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Cayman Reef & Treasure Island burglars’ top condos

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(CNS): According to information revealed by Inspector Anthony White of the RCIPS at a crime prevention seminar on Tuesday morning, Cayman Reef Resort and the Treasure Island are the condos that have been most frequently targeted by criminals this year. White told tourism stakeholders that the majority of burglaries were committed at properties where doors and windows were left unlocked. He also revealed that the area around Captain’s Bakery, Helen Drive and St. Matthews University residencies on the West Bay Road is where the highest number of robberies, have taken place in the Seven Mile Beach tourist corridor.

White said that was not a particularly bad neighbourhood but there tended to be a lot of people out late drinking making it a choice spot for robbers seeking easy victims. He also noted its close proximity to the Watler’s Road area which has been a source of problems for the police.

White also pointed to what he described as an anomaly as he said the number of female robbery victims had gone up which he said was unusual as women although considerably more fearful than men of crime they are generally for less likely to be victims. “This is a new trend that seems to have surfaced,” White told representatives from the tourism industry. He also stated that more assaults were now taking place during these robberies.

Interpreting the statistics for crime in the 7MB area he explained that the majority of robberies had taken place in the area, not surprisingly on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 11.30pm and 2:00am on victims who were attacked as they walked along the street. He also stated that cash, handbags and wallets were the commodities most often stolen in the robberies and that the frequency of assaults during the robberies was also increasing.
When it came to burglaries and break-ins White pointed to Cayman Reef Resort and Treasure Island as the places where condos have been broken into most but many of the condos along Seven Mile Beach had been subject to break ins and residential as oppose to commercial properties were the ones most frequently targeted by burglars in the area. Sliding doors left open windows unsecured.
He also noted that most burglaries did occur when owners were home with 65 percent happening as people were asleep. White also revealed how easily many could have been prevented when he stated that more than two thirds the burglaries occurring in the area did so when the residents had left sliding doors or windows open. Explaining how most criminals were looking for the easiest possible target he said sliding doors and bathroom windows tended to be burglars’ favoured points of entry.


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UK prime minster backs Shetty’s Cayman project

| 28/07/2010 | 25 Comments

(CNS): David Cameron, prime minister of the UK’s Conservative-Liberal government, has offered his support for Dr Devi Shetty’s Cayman health city and, according to a release, has suggested that the UK could also benefit from the low cost model. Cameron and Shetty met in Bangalore today during the UK government’s high level visit to India, which has been overshadowed with news of a rift in the current collation Cabinet. During the visit, however, Vince Cable, Business Secretary and Liberal Democrat Cabinet representative, visited the hospitals that make up Dr. Shetty’s Narayana Hrudayalaya health complex with Cameron, where they both expressed their support.

Cable will advise the prime minister further on the “Dr Shetty model” of providing quality healthcare at low cost to high volumes of patients. “I told the prime minister that we needed his blessings on the Cayman Islands project,” said Dr Shetty, “and he assured me he was very happy with the plan.”  Cameron also asked if Shetty would consider building such a complex in England, and he said he would — after the Cayman project was completed, according to a release from the local spokesperson for the Cayman project.
Cameron has faced challenges in the UK to spell out the details and cost of the government’s reforms to the country’s National Health Service after previous Conservative party claims that NHS reorganisation causes disruption, demoralisation and an "inexcusable" waste of money. Cameron has said he is committed to the NHS and will continue to put real-term increases into it. Government currently proposes to make local health services more democratically accountable.
Meanwhile, speculation of a Cabinet rift over government’s proposed immigration cap for non EU migrants, which is set to come into effect next April, has threatened to overshadow the trip to India — a country rich with highly skilled professionals who have commonly migrated to the UK.
"I want to see, and the government wants to see, the level of net immigration into the UK come down to the tens of thousands, rather than the hundreds of thousands it’s been in recent years," Cameron told the BBC this week.  Cable, however, has said he was pushing for a "light touch" on immigration in the coalition cabinet.

