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Taylor denies AG decision was due to controversy

Taylor denies AG decision was due to controversy

| 17/04/2010 | 34 Comments

(CNS): As was expected, the governor has denied that Dan Duguay’s contract was not renewed because of his openness with the media and his controversial reports. Duncan Taylor has said that he chose the new auditor general based on his interview and it had nothing to do with the current incumbent Dan Duguay’s frankness. He denied that the premier had any influence over the decision as Taylor said he had not consulted the premier, though he admitted that he was aware of the comments McKeeva Bush had made about Duguay in the media.

 “When I first arrived here Isaid that a good auditor would produce some irritation for people,” the governor told Cayman 27 on Friday. “An Auditor General has a very important role to play in holding government departments and government organisations to account but also a role to help them develop and do their jobs more effectively. The fact that some of those reports were controversial did not come into the equation when we were considering who to appoint. I would be quite surprised if the new auditor general, once he has settled down and is doing his own reports, if they don’t turn out to be controversial as well.”
The governor said one candidate of the final four, whose identity will be revealed soon, was the strongest of the short-listed candidates, but the quality of Duguay’s reports were the reason why he made it to the final four. The governor said that the person who has been selected has twenty years experience of government audit and that people will see when he comes that he is a very good choice. He added that Duguay had done a very good job

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