Pre-school faces closure

| 16/11/2008

(CNS): More than seventy young pre-schoolers could have nowhere to go by Christmas as a result of a noticeto vacate. The Kids Adventures Preschool which opened in 2004 and survived Hurricane Ivan may not be able to survive market forces. According to PTA President Cheyenna Stewart the school must leave its current premises by 15 December 2008 as the building is under contract for sale and is desperate for a new affordable location.

“This forced relocation in such a short amount of time has shaken the well-being of 142 plus, parents, teachers and caregivers who give children a safe and secure environment to learn and grow,” said Stewart explaining that Kids Adventures parents, similar to other parents, need to work to provide for their children.

Stewart said that the school needs an affordable home in the range of 4000 square feet, with an area for a playground in the Georgetown area. Leasing is an option, but the market price per square foot is prohibitive (upwards of $25 per sq. ft.) — well beyond the affordability of any preschool.

“What will happen if there is no safe place to take them while they work?” she asked. “Quality, affordable, preschool and childcare makes it possible for Kids Adventures parents to make a contribution to the success of our business community and government offices. Kids Adventures PTA has undertaken the task of raising awareness of the current situation and is soliciting the help of the community, businesses and the Ministry of Education and Early Childhood Services. We have also been active in fundraising efforts by selling T-shirts and 2009 Kids Adventures Calendars as well as planning a Kids, Family Fun Day.”

She said that the Kids Adventures PTA is determined to give Cayman’s children the foundational security they so rightfully deserve by owning a property customized for the care of our littlest children and added that anyone who can help should contact her at 939-8282.

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  1. Sheila S. Smith says:

    God has worked this one out! Praise him for it. Your position in faith is important!



  2. Anonymous says:

    What many people don’t know is what it takes to run a preschool. Our little ones are not only droped off for daycare–there are many activities taking place throughout the day. They must be developed and nurtured from the start: Nutrition, Water and Drinking Water, Clean and Cool Environment, Love & Discipline, Structure, Large Playgrown Area to run up & and down, developing fine and gross Motor Skills, Reduced Child/Teacher Ratio, Individualized Attention, eg potty training, eating, cuddling, reading, teaching, etc. Confirmation was noted that the regulation requires twenty square foot area per child indoors and 40 square foot area per child is required outdoors. Cost of Square Foot is costly in today’s Cayman market–making it difficult for preschools to survive.

    From Someone who really cares!

  3. Anonymous says:



    I am a parent of a child attending Kids Adventures. We have just been notified that no matter what, the school is not closing.

    However, the urgency remains for the school to find a new home for all its students.