Brac fuel price increases despite duty waiver

| 22/07/2010

(CNS): Following reports that fuel has been increased by 25 cents on Cayman Brac, government has issued a statement confirming that the new duty increase does not apply to fuel sold on that island. CNS has contacted both Texaco Gas stations on Cayman Bra as well as the bulk fuel depot but has not been able to speak with management at any of the relevant offices. Calls have also been placed to the Chevron offices in Grand Cayman to find out where in the chain the fuel has been increased and why but so far there has been no response. The Minister of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture said the island was exempt from the latest duty increase of 25 cents per gallon as fuel prices there were already considerably higher than on Grand Cayman.  

 “Increasing the cost of fuel further by adding the latest fuel duty will have a negative economic impact on the island without raising significant revenue,” Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said in regard to the waiver in her constituency.
The duty was imposed on fuel sold in Grand Cayman and Little Cayman from 1 July which resulted in price increases at pumps there around a week later. It is still not clear however, if the increase on the Brac is a trickle down effect or as a result of an increase in the cost of fuel itself.
CNS is continuing to contact both Chevron and the relevant gas station managers.
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  1. Black sheep leader says:

    Funny that Caymanians still expect their leadership to follow through and do the right thing for the Caymanian people.  What a great flock of sheep!  The Shepard is off island."working" while the flock obediently stands in line for sheering.  Good sheep.  If only we could silence the loud bleating (Shepard is working on that) What a nice, quiet, island this would be for those who are visiting.

  2. Man says:

    Who cares. Let them pay what I pay.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gasoline suppliers are businesses. How can a few businesses absorb the 25 cents gasoline tax increases for an entire island. How can they add that to their business expenses without balancing it by get it back through businesses. Thus the  price increases.

  4. Why says:

    Why are we paying for all these public works and buildings on the Brac when they are not willing to pay the same taxes and duties as us?

  5. Anonymous says:

    As if everything else isn’t expensive enough already. 

    Good job UDP!!! Kick us back down while we’re struggling to get up!

    My only wish is that the UDP all had to pay for their own gas instead of driving around in government vehicles.
    If they want to save money, do away with all government vehicles except specialty ones (dump trucks/buses/etc).

    2013 years can’t come soon enough.

  6. Tired of Being Ripped Off says:

    I hope that there was a clause in the concession waiver whereas the merchants will be fined CI$50,000.00 to CI$100,000.00 for total disregard of the concession. This was so much debated in the LA by the Honorably Duty Premier only to be "Slap in the Face" by this insult!

    I beg you Ms. Julie to bring a end to this hostage situation in the Brac, show them what you meant was to help the people of Cayman Brac, not the pockets of the XXXX MERCHANTS!