Mac hits out at PPM paper

| 02/04/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island headline news, Cayman finance, McKeeva Bush(CNS): The Cayman Islands government is currently in a “salvage operation mode", the premier has stated in his latest attack on the opposition. Responding to the PPM’s position paper submitted to the FCO last week, in which the opposition criticised government over the way it has handled the economic recession, Mckeeva Bush said his government’s actions were all designed to take the country out of the grips of wasteful PPM expenditure. He added that since taking office the UDP administration had to start repairing the damage to the two basic pillars of the economy, finance and tourism, left by the PPM, which had neglected these industries.  

Instead of criticising the government for having to increase fees, which the premier again claimed were working, he said the PPM should have come up with ideas on how the current government could find the money to pay for the capital projects left by their administration.

“What they should have said is what to do regarding finding the money to finish the new schools and the new government administration office building that they started; what to do about the additional $340 million in loans that they left behind; what to do about the significant increase in civil servants that they caused; what to do about getting the financial industry back on track … and what to do about getting the tourism industry back on track,” Bush said in a statement.

The premier’s office released the statement as Bush and other elected officials joined local and invited pastors, as well as members of the public, at a national prayer meeting in front of the court. On several occasions recently the premier has said that he believes these difficult times will pass with the help of God and had called on the nation to come together to pray for that help.

Against that backdrop in his statement, Bush accused the PPM of playing games and politicizing what he said was a most serious national issue when they claimed not to be able to offer credible solution as they did not know the current economic facts. “They cannot expect the public to believe that after four years at the helm they are not in a position to speak based on fact!” he exclaimed.

He said his government had a credible plan to turn things around. “Things are moving in the right direction. It might be slowly, but I will get the country out of this situation,” Bush said, asking the people to be patient as the country would not get out of this mess in a day. “It will take years of hard work but my government is committed to rescuing our beloved Cayman Islands from the perilous state left by the PPM.”

The premier also said he still intended to roll back the fee increases when the economy recovered. In response to the opposition’s criticism of the increased fees, which they said were hurting the economy further, Bush said he had no alternative but to raise additional revenue by increasing various fees rather than by income tax or property tax. “It is obvious from the latest financial information that those measures are starting to work. I have said that when we turn the economy around we will look at reducing fees. We have reiterated this fact many times, including the day we put the fees in place,” he added.

Blaming the opposition for the country’s current ills, Bush said he needed time to develop plans and to bring business to Cayman, which the PPM failed to do. “The PPM know the mess that they made and that’s why the people voted them out,” he added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    it is important that people know who created the problems we have now (ppm), remember, all they could do was spend money and all their solutions now are to borrow more which will cripple cayman for generations to come….

    however the the udp have shown no leadership since taking over and have consistantly flip flopped on every issue and obviously have not got the political fortitutde to do what is right for cayman (e,g. cut the civil service)

    • Anonymous says:

      Well bless my soul wehave so many people out de that have all the answersto the problems, yet we hear naught from dem either in the news media talk show etc.  PPM did a good job of expending money that was not theirs in the face of a well predicted world economic down turn, come on what does that say about their understanding of economics or understanding that if you dont know it you find someone else to guide you?  Pray tell how can four years of dividing the people that live on this island and wild spending spree be tacked on to the present Government.

      We should all be thankful that PPM and their leadership did not get re-elected for as the old saying goes "dog woulda eat ona supper"

      • Anonymous says:

        Dog is eating our supper ya foolie! And that includes your supper too! Guess UDP got you blinded – poor soul…

  2. Anonymous says:

    PPM was only in the Government for 4 years this last go aound and UDP and MacKeeva was in for 25 years.  What has MacKeeva done in 25 years, but blame, blame, XXXXX and run his BIG mouth.  PPM had to correct all of MacKeeva’s and other Governments mistakes, their negligence and the Islands infastructure and MacKeeva has the audacity to blame them for doing something Positive and Good for the Islands.  Just look at that beautiful stadium in which the Carifta games are being held, look at the Boxing Gym, the district stadiums, YES the schools, the Gov’t Admin Building, the roads, the new education curricalum, the redirection and new paint scheme of Cayman Airways, the Constitution, the FOI, the Human Rights that MacKeeva hates so much…ALL this they done in 4 years.  They did much much more, but MacKeeva fails to let it be known.  Yes! took money, but it was spent on infastructure and on Cayman.  Not the Rich man, not the foreign man, not the Casinos, not the status Grants, but positively for the Islands and the people of the Islands. So MacKeeva relax your mouth for once and tell the TRUTH!!!  God knows the TRUTH!!

