Ellio eyes UDP for ride to LA

| 12/12/2008

(CNS): The controversial radio talk show host, Ellio Solomon, has said that he is considering joining the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) slate of candidates for the district of George Town in next year’s general elections, depending on the outcome of talks between him and the party. Solomon said that running as an independent had natural limitations and he wanted to make sure he was in the best possible position to advance the cause of Caymanians should he be elected.

Having run in the 2005 electionand failed to gain a seat as a sole independent candidate in the district of George Town, Solomon, the former publisher of Caypolitics, is acquainted with the rough and tumble of the local political scene. Having taken over the longstanding breakfast radio talk show CrossTalk, the outspoken would-be politician has also raised his profile in the community and become something of a household name since he last appeared on the ballot paper.

He told CNS he did not know whether his role as a host on the Rooster talk show would transfer to votes or not, but said the Caymanian people would be able to judge for themselves whether or not he was a worthy candidate as he had made it very clear every morning what his position was on many issues. “I have been as transparent as possible and the people have had every opportunity to hear what I think,” he said.

He insisted that, despite a release from the UDP announcing his likely candidacy with that party, he had not made a formal commitment, but the discussions were ongoing and he wanted to be as open as possible. Solomon said he was in the process of sitting down with party members and seeing how close his position on important issues was to that of the party. The decision, he said, would be based on how he, if elected, could best serve his country.

“My priorities are to serve the Caymanian people at large and to ensure real opportunities are out there for everyone,” he said. “I believe the Cayman Islands has a great deal of potential which is not being realized. There are a tremendous amount of things which are currently not being done right in government which need to be addressed first, and then once the government is in order we can address the private sector problems. We need to create a pro-growth environment where all Caymanians can realize real opportunities.”

The Chairman of the George Town Committee of the United Democratic Party, Stefan Baraud, said that Solomon’s name was put forward as a very good candidate by people within the party and George Towners in general. “As a result, we approached Mr Solomon and have recently begun having preliminary discussions regarding the possibility of his candidacy with the UDP,” said Baraud.

UDP chief and Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush said the UDP saw Solomon as a very strong, honest and outspoken individual, who has been a staunch advocate for Caymanians, demanding transparency, accountability, good governance and strong and effective leadership.

“If Mr Solomon accepts, he will bring to the party the characteristics needed to help guarantee a victory in George Town,” said Bush. “We intend to field a strong slate of individuals who represent the very best mix of experience, innovation and a proven track record in their fields of endeavor, who can help us build an even stronger United Democratic Party. I am pleased to say that Mr Solomon and the other persons under consideration for nomination at this time fit all these criteria and I think the Cayman Islands will be proud of them.”

So far the UDP has not named any other potential candidates for the 2009 election, but a newcomer to the political scene, well known and well liked business leader Mike Adam, has been cited as a very likely candidate for George Town, and Mark Scotland has also been rumoured to be in the running for Bodden Town on the UDP ticket. Although former UDP member and Health Minister Gilbert McLean may well run in that district, it is unlikely that he will be tying his colours to the UDP mast.

With more than three months to go before the election campaign gets seriously underway, there may be a significant amount of discussion, jostling for position and various deal making before the full line up for election 2009 is declared.

Solomon has confirmed that he will certainly be running for office. The question is merely whether he will do so alone or with the UDP.  “I am encouraged by the discussions between Mr Bush and myself. There is clearly a mutual respect for each other’s views and a clear understanding of the serious issues that face our people and these islands,” Solomon said.

Although Bush acknowledged past differences, he said they were about issues and not personalities. “If our talks are successful, I would welcome the opportunity to work with Mr Solomon for the benefit of the Cayman Islands,” the UDP leader added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So much for Elio being the saviour of our morals. By joining UPD he simply …………….

    Simple minded people. Cayman is full of simple minded people!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So much for Elio being the saviour of our morals. By joining UPD he simply confirmed that his agenda is to get into the LA no matter what the price may be. Elio you are a true politician and your have already sold you soul to the highest bitter

  3. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t the voters tell Mr Solomon last time they wanted parties? he would be mad not to try a change something..

    Who was it that said doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is a sure sign of insanity …. I have listened to Ellio and think that he is by far one of the sharpest minds that your island has you all will be to silly not to for once put someone in office that has the ability to lead


  4. Anonymous says:

    I wonder………………what strategy will Ellio use when he tell McKeeva that he (Ellio) MUST be LOGB or LOO, whichever comes first, and McKeeva say "NO WAY ELLIO!" ……………..what a mess, 2 dictators! God help us! 

    • Caroline Armando says:

      I agree "God help us" – If we DO NOT elect someone like Ellio to the house. God help us all!

