Still no flights for Honduras

| 18/12/2008

(CNS): Passengers stranded as a result of Atlantic Airways’ failure to operate its scheduled flights into Honduras are still waiting to go home. Although Rollins Air was hoping to lift the passengers, problems with both Cayman Airways and the Honduran government have prevented any flights from leaving. CAL said yesterday that it is still working on obtaining authorization from the Honduran government to operate scheduled charter flights into and out of the city of La Ceiba.

"These scheduled charters were set to begin tomorrow, December 18th, 2008, but because of matters beyond our control we have removed them from our schedule until further notice," said CAL CEO Designate Olson Anderson. He added that when permission was obtained CAL would make their charter schedule known to the general public.

Around two hundred people have reportedly been stranded as a result of the problems Atlantic Air has with the government in Honduras and the loss of its operating licence. CAL also appears to be encountering various problems. Earlier this week the Rollins Air representative Romellia Welcome said CAL had reneged on promises to help fly out the stranded Atlantic Air passengers. Cayman Airways strongly denied the allegations and said Rollins Air had not provided the proper documentation in time in order for CAL to provide the aircraft.

Since then CAL has been attempting to organise a charter flights to the Central American country but issues remain regarding permission from the Honduran government and between CAL and Rollins Air which intends not only to act as CAL’s handling agent in Honduras but is also seeking permission from the Cayman Islands Civil Aviation Authority to operate a regular service to and from La Ceiba.

In an open letter to Andersen, Roy Lowey, on behalf of Rollins Air, has stated that the paperwork and documentation was all in order and the paperwork request to Cayman Airways for ground handling and to the governing authorities had been submitted in a timely manner. “Additionally, an official from Cayman Airways has inspected the Rollins Air facilities and ground support equipment in Honduras, approved them so Rollins Air can provide similar ground handling services for Cayman Airways in Honduras,” Lowery wrote. “As one professional to another I ask that you to kindly look into and review thismatter on behalf of all involved, especially for those who I understand are currently stranded in Grand Cayman.” 

Many of these passengers have been stranded for more than three weeks and have turned up at the Legislative Assembly twice demanding help to return home.



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  1. Anonymous says:
    1. i want to no what time the plane will start to fly we all have family in honduras the bay islands
  2. Anonymous says:

    My guess would be that if CAL starts to fly to La Ceibe, they will end up with an aircraft and/or crew detained at some stage. While the route would seem to have potential, I think that for CAL it will be more headaches that benefits. CAL has a hard time as it is dealing with their current routes.

    • Charles Ebanks says:

      If CAL can pick Washington as a route (with VERY few passengers actually flying it), LaCeiba would appear to be a rational decision.  Not that I’m endorsing LaCeiba, but Chicago and Washington aren’t exactly doing well in bookings (it must cost the government, oops, I meant the taxpayers, a fortune PER PASSENGER CARRIED to fly those routes. 


  3. Anonymous says:

    Why is Cayman News Services publishing false information, Atlanatic Airlines resumed flight this past Monday.

  4. Jedi Dread says:

    The hold-up is with CIAA… Rollins is requesting recriprical treatment in Cayman in regards to Aircraft Opertors and Handling Licenses.

    Minister’s, where is your Authority in this matter?

    I suppose, hidden away, with all the shares from the Utility Company.

    Hey, before you jump all over me, they dit it, not me.

    – Jedi Dread –

  5. Charles Ebanks says:

    The passengers should demand a refund from their original ticketing agency and then buy scheduled service option via MIA (Cayman Airways or American) connecting to TACA or American into Honduras.   Why saddle Cayman Airways with any responsibility for this?