    • Beachboi says:

      Yes what a XXXXX McKeeva is.  Blame, blame, blame is all he does.  It is a shame that he wastes so much time trying to make us believe that the solution is so difficult rather than actually trying to be proactive and working with the other members of goverment of find solutions to our problems.  Now he has realized that he has no ideas / solutions and he has turned to prayer and God to try to "send" him some ideas / help!!!!  You go Mac!!!  That will work like praying us out of the way of an earthquake.  You think that we see you as a strong steering force when we actually laugh at you!!!   Most of all though we are afraid of you and the power that you have.  Its like giving a grenade to a child and hoping that he does not figure out how to pull the pin.   We would actually have more respect for  you if you had / would accept defeat and step down!  If we cant get rid of you then at least be proactive rather than reactive.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Continue with the blame game and tit for tat political foolishness.  Read about how it has destroyed a country, can and will do the same to these isalnds if we continue along these lines.  I don’t believe this is what our  politicians and citizens want.

  4. Joe Mama says:

    There should be nothing else that need be screwed up for everyone to see very clearly that ALL the recent past Governments are not up to the challenge of leading Cayman into the future. It does not matter who screwed up what anymore.  The fact that things are still being screwed up and nothing screwed up is getting fixed should be the focus if Cayman is ever going to get back on its feet.  Current Government has shown a complete inability to get anything done.  This is the will of the Caymanian people.  The only thing that can help Cayman is the UK stepping in to do the right thing for ALL of Cayman and not just the chosen few.  All of you politicians should hide your heads in the sand and hope everyone just forgets all you have done.  Its that bad!

  5. Anonymous says:


    This man has no clue and Caymanians are sick of hearing it. We have been listening to his political rhetoric for over 20 years, always blaming or criticizing everyone else to make himself look better. This is the unprofessional and very insecure qualities of a man who has lost his way, because he never knew the way in the first place. Sub-consciously he knows he is tottally unqualifed for the job in regards to education, business experience and the simple character/nature of the man. His insecurities in this respect are clearly showing.

    We need educated, qualified, ethical and inspirational leadership,  someone with balls to really lead, and manage the country and especially cleanup the civil service. 

    Remove this waster and lets get this country back on track with new leadership.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Poor CNS, highjacked twice.   

    The first by PPM supporters, spouting their garbage about this govt. When their govt had the chance, the blew it.

    The second by UDP supporters defending their govt.

    Both side not realizing, YOU ARE DOING MORE DAMAGE.

    STOP THE DIVISION, The last I heard Its THE CAYMAN ISLANDS not the PPM islands or UDP islands. When you write your nationatility you don’t put UDP or PPM you put either Caymanian or BOTC. 

    It is not only Mac and Kurt destroying the Cayman Islands. Its also all of you who get on here bashing each other. Creating a division in this country that is begining to run so deep, that it will soon  be irepairable. You all always talk about other countries and their voilence and crime, well in some cases it started just like what is going on here. But it escalated into an all out civil war.


    UNNA ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL IS CAYMANIAN. IF UNNA CARE SO MUCH SHUT TO HELL UP WITH THE POLITICAL DIVIDE. Election is over! cha. All unna need get to rebuilding, no body wants to hear the rhetoric from Mac and his croonies or Kurt and his croonies, cause all two a dem  caused the XXXX, Kurt don’t know how to run a business and love to get in debt and cover it up,  and Mac don’t know when to shut to hell up.

    Come like unna neva hear the sayings "the more you stir sh-t, the stinker it gets" and " if you don’t have anything good to say, keep your mouth shut".

    Now may I suggest, that you all come on here and give some good advice and something constructive, stop with the personality bashing, and tearing each other down, because you all are tearing the rest of us down with you. 

     The rest of us caymanians want to see results, and see the country survive, and make sure that there is something good left for the young people to inherit.

  7. Please says:

    Lord, please grant us a leader with a high school diploma.  And Lord, if that is too much to ask, at least grant us a leader who can pronounce all 26 letters of the alphabet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember, friend, Jesus Himself was a simple carpenter, and look what He accomplished. Winston Churchill himself was no great academic apparently, yet he was the man for the job, as history clearly relates. Paper qualifications are one thing, performance is something else.