      PSALM 35 v. 1 – Plead my cause, O Lord with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me.

      and PSALM 36 v. 1. – Fret not thyself because of evildoers… and v. 5 – commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

      Ellio keep the faith always never change and do not let the detractors side track you. Keep up the good works and God Bless.


      • Anonymous says:

        Ellio is said to be for Caymanians. Does that mean that he condemns the actions of the UDP Govt. when they granted 3000+ people Caymanian status in 2003 – a move which dealt a devastating blow to the interests of Cayman and Caymanians and for which the UDP has not repented but has repeatedly sought justification? I trust we do not all have short memories.   

        • Anonymous says:

          Ellio doesn’t need to answer for the past actions of the UDP.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ellio is for Caymanians, and will be no matter who he runs with.

          • Anonymous says:

            Not so fast. You need to understand what it means to be a member of a political party particularly if it is Mac’s political party.

            No one is suggesting that Ellio needs to answer on behalf of the UDP for its past actions, but he owes it to the public to state where he stands in relation to the past actions of a party he is thinking of joining. Let us be clear on the issue. Blind support never does anyone any good.   I am sure Ellio would agree since he scrutinizes the positions of others.   

        • Anonymous says:

          Last I recall, the UDP got a barrage of condemnation from the caypolitics website over the status grant including several damning articles and a gazette that followed bashing them pretty severely over the whole sale of status grants.

          Who’s got the short memory?



          • Anonymous says:

            The best way Ellio can show he is for Caymanians is to steer clear of the UDP and its personality cult. Where is this third party we have been hearing about? 

  5. Sheila Smith says:

    People of the Cayman Islands stop all this hating, it is not becoming of a healthy community.

    I personally am sickened when I hear all of what is going on, an especially when I see and experience this poor treatment that we HUMAN beings extend to one another. God has called us to love one another not to hate one another. it is so disheartning to see how quick we are to bring down and discourage instead of incourage and lift up one another.

    I support Ellio fully and will encourage anybody to get to know the man behind the mic and dear not judge him lest ye be judged!

    I trust Almighty God and know that he chooses who he places in positions of Authority, so if Ellio is the man for the Job, I am sure God knows already!

    Cayman open up your eyes and see that your enemy is not Ellio, Kurt or Mac but in fact your enemy is the devil and he is out to get you! Don’t be fooled by all this political blah blah…. Know for your self the truth and let God who is Love and truth guide you in this life


    Be blessed

    Sheila S. Smith


  6. Sheila S. Smith says:

    Boy I tell una, if I na tired of all this back bitting! It makes me sick how we all treat an ridicule eachother. Don’t we understand that God has ULTIMATE control and he choose the authoritarians of our time. Do not Hate another for you don’t not know their purpose in God and how God will use them to affect your life!

    I personally will lift my voice as loud as CNS makes it in support of Mr. Ellio Solomon, he is a passionate person who cares about this country and just because some of you don’t know him, that does not give you the right to judge him by your "hear say" or "guess say", theories. As for the man as the "Talk Show Host", thats how I initially met him and we have been friends ever since, some two years now. He took time to encourgae me and care for me and my family with his words! He made me beleive in my self again after the let downs in my life! He made me realize that I can do anything as long as I trust God and beleive that I could do it with God’s strenght! And Ellio does this rare thing which  is LISTEN! This is the type and style leader that Cayman is thirsty for!

    He is a very blessed a gifted man of God, maybe thats why he is so often riduculed and judged! Don’t worry Ellio, remember they killed Jesus, so this is nothing!

    I want to touch on a few points that should be obvious to the prosicutors, however they are lacking this evidence!

    Ellio Solomon is HUMAN first of all.

    Ellio Solomon was created by God for God’s Glory to be known, ( should  you desire to judge that statement- READ your BIBLE)

    Ellio is a born LEADER.


    From the heart of a disappointed Caymanian, thank you for all that you added to my life! As I often say integrity is not something that we can take a loan out on, but you seem to have more than enough. I wonder if you could disperse some. I have told you already and I will tell you anytime you need to hear it, Hold your head High, smile in your adversaries faces for Your God shall be with you and make you great! Just wait!

    God bless you,


    Sheila S. Smith

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ellio Solomon is an excellent candidate for George Town and the Cayman Islands on a whole. I wish we had ten more like him. He will diffently be the person to vote for in this general election. The PPM must go and new, young, strong person like Mr. Solomon is the person to put in place who is not afraid to address the issues that have remained swept under the carpet for so long. The PPM is bankrupt of ideas and of funds. This Country will only continue to fail under their leadreship. The few PPM supporter left should not be so bull headed, they are not the only persons to eat in this country. So please wake, slap yourself in the face and face reality. PPM is out, this country must move on an the people must smarten up. Do you want to continue with a bunch of week men or do you want someone who is not afraid to move in the right direction for this country and its people. Ellio Solomon is diffently the person to do so.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Only one question I have – what has Ellio done for the people of Cayman since the last election?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ellio is for Caymanians. You got my vote Ellio!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have one Question – What has the PPM done for the Country since the last election?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not surprising that Elio is running with the opposition; he was preparing for that for years.Intellectual dishonesty is displayed when he pretends not to be sure if he will run as an independent or not. The majority of the people may fall for his rhetoric, after all that is what politics is all about.God help expatriates if he is elected.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ellio has displayed his true colors on his talk show and trust me – it’s not good at all. He’s ignorant and often loses his temper with his callers if they do not agree with him. I guess that’s exactly what McKeeva wants!

