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CINICO claims 80% satisfaction rate

| 24/10/2012 | 2 Comments

customer-satisfaction (287x300).jpg(CNS): Although the results of a recent survey have not yet been made public, the CEO of the government’s health insurance company has said the research shows the organisation is on the right path. Following the completion of the multi-phased market research project aimed at gauging customer satisfaction which included a series of focus group discussions and an online survey among CINICO’s public sector customers, Lonny Tibbetts said while there was work to be done things were improving. The result show that more than 80% of customers were satisfied with their policy the government company boss stated adding that the full results will soon be posted on CINICO’s website.

“There is a real sense from the results that the service we are providing at CINICO is improving and that it will continue to improve,” he said. “I am heartened in particular by the statistic that 83% of CINICO members are ‘very/somewhat satisfied’ with their CINICO insurance policy, so we are definitely on the right track.

“The results have highlighted three areas in particular on which we will focus our energies – processes, the organisational culture and communications. In this respect, we will be gearing up to improve aspects of our service such as the speed of the claims submission process, our responsiveness to requests and communications between CINICO and its members,” Tibbetts added.

Local public relations and marketing firm, Tower Marketing, conducted the various stages of the research.  “We were happy to work with CINICO as this important research will provide valuable information which can be used to make informed, strategic decisions for the future direction of the organisation,” Lynne Byles, Managing Director of Tower Marketing, said.

The survey result will be available on shortly officials said.

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CINICO looks for more input from clients

| 19/06/2012 | 2 Comments

online-survey-thumb9001247.jpg(CNS): The government’s health insurance company is extending its online customer satisfaction survey to attract more people in order to help with future plans for the insurance company. CINICO said Tuesday that the survey window will now be open until Wednesday 27 June 27th.  The survey was launched on 22 May and is available to all civil servants, pensioners and statutory body CINICO members.  Those completing the survey will also have a chance to win an Ipad. “At Cinico we greatly value the opinions of our all our members, so we decided to extend the survey to the 27th to allow members a longer opportunity to complete it,” Lonny Tibbetts, CEO of CINICO, stated.

“This research project will provide valuable information to us, so every respondent counts,” he added.

The survey is completely confidential and results are collected off-island by a third party.  In order to access the survey, members must enter the first 9 digits of their 12 digit member ID number found on the front of their CINICO CarePay member card. The responses are not linked to the ID number in any way.

This type of market research is an effective way to collect the opinions and suggestions from CINICO members, so that CINICO can incorporate it into its new and existing plans the CINICO boss noted.

“We are looking forward to hearing the results, which will provide clear data from the members themselves”, Tibbetts added.

Those people requiring a paper copy of the survey are asked to call Tower Marketing at 623 6700. More information and the link to the survey can be accessed by visiting

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CINICO clients to get cards for instant service

| 15/09/2011 | 0 Comments

(CNS): The government’s health insurance company will be giving its clients cards that will offer instant verification when they attend as patients at home or abroad. Officials said that the new instant insurance verification system, called CarePay will allow for simpler, more efficient, secure access to health care and streamline the payment process for treatment at the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA). The CarePay Card can be used globally for any medical or dental service with a Chief Medical Officer (CMO) or Chief Dental Officer (CDO) Pre-authorized Referral.

The new CarePay card used with valid personal ID will be the only one CINICO members need to access health care services and will become operational in October. Every CINICO member will be issued a new CarePay card which will contain information that will be used to verify coverage and benefits to the health provider. To receive a card members need to complete a simple registration form, which will be distributed within the next few days, and return the completed form to CINICO.

“It is extremely important that CINICO members complete and return the forms to ensure they get their new CarePay card before the end of September” said CINICO Chief Executive Officer Lonny Tibbetts. “The new CarePay card will replace the current CINICO card, which will no longer be accepted by health care providers after September 30. The new CarePay card will streamline the process of health care delivery, not only for patients, but is also much more cost effective for health care providers and insurance companies.”