      • Anonymous says:

        yes, and what has mackeeva’s performance been like over the last 9 months????….shambolic imo

  8. Anonymous says: just can’t help yourself can you? Those around you may try to ‘control’ you but they don’t stand a chance – you just gotta open that big mouth and spout meaningless XXXX over and over again! Jesus! When are we going to hear the last of you?!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dog will eat your supper Mac if you keep up the blame game. You can’t keep blaming PPM yes they have spent millions on schools and other dumb projects yet you’re now in charge so act like a leader that’s what we asked for. By the way start getting out on the streets of West Bay and talk to your people they are very angry with you and the party system that has put us in this depressive state. I’m a proud West Bayer and trust me when I say we need a positive change urgently and don’t be granting more status to get votes.

    Happy Easter and blessings

    • Anon says:

      "millions on schools and other dumb projects"……. Wow. Say no more. I do hope that you encourage your children/relatives/neighbours to take advantage of the community centres (high schools+adult learning+sports+hurricane shelters) when they are complete. Their futures will be brighter for it.

  10. BORN FREE says:

    The PPM inherited a mess in 2005, that is why the people voted UDP out in a landslide! Do you remember that, Anon 05:15?
    The PPM got on with the job of turning the terrible economy around, & they succeeded! They did not spend the first year blaming the UDP for the mess they put country in. No, they were mature leaders & got on with the job. It’s real sad that we can’t say that about the present bunch of whiners & complainers.
    It is the sign of a loser when a person uses excuses for their failures, & to blame someone else for your failure is even worse. I am now convinced that Mckeeva Bush & his UDP colleagues are complete failures, & they have no solutions for our financial problems. This was never more evident than when they failed to balance their first budget by a long way! Why didn’t they blame the PPM for that also? Oooops, that’s right, they can’t!!
    For their first 3 years the PPM saved us from the bankrupcy that the UDP had run this country into, & they did it WITHOUT constantly blaming the culprits, the UDP. It was only when the world fell into a recession that Cayman started to feel the effects, & the PPM ran into trouble.

    We will never recover if the UDP live in the past & constantly blame the PPM & others. The UDP should just get on with the job, but it is obvious that they are incapable of governing the country in tough times & that is why they always blame the PPM. They are a bunch of failures, & it has become more apparent as time passes & the situation gets more dire. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva you know what is so amazing????!!!! to see you and your cronies out there at Carifta, reaping the benefits of Alden and the PPM’s labour.  You are flourishing in the limelight out there, after Alden set the motion for Carifta.  Well done Alden, Angela Martin, Evelyn Rockett, Delroy Murray, Rayle Roberts, Coaches, including Mr. Jerry Harper and the organization.  UDP you are ther just to look good, but you put nothing into it.  3 cheers to PPM!!!!!! One day you guys will reap what you sow too.  It just hurts me to see the fruit of you labour being enjoyed so much by UDP!!!  Injustice, I call it!!!

    • Live Free.... says:

      I fully agree with you, it was a sad day when the voters let back in UDP, after all the hard work PPM put into these Island. I hope the voters who put them in realized today which Government was working hard for these Islands and which one was not and is not.

      • Anonymous says:

        Could be wrong, but I strongly suspect you to be a PPM supporter. If you are indeed one, and you wish for success in the next general election, then you should seriously consider a change in leadership personnel. There was a reason for the public’s clear rejection of your party, and rather than deluding yourself that the public made an error of judgment – which they are now, apparently, becoming aware of – you should have a higher regard for the general public’s wisdom. Start off by asking yourself "Why did my party lose so convincingly?". At the moment the PPM, at least for me as a non-party supporter, is coming across as a bunch of sore losers, and somewhat bumbling and directionless. Your job is to change that perspective – regardless of whether or not you agree with it – which is frankly irrelevant – and get me to vote PPM next time round. You’ve got your work cut out, I can tell you that.


