Serious fall at work site

| 09/12/2008

(CNS): The Department of Employment Relations (DER) is now investigating a workplace incident after a man fell from scaffolding on the fourth floor at a condo construction site on the West Bay Road. Police who responded to the scene of the accident said that the man is in a serious condition with head injuries and a fractured hip but that his life is not thought to be in danger. Unconfirmed reports from witnesses, made to CNS, stated that the man fell directly onto a concrete slab.

The incident took place on Monday morning (8 December) at the site of the Renaissance development, a seven storey luxury condo project by Butler Properties on the beach side of the north end of West Bay Road. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) said the 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call at around 8:50 am reporting that an employee had fallen from scaffolding on the fourth floor of the building

Police and medics responded to the scene and found a man with serious injuries, including a fractured right hip and head injuries. The man, a Jamaican national in his thirties, was taken to hospital. The DER, which was also informed of the incident, sent an officer to conduct a health and safety investigation. The construction site was closed to allow officers to process the scene. The RCIPS said the matter was not considered suspicious and was handed over to the DER.

The fall comes just weeks before the new builders bill will be enforced within the local community. Steve Hawley, President of Cayman Contractors Association, confirmed that the regulations for the bill have now been approved and the first meeting of the board, which has also been appointed, would likely to be in the first week of January to begin the process of implementation.

The bill will regulate the construction industry through the licencing of contractors who will now be issued a licence to trade under this law rather than a Trade and Business license. Under the new law all contractors and builders will be licensed under various categories according to their skills and will be held to specific standards.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel real sorry for this young man as thirties is still young.  my sympathies and prayers to him for a speedy recovery and a future life with no pain because of this in Jesus name i pray.  i hope they will now provide for and make all those who risk their lives going up on scaffoldings to wear the safety harness so they can’t fall to the ground like that.  and i hope the guys who work these jobs to not be annoyed to have to wear the safety harnesses and clip and unclip them when they move etc.  It’s better to be annoyed than to fall for sure.  So, i really hope now no one else works on scaffoldings without safety harnesses.  Each life is very precious and valuable. No one is just a number.  Each one has their families.  Just like they say in driving "Buckle Up". It could save your life.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a personal friend of this young man and I must say "to God be the glory for sparing his life".  He has a long way to go with regards to surgeries, recoveries etc.  Each day he’s encouraged to never ask God "why him" but just to continue giving the Almighty thanks for giving him days to be able to offer praise and thanksgiving.  

      He’s alert and talking to persons who visit or call.  Hospital staff are doing a marvelous job with keeping him "pain free" and they are extremely  happy with the progress he has made since his accident.

      I would like to encourage persons to continue praying for him as this incident has and will bring about great changes to his life.