Captive dolphins arrive

| 05/12/2008

(CNS): The first ever captive dolphins have now arrived in the Cayman Islands and have been taken to the facility, Dolphin Discovery at Boatswain Beach in West Bay. Six dolphins landed at Owen Roberts International on Thursday evening at around 7:30pm. The arrival was not made public. However, the press were alerted by various interested parties and three news houses —  CNS, CITN and Cayman Net News were at the scene to record their arrival.

Although no invitation had been extended to the press, Dale Creighton, the local investor for Dolphin Discovery, was happy to speak with the media. He addressed the controversy surrounding the introduction of such facilities in Cayman and invited the media to visit his facility to see for themselves the high standards that he said were in place. Creighton said that while he appreciated some people were against the facilities many were not and people were entitled to an opinion. He said the facility was of the highest standard and that all of his CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)documentation was in order and he hoped people would come and enjoy the attraction and witness how well the dolphins were cared for.

“We have all the correct documentation and the CITES  management team has signed off with regard to the importation. Everything is legal and we have the best team of experts and vets in place to take care of them. We are doing this properly,” Creighton said.

He said the dolphins had flown in from Tortola where they had been for some time but he admitted that they were originally from Cuba. However, he said that he was satisfied that they had been acquired legally.

As the arrival of the dolphins was not publically announced, there were few people from the “Keep Dolphins Free Campaign” there to voice there disagreement. Billy Adam, who has long been an advocate against what he describes as the “dolphin abuse industry”, doubted the validity of the papers as he did not believe they had evidence of how the creatures were acquired in Cuba. He said the original paperwork had been sanitized. The documents and paperwork submitted by Dolphin Discovery for these animals was the same, he said, as that refused by Anguilla, Costa Rica and Dominica recently because it did not satisfy the standards regarding how they were caught — whether other dolphins were killed at the time, if they were taken from lactating females and other issues.

“It is not just Dolphin Discovery that is wrong here. The Cayman Islands Government is yet again ignoring the rule of law, this paperwork is not genuine and the Animal Welfare Committee has not met regularly as stated under the Animal Law to report or advise on the establishment of these facilities.”

Adam also noted that the facility does not have an operating licence. He said not only was this a cruel business it was also a corrupt one in which Kurt Tibbett, Charles Clifford and other government members were complicit.

Veterinary Officer Colin Wakelin from the Department of Agriculture was there when the dolphins arrived but he said his main role was to check that the dolphins were the actual animals noted on the documentation, which he said was in order, and the microchips on the dolphins matched. He admitted that he was not an expert in dolphins and cetaceans but he said their body temperature had been cooled to keep them inert and they were not dehydrated. They were not submerged in water but were in special travel slings for the five hour flight, and they were continually sprayed down with water for the duration of the journey, he explained. Wakelin said Dolphin Discovery’s vet was an expert in the field and a colleague whom he trusted to know how to maintain the welfare of the animals. Wakelin noted that Adam was correct and that the facility did not have an operating licence.

“No, this has not been issued as the regulations are not yet in place,” he said. Adam was outraged and said it was like building a plane while it was still in flight and that the law was being flouted for the sake of the almighty dollar.

Once the dolphins had arrived they were placed on Flowers Block flat bed trucks and, under police escort, were taken to West Bay facility. It is unclear how the facility will be regulated and how often the site willl be inspected though Wakelin said in the first instance the Departmen t of Agriculture will visit everyday TheDepartment of the Environment will have an interest in further controversies surrounding the discharge of dolphin waste into the surrounding marine environment. The discharge of dolphin waste will run counter to the very recent and impressive work at the Turtle Farm, where the facility is currenty addressing the damage caused to the reefs by waste emitted by the farm over the last four decades.  While the Water Authority has now issued the Farm a licence, it does not extend to the captive dolphinarium.

