Drowning victim found

| 12/12/2008

(CNS): Update 5:20 pm Friday – Detective Chief Inspector Peter Kennett, who is coordinating the search for Ian Cummings, has released a statement that a body has been found that is thought to be him. “Human remains have been recovered from the area of Moon Bay. It is not possible to make an identification but it is strongly suspected to be the body of Ian Cummings,” he said. “A post mortem will take place tomorrow and attempts will be made to confirm identification by DNA.” Kennet said that the victim’s’s family was aware of developments to date.

Divers are still continuing to search the area for Ian Cummings who was reported missing at sea on Wednesday, 10 December, during a fishing trip in the Moon Bay area. In a release earlier today, Kennett explained that he had enlisted help from the local dive community.

“Divers from three local companies, Sunset Divers, Red Sail Sports and Ocean Frontiers, have kindly volunteered to assist police in carrying out an underwater search in the Moon Bay area. This will be coordinated by police aboard the Defender,” Kennett said. “If Ian is not found, then helicopter Rescue 1 will again be launched in conjunction with Defender to try and find his body.”

Cummings (36) was reported missing on Wednesday night after the boat he was in capsized whilst on a fishing trip in the Moon Bay area. The 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call at around 10 pm from a man who had been out fishing with Cummings. He explained that they had both been fishing in Bodden Town in the Moon Bay area where Cummings lived when the boat capsized. Cummings started swimming to shore leaving the other man with the boat for a short while before he was forced to abandon the boat and made his way to shore, but Cummings could not be found.

Police and medics attended the scene and a search of the area by Marine and Air Support Units and foot patrols was conducted but had to be called off at 2:45 am on Thursday, 11 December, due to worsening weather conditions.

Kennett said yesterday that the helicopter and jet skis were out for hours on Wednesday night in an effort to try and find Cummings. “The search resumed at first light by sea, in the air and on land, but there’s no sight of him and we have recovered the boat. I think there is little doubt that Ian has tragically drowned. I can’t see any other logical explanation. The currents are very strong and treacherous in this area.”

The RCIPS said it extends its condolences to Ian’s family and friends.


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  1. Val Strang says:

    He said he wanted to die at sea

    Ian told me that, aged twenty three

    But thirty six is much too soon

    To loose his life in the light of the moon


    A kind and helpful, happy lad

    His passing on is oh, so sad

    Out on Bahari he taught us a lot

    This son of The Isles That Time Forgot


    Ian Cummings we shall not forget

    Fishing heavy seas, getting soaking wet

    His keenness for fishing all hours of the day

    So sad for his life to end this way.


    Love from The Strang Family.


  2. Paul Tyler says:

    Such sad news, used to pick plums and guineps with him as kids in Newlands, such a good person. He passed me news that my parents were ok after Ivan hit. Will miss him, godspeed April.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Cummings.

    I would also like to thank those divers from the 3 local dive companies who performed the search and recovery of the remains.

    It is a difficult task and a service to the community.

  4. s ebanks says:

    Very sad times for the Cummings Family and Cayman and no time for questions or blame to be asked or laid. but How can a man be found in the same spot his boat capsized by civilians and not by the Marine police who were "riding jetskis". If appears to me if the public doesn’t get out there and act these days, things do not get done just like in the recent murder. I tell you one thing though some folks love to grab the headlines. Once again my condolences to the Cummings family and friends.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is very sad, The body of Ian Hugh Cummings was found Friday afternoon at sea and was taken to the pier at Frank Sound.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mr Cummings body has been located At Moon Bay in the immediate area that the boat capsized by friends. Rest in peace Ian. My condolences to DR Cummings and his Family.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very sad day, just found out that Ian’s body was found in the channel submerged. My condolonses to his family, he was a very nce person.