Lizzette Yearwood, Chief Executive Officer of the HSA, explained that CarePay will validate coverage and guarantee payment for medical services at the hospital and clinics, allowing the HSA to increase revenue and reduce expenses.  About 90% of the authority’s budget comes from CINICO and private insurance companies that require claims processing. Each year, the HSA processes about 400,000 claims.

“The CarePay card will make the entire bill-paying process much more user-friendly.  Patients will find that the system is very simple to use and will help to quickly clarify insurance coverage.  We hope that this will be a model that other insurance companies will be able to adopt in the future so that all insured patients can benefit from this much simpler process,” Yearwood added. 

Forms will be delivered to government employees through their relevant departments and those working in statutory authorities will receive them from their Head Offices. CINICO said that forms for seafarers and veterans will be available through their association offices, civil service pensioners will be receiving their forms through the mail, while children & family services will give the forms to their clients. Standard Health Insurance Contract (SHIC) plan holders (Affordable, Challenger & Silver) will receive their forms in the mail or they can collect a form from the CINICO office on Grand Cayman or at the Government Administration Building on Cayman Brac.

For more information on CINICO or CarePay, please visit the CINICO website at or call the CINICO offices 949-8101

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DER boss gets CINICO job

| 22/12/2010 | 20 Comments

(CNS): After being placed on enforced leave from the Department of Employment Relations for ten months Lonny Tibbetts has taken the top job at CINICO government officials have said. Tibbetts was temporarily suspended from his post as director at the DER back in February of this year as a result of an internal staff dispute. However, the education ministry said that matter had been finalized recently and Tibbetts was about to be put back in post before he accepted his new job as Chief Executive Officer with the government’s health insurance company. The post had been vacant for two years before Tibbetts started work on Monday.

The appointment was made by CINICO’s board after an extensive recruitment process. “It was important to find a candidate with the right professional background, academic credentials and management experience. It also had to be someone who has demonstrated commitment to the Cayman Islands and its people. Mr. Tibbetts met all of these important criteria,” said the board chair Scott Cummings. “Of course, we are particularly pleased that we were able to fill the position with a Caymanian candidate.”

Before Tibbetts appointment the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment had confirmed that the matter involving him and that ministry had been finalised with an agreed way forward, government officials said in the statement.
It is understood that Tibbetts was about to be given his job back after the internal investigation which is believed to have revolved around internal staff problems that have plagued the department long before Tibbetts took up the top job. However, the officials from that ministry have not revealed the details of the investigation but said a plan had been worked out for Tibbetts to return.

“Now that Mr. Tibbetts has chosen to move on, I would wish to thank Mr. Tibbetts for his contributions to the challenging and important work of the Department of Employment Relations and wish him all the very best in his future endeavours," said the Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues who had placed Tibbetts on gardening leave.

Tibbetts who holds a master’s degree in business administration from the International College of the Cayman Islands (ICCI) and is about to complete a MSc in human resource management, is also a designated Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).

Before taking up the post of DER and the ensuing controversy Tibbetts gained first-hand knowledge of the insurance industry through managing a portfolio of captive insurance companies for Marsh Management Cayman Ltd. He later transferred to the public sector where he worked as a senior insurance analyst for the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority in the Insurance Division regulating both Class A and Class B insurance companies.

“These two posts furnished me with a unique perspective of both sides of the table – that of the insurance manager as well as the insurance regulator,” Tibbetts said, making no comment about the issues relating to his former role.

While at the DER however Tibbetts mandated the use of a case management database for the Labour Inspectorate Unit, linked the Immigration Department with the unemployed persons’ database and implemented a number of internal policies and procedures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the department, officials said.
Health minister Mark Scotland endorsed Tibbetts’ appointment when he said it will be of great benefit to CINICO. “Mr Tibbetts brings a wealth of experience and knowledge,” Scotland added.


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Shake-up underway at DER

| 29/06/2010 | 53 Comments

(CNS): The minister with responsibility for labour has accused his predecessor of leaving the Department of Employment Relations (DER) in an “absolute mess”. Announcing a shake-up of the agency that deals with employment, Rolston Anglin said the previous minster had failed miserably when it came to labour matters. The minister said the DER would now be split into two departments. The new Department of Labour and Pensions will incorporate the National Pensions Office and deal directly with all disputes over employment and pension issues. The Human Capital Development Agency, which will see the DER’s job and statistics unit merge with other relevant entities, will deal with employment.

