Operators risk passenger safety at Sand Bar

| 19/12/2008

(CNS): Police said today (Friday) that the Marine Unit is currently considering taking action against a number of operators who were found on the Sand Bar on Thursday, December 18 whilst it was pronounced closed. While the Sand Bar was reopened this morning as weather conditions improved, police said that yesterday captains should not have taken passengers out.

Police explained that the Sand Bar was closed for several days due to bad weather causing large waves to crash across the area. “Weather of this nature is not only a danger for persons in the water handling the stingrays but also causes vessels to pull their anchors, drift onto the Sand Bar and crash into each other,” the RCIPS said.

This is the time of the year that the North Sound is busiest; unfortunately this is also the time of year that weather conditions are often unsuitable for persons to be at the Sand Bar. All agencies involved try to work with the tour operators as best they can, sometimes allowing for a limited amount of boats there at a time.

Other snorkel areas near to the Sand Bar are still suitable for snorkeling most of the time, so those areas we will allow them to do so. Also, conditions may improve throughout the day in order that it may be opened for part of the day.

 “There are a small amount of tour operators working with the RCIPS to ensure that it is fair to all concerned; however our primary concern will always be people’s safety. So far, the cooperation from most operators has been good,” police added.

Any captain who puts his passengers in danger by taking them out into conditions of that nature may find his actions to be considered reckless and negligent.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If nothing is done the irresponsible behavior will continue and some tourist or tourists will die and the the reputation for the Cayman Islands tourism product will be severely damaged.

    These greedy boat owners risked the lives of the tourists for their own gain, shame on them.