Body to undergo DNA tests

| 15/12/2008

(CNS): Police have confirmed this morning (15 December)  that a post mortem has been conducted on the human remains found in the area of Moon Bay on Friday 12 December. Although believed to be the body of Ian Cummings, who was reported missing at sea on the night of Wednesday 10 December, this has not yet been confirmed. Detective Chief Inspector Peter Kennett (left), who is leading the inquiry, said that while there are some indications that the body is that of Cummings, DNA tests would be carried out over the next few days to confirm the identity.

The body was found by local divers who were assisting police in the search for Cummings throughout Friday. The search first began on Wednesday evening when Cummings (36) was reported missing after the boat he was in capsized. The 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call at around 10 pm from a man who had been out fishing with Cummings. He explained that after the boat capsized Cummings started swimming to shore leaving the other man with the boat for a short while before he was forced to abandon it and made his way to shore, but Cummings could not be found.

Police and medics attended the scene and a search of the area by Marine and Air Support Units and foot patrols began but had to be called off at 2:45 am on Thursday, 11 December, due to worsening weather conditions. The search resumed at first light by sea, in the air and on land, but there’s no sight of Cummins. The boat however was recovered and police concluded that he had tragically drowned.

“I can’t see any other logical explanation. The currents are very strong and treacherous in this area,” Kennett said on Thursday. The remains were then discovered in the Moon Bay area when divers from three local firms volunteered to assist. The RCIPS said it extends its condolences to Ian’s family and friends.

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  1. Ziri says:

    I spoke to Ian on Tuesday night. He worked late and came from his mom house for dinner. We talked on the phone on his way home. He spoke about his dinner and was anxious about having his daughter for christmas. He aslo mentioned that he might fo fishing the next day depending on the weather because it was a small boat and the water might be rough. I told him to be careful.. I still cannot believe this has happened.. I am praying that the body they found is not Ian and that Ian is still out there alive… I am so going to miss him..I was looking forward to going to Grand Cayman next month and now I am sooo sad…Mrs. Cummings, Ian spoke about you and the family all the time..He was such a sweetheart