Making his announcement in the Legislative Assembly on Monday (28 June), Anglin said that the department was on the “verge of collapse” and in a “state of anarchy” when he took up office as a result of a lack of uniform management systems and major staff problems. The minister said staff had been struggling to make it through the day without a major incident and there were complaints about the use of foul language, unprofessional, unethical and immoral behaviour from inside and outside the department.
The image of the department, Anglin said, has been severely damaged and he planned to begin a public relations campaign to improve public confidence and spread the messages about the changes that have been implemented and the pending introduction of legislative, management and other changes.    
He pointed to a need to re-train staff and address the skills gap at the department, as well as expand the use of technology and build relationships between the department and immigration, the Chamber of Commerce, the Society for Human Resource Professionals and other relevant organisations.
Currently the department has over 900 registered unemployed Caymanians and is dealing with over 1,000 labour disputes. Anglin said that some staff at the DER had recently been recertified to conduct Occupational Safety and Health training. He explained this is a crucial service provided by the department, especially to the construction industry, which had fallen away because DER Staff had not kept up their certification.
He said that following the changes people would soon begin to see improvements in services from the department and “sharp rises in the long term prospects” of Caymanians. “I am confident that with the combined approach of the creation of the Department of Labour and Pensions and the Human Capital Development Agency, the installation of proper management systems … the country will see marked improvements in the delivery of labour related services,” Anglin told the Legislative Assembly.
Having emphasised the problems regarding staff, Anglin confirmed that the current director was still on “required leave” as the investigations into the complaints against him from some staff members continued. He said the investigation process had been thorough and robust and the director had been given every opportunity to take part. Anglin said the process had to be handled carefully, but he expected it to be finalised soon when he would update the Legislative Assembly.
During his statement to the Legislative Assembly, Anglin said that the former minister (Alden McLaughlin) had neglected the staff problems at the department, who reported little to no interaction from the previous minister. “The PPM administration cannot point to one single labour initiative in their four years in office,” Anglin stated. “What they can rightfully claim is the hiring of the current director and that the department plummeted to an all time low.”
Lonny Tibbetts was suspended from his post as director of the DER in February amid allegations of a paralysis between management and staff and reported complaints. Historical problems in the department’s complaints division had allegedly caused the serious personnel disputes between management and staff.

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Minister confirms troubles with employment relations

| 26/02/2010 | 18 Comments

(CNS): The minister for education and labour has confirmed that the director of Employment Relations has been placed on required leave. Speaking in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday morning , Rolston Anglinsaid that as a result of an on-going investigation in the department, the director, Lonny Tibbetts, had been placed on one month’s required leave from Thursday 18 February. The minister said that as it was a personnel issue it was inappropriate for him to comment and that Jennifer Smith would continue as acting director.

CNS reported earlier this month that a long standing dispute in the department appeared to have come to a head and at the time Anglin made no comment, stating that administrative issues were the responsibility of Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues.

Tibbetts has offered no comment on the situation despite requests and the exact nature of the complaint against the director is unclear, but CNS understands the dispute concerns long standing allegations of paralysis between senior management and staff at the Department of Employment Relations which pre-date Tibbetts’ placement in the department’s top slot.

The DER is divided into two units: one which deals with placing Caymanian employees in jobs and one that deals with complaints against employee’s bosses who are reportedly breaking the employment law in regards to pay, annual leave or working conditions, and it is this unit where the complaints against Tibbetts are understood to have originated.

According to annual reports from the OCC, the office has dealt with a considerable number of complaints against that unit and has found maladministration on a number of occasions. Besides the Immigration, the DER is alleged to have generated the most complaints to the ombudsman’s office.

Tibbetts took over at the DER less than two years ago in May 2008, replacing Walling Whittaker who left in 2007 and went on to work for HSBC. At the time of his appointment the ministry described Tibbetts as a “well qualified, highly experienced individual” who was well versed in both policy and procedure and “ideally placed to provide the high level of leadership and guidance required to direct the department through the implementation of various key initiatives.

