Brackers to get new roads after 30 years

| 23/04/2010

(CNS):  It is three decades since the fifty miles of road in Cayman Brac were last resurfaced so the arrival of the government’s new asphalt plant is likely to be welcomed by local drivers. After thirty years of use the roads on both the Sister Islands are in need of some serious attention. Once additional preparatory works are complete and the components assembled and tested, the plant should become operational by late May government officials said.


The plant arrived in Cayman Brac last week as a special shipment. Major components of the Terex Magnum 80 drum-mix asphalt plant were one unit containing the control cabin and raw materials, and another housing the asphalt, fuel tank and heater. Once operational, the facility will be capable of producing 80 tons of hot-mix asphalt per hour.
Partnering the Brac’s Public Works Department on this project is the National Roads Authority which will supply key personnel and special heavy equipment from Grand Cayman. That equipment will include an asphalt paver, three dump trucks, two rollers and laboratory equipment. Colford Scott has been allocated overall project responsibility. 
The Brac has just 50 miles of roadways, including main thoroughfares on the north and south coasts, cross-island bypasses, as well as secondary roads.
Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said she welcomed the arrival of the plant which will be critical to both refurbish and create additional roads. “It will also facilitate the continued development of property on the Bluff, and benefit the islands as a whole,” she said.
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