  11. Twyla Vargas says:


    If God is for you who can be against you.  If it is your time now you will get it, and remember if you have faith in God he will deliver you.  If you do not, then it is not Gods plan as yet.

    Elio remember one thing, your own lice will bite you the hardest.  I have been there.  and to whom ever reading this email I would like to say consider the true reasons why you could not support  Mr Ellio, he is a good man from a very decent family in George Town.  He has done no harm to anyone, or committed and crime, so why not consider him, Give him that chance which I feel he so deserve.

    It is a rough road ahead Mr Solomon, but you have many Caymanians who respect and adore you and your family.  I would suggest that you stick to the people who are for the whole Island, including expats.  Because we have some very good expatriates living in Cayman.  God be with you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just when the election looked over, why would Mac would take an unnecessary risk taking this nationalist demagogue into his party line up?  The only beneficiaries would be the PPM. 

  13. tom mcfield says:

    We now know why McKeeva has been getting so much air time on Elio’s show.

    And  we now know that when Elio talks about transparency, he his one of those "do as I say, not as I do" type of guys.  But I guess that makes him a perfect politician…..

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ellio is good in his talk show position in critiquing the politicians and governmental positions on issues of the day.

    But I almost never hear him present any solutions to move the country forward.

    To make the successful transition from radio to politician he must develop positions on issues and present solutions to the problems of the country.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ellio – hopeless – ignorant, no research, and stiring up hatred.  no way should he be elected.  Just listen to the ignorant rubbish he talks every day and if someone criticises….. well!!!! He hates it and shouts and bullies… what ignorant people could ever think he will do Cayman good?  He woulds be terrible for Cayman

  16. Anonymous says:

    It is not far for us Caymanians to just talk about what mistakes that the PPM team made what about the UDP mistakes.  I think both parties have caused alot of Cayman mistakes so wake up Cayman people and let just mix up the representatives in the MLA and make our representatives more balanced instead of making one party rules the MLA.  Now its time for a change for a better Cayman.  Remember there are alot of Caymanians presently out of jobs and there will be alot more in the months to come, let us all wake up do not give either party any more full power and pick representatives that will be there for the Caymanian people and not just for the money they get in their pockets each month and for their own selfish reasons.  You can always tell who people are for with the way they talk and that is known by how the host of Cayman Cross Talk deals with situations.  I am presently unemployed and will be chosing clearly who I will be voting for in the next election.  I am watching and listening carefully to each party and what they are doing for the Cayman people. Wake up Cayman lets get Cayman back.


  17. noname says:

    Sorry Ellio. But whatever little you may think you would bring to the table, will just be eaten by the Big Mac. Pun intended. Mr. Bush just had too much control over the party. I believe most thinking folks would agree that without the Mac, the others would not get very much votes if any at all. Seems what he says goes. Four years ago maybe. But you have become to ‘preachy’ et al.

    God bless.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe that the Hon. McKeeva Bush and Mr. Solomon will together provide the strong leadership that this Country needs. Suffice it to say that there is no doubt that the Cayman Islands cannot survive another four years of the PPM and desperately need change. Perhaps these critics of Mr. Bush and Mr. Solomon should focus on showing what the PPM has done to reduce the cost of living, provide better opportunities for Caymanian worker. I believe the will find that the PPM has done very little for anyone outside their ‘magic circle’ and reduced the benefit of being a Caymanian to being the simple fact that they do not have to pay for their work permits.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ellio will look out for Caymanians. The PPM promised, but didn’t deliver. Mr. Bush and Mr. Solomon should work together.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ellio is strong and he and McKeeva will make a good team. Unfortunately there are those amongst us that want to make the issues about anything except the failure of the PPM. The PPM had all the numbers and money it needed, but it has failed to deliver. I say give Ellio and McKeeva a turn – they can’t do a worst job than the PPM has done.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Elio has what it takes to effectively lead George Town and I would hope to see him running Cayman some day.

    Character, intellect, tenacity and pure passion for the people of Cayman are a winning combination – these being the least of his attributes.

    I look forward to the bright future ahead for Elio!

    • Anonymous says:

      Elio has what it takes!!….. if you are measuring him with the current style of government back door dealings then YES HE DOES!