Indian businessman, politicians, and commentators have been united in their concern and hostility to proposals to restrict migration from India to Britain. Similar restrictions may have damaged the relationship with India in the 1970s, and led a new generation of Indians to look to the US rather than the UK. Cameron has faced criticism from the Indian government over the planned cap, with commerce minister Anand Sharma saying it could have an adverse effect on trade relations between the UK and India and hit Indian doctors and nurses seeking employment in the UK.

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CoP: Legal guns not solution

| 28/07/2010 | 142 Comments

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Islands Headline News(CNS): The country’s top police officer has said he does not believe “firearms in every household” are the answer to the problem of local crime. He said it was an oversimplified reaction as a result of fear in the community when the issue of crime was very complex. David Baines, the Commissioner of Police (CoP), said the more guns there were in any community the more people would get shot and killed and the scale of violence would be significantly higher. Speaking at a crime prevention seminar with representatives from the tourism industry this week, the commissioner said firearms in the home would lead to an increase of use by criminals as the presumption would be that everyone is armed, as is the case in the United States. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The specialist seminar was held at the Ritz Carlton on Tuesday morning and Baines said the goal was to alleviate some the fears, give tourism stakeholders the tools to reduce their possible exposure to crime, and to present the reality of the situation rather than the perceptions fuelled by myths and media headlines.
Baines also spoke about the recent calls in the community for people to have firearms to protect themselves following the recent incident in George Town where a homeowner shot and killed a burglar with his licensed hand gun.
Baines reiterated his position that he preferred to see an unarmed community without the right to bear arms except for specific reasons, such as sport or hunting, and not as a matter of course. He also said that he did not believe in routinely arming regular police officers and cited a number of reasons why not.
He said that 56 officers were killed in the line of duty last year in the US, which was a significant figure, but even more alarming, Baines revealed that 460 offices took their own lives and that of someone close to them with their own service weapon.   “We would see a fuelling of homicides we have not seen before,” Baines added, if the country were to move towards an American model when it came to firearms. He said he preferred the UK model where neither the community nor the police were routinely armed.
Baines explained that the visual sight of a police officer was important and seeing them armed did not mean that people felt safe. He asked the audience if they really wanted to see officers carrying guns on the streets or if they preferred the RCIPS who looked “approachable, friendly visible and responsive to the needs of the community”, which was the tradition of the Cayman Islands.
The senior officer pointed out that where needed the RCIPS had a trained armed response unit that could be deployed when necessary, but he felt it was important to maintain the approachable, friendly, traditional image of the RCIPS officer on the street.
The commissioner also noted that there was a misunderstanding about the number of weapons that really are in circulation among criminals in the Cayman Islands.
“People could be mistaken for thinking that the streets are awash with firearms … if that was the case then we would not see the same firearm used repeatedly by different offenders,” he said. “We would not see flare guns adapted to be use as … firearms … or manufactured weapons.”
The reality was very different from the perceptions, Baines suggested. He blamed news headlines and the media in general for exaggerating the level of crime and twisting stories that fed into these distorted perceptions and fears about the real levels of crime.
However, statistics have revealed that levels of violent crime have increased in the Cayman islands and during the morning’s seminar it was clearly stated that burglaries and break-ins in the tourist area of Seven Mile Beach had increased.
Before introducing Dr Anthony White, a criminologist and a serving police officer, who gave a seminar to tourism stakeholders about how they could prevent their properties and guests from becoming victims of crime, Baines said the crime expert would put things into perspective about the realities of crime on the island. He added that the RCIPS had to deal with the realities and actual crime that was taking place on the one hand but acknowledged the need to deal with the emotional perceptions and fear of crime which was often greater that the reality warranted.

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Stop your child becoming a screen addict

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(BBC): It used to be that playing computer games was a fun and harmless pastime – but not any more. Although not officially classified as an addiction, parents and professionals are becoming increasingly alarmed at the rising number of young people shunning normal ‘fun’ activities and family life in favour of playing computer games in isolation. It is not uncommon for children to spend upwards of six to eight hours daily on their computers playing games. And now increasing numbers of childrenand teenagers are experiencing the negative effects of gaming.