The arrival of these six is the first in what could be a significant  number of dolphins coming into Cayman. Creighton is expected to import more and Kent Eldemire is also close to completing his captive dolphinarium in Morgan’s Harbour. The fact that Cayman opted to allow two facilities has caused considerable controversy in the community because of what some see as the abusive nature of the industry and the very high risk of damage to Cayman’s marine environment. The Cayman Islands Tourism Association has been vociferous in its opposition and the Department of Environment has also raised concerns. A spokesperson for the DoE said they would offer comment later today.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its interesting how so much attention has been paid to the local Caymanians who have taken a chance on a new business venture when no attention has been paid to the other facility which is majority foreign owned.  It seems like another case of ‘let the foreignor do as he pleases but lets keep our people down’.  I was also shocked to hear that there was so much fanfare and media attention when the local boys from Discovery brought their dolphins in when no media attention was given when Dolphin Cove imported theirs.   As a matter of fact I was told that neither the media or Mr. Adams were there when the dolphins came in……is this because Mr. Adam is immediate family to the Eldemires who invested in Dolphin Cove?  Or is it simply that Mr. Creighton makes better headlines in the papers?  HHHmmmm.   As a matter of fact weren’t the Eldemires the first people to champion the whole issue of ‘Keep Dolphins Free’ with Mr. Adams?   Surely if they can have a revelation it should encourage the haters to give it a try as well.

    I also find the issue of ‘dolphin waste’ a complete farce.   If each dolphin eats fish and excretes 20lbs a day that is the equivalent of about 3 gallons ….. I find it hard to believe that 3 gallons of natural excrement will kill the environment.   What about all of the millions of tourists who swim on Seven Mile Beach or at Sting Ray City each year?  The argument made of the excrement would lead one to believe that a reef with less fish would be healthier as the waste from say parrot fish, grunts, etc. damages the reef.  So with that said the argument would infer that  we need to kill all of the reef fish and make our reefs healthier……..come on people, lets not believe everything we read.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Part of the problem with the Cayman Islands government is very few if any in the government other than members of the DoE have ever been under water. So diving , the reefs, the marine life or lack there of is really an illusion. Simply a tourist draw but nothing tangeable or something that could be lost.

    They don’t understand the concept of dying sections of reef or dead sections of reef impacted by the turtle and dolphin waste.

    The divers and the water sports association spoke in unison to the government against this dolphin project yet they ignored the recommendations of those knowledgable of marine life and dive tourism and decided against local wisdom.

    Unlike the philosophy of some I believe this mistake can be corrected and we can get rid of the dolphin program.

    Also I believe the Conservation law which has been tabledfor years should be enacted.


  3. Jedi Dread says:

    Hello Everyone,

    There is nothing like a good healthy debate, is there? I thank CNS for providing us with this facility.

    Now, I am well aware of the negative aspects of captive Dolphins, one would have to be totally disconnected from information not to know.

    However, the fact remains; the Dolphins are here. So what now? What can you do about it?

    I know what you’ll do, in true Cayman fashion, you’ll sit there and complain, complain, complain. All words, no action.

    Are you going to facilitate the return of the Dolphins? I know that I can’t.

    But what I can do, and this goes back to my original post, is to find a benefit to an unwanted situation. And the best that I can come up with is Dolphin Therapy for those in Cayman with Special Needs.

    Only one of the responses to my post made mention to this, all others were just complaints. 🙁

    I agree with your compassion towards the Dolphins, no creature should be bound and chained, humanity included, but you must find a way to bring something positive out of this, as you well know, there doesn’t appear to be anything else we can do about it. Is There?

    I haven’t seen one suggestion from any of you Anons, just complaints. Change does not manifest itself  through complaining, only through action. 

    So instead of you jumping down my throat, I challenge you to come up with some positive ideas to a situation that is beyond your control to apply the most reasonable solution.

    Again, the best that I can come up with is Dolphin Therapy for those in Cayman with Special Needs.

    It is your compassion towards humanity by way of Dolphin, that the Dreadly Mystic seeks.

    Best Regards to you all.

    – Jedi Dread –

  4. Anonymous says:

     Scuba divers have done much more damage to our reefs than 2 dolphin parks will !


    Algea – just go take a look at where CUC is pumping out all that hot water in the North Sound!

