other islands during the hurricane season. HMS Argyll will also conduct counter narcotics patrols in conjunction with the US Coast Guard to enhance regional security and deter illicit activity.    

However, following his acquittal for the misuse of his government credit card in casinos, the opposition leader indicated that he believed that the ship’s arrival as his trial drew to a close was no coincidence. Speaking outside the court house on Thursday following the verdict McKeeva Bush said people should be mindful that a “warship was stuck out on the ocean” and it was not a coincidence and no one could convince him otherwise as he indicated his believe that the UK governor and others had abused their power. “We must put an end to this police state that we are living in,” he said as he spoke about rebuilding the previous partnership that Cayman once had with the British.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    With the popularity of Mack, Im pretty sure that if the court did not rule in his favour, with that crowd of supporters one could expect anything to happen.

  2. Naya Boy says:

    Poor old  15:44 simply don't understand that colonialism is a type of mind control keep drinking the Kool Aid  Star!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    For all those delusional people in the community like Mr. Bush, fact is that all these planned good will and disaster relief visits by British navy vessels are planned and scheduled months in advance contrary to the conspiracy theories and delusional beliefs of our Mr. Bush. He just thinks that he is so important that the British navy arrives in Cayman because of his disgraceful activities expoed in court. Please Mr. Bush, really!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Disaster relief at the end of the hurricane season?

  5. Anonymous says:

    The curious timing of the visit by the British warship reminds one of the occasion in 1970 (or 1971) when a protest march was organized by powerful political forces of the day. A warship appeared in port that day also. Clearly our "Mother" was expecting civil unrest in both cases and we disappointed.  Caymanians are often criticized for many things, including the fact that we are too passive. Hopefully, we will retain that trait where civil behaviour is concerned.

  6. Ignatius Ponce de Leon says:

    Well that was a bit short. They seemed like really nice guys.

  7. Marriott. says:

    This is how the British has always operated. They bring up an issue like "CRIME," "CORRUPTION," and "DISASTER RELIEF" to cover their real intentions. Those working below them don't know the intentions; they just following orders. Next you hear something for  "CHARITY" 

    Then their favorite move- let's "DIVIDE" the people against each other, the leaders against each other, and when the country is weakened once again to control, let us keep our RULE over them. They have leaders like McKeeva Bush who don't travels, makes deals behind our back, and talk over us … No no, they say, we have to put that in his place!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Police state? Clearly this man's delusion extends beyond hoping to win in casinos. 



  9. Anonymous says:

    ZZZZZ we don't believe you and anything the UK has to say