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Cayman judge says Saudi may be proper place for suit

| 28/07/2010 | 2 Comments

(Bloomberg): Saudi Arabia may be a more appropriate location for claims in a lawsuit filed in the Cayman Islands against Saudi billionaire Maan al-Sanea by members of the kingdom’s Algosaibi family, according to a court decision. In the lawsuit, the Algosaibi group alleged Al-Sanea misappropriated $9.2 billion from the group’s units in part to fund his Saad Group of Companies. Al-Sanea has denied any wrongdoing, saying Algosaibi was aware of the borrowing. [Chief Justice Anthony] Smellie stayed the litigation until a committee appointed by the Saudi government rules on related petitions made there by the Algosaibi family.


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Lime brings a world of books to the library

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(CNS): A local telecoms firm has partnered with the George Town Library and a computer skills software programme to help people upgrade their sills and further their education without breaking the bank. LIME with Skillsoft 24/7 offers the opportunity to read text books, do research and access the latest information on-line at the library. Juliet Lawson Acting Head of the George Town Library explained that the new partnership would provide free learning and information for library clients from basic literacy to local culture. She explained that the Cayman Islands Public Library Service is committed to enriching and empowering the lives of every person in the community.

She added that the library provided services, programmes and resources in all formats to encourage and promote lifelong learning, literacy, the joy of reading and local culture for everyone in the Cayman Islands. “On Monday 19 July we launched a new partnership with LIME and Skillsoft. LIME is sponsoring the access to Skillsoft 24/7 which means that everyone will be able to access the knowledge they need to succeed by visiting the George Town library and having at their fingertips a whole host of e-publications,” Lawson added.
LIME has been a longtime supporter of the Cayman Islands Public Library Services providing all libraries across the islands with high speed internet which also act as open hot spots. People who don’t have access to the internet at home you can literally take their laptops to any of the public library locations and log onto the internet for free.  
Tony Ritch, General Manager, LIME Cayman Islands explained what the new partnership offered library users. “Publications available include IT/Computer Science,Engineering, Business Management, Finance and Accounting, Leadership, Wellness and career development. There are literally thousands of books, reports and summaries from trusted sources available. 
All you need to do is visit the library and log on and you will be able to personalize and collaborate, organize and bookmark a whole variety of publications which means it gives you convenient access at no cost,” he said. “Whether you are a full or part time student or you just want to continue your lifelong education there is a publication online for you. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone within our community to access a whole library of e-publications.”
Rolston Anglin, the Minister responsible for the Public Libraries said they always been bastions of education and government was very happy about the development of this public/private partnership with LIME. “One of our ministry directives is to support the community in achieving its lifelong learning goals and this partnership allows us to do just that. I encourage the people of the Cayman Islands to take full advantage of this opportunity for free access to high quality resources,” he added.

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A welcome ‘reception’ at the capital’s primary school

| 28/07/2010 | 13 Comments

(CNS): For the first time in almost two decades parents living in the George Town Primary School catchment area are being offered a chance to send their children to a reception class for the new school year. Part of a pilot programme, through which the Ministry of Education is exploring the possibility of reintroducing reception classes to all government primary schools, George Town Primary will offer these classes to students who are at least 4 years of age on 1 September 2010 but who fall below the age for school entry. At present only the primary schools on the Brac and those in East End and North Side offer a reception class.

Under current policy, students who turn 5 on or before 31 January 2011 are eligible for entry to Year 1 this September. Reception classes will cater to students who fall below that age, but are already 4 years old. The return of reception classes to George Town Primary School is the fulfilment of a long-held dream for Principal Marie Martin. “Reception classes ensure that children get a good start in school and this is essential if they are to achieve their full potential,” Martin said.
In order to qualify for entry to George Town Primary School’s Reception classes, children must live within the catchment area for the school. This is defined as: the areas south of Government House to Memorial Avenue continuing north along walkers Road to Maple Road and east along Smith Road to the Crewe Road airport junction; north onto Airport Road, through the new junction in Industrial Park to include all areas north and east past the Owen Roberts Airport to the North Sound Barcadere.
If this pilot is successful, government officials said the ministry intends to move ahead with the reintroduction of reception classes in other schools.
“Developing the human capital of our country is not just about working with adults,” said Rolston Anglin, Minister for Education, Training and Employment. “Building a culture of success starts with the smallest members of our society.”
Parents or guardians living in the George Town Primary School catchment area can contact the school at 949-2689 or the Department of Education Services, 130 Thomas Russell Way, at 945-1199 for registration forms and more information. The deadline for registration of students is 20 August 2010. Parents who register their children after this date cannot be guaranteed a space in this pilot programme.