    Bottlenose Dolphins are not endangered. Their future is stable because of their abundance and high adaptability. (WIKIPEDIA) -do some research.

    Let’s bring this conversation back down to earth for a moment………….

    Green Sea Turtle – As a species recognized as endangered by the IUCN and CITESChelonia mydas is protected from exploitation in most countries worldwide. It is illegal to collect, harm or kill individual turtles. In addition, many countries have implemented various laws and ordinances to protect individual turtles and turtle nesting areas within their jurisdiction.

    Ok how many of the posters against the dolphin facility have eaten turtle meat?

    If not how about this one………

    Queen Conch – Strombus gigas is included in Appendix II of the UNEP‘s CITES list of endangered species, and international trade is heavily restricted.

    C’mon be honest now how many of you have eaten this CITES endangered species.


    Again some quick internet research just to make sure…….

    Is the dolphin life span shorter when in captivity?

    The answer to that one is "No" for bottlenose dolphins.

    This issue was the subject of a paper by R.J Small and D.P. DeMaster:
    "Survival of five species of captive marine mammals", published in Marine Mammal Science, vol. 11(2): 209-226 (April 1995).
    This study showed no significant differences between the survival rates of bottlenose dolphins in captivity and in the wild (the Sarasota Bay population). 


    Are dolphins endangered?

     The bottlenose dolphin is not endangered.


    I for one cannot wait to take my children there while not having the opportunity or the finances to go somewhere else to see them it will be a great learning experience for my kids.


    I do not see anything wrong with it and the Caymanian partners and the entire tourism industry CITA (which by chance supports the dolphinarium by their own survey) will benefit as a whole.  Its like complaining of a young caymanian trying open up a bus tour business because it will pollute the environment.


    If the D.O.E and D.O.A have set guidelines and these guidelines have been followed what is the problem – I am sure the D.O.E. would not allow anyone to open a business that will drastically pollute the environment and D.O.A. would not allow this if they thought the animals were abused or not being taken care of properly.


    Give these people a break and give them a chance to show us what they have to offer before being against it.


    It seems Master Jedi Dread gets it.


    See you there




  5. Anonymous says:

    It is a terrible tragedy that Cayman has permitted itself to become a disneyland adventure at the expense of the dolphins happiness and freedom as well as "cheapening" the image of Cayman.   

    Visitors come to Cayman to explore the endemic ocean life- not to visit the imported ocean life!  If visitors wanted to visit the imported ocean life I ponder two things

    1) Why stop at dolphins…..why not polar bears and penguins next?  I am sure we can cool the water in another  tank and pump in air conditioning too!

    2) Why visit Cayman at all-?  Other destinations are much cheaper and so if we allow the tourist sites to be littered with imported items this negates from the attraction of visting Cayman for the beauty Cayman has.

    Lets hope that very few will financially support this disneyland attraction and Cayman can return to a place where the ocean beauty and warmth of the people on the island is what Cayman becomes known for and not a tank of imported dolphins!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jedi, the probelm with spilt milk is it smells really bad the longer you leave it, so people should complain until it is cleaned up.

    Fact- average life expectancy in the wild is 45 years, in captivity is 5 years

    Fact- Most new caught dolphins have to be fed with a tube until they accept they now will only be fed dead fish.

    Fact- dolphins in the wild swim around 60miles a day at up to speeds of 22mph and dive to upto 1000feet. They do not get the exercixe they need or mental stimulation, leading to repeatative circling of tanks and head butting the sides.

    Fact- a dolphin excretes around 20lb a day, more turtle farm dumping on to the reefs.


    • Disappointed says:

      Jedi, as the prior reply said, spilled milk will spoil, and it will stink.  so it’s not just for us to sit on our laurels and watch this mess unfold.  Speaking up against it is still worthwhile.

      Facts against captivity are as mentioned earlier, and fact is that these dolphin ‘businesses’ in Cayman don’t even have their licenses yet!  Why, why, why shouldour Government give it to them?  There is no justification.  Just greed.

