Marl Road goes to town on school fight

| 12/12/2008

(CNS):  Persistent rumours that a gang fight involving weapons had resulted in serious injuries to students were denied by both government and police on Thursday. The Minister for Education said at the weekly press briefing that, while a fight had taken place at the John Gray High School campus, the seriousness had been grossly exaggerated. Police too confirmed that they had not recovered any weapons when they responded to a call at the school.

Although police did not issue a release about the incident, when CNS contacted the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service a spokesperson said that police officers had attended the school in the afternoon of Wednesday 10 December, but after questioning a number of people they found no evidence that a serious incident had taken place or that weapons had been used.

Police also said that officers did not find any firearms contrary to rumours. They confirmed, however, that there had been a fight between school boys.

“If people are so sure that there is evidence to the contrary then they need to contact George Town Police Station and tell officers what they saw,” a spokesperson said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well i am a student of john gray high school and it did involve a firearm but the firearm wasnt used, it was sent over to the school from a boy that lives in windsor park who’s first name is alex i dnt remember his last name but he was the one who sent the fire arm over because the boy who got in the fight was his friend and he sent the gun over to kill the boy who faught his friend.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Despite the millions that the PPM have squandered, we still have weapons being brought into our public schools.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brass knuckles were apparently used and pepper spray was used by the police against a student to detain him in this recent fight.  Fights are a daily occurrence at both John Gray and George Hicks, not limited to the boys.  The girls can be just as vicious, not caring to push and shove teachers and security guards trying to assist; pulling shirts off and bras. Boys knocking down girls; boys punching other boys in their private areas.   All in the name of getting our children a decent education! 

    I personally do not appreciate the constant denials, sweeping under the rug and just plain being ignorant to the excessive increase in violence taking place at the Government Schools.  But you can be sure – as soon as a child is ‘seriously hurt’ or killed, Action Will Be Taken!