Atlantic Air says it is back in service

| 21/12/2008

(CNS): In the last few weeks several hundred passengers seeking to fly to Honduras have been stranded in the Cayman Islands because of the failure of Atlantic Airlines to operate its regular service to and from the central American country. The airline has now announced it is back in business despite what it described as misinformation by its potential competitors.

Following the airlines suspension of flights to La Cebia both Rollins Air a charter operator and local flag carrier Cayman Airways have both being looking at ways to fill the vacuum created by what was believed to be Atlantis’s demise. However, Atlantic Air asserts its demise has been greatly exaggerated. The airline said that despite the rumours raised by what it called “its intentioned competitors attempting to mis-inform the public in the hopes of absconding with routes traditionally dominated by Atlantic Airlines”, it was back in business.

“Given the market stress in our industry in the past few months, Atlantic Airlines International decided to take the initiative and re-design itself to better serve its loyal customers and the public at large,” said (Bill) A. Lara VP Planning & Marketing.

“Our commitment to excellence and foresight forced us through some abrupt changes that may have inconvenienced some of our passengers as we re-adjusted for the times. And it is for these inconveniences that we apologize to our customer base.”

He added that the airline’s efforts had paid off handsomely and that with the upgraded services, routes and equipment being implemented by Atlantic Airlines during 2009, it would be able to serve the public for many years to come.

Thanking the staff in Grand Cayman, Lara said they had endured some difficult days.

The trouble began when an angry crowd gathered outside both the Atlantic Airlines offices and the Legislative Assembly demanding assistance to get home after rumours that Atlantic had gone bankrupt began to circulate. Rollins Air and Cayman Airways were drawn into the dispute as neither airline seemed able to help get the passengers home because of issues withpaperwork and documentation. CAL is now considering the route but has had its hands burned flying in to La Ceiba before.

Lara said the airline welcomes professional competition such as that of Cayman Airlines and their excellent staff. “Their professional attitude has prompted us to fully support their Honduras operation. And we are also very happy to announce that Atlantic Airlines International will back Cayman Airways’ application to operate to the Honduran Government, at any time now or in the future that they may choose to apply,” he said.

Lara also noted that Atlantic Airlines International is not affiliated in any way nor has any kind or business relationship with Rollins Air. “Both Atlantic Airlines International and Rollins Air are distinct, separate and, completely unrelated corporations,” Lara added.

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  1. Charles Ebanks says:

    Mr. Lara’s explanation has no merit; ‘redesign itself’ is a vague reference to either airworthiness of it’s aircraft, financial reorganization, or the like.  Having flown on Atlantic before, the aircraft are old, maintenance procedures would be in question, and the reliability has been and most recently WAS POOR. 

    Is this a safe airline?  Have the Caymanian authorities done due diligence in checking their safety records?  Those are VERY old airplanes.