      While it seems you’ve done some research, and that’s great, please do some more on the treatment of dolphins in captivity, their poor nutrition, how they’re cruelly separated from their pod, how some die in the process of stealing them from their natural environment.  Because that’s exactly what’s being done.  They’re stolen from the ocean, from the seas. 

      And a question for whomever may know or wish to answer …..

      Where are they getting the tons of fish from to feed the dolphins — importing the dead fish to give a mammal that’s used to catching and eating live ones?  Or will the dead fish soon come from our own reefs after the dolphine and turtle farm waste runoff starts killing the fish, corals, and turning our beautiful white sand beaches into a green algae mess.  Won’t the tourists love that!!!!

      So…. who’d you say was wearing the blindfold?  The Government, the greedy businessmen trying to pretend this is all ok, and everyone else who won’t speak up.   These aren’t goldfish and parakeets we’re talking about.  These are highly intelligent mammals.  Have a conscience.  Have respect.


  7. Anonymous says:

    It is entirely possible that the arrival of Captive Dolphins on Cayman’s shores will herald a visitation from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and bring terrorism to these islands for the first time in our history.

    If it happens, it will be entirely as a result of the greed that drives this place and I for one will be delighted to see the idiots squirm when they start attracting the attention of the international media, who will dig deep and uncover the huge can of worms that is Cayman business practice.

    What is so very sad is that amongst all of this nonsense, there are some of the most intelligent mammals on the planet  (and I am not referring to MLAs) who are illegally imprisoned, separated from their life long Pods and all to fill the pockets of a few greedy fat Muppets who have no respect for the mammals in their care or for the feelings of the many people who have objected to their capture and abuse.

    Lets hope the ALF do the same to them


  8. Jedi Dread says:

    Missing the point..


    Anonymous, I don’t care about who’s bringing the Dolphins or what the cheap-skate cruise-shippers, or the lack of fore-sight DOT, or the let’s complain now Tourism Association, or the inept ruling party of the Government, thinks.


    I am only interested in helping those that need help, by Whatever Means Necessary


    Yes Dolphin Tharapy is real. Ignorance is not Bliss, it’s just Ignorance.


    You, Anon, must flee from hate, and envy… and embrace the positive…


    It’s happened, get over it. Let us now try to make something good out of it.


    I know THEY didn’t think of the philanthropy behind their venture, but I did.


    so please don’t class me as dolphin supporter or whatever…


    I am just the Jedi Dread. However, Anon, you may address me as Master Jedi.



  9. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I really must concede that sonophoresis theory is a reality and that it does exist. How well it works seems to be another discussion. Obviously as a dolphin supporter you must think that the 2 Caymanians who brought them here would actually use them for such philanthropic work.

    Now who is wearing the blindfold?

    Perhaps the cruise shippers will be taught the finer points of sonophoresis theory as part of their 40 minute sessions. or call it therapy and charge more?




  10. Anonymous says:

    The LOVE of money is the root of ALL EVIL! And obviously Mr. Crighton doesn’t see past that!!! But the bible also says…a fool and his money shall soon be parted……I just hope none of these poor dolphins have to die before the fool and his money are parted!!!….This was a very bad choice for the Cayman Islands…

  11. Jedi Dread says:

    Dogs and Dolphins… Apples and Oranges.

    Research and state your facts please.. the resaon Dolphin therapy works is due to the phenomenon known as sonophoresis.


    Sonophoresis — is the increasing of enzymes’ and special hormones’ stream, penetrating through cells’ membranes as the result of cavitation under the influence of ultrasound.


    Sonophoresis (as a result of dolphin’s ultrasonic echolocation influence) causes positive chemical and electrical changes in organisms within participants of Dolphin Therapy.


    You people love your blindfolds, eh?


    Wake up and Live.


    Master Jedi


  12. Anonymous says:

    To the author of "On a positive note", dogs are also used as a positive therapeutic tool and achieve the same benefits you mention in your contribution. As a domesticated animal they are much safer in this role and are not artifically maintained and stressed in an unnatural environment.