        • Live Free.... says:

          Yes you are wrong that I’m a supporter of any party, but I know a good Government when I see one, and the PPM was that Government. I would imagine the next election that they might bring some new faces on board with some surprises. And I hope this time you would vote them in and don’t waste your vote on a party that don’t work or have the Cayman People at heart. I always give credit to any Government that does good for Cayman and unfortunately Cayman never had that kind of Government until PPM came in to power in 2005, why do you think Cayman is in the mess it’s in today? Because they had politicians who only cares about themselves, the rich and greedy with the likes of corruption and lack of  accountability without any form of transparency. That style of politics kill Cayman, not PPM, they was trying give Cayman a different style of Governance  in which Caymanians was not familiar with, because they got to use to hand outs and under table deals and PPM was not for that, because they believe everyone should have a fair piece of the pie. I kept close eyes on how PPM ran these Islands and no Government as far back as I could remember, done so much for these Islands, like what PPM has done. I don’t know where you been living,but I think you is so much against them that no matter what they have done, you just couldn’t put yourself in the position to appreciate them, so you voted them out. I guess they never did any under table deals or hand outs for you, typical Caymanian of the past.

        • Anonymous says:

          The PPM’s anti-expat rhetoric lost more votes than it gained.  Are they going to change that?  If not, they have no hope next time either.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please don’t bring politics into CARIFTA, I guess everyone were busy watching the games; but peeping Tom was busy looking at who was there and doing what.  Didn’t you see your former sports minister in the VIP lounge too? What wheel did the PPM put in motion? It was about the end of April or early May 2009 that it was announced that the Cayman Islands would host the 2010 CARIFTA; there was a change of government May 20, 2009.  Now tell me what wheel they put in motion.  It took them four years to look at the Labour Law, the Crimiology study, but oops they organised a polished event like CARFTA in 4 weeks…wake sleepy the other dwarfs are going to leave you!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    In your infinite wisdom, what do you think is a reasonable time to turn an economy around?

    I’m so tired of such ignorant comments. Some economies NEVER turn around. Of course, one would have to have an understanding of economies and other countries to know this.

    Don’t worry, I know I’ll get many thumbs down from PPM’ers. God knows, there won’t be any constructive suggestions. NOT ONE.




    • Anonymous says:

      i’m not asking him to turn the economy around in 9 months…i’m asking for leadership and to strat making tough policy decisions instead of flip flopping on every issue from week to week……

    • sit zen says:

      One suggestion: Sell Boatswains Beach to Mackeeva and his supporters!

    • Anonymous says:

      And I am thoroughly tired of ignorant comments coming from your Premier’s big mouth…..wonder if you could give me a few constructive suggestions that have been made by your Premier, your Government, since they were elected May 20, 2009 – funny, I cannot think of any..not one!

    • Anonymous says:

      Here is a constructive suggestion – McKeewa should resign making way for someone who has a clue.

  13. Anonymous says:

    PPM made mess and UDP made mess!!!  it’s time to stop the blame game and get on with the business of the day.  McKeeva, how can you call for national prayer meeting and turn around and blast other individuals in the same breathe.  The Cayman people did not come out to a prayer meeting to hear you lay blame on other parties but to send up genuine prayer to God for help. All I have to say is God is not the author of confusion and God don’t like ugly, McKeeva and you will reap what you sow!!  As a matter of fact, we will all reap what we sow in the end!!

    Heavenly Father, have mercy upon us!!

    • Excuses says:

      "Mac hits out at PPM." What’s new? That is all he has done since May 2009! Could the UDP cry-babies please name just one thing of importance that Mac has done sine May 2009, except "hit out at the PPM." Excuses, excuses, this is the government of excuses & travelling, they have used both in excess.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The blame game should stop and the reconstruction must begin.  Just look around the entire world is experiencing financial difficulties, some worst than other.

    The USA and the world for that matter would be in a bigger mess if Obama would do nothing more that blame W. George Bush for the mess, but no he choose to address the problems and find practical solutions.

    People get over the past and look to the future, do something to fix the problem. Mr. Premier and Leader of the Opposition stop the blame game and work to solve the problems together. 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Oh …what tangle web we weave only to decieve.  Our country has no interest  of  playing  the  "BLAME GAME" let’s get over it!!! and put the country in it’s present perspective of a balance budget,  finding solutions  to crime, Immjigration  finger printing, work permits and I could go on and on.

    In the last 9 months how much money did we raise from the "Blame Game"? nothing to help  the economy, so let’s stop playing , and consider the scar that is placed on our  country  all these webs are tangled over and over.. Mac you talk about  ‘ROADBLOCKS" OR "BLOGGS" . don’t you know you’re only now creating more "Roadblocks" and "Bloggs" for the two parties.  