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Cayman breaks medal record

| 28/07/2010 | 13 Comments

(CNS): Update 12noon Thanks to the aquatic talents of Cayman’s swimming brothers, Shaune and Brett Fraser, and the speed of Cydonie Mothersill, the Cayman Islands is on course for a record breaking Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games this year. With many of the track and field events still to come, the country’s athletes have already made history by bringing in seven medals – the most ever for a Cayman team. The Fraser’s have  brought home four medals after Shaune grabbed gold in the 200m freestyle and bronze in the 100m, while Brett took silver in both the 200m freestyle and the 200m backstroke.

Mothersill  also won the gold medal in 22.91 seconds in the 200mere final, ahead of Carol Rodrigues and Darlenis Obregona who were second and third respectively with times of  23.37 and 23.76 respectively. Pompey’s time was 24.27s.
The men’s squash doubles team carried the medal count to five by placing third in their event and securing a bronze. The sixth medal – another bronze – belongs to Carl Morgan for the long jump.
Sports Minister Mark Scotland congratulated the competitors on the fine performances. “With the athletics division coming up this week, the team is hoping to improve even further on the medal count and I wish them the best of luck for the balance of this CAC meet,” he said. “Our success at these games bodes well for our athletes’ performances at October’s Commonwealth Games in India and my ministry will be working with Cayman’s sporting fraternity to give our competitors all the support they need,” Scotland added. 
The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee President Donald McLean echoed the minister’s comments.
“We are very pleased with the overall performance of the Cayman Team. We are excited that we were represented in eight events, namely sailing, squash, swimming, athletics, beach volleyball, karate, and equestrian. We also sent a rugby team for the first time,” he said. “And while winning medals is not the most important objective of sending a delegation, it sure feels good to hear our national song played and our flag raised at the Games.”
To follow Cayman’s medal count, go to

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Emergency services stage mock plane crash

| 28/07/2010 | 7 Comments

(CNS): According to Government Information Services the emergency services mock air accident was successfully carried out last night. During Operation Heron, fire, police and ambulance personnel as well as CIAA staff responded to a staged Plain Air Airbus 320 crash in an undeveloped area north of the east end of the runway at Owen Roberts International Airport. In the exercise the plane had 29 passengers and crew on board and four hours of fuel. During the drill two people were killed while ten were seriously injured and were transferred to the Cayman Islands Hospital during the exercise. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Seven people played the part of the walking wounded who were dispatched to Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital for treatment. The captain of the staged crash escaped unharmed.

The exercise was completed by around 10pm in the evening.
During the emergency exercise police stopped and diverted traffic at variousstreet lights and junctions along Smith Road, Crewe Road, Owen Roberts Drive and surrounding roads in the Industrial Park area, as would be the case in a real emergency.
Prior to the exercises the CIAA’s Senior Manager Airport Operations and Chairman of the Airport Emergency Committee, Kerith McCoy, said it is crucial for airport personnel and supporting emergency responders to test their readiness on a regular basis to ensure they are fully prepared in the event of a real aircraft accident.
The Airport Emergency Committee comprises representatives from the Cayman Islands Airports Authority, Airlines, 911 Emergency Communications, Government Information Services/Joint Communications Services, Hazard Management Cayman Islands, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, the Cayman Islands Fire Service, the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority, the National Roads Authority, the Department of Environmental Health, the Red Cross and the Port Authority.

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Stolen generator turns up in Jamaica

| 28/07/2010 | 12 Comments

(CNS): Local police are looking for the owners of a Red Troy Bilt generator, model # 1924 (left). The RCIPS said the generator was recovered by police in Jamaica and they are now seeking a possible owner in the Cayman Islands. Officers said they have the generator serial number which can be used to verify the owner’s claims or alternately if they do not know the number police have asked the owners to call and provide distinguishing marks on the generator. Police are asking replies to be directed to DC Ian McDonald on (345)525‐8749.


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