      Does the public really have a long and even short term memory loss problem????

      Ellio has spent the last two years and counting systematicaly tearing apart the UDP and PPM and now all of a sudden the UDP is a worthy party to forward his cause as a elected member of government????? PLEASE PEOPLE…….. the fact that he is prepared to change his stance all of a sudden, clearly shows me that he has no more moral fortitude than that of the current elected members of both parties nor the ability to attract others with a fresh new way of thinking to move this island forward and planning for the future!

      I agree that if he ran and was elected as a sole independant candidate that he would not be able to effect change, but lets look at it another way. It has been known for the last three years  that Elio  would be running for office this election. Is Elio telling the public that he could not find some like-minded potential candidates to form some sort of alliance?? or does the fact that he has not joined forces with anyone (independant) tells me that his style/ ideals did not attract any self respecting forward thinking individual?? Personaly I belive the latter but then again thats just me…..

      if you belive nothing else, belive this! THERE WILL BE INDEPENDANT CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR OFFICE AS A TEAM! stay involved in your island people, dont be fooled by flash, digg for the facts and educate yourself!!

      Stay strong. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of what people say about Ellio, I’m sure he would do a betterjob in representing the people of George Town rather than the "Clowns" who are presently there.

    The PPM members in George Town and Bodden Town (other than Mr. Eden) are poor as S_ _ _ _  and are full of absolute incompetence !!!!!!!!

    You go Ellio !!!!!!

  20. MB Ebanks says:

    Interesting that McKeeva says "If Mr Solomon accepts, he will bring to the party the characteristics needed to help guarantee a victory in George Town,” – what charaecteristics does he refer to exactly: Elio runs a very ignorant and thrshy radio talk show on which he openly condones hateful rhetoric from a vocal minority.

    McKeeva further states  “We intend to field a strong slate of individuals who represent the very best mix of experience, innovation and a proven track record in their fields"but Elio’s "track record" is one of using sensationalistic media forums (Caypolitics website, Crosstalk) for his own political aspirations.

    But then again, consider the source.



    • Anonymous says:

      The forums that Mr. Solomon has used to advance the legitimate interest of Caymanians, expose the incompetence of the PPM Government and by extension his own desire to serve in public office has also been used by the PPM, the UDP and others. Mr. Solomon, by the author own admission has been to represent a “vocal minority” and that shows that Mr. Solomon is not afraid to represent the interest of minoritiesn which in this instance happens to be Caymanians.

  21. Twyla Vargas says:


    Mr Elio Solomon I wish I could vote in George Town, because if I could you would have my vote and the vote of all my family which is very big.  However I will support you, because I feel you will do very good for the district of George Town.  Do not let anyone discourage you, remember everyone will will not like you, and most of all remember they crucified Christ, and he was a good man.

    Continue your faith in God and in the people of your district,  I am positive you will do a good job and I think the country want some chxanges now,  I have plenty faith in The Leader of the Opposition, and I also likke the Leader of Government Business, I believe you will do good joining the UDP team.

    I also have the greatest of respect for Mr Tibbets but he has to change some of his party, because they want to run thinmgs, and they are not  transparent.  YOU GO ELLIO.

    You got my support

  22. Anonymous says:

    I agree.  Elio has a following of naysayers that make his radio show absolutely unpalatable.  This is a big mistake. 

    • Anonymous says:

      This author must be one of the small “special interest” groups that have benefited under the PPM. I listen to Mr. Solomon’s show everyday and fine it to be informative and just delightful. It does expose the failures of the PPM – but these are not inventions of Mr. Solomon but are a reality. Mr. Solomon didn’t tell PPM to give CUC $13M after Ivan for failing to insure – he just exposed it.

      • Anonymous says:

        "Mr. Solomon didn’t tell PPM to give CUC $13M after Ivan for failing to insure – he just exposed it".

        It seems Mr. Solomon did not correctly understand the issue. The Govt. did not give anything to CUC for failing to insure. Under its licence CUC was entitled to a permanent rate increase of 9.5% under its licence and instead Govt. allowed a temporary surcharge of 4.7%. We were glad that CUC had the ability to rapidly restore power so that we did not have to pay even more to run our own generators. How quickly we forget.  This was not information but disinformation. If Mr. Solomon does not understand these issues how is he going to lead?     

  23. RS says:

    If the UDP thinks that this will help them, adding a slasher to the group this is a sad mistake.  Elio has a following of disgruntled people of which there’s only a hand ful.  Yes, he raises some issues, but without solutions he will be another ‘Yes’ man for the UDP.

    Elio does nothing but campaign and rip the country apart everyday, don’t take my word for it turn on the radio – he will give you a show!  Do you think we want his mentality making decisions in this country?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Ellio. You have one Georgetown vote here.