  16. Joe Mama says:

    Trying to make yourselfe look good by makeing someone else look bad doesn’t work for most people Mac.  People will rememeber you for what you have done and not done for thier country.  So far You you do not look good at all.  Give it up! Shut it up! Do something that helps Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      It appears to have worked for Alden if the following post is anything to go by!

  17. Anonymous says:

    When is 9 – 10 months enough time for any country’s political leader (without turning into a bona fide dictatorship) to get any country out of the fiscal mess the country was and still is in?  Do you see any other country in the world who has entirely come out of this world wide economic slump? 

    Whether you agree with the UDP’s policies or not (and I don’t agree with all of them) I at least applaud them for trying.  Can you provide any constructive policies the PPM tabled to turn the country around or at least be preemptive knowing what whas happenning to the US marktets in the Fall of 2008?  The PPM were still in office during the same economic slump. 

  18. Anonymous says:

     Alden for Premier!

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re joking, right? If not, please consider the Oxford dictionary definition for the term megalomania : insanity of self-exaltation, passion for big things.

  19. Anonymous turtle meat says:

    increase civil service.  mr bush since you are blaiming the ppm for the size of the civil service, why is it that you will not down size the service. i notice that you do not have any thing good to tell the people, so you have to continue to blame the ppm. i think that it is time you and your cronies get to work and stop the plame game..the country is broke but you could find millions to travel the world with your friends,to get business to come here   now tell me who would want to come and invest thier money here if the country is broke.  i hope that you see what is happening in the country,after you gave away all those status grant. crime out of control, non caymanians going the social services for help on a weekly and monthly basis.  some of these people have not contribute to this country in any way shape or form.  when will you accept (mr bush) that you have done more harm than good to this country and resign  

  20. Anonymous says:

    Um. I think that letter should have been addressed to both Kurt and Mckeeva.

  21. Sick of IT says:

    I am truly sick and tired of all this "baloney" coming from this man!

    He tells the world Cayman is broke knowing that is not a fact, but does it so when he reveals to the Cayman people and the world that Cayman is not broke he will take all the credit for this miracle.

    He tells the Civil Service that he has to cut their pay and now tells them that, as the great saviour, he has found $50 odd million from this broke Country so will be able not to cut Civil Servants pay – another McKeeva miracle!

    For over 20 years this has been this mans MO and we keep falling for his foolishness!

    Again he is putting blame on PPM instead of getting on with what he is suppose to be doing, but being away so often it is no wonder he is getting nothing done and has to find a "scapegoat" and as usual he blames PPM.

    I and Cayman are Sick of it now and we need a change NOW!

  22. Anonymous says:

    yet again more talk and no action…… and asking for patience….you have had 9-10 months already!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      What a remarkable sentiment. This is what political party affiliation does to a person. Friend, burn your (PPM, by any chance?) membership card and undertake some serious study of world history, in particular how economies behave, and over what period of time they can reasonably be expected to be improved given any particular economic scenario. I can guarantee you’ll be surprised.

  23. Anonymous says:

    "The premier also said he still intended to roll back the fee increases when the economy recovered. In response to the opposition’s criticism of the increased fees which they said were hurting the economy further Bush said he had no alternative but to raise additional revenue by increasing various fees rather than by income tax or property tax. “It is obvious from the latest financial information that those measures are starting to work. I have said that when we turn the economy around we will look at reducing fees. We have reiterated this fact many times, including the day we put the fees in place,” he added".

    I was wondering when Mr. Bush would begin to parrot Mr. Travers’ advice that the fees were only temporary. I am afraid that it is not obvious from the latest financial information that this is working. In fact if new company registrations are down almost 40% then this might suggest the opposite. In any event it is too early to tell what the full impact has been. Did none of the govt’s economic advisers understand the price elasticity of demand?. It also does not mean that the business will return after fees are decreased. The clients may have settled into a new jurisdiction. 

    Mr. Bush’s standard response to any criticism is to say that he is forced to do whatever he has done to save the country from the mess the PPM left in it in. This he feels should effectively silence the Opposition. At this point I am concerned that Mr. Bush has created a greater mess than anything his govt. inherited.     

