Chevron charged Brac duty

| 22/07/2010

(CNS): Despite the fact that government waived the fuel duty increase on Cayman Brac, local gas station owners have revealed that the islands’ retail fuel stations have been charged the extra 25 cents per gallon by the bulk fuel supplier. Nathanial Tibbetts, the owner of the Texaco station in Watering Place, told CNS that Chevron informed the retailers by email earlier this week that the fuel was increasing by 25 cents and then charged the stations on delivery yesterday. As a result, Tibbetts said, he had no choice but to pass on the charge as he has not yet been given any officialconfirmation that he will be refunded. Lenaris Ebanks, the part owner of the West End Texaco station, concurred and said he was happy to show customers his invoice from the wholesaler as proof.

Tibbetts explained that he only learned from government earlier today that Chevron charged the duty in error and that the Brac was exempt, but he has not yet been given any written assurance that he will be reimbursed. Ebanks also said the same thing — that he had been told by Chevron that the firm wanted government clarification before offering any reimbursements to the retailers.
The gas station managers both said that until they could be certain that the wholesaler would give back the 25 cents extra on the gallon they had been charged for their latest deliveries they will have to maintain the price increase.
“This is a chicken and egg situation. Until I know that I will get my money back I can’t risk reducing the price in case I don’t,” Tibbetts stated. “This is really unfortunate but I don’t have much of a choice. Chevron should not have charged us the increased price.”
Ebanks also said that the retailers, who make a very small profit on the fuel on the Brac, said they are constantly putting up with the licks because of what Chevron, the wholesaler for Texaco, does.
“We are stuck with this until they confirm what is happening. No one has reassured us we are getting our money back. I have no idea how we can reimburse people who have already filled up at the higher price,” he said. “This is not the retailers doing and I am happy to show anyone who asks the invoice I had to pay for yesterday’s delivery and the e-mail from Chevron saying the fuel was going up by 25 cents.”
Despite the fact that when government changed the customs tariff in the Legislative Assembly earlier this month and exempted Cayman Brac, the fuel supplier still added on the duty increase on the delivery to the Sister Island, causing considerable concern from Brac drivers who believed they were exempt.
Tibbetts revealed that he also received a call from the petroleum inspectorate today asking him to remove the 25 cents extra, but the gas station manager had to point out he had been charged by Chevron and the inspectorate needed to contact the wholesalers who had made the error.
Government issued a clarification earlier today (22 July) following reports that fuel had increased on the Brac by 25 cents on the gallon at both stations. The minister of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture said this morning the island was exempt from the duty as fuel prices on the Brac were already considerably higher than on Grand Cayman.  
“Increasing the cost of fuel further by adding the latest fuel duty will have a negative economic impact on the island without raising significant revenue,” Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said in regard to the waiver in her constituency.
CNS has contacted the fuel depot on Cayman Brac and the Chevron offices but has not been able to speak with management at any of the relevant offices to find out howthe retailers will be refunded.
The 25 cent per gallon duty increase was imposed on fuel sold in Grand Cayman and Little Cayman from 1 July, which resulted in price increases at pumps there around a week later.
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    • Anonymous says:

      You Brackers going to have to pay your fair share too for the hurricane hilton

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok lets please stop the Brac bashing please!  If we were paying the same price for fuel as Grand Cayman and the Government was getting the tax on each gallon it would be no issue, im sure.  The problem is that the wrong people are getting the profit, at the consumers expense, is that so wrong to dispute?  Why should fuel on the Brac be more expensive anyway i ask?  The ships that deliver the fuel don’t fill up in Grand Cayman and then deliver to the Brac, right?  They come to the islands loaded to deliver.  The excuse that prices of foods etc on the Brac are atleast 20% higher than in Grand Cayman is because of the "extra leg" of shipping between Grand and the Brac, but thats really not a good excuse for these outrageous prices.  Lets face it, Living on the Brac is really hard at the low wages we make for the jobs available over here, so please have consideration when we try to fight for lower prices. Our Electric bills, food, fuel, mostly everything are higher and wages lower in this slowly dying island. Pray for us.

  2. A concerned visitor says:

    A burglar is shot and killed in grand cayman and the brackers are fighting to bring down their cost of living. People of cayman please sort out your own issues before you start bashing the residents of your sister island,

  3. Anonymous says:

    A certain UDP MLA has a close relative working for Chevron…..


  4. Concerned Native Caymanian says:

    Is the Office of thePetroleum Inspectorate a commission that is suppose to regulate fuel prices? Horse manure! If that office was functioning like it was origanilly setup to mistakes such as this could never happen.

    You want to know what that office does on any shipment of fuel FOI request a copy of the latest delivery of fuel bill of ladden. What they will tell the requestor is that they dont have it.

