Tropical depression stirring up local weather

| 22/10/2014

(CNS): A tropical depression which is currently meandering over the southern Bay of Campeche is expected to become a tropical storm today as it begins to move eastwards. TD9, likely to be Tropical Storm Hanna is almost stationary but it will begin moving soon weather experts say. Heading slowly towards the Cayman area the late season weather system is already stirring things up for miles around. The cyclone winds are currently at 35 mph and although it is expected to strengthen then weaken as it passes over the Yucatan Peninsula, when it moves back over the warm Caribbean waters it is expected to strengthen again bringing more inclement weather to Cayman over the weekend.

According to the NHC in Miami the storm will be passing south of Cayman on Monday. In the meantime, the local weather report states that moderate southeast winds and seas are expected over the Cayman Islands forthe next 24 hours in association with the low pressure over the southwest Gulf of Mexico. Radar images show, north westward moving scattered showers around the Cayman area.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now get Mr. Swarbick to audit this! I am sure CIG has a hand in it somewhere to try and distract attention from failing audits…