Women’s rehab centre opens

| 03/12/2008

(CNS): A unit specially designed to treat women with substance abuse problems was officially opened recently by the Minister of Health and Human Services, Anthony Eden. The new Caribbean Haven residential Women’s Wing will offer residential treatment programmes adjusted specifically to fit women’s needs, for up to 12 residents at one time.


The unit will be managed by the Department of Counselling Services and according to the Minister it offers women with drug and alcohol problems a chance to rebuild their lives.  “Caribbean Haven’s new women’s wing is a reflection of our unwavering commitment as a government to make effective, affordable and accessible treatment for drug and alcohol problems available to everyone. The community at large has to be prepared to give people another chance for a fit place to stay and work with dignity,” he said. “Without such basics, any of us might fall through the cracks. But the women who access this centre will now have a chance to rebuild, and hopefully to transform life for themselves and their families.”

Dianna Montoya Chief Officer described the Ministry’s vision of, Optimal Wellbeing for All, as believing that there is potential in everyone. “Those who fall outside the accepted norms at some point in their lives can be rehabilitated to become healthy and productive citizens,” she said at the opening.

DoCS Director Judith Seymour said the wing represents a significant step in the journey to improve drug treatment and rehabilitation services in Cayman. “This will ultimately help to improve the wellbeing of all people in our islands,” she added.

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  1. Royal Palms "regular drinker" says:

    You know election time is near. When the minister is doing his two step shuffle an a flurry of rabbit punches are flying -no effect whatsoever. The Staff of this "Alcohol/drug" rehab centre finally has something to do besides go shopping in Miami and driving up an down on the road and not missing "happy hour" at Royal Palms. Ahhhh Cayman we can to do better than this. We do appreciate the new facility however, Congrats! MrMinister its about time! women’s needs get look after on this Island.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finally a women’s wing was finished as those females addicted within the country were unable to get treatment. Given the days against gender violence it is appropiate that the wing is now open.