    My question is if the OPI cannot see or obtain a copy of the BOL how will they determine if what Chevron and Exxon is in line with their charges??????????????????????

    I along with many other concerned citizens wants this office to play a more important role in PRICE FIXING by those oi gaints. Colussion Mr Inspector!!!!!! 

  5. Smarter says:

    This is what happens when fools rule!  Face it already.  Nothing is done right in Grand Cayman.   Everything will be done as well as a fool can do it.  Face the facts.   Watch as Cayman falls for obvious (To the smart ones) reasons.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can I make a suggestion here Brackers? Why not contact your MLA representative, and sought this out. For all you know the Deputy Premier is not aware of all that’s taking place on the Brac as she is very busy trying to give you people good roads, (did you see her on the bulldozer working doing manual labor?) and a fabulous hurricane shelter. I think you guys expect too much. Cool it and give her sometime to sort things out. After all what is 25 cents compared to 9 million dollars, ya all soon get jobs, and plenty money to circulate up there. We in Grand may have to move there too.

    • Cayman Bracker says:

      Dear friend,

      We have so much to be thankful for.  The difference between Grand and Brac is that we standup for what we are promised.  I do agree, Brackers can get "pissed and complain" about so much mondane and trivial things such as the minor increase in fuel.  This is especially noticed when we are promised a new hurricane shelter and are being paved new roads.  Having this said, you should however choose your words carefully when calling on someone else’s style, as in life many times your words may come revealed as prophetic in writing your own fate in having to move to the Brac.  This could make your stay unpleasant in your own mind-if you have a conscience.

      Stay cool buddy.  We are all in this together. 


  7. Anonymous says:

    This is the same crap that Cable and Wireless used to pull back in the day they had a monopoly on telephone service. Monopolies seldom accrue to the benefit of anyone but the greedy holder of said monopoly.

    I think this should be a call for the Premiere to repeal the monopoly status that Texaco enjoys on Cayman Brac in regard to the Brac’s gasoline and diesel supply.

    Brac consumers: Make the Brac gas stations give you receipts on your purchases of gas and if the stations get a duty rebate then make them refund your money!

  8. To the Eastward says:

    Here we go with the Brac bashing again. Look, it’s the way it is and that’s that. Deal with it and shut up!!!

  9. Joe Bananas says:

    Why is it people of Cayman are still surprised when they get screwed by a screwed up Government?  Just get used to it already.  Its your system.  Its your choices.  Its your burden. Things will only change when the banana republic type attitude of the leadership AND the people change.  NOT soon come.  If you are one of the many on the Governments welfare payroll your are one of the smart ones.  If your are not then you are one of the many who work to pay for it.

  10. big bout ya says:

    All hands on deck yes get the fuel line going and pumping pay no mind to our deputy premier who is building a grand Hurricane Hilton shelter for 9 million this would indicate the we have lots of money to absorbed this 25cents they have put on fuel. Our ministers really need to get some professional medical help for the mental lapses they are suffering from.

  11. 911 HELP says:

    WHY  (Cayman Brac) exempt and (Little Cayman) not ????????????????Hello any body out there can answer this for us.!!!!!! I am waiting……

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess it’s something to do with the difference between Cayman Brac and Little Cayman in terms of native population and the amount of miles typical Little Cayman residents drive, which can’t be much! They are markedly different places after all. The government is trying to stimulate the Brac’s economy and persuade people to stay and drive development – the same cannot, thank goodness, be said for Little Cayman, which is a little jewel of a place, and who wants to see it develop much beyond what it is now? I certainly don’t!

    • Anonymous says:

      Because the Brac is basically 100% Government subsidised. Virtually everyone ‘works’ for government in made-up jobs. If they are spoon-fed everything else why not give them a break on the fuel duty too?

  12. Anonymous says:

    It still catches the back of my throat that whilst all of us here in grand cayman struggle to make ends meet with our increasing tax burdens, the XXXXX brac get a free ride again.

    Why are we subsidising their gas prices and why are we buying them a super shelter when we have to make do with filthy overcrowded school basements

    • Free Rider ntad says:

      I would appreciate it if you would open your eyes and shut your mouth for just a minute.

      Look at the prices of groceries in Cayman Brac compared to the prices in Grand Cayman. Incredibly high! Don’t you think that "catches in the back of the throats" of Brackers?

      I could list others but let’s just look at our favourite…the price of gas!

      Brackers have always been paying more for a gallon on gas than anyone on Grand Cayman. This exemption for Cayman Brac would finally put the price per gallon of gasoline on a level playing field for the two islands. Actually, the gas on The Brac is should be 6 cents cheaper than at the pumps in Grand Cayman (some may vary) – $4.62 Brac and $4.68 Grand. This would be the first time that I would have ever seen such a thing!