  13. Frequent visitor says:

    Best way to not support the capture ofdolphins is to not go and see them imprisoned. Let the almighty dollar speak volumes in this aspect.

  14. Jedi Dread says:

    On a more positive note….

    The Dolphins are here so y’all have to stop griping and groaning. You cannot cry over spilled milk and change the past.

    You can, however, concentrate your energy in a positive manner and see if they are any benefits to having these Majestic Creatures in our backyard.

    The one benefit that I can see, is Dolphin Therapy, for those with Special Needs.. there are critics out there who constantly rebuttle this type of therapy, but the fact remains, the results are outstanding and cannot be refutted.

    We have many, many cases in Cayman of people with Special Needs, that are constantly being ignored.

    Results noticed
    · Strong emotional change
    · Children calm down
    · Improved communication
    · Increased attention span
    · Increased confidence and self esteem
    · Improved gross or fine motor skills
    · Better co-ordination
    · Better eye contact, smiling, laughing, touching
    · Better immune system.

    Conditions that may respond to dolphin therapy
    Neurological disorders, autism, Down’s syndrome, global developmental delay, ADHD, pain relief for spinal injuries, muscular paralysis, and depression.

    More here —

    Dolphins as Therapeutic Healers

    It’s nice to cry about the Dolphins, but can we start to cry about Humanity for a little now???

    "When one door is closed, Many more is open" – The Right Honourable Robert Nesta Marley

    – Jedi Dread –




  15. Andy Buck says:

     This is a letter I wrote to another news outlet :

    As a long time visitor to the beautiful Cayman Islands, I’m sorry to see the opening of these two tourist attractions, dolphinariums.

    I have been willing to spend more money on airfare and lodging and spend more time traveling in order to enjoy the beauty, peace and safety of your Islands. My children have spent their childhood years growing up in your shores.

    Now with the new and "improved" Turtle Farm, Dolphin Discovery and Dolphin Cove Cayman I may as well go to Disney.

    The reason there are repeat overnight visitors to the Cayman Islands is exactly the reason that is being impacted…No circus atmosphere.

    What’s next? Casinos? Roller coasters? I’m sad to see this happening  

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have been to Boatswain Beach twice in the last two weeks due to visitng overseas family and my husband and I cannot stop telling our friends about it… How awful it actually is!  I keep trying to give it a chance and come up empty.  From the minute you try to check in, the two ladies who have been there for the past three years still do NOT have a clue how to take cash or a credit cards, no prices are posted, it was laughable and both times it took over ten minutes to pay for (3) people. 

    The cruise ship TOURISTS with the green wrist bans are only allowed to see the turtle tanks, no more.  Because, heaven forbid they acutally see the concrete lagoon, a swimming pool, 2  sharks, and actually BUY a Caybrew during their 35 minute bus stop!?!  The economies of scale are simple…..either charge 8,000 tourists $25+ each for a Lame experience and they walk away feeling robbed (THIS IS THE REACTION OF THE PEOPLE I HAVE SEEN THERE!) OR….charge $10 for parking and receive FULL ACCESS and get 25,000-50,000 people  annually who may actually say it was worth a trip.  Sadly, I think the only value would be if it was open to the public (perhaps restrict it to visitors only).  Now to see this horrible mistake deing duplicated with Dolphins?!?  I’m ashamed to say I’m from Cayman and think that the greedy local businessmen and politicians are complete morons.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It’s horrible and cruel and sad.    It’s bad enough at the Turtle Farm that you see how overly crowded it is in the lake and pools with Turtles, now we’re going to abuse Dolphins.  The abuse of animals on this island is disgusting.

  18. Anonymous says:

    A sad sad day for Cayman.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The bizarre and complete contradiction in the Cayman Islands marketing of their tourism product is shown with the addition of the captive dolphin program. The Cayman Islands as the premiere dive location, environmentally aware, home of the Scuba Diving Hall of Fame as well as the marine park system with replenishment zones on one hand and the captive dolphin program which represents a complete contradiction in current marine environmental philosophy with a number of countries actually banning exactly what Cayman is now doing with captive dolphins.