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DER troubles in spotlight

| 09/02/2010 | 76 Comments

(CNS): Long suspected allegations of a paralysis between senior management and staff at the Department of Employment Relations appear to have come to a head with the temporary suspension of the director of the DER, Lonny Tibbetts, and reported complaints by a small number of staff. Despite recent improvements in the department’s job placement unit, with the number of successful Caymanian placements averaging around 25 per month, historical problems in the department’s complaints division have allegedly caused a serious personnel dispute.

CNS has contacted the ministry for an official confirmation of the situation and was told by Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues that the director was on annual leave and the deputy Jennifer Smith was acting director and the ministry had no further comment to make. The minister, Rolston Anglin, said that administrative issues were the jurisdiction of the chief officer and he was not in a position to comment, and when CNS reached the director he said he was unable to comment at this time.

However, sources close to the department have told CNS that Tibbetts has been placed on temporary paid leave while the ministry allegedly attempts to resolve a staff dispute.

The exact nature of the complaint against the director is unclear, however, it reportedly involves a small number of staff that have raised concerns regarding the implementation of changes to the department, and as a result of the requests made of them they have now submitted a formal complaint about the director imposing what they consider to be unreasonable requests.

The problems appear to be confined to the labour dispute unit, which deals with complaints made by workers about their employers regarding exploitation or where bosses are reportedly breaking the employment law in regards to pay, annual leave or working conditions.

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Unemployment still growing

| 10/01/2010 | 23 Comments

(CNS): As the Cayman Islands domestic economy continues to suffer, there are currently 882 people registered with the Department of Employment Relations that say they are looking for work. Although figures had fallen in November ’09 from earlier highs of around 900 last year, the January figure has increased by around 40 people.  In what was a difficult year for Cayman when it came to jobs, Lonny Tibbetts, the director of the department, said it had managed to place over 200 people in work through 2009 and it currently has some 244 listed vacancies.

Tibbetts also said despite the particularly tough time, with a number of major layoffs over the last few months, since October his department has placed 51 people in work. However, he stated that twice as many people had registered with the DER saying they were seeking work in the same period.

Although Cayman has yet to get a true picture on the economic activity for the first six months of this fiscal year during the presentation of the 2009/10 budget, Financial Secretary Kenneth Jefferson had predicted that Cayman’s real GDP growth in 2009/10 would be down -3.3% and unemployment would reach an all time high of 5.5%.

With the collector of customs recently stating that imports to Cayman were down by more than 15%, a direct reflection of flagging retail sales, the prospect for job creation in the private sector is still low. With the school projects on hold, the glass house construction coming to end and all major government capital projects (with the exception of the affordable hosing initiative) on hold, government is also offering few opportunities to generate new jobs and pick up some of the employment slack caused by the economic downturn.

According to reports on News 27 this week, the chamber of commerce has also said that its members have reported a relatively disappointing Christmas season with festive sales flatter than expected.

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Government to tackle youth unemployment

| 10/08/2009 | 13 Comments

(CNS): With some 35 percent of 15 -19 year olds being unemployed  according to the latest Economics & Statistics Office Labour Force Survey, government has introduced a youth employment strategy designed to make young people more employable. The National Employment Passport Programme is being run by the Department of Employment Relations (DER) and is a combination of education, training and job placement support.

DER Director Lonny Tibbetts said today that the challenge, as ever, is that young people were unable to find work because they had no experience and then they can’t get that experience unless they find work

“At the core of this initiative we are trying to bridge the gap between employment opportunities and the skills required,” Tibbetts noted adding that it was also about helping young job seekers understand key issues such as workplace discipline, cultural empathy, business attire, writing and other communication skills and a commitment to work.

Tibbetts also said they wanted to encourage young jobseekers to pursue careers in fields that they like as this improves retention issues. He explained that the DER has been collecting data from employers and we continue to see a divide between the skills young people have going into the workplace and the skills that employers need. He said a task force has been formulated and the DER has engaged with the Chamber of commerce as well as other stakeholders.  