    • Anonymous says:

      It was always understood that the increase in fees to financial services were for a short term fix and from the Premier’s comments, it looks like this has worked to some degree.  These fee increases must be viewed as temporary due to the simple economics of supply and demand – you start charging more for a product and less is demanded.  The fee increase is not sustainable and this has been made clear several times, including at the inception of the increase and again in the Miller Report.  Our competitor jurisdictions are agressively looking at the ways to take business from us and for now, we have the benefit of our solid service provision and local talent, infrastructure and a user-friendly product to carry us through.  

      I am not sure where you get the 40% decrease figures from?  I went looking for some of the latest data and found this article, which summarises the various sectors of the financial services industry  It appears from this article, that despite rough times, the Cayman financial services product is holding its own – for now.

      Essentially, the fees were increased to bail us out of a crisis situation where the CIG could not meet its payroll.  The real problem of an over-extended civil service has been identified and immediate steps still need to be taken to rectify this problem.  The fee increases on the highly mobile financial services industry will not be tolerated for long and it is fool-hardy to think that we can wait until next year to make the civil service reductions on the backs of the loyal users of Cayman’s financial products.  I am delighted to see that the Premier recognises the fact that the fee situation is temporary, but am disappointed at the desicision to not implement the policy changes (i.e. the CS salary cuts) that are required to bring the economy back in line.


  24. Wake me when it's over says:

    Yes it’s true,  PPM were voted out of office.  But what is also true is UDP then won by default.

    Now we have come to expect, that with only two parties, one or the other is going to win, and form the government.  We got that part. 

    The part we don’t get is why are we told at the last minute… how bad things are.   Because it starts to look like tag team wrestling, or trading places for four years.

    No one asked us but instead of a song and dance here’s what we need:

    1.  Accountability.  I know it’s worn-out term and used too often.  But that is really at the basis of what voters want.  They want someone to come clean, state the facts, and keep up to date accounts and make them available.  Neither party UDP nor PPM has done that.  Why?

    2.  Stop blaming each other.  It means absolutely nothing to us.  It’s tiring, boring, and if neither party realizes it by now, childish.  And a not-too-hidden way of saying help us.  We’d love to help.  But first you have to take responsibility and make decisions.  And stay with them.  That’s what you’re paid for.  That’s why you’re there.

    3.  No more rhetoric.  From either party. Save that for election time. Write it down if you have to so you’ll remember.  We want results, a show of progress, and included in that numbers to back it up.

    4.  Within reason do what it takes to bring the economy back, manage it and improve this country’s situation.  Don’t do that by pussy-footing around, not making required decisions, and folding to special interest groups.  This is not a popularity contest. 

    Again save that for the election and hopefully then, if we get the proper news, and theright numbers, you’ll be able to continue with your plans that are designed to help us.

    We pray that you’ve heard this.

    But if you can’t deliver don’t waste our time.

  25. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     I know Mr. Bush is tired of hearing my comments as well as other "bloggers". But we are also tired of the same old rhetoric and the PPM bashing. The country is in big trouble and time to shelve politricking. What "credible plan" ? Where are the results, the unemployment, rampant crime, maybe the tourism arrival stats, companys relocating and outsourcing departments off island due to lablor costs and permits costs or maybe the Civil Service in charge of reducing their own costs, number of employees, and benefits. We are in this situation after 20 years of mistakes, not just 4 years of one parties term. I am a broken record but so is the "other side". Action, results, published figures, balanced accounts that is when we will believe that we are recovering. 