      However, somewhere along the chain of command, this "exemption" message got lost and now Brackers are paying $4.87 a gallon! Wow such a low price! Still think Brackers always get "free rides"? Well if you do, I invite you to live in Cayman Brac and partake in their "free rides". Life should be easy for you then since Brackers get everything handed to them so freely. I have never heard of more ignorance.

      Do you not think that Brackers "struggle to make ends meet" also? How selfish of you to think otherwise! Someone making the same salary as you may live in Cayman Brac, and sure you may have your fair share of expenses and "struggle", but imagine living on the Brac where the prices for EVERYTHING is more than in Grand Cayman. Still want to come for a "free ride"? Just let me know!

      Oh my friend, looks like my lunch break is up and it’s time I enjoy my "free ride" back to my office.

      By the way, I know you’ve been speculating, but let me just confirm and say, Yes, I am a "Bracka"! Deal with it!

      • A Guy says:

        That’s a bit like saying, look at the prices of groceries in Grand Cayman compared to the USA. Prices vary from place to place depending on how much it costs to get items onto the shelves. Would you like the shipping companies to deliver your groceries for free?

        Actually, don’t answer that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You know it is very expensive to live on the Brac and to all of you that keep knocking what you all in Grand do for the Brac if you think we all just get away with everything here why dont you just pack up and come live here and help us with our expenses by spending in our community and doing nothing as that is what you think we all do. What are you all suggesting that we should all just pack up and move to Grand Cayman and just shut the Brac down – Neva happen you soljas.

    • Anonymous says:

      If people cant make ends meet in Grand Cayman how would they make ends meet in the Brac where everything is more expensive.

      Is;nt the cost of living on the Brac a disincentive for anyone who would want to move there.

  14. Alan Nivia says:

    Wow!  At 25c a gallon, if they did consider themselves worthy of paying taxes like the rest of us, it would only be 36 million gallons until the shelter is paid for.  So only 10,000 gallons for each man woman and child on the Brac.

    Or, we could stop the fuel charge and forget about Hotel Juliana?

    • Anon says:

      Why are you so ignorant and stupid!? You are holding all Cayman Brackers guilty and responsible for a decision that the Government makes. Do you think we can make Juliana build a 9 million dollar hurricane shelter?? That’s their decision. Stop holding each and every individual Cayman Bracker responsible for the Government’s actions. My God you people on Grand Cayman really have some serious hate towards the people of Cayman Brac. It’s so pathetic, disheartening and disgusting. You all seriously need to stop and think before you speak. Because you make yourselves sound so ridiculous when you open your stupid mouths and say such hateful mean things!

      • Alan Nivia says:

        "You are holding all Cayman Brackers guilty and responsible for a decision that the Government makes. Do you think we can make Juliana build a 9 million dollar hurricane shelter?? " 

        Who voted in Juliana?  Oh yes, Brackers.  Take responsibility for once for your mistakes.

        • Bracker says:

           Oh no… You all in Grand Cayman vote in her party and that how she in charge… And if you didn’t realize, smarty, Mr. Moses Kirkonnel won the election for the Sister Islands.

        • Sollie A Concerned Caymanian Seaman says:

          Hi BRACKERS! Ask your Deputy Premier to rebuild the port!

      • Bluff Rat says:

        Well said!!! Unfortunately, some of them don’t even have the common sense to even comprehend what you just wrote.

  15. A Guy says:

    I don’t understand why the Brac is exempt from this. Is Little Cayman exempt from it?

    • Night Flyer. says:

      21.57   22.7.10

      I dont understand why the Brac was exempted in the first place can anyone enlighten me?


  16. Anonymous says:

    Did you really believe the Premier?

    Like Seriously?

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is a really bad decision on the part of the Brac gas stations.  They will get the $.25 back, but will never give the consumers back the $.25.  Gas stations gain, consumers lose.

    • durrrr says:

      it’s pretty much impossible for the gas stations to give refunds, because hardly anyone gets, let alone keeps, gas receipts. the fairest solution would probably to work out how many gallons they sold at the inflated price, and then to sell the same number of gallons at 25 cents off their regular prices. either that or make a donation to charity (or the Government) for whatever profits were wrongly made

    • Alan Roffey says:

      It’s not fair to blame the gas station Owners for the mistake made by the wholesaler.

      Let’s hope the the Government collects that windfall revenue.

      If it does, then the effect will be that Government subsidies to Cayman Brac will have been slightly less for a short period of time.

      As the Deputy Premier has pointed out, the increased Duty was not going to raise much revenue from Brackers anyway, so it must be equally true that this mistake has hardly cost them anything either.