    The truly amazing thing is that the government is not horrified by this policy contradiction.

  20. Anonymous says:

    First of all, Twyla, BOREDOM is not the reason there are so many accidents in Cayman.  Your assumption is erroneous & has no substance to back it up. Poor driving practices combined with disposable income is a more likely reason. Please indulge me and look around our region….. how many young people even *have* a car much less have the resources to funnel into "tricking it out"? I must say I’d love to have the funds to get one of those gargantuan mufflers so everyone within a 12 block radius can hear me coming; perhaps I’ll ask Santa.

    Furthermore, Twyla Vargas, I sincerely hope you are a teenager and THAT IS THE REASON YOU FEEL THE NEED TO TYPE LIKE THIS. It’s highly annoying & I couldn’t bear to read your entire post. I bet you’ll read all of mine though : )

    People do not need to "lighten up" as you put it. Mr. Adam is 100% right and the fact that dolphins have been brought in without a business license secured is rather cocky of the owners. One has to wonder if the veterinarian(s) in question have already taken their positions, or if that has been assumed as well.

    Mr. Crighton (that is the correct spelling, not Creighton) is trying to make a profit – bring some bread home for the family, just like every other father/husband/son, etc. However, I do not see the need for this facility in Cayman. It is my sincere hope that over time Dolphin Discovery will also serve as a rehabilitation facility partly due to exposure generated about the species through this program.

    P.S. Twyla, don’t take my post too personal…. I do agree with you that television is ruining our children though : )

    • Twyla M Vargas says:

      Dear Anonymous writer,

      I am a senior citizen, not a teenager,  a Caymanian born and bred.  Proud of my name I can happily sign to every letter, which half of cayman knows, by my work and contribution to this Community. .  I am also very smart, witty, intelligent, spiritual and a child of God.  I do not know where you have been living, but it sure aint cayman Islands, that you have never heard of Twyla Vargas.

      I feel so very happy  that I have a name you can respond to, mine, But on the other hand I am so sorry you choose to direct your letter at me instead of the issue at hand., but that is also expected  if you are not happy. 

        Your views concerning the dolphins are yours and no one can take that from you, Mr or Mrs Anonymous.  Do you know your response is not worth the paper it was written on unless you identify yourself.  State your case,, but try to be  nice in doing so.  God Bless

  21. Anonymous says:

    When God gave man dominion over the world, I am not sure this was the kind of thing He had in mind.

  22. Marek says:

    These dolphins cost $250,000 each and hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to ensure that they are treated properly and healthy and while I might agree that swimming in the open ocean is more favorable than being in a giant swimming pool… I am OK with this business for the following reason.

    Tens of thousands of people who come to Cayman will see and ‘fall in love’ with these dolphins and in the process it will make them very aware of how these animals are mistreated and abused by fishing fleets.

    Every single person who visits ‘our’ dolphins will become an activist for the human treatment of all dolphins … everywhere.


    West Bay


  23. Anonymous says:

    This is a sad day for Cayman and our country’s tourism industry.  It’s a display of poor judgment,  despite all the evidence out there that (a) it’s inhumane and (b) our long term visitors, the overnight stayers, and ones who spend the money on accommodation, car rentals, general goods, etc. DON’T WANT the dolphins here. 

    Read the papers and you’ll see letters from those who are reconsidering their future trips to Cayman (even though they’ve come year after year after year) because we as a country have now allowed the captive dolphin into our country as a form of cheap, circus like entertainment. 

    Money in the pocket of a few, from the uneducated and ignorant , will not benefit our country as a whole.  Those who care about the Cayman Islands and enjoy our natural beauty and environment are now starting to choose other places to visit.  Other places that have taken a stand in protecting what’s natural and not allowing their country to turn into a carnival. 