  26. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush has been the premier for TEN months & all he is capable of doing is blaming the PPM. He is STILL blaming the PPM. This is proof positive that McKeeva Bush has no idea what to do, & has no solutions to our problems. He is facing the same issues that the PPM had, that being a world-wide recession, but all he can do is continue to blame the PPM, AFTER TEN MONTHS AS THE GOVERNMENT! He is lost!
    Mr. Bush is desperately trying to make the people forget that he put the country into the mess we are now in, & thank God the PPM were able to get us out of trouble UNTIL the recession hit! He wasted millions on Boatswain Beach (XXXXXX), wasted money on the Royal Watler port, buying into an insurance company (for millions), millions to friends for ‘consulting.’ overspending our money on family land, & much, much more, &all this was between 2001 & 2005! The PPM had to find over 10 million every year to keep Boatswain Beach open, because of McKeeva Bush’s stupidity.
    I haven’t even started to talk about all the millions he & the UDP have thrown away since May 2009! But for Bush to claim that "he needed time to develop plans and to bring business to Cayman which the PPM failed to do" is LAUGHABLE! He spent every waking hour telling the world that Cayman is bankrupt, then spent our millions travelling the world "to tempt business to Cayman." This has been a complete failure & a waste of money, because no business person in their right mind would ever think of investing in a bankrupt country (& who was it that told the world that Cayman was bankrupt?). That is ignorance at it’s best! What he actually did was to tell the world to STAY AWAY from Cayman (because we are bankrupt), & then travel the world in an attempt to ask them to invest in Cayman! Does that make sense?
    At least we saw where the money spent by the PPM went, but he has spent MILLIONS & we cannot see anything for it!
    What a very clever premier we have! Instead of STILL blaming the PPM he should resign because of the mess HE has put Cayman in.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I could not agree with you more.  When you talk about hitting the nail on the head.  Your aim is direct and I can only say Kudos to you for your speaking out.  I have wondered how the Premier is always shouting about "Bankrupt Cayman" and he still travels all over the world for every petty excuse he can think of.  I was off the island for some time during the Winter Olympics in Canada.  I almost fell out of my chair when I saw a picture of our premier in Canada attending the Winter Olympics.  If Cayman needed to show  support, why not the minister of sports and a contingent from the Sports Office.  The Premier has not spent enough time on the island to make his 8′ wall work for him.  Maybe he should step down now before he completely ruins the Cayman Islands.  If he thinks the companies who downsized and moved on to further jurisdictions are going to return, he is a lot more mistaken than he appears to be.  They are gone, GONE!!!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Primier I thought by now you would had gotten pass the blame PPM game. One thing you fail to mention all this time is that PPM was the only party who saw it fit to concentrate on the Infastructure and because they did that, they are being blamed for everything.  Even the world recession. After 25 years in the house ask yourself, what have I done to help the Cayman people? What have I done to improve the infastructure? When was it that I put my people first over the foreign money man? Why did I cause crime to escalate, by issuing status grants to thousand of insolvant foreign people? and now you are also proposing to cut the Caymanian out of fronting for foreign investors.  So McKeeva, how is it you have the audacity to blame PPM for doing things that would benefit the Cayman people.  Why is it you are not taking blame for MOST of this financial mess?  You may fool some of your West Bayers, but YOU cannot fool ALL of the Cayman people.  You need to try for starters to start thinking and doing things for your BORN Cayman people. look around you, look at the crime being committed, I don’t see too many Ebanks’s and Bodden’s committing them, I see the NEW Caymanians committing them and yes they are the Caymanians in Northward, as per the statistics. Before you throw that PPM supporter rhetoric out there, let me tell you this, I am a West Bayer and I voted in West Bay and remember West Bay had no PPM representatives there.  I am a wise West Bayer, who NEVER got any hand out from you and your party.

    • Anonymous says:

      And I wonder how many of his supporters receives assistance from Social Services? Poor Mike.  So much for him trying to stop the abuse of Social Services.  I’d like to adapt the little proverb – "Give a man a fish & he’ll eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish & he’ll eat forever;" to "Put a man on welfare and you’ll have his vote forever, but teach a man on welfare to work and you’ll lose his vote forever." And if you teach him to fish, he’ll raid the marine parks forever.What a thing!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr Kurt,

    I am sorry to say that your failed policies are not the way forward for Cayman. It is time for you to step aside. There are two huge (no pun intended) indicators for my decision.

    1. The culture of the future is a healthy, fit people. I do not see you promoting this.

    2. You ran a business into the ground that you were responsible for. (Hampsteads)

    Sir, please step aside because you are a dinosaur of the past.


    • Anonymous says:

      Um…. I think you mean to write a letter to McKeeva…

      • Anonymous says:

        God this has become a PPM propaganda site. Can anyone tell me what the PPM did for the country? And don’t tell me freedom of information, because that doesn’t exist to any great extent.  

        • Anonymous says:

           This is why civics should be part of the curriculum.

          • Anonymous says:

            Or an understanding that it was a humourous reference to the recent song. Some people, right?