“The feed back is that the initiative is being quite well received and we intend to work with industry to assist with putting young people in a combination of work placement and college attendance along with employability workshops.

Tibbetts said that they hoped to have the initiative ready to go by the end of August.

DER will be working with the ministry-assembled youth employment taskforce, which includes representatives from the Ministry of Education, Department of Employment Relations (DER), Department of Education Services, University College, RCIPS and John Gray High School. 

 The Director also noted that as a cost saving measure, the programme will exploit existing resources so training will be offered through UCCI, the Chamber of Commerce, British Red Cross and other local institutions and individuals.

Speaking before he was hospitalized the Minister for Labour Rolston Anglin said the strategy will ensure that young people have employable skills and that employers can find in them the skills required to support their businesses. “For many years we’ve invested millions in our infrastructure because we can see immediate results. “The results of investing in our people may take longer to materialise, but we must ‘up-skill’ our entire workforce if we hope to remain competitive,” the Minister added.

Meanwhile it was reported today (Monday 10 August) that Anglin is feeling much better after his admittance to hospital for high blood pressure on Friday. The Leader of Government Business, McKeeva Bush told the press that after precautionary tests the Minister will be joining his family this week for his planned vacation.                





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Conference to help manage in tough economic times

| 05/05/2009 | 0 Comments

(CNS): George Town candidate Walling Whittaker will be one of the speakers at a one-day conference on 7 May hosted by the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals (CISHRP), which will focus on strategies for managing in an economic downturn. Targeted to business leaders and senior managers in the community, in addition to human resource professionals and business owners, this annual professional development conference will feature a combination of prominent local professionals in addition to top international experts.

This year’s conference theme, “If the Bubble Bursts… How Will You Manage and Motivate Your Talent”, is focused the HR challenges facing businesses in light of the economic climate, according to CISHRP, which has even reduced the registration fee to demonstrate the Society’s knowledge that all businesses are being asked to do more with less.

CISHRP has “We are extremely excited about this year’s conference and feel it is relevant to what is currently going on in the Cayman Islands,” said Conference Chair, Samantha Bennett.

The event is being held at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort Conference, where keynote speaker will be Dorothy Hill, SPHR, Field Services Director in the Southeast Region for the US-based Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). Hill is based in Vero Beach, Florida, and is responsible for programmes in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi as well as Bermuda, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and St. Croix. She will be discussing HR Competencies – Setting the Stage for Success and will conduct a workshop for attendees on how to identify these competencies and how to integrate them into their organisations.

In addition, Doug Soares, founding partner of Expertise, Bermuda’s largest consulting firm specializing in human resource management and who was the keynote speaker at last year’s CISHRP conference will return. Soares will be discussing Cutting People Costs Without Cutting People and will conduct a workshop that will identify strategies for reducing personnel costs without resorting to redundancies. Other speakers include Walling Whittaker who will discuss Don’t Think Pay Think Total Compensation and John Harvey who will discuss Performance Management in Good Times and Bad.

A new feature in the conference programme will be the HR Open Forum which will comprise a panel of experts to whom attendees can ask a multiplicity of human resources related questions and engage in discussions. This year’s panel will include Franz Manderson, Chief Immigration Officer; Lonny Tibbetts, Director of Employment Relations; Cyril Theriault, Superintendant of Pensions; and Mervyn Conolly, Superintendant of Heath Insurance.

In addition to the speakers and workshops, CISHRP has brought back the HR Marketplace, a social event held the evening before the conference providing an opportunity for attendees to meet vendors of human resources products and services. Vendors interested in participating by sponsoring a table at the event can contact a CISHRP on 916-3742 for details.

Registration for the event includes attendance to theone day conference, lunch, refreshments, conference bags sponsored by Bank of Butterfield; CISHRP polo shirts sponsored by ICO Uniforms and lots of other CISHRP giveaways.

For further information on the CISHRP’s annual conference 2009, please contact Meaghan Mitchell at 949-1345 ext 128, Samantha Bennett at 916-3742 or or log on to for registration and speaker details.

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