    Wake up Cayman – just another example of how we do a great job at shooting ourselves in the foot!  Don’t support the captive dolphin facilities.  If dolphins wanted to be here, or were supposed to be here from an environmental perspective, we’d see them in our seas all the time, not in a concrete water pit where they can’t dive, swim at high speeds, etc.  Yes, they pass through from time to time, but the point is that this is not their natural environment, won’t be their natural environment, and they will not thrive in these captive facilities no matter how fancy the owners want to say the’ve made them.  Fancy systems won’t fix the fact that it’s not the open water, the ocean, the dolphins home, their natural habitat.

    Do your own research to form your own opinion.  Check out how many times Shamu at Sea World has died.  Dolphins in captivity aren’t worth the ‘dollar’ of the few —- we, the average Caymanians, won’t ever see the benefit.  The money the few will earn from this venture will go to their pocket – is it worth the sacrifice? I guess to them it is. What about you?  Don’t go and give them your dollar or your company’s dollar if you don’t think it’s right.

    A real shame.

  24. Twyla M Vargas says:


    • Anonymous says:

      wow… To say that the reason for Cayman’s many road accidents is because people are running to and fro like crazy on our roads looking for something to do??? Get real. Careless driving, driving under the influence, immaturity and lack of respect for others are mostly the reasons for accidents on our roads.

      There’s lots to do in Cayman…. And I don’t think even if you are ‘bored’ in Cayman, what you’d do is jump in your car to drive crazy searching for something to do. Going out on the road has nothing to do with whether or not you’re driving crazy. People are too quick to say they’re bored.

      What people need to do more is travel to other countries so our people can appreciate Cayman more. See what else is out there and know what positive changes would benefit us and what things won’t. There are some things in Cayman we need to leave just as they are.

      We don’t have tochange everything to be just like other places… Uniqueness can be a good thing… Though in Cayman it seems we’re taught more to fit in rather than to stand out.

      TV ruining our children?…no not really. There are many educational shows on tv…. It’s poor parenting, lazy parenting, and sticking a kid in front of a tv without caring what’s on just and too much focus on material things that’s ruining our children. Lack of Responsibility and accountability is what’s ruining our children. Not teaching them what’s right and what’s wrong, is what’s ruining our children. taking the easy road of parenting and not teaching our kids consequences for actions is ruining our children. If nothing good for kids is on tv at the time, go outside with them to play. Play a card game. Paint. Don’t go to watch a poor penned up dolphin that rather be swimming freely in the ocean. Dolphins in captivity won’t teach our kids respect for nature… Going out and snorkelling in our seas, going to our botanic park and the like would.

      • dazed and confused says:

        slightly off the topic of this news story… agreed that driving issues here mainly are the result of carelessness… (passing where there is clearly not space to do so and such) sitting here reading the rants of green animal rights activists, i must wonder how many of them have a little fish tank in their homes!!?? or a dog penned up in their yard… or a little canary in a cage….. perhaps they should let them all loose!!! As for the great billy adam, protector of the dolphin… i seem to remember a small book and toy store when i was a young boy having fish and birds for sale… how much money was made off these CAPTIVE creatures???

  25. Anonymous says:

    It is tragic and part of the demise of the Caymanian culture. Cayman is selling out to the cruise ship tourists and turning the country into a Caribbean version of Seaworld. The irony is that it is being done by Caymanians.

  26. Anonymous says:
    I personally DO NOT like the idea of having a captive dolphinarium in Cayman! In my opinion it is a cruel and inhumane act to encage a gentle creature, like the Dlophins, in a pen for the sole purpose of "entertainment" and the almighty dollar.
    We have taken these dolphins out of their natural habit, and locked them in a pen to simply swim around in circles day in and day out! I admit that when I was a child I vistied Sea World and thought it quite amusing to see Dolphins and Whales up close, but now that I am older I would rather see these creatures have their Freedom and live in peace. Also, I have seen the size of the pool at the Dolphin Discovery Center and consider it too small for the dolphins to live in. PLEASE, let us re-consider our values, and decide if we will protect life or the almighty dollar!!!
  27. Anonymous says:

    Its a sad day for the Cayman Islands to actively take part in an industry that many countries prohibit because of its cruelty and abuse to animals.

    Money, I suppose, is really the only thing you need to get what you want these days in my country.