        • Anonymous says:


          Infrastructure – The major  "BY-PASS" project  from West Bay to George Town which  could never get off the ground or on the ground. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, it very much appears to have become judging by the avalanche of negative responses to anything remotely non-PPM flag waving. It’s becoming laughably predictable. Must be quite exhausting being a rabid Kurt/Alden supporter, which is why I am thankful I don’t support any party, but rather look for evidence of competency, and then vote accordingly. Hope I don’t cause any frothing-at-the-mouth PPM supporter, perhaps your good self, to suffer an apoplectic fit by saying that, in my opinion, competency seems to have been very much absent from your party’s performance last time in office. Lots of self-promotion, lots (and lots) of borrowing and spending, lots of hilariously-biased (and at times quite surreal) Caymanian Compass editorial support, yes. But competency and sound fiscal management? Nope.That probably accounts for your party being removed by an overwhelming majority of voters, including myself. Truth is, your party’s leadership is, in my opinion, not credible enough to regain the public’s trust, so I would suggest retiring your key players as a first step towards reinventing yourself, and, at some point in time, presenting yourself as a viable government. I might even vote for you. By the way, I didn’t vote for a single UDP candidate last election. Okay, now you see that little thumbs down sign? Yes, now click on it like a good little PPM supporter. Good job!  

          • Anonymous says:

            Overwhelming majority? Not really… Come off the high horse already. The UDP, by a rational count, has nowhere near what can truly be considered a clear mandate. Rather, there was a showing of slight preference, which most likely eroded away about 3 months following the elections.

            • Anonymous says:

              So you actually anticipate the return of the PPM under the present leadership next election? How optimistic.(Problem with horses is that you can fall off them, which is why I’m not, unlike yourself, presumably, a party person ; politically speaking. Some horse do need retiring, though!)

            • Anonymous says:

              Slight preference? Maybe I exaggerated. Let’s do a head count. The voting public elected 9 UDP candidates, 5 PPM candidates, and 1 Independent (Ezzard). Seems a bit more than "slight" to me. And if having almost double the number of candidates elected doesn’t constitute a mandate for a particular party to govern, well then really I don’t know what would. Time to face facts, friend. Party supporters don’t elect governments, floating voters do. It’s the same the world over. And we’re not delusional. 

          • Anonymous says:

            Well at least one of you followed the instructions.

      • Anonymous says:

        besides telling me to write the letter to Kurt or McKeeva,


    • Anonymous says:



      15:29That is a very rude comment. I am neither a PPM nor a UDP but my parents taught me to respect every human being.for those of you printing your name to all these nasty comments especially Mr. Kurt Tibbitts as the one above.

      Mr. Tibbitts is not elected presently. But how do you know when the guards change he is not standing at the door with his sharpened sword of authority at his side waiting for you to pass by?

      You people need to use wisdom and tone down your stupid comments that make no sense. Some of them are just plain disrespectful with no substance at all.  Mr. Kurt Tibitts is still elected to represent George Town even though he’s not the Leading or Winning Party and is not a cabinet member, something could happen tomorrow, and Kurt could very well be your Premier. Check the voting history if you doubt me.So watch your words, politicians carry grudges, they are not the Lord and they will sabotage you thru the civil service. they do it all the time.They are some nasty vindictive S** of a b*****s.The civil servants have all their secrets for all the dirt they have done to citizens.

      Take care of yourself because while you are being victimized by these powerful people they are pulling in thousands of dollars annually.

      Mr. Tibbitts is still powerful even though he’s not the premier at this time.

      so don’t fool yourself.

      Also Mr.. Bush was a very powerful back bencher too so where did you get the idea that because parties change these people are still not influencing your employers, CUC, the Utility companies, the water company, your bank loan, your school principal your child school grades, the telephone company, they tap your phone and purchase your phone records, they hire hackers into your computer to see who and what you are sending out and where. They consult daily with the so called retired policemen who call themselves detectives and bill collectors with ties to the courts office, suddenly you get a Writ of Sumnons to go to court for a bill that is 30 years old!   And you know who tells the the Bailiff where you are working to come there and embarass you with the Writ of summons to pay your bill?

      Your own family members and in-laws that hate you. Your best friends are who tells the court’s office and these bill collectors where you work, where you workout and every move you make. When you start work andwhat time you leave!

      Learn from those with much experience, I know what I am talking about.

      Caymanians do not look out for one another, they want you to use up your own energy defending them but when you need them they are no where around.

      I have told you too much.

      Stop sacrificing yourself to join the fools in this forum who have diarrhea at

      the mouth.


      I am a Proud Independent