Cayman fuels profits for DHL

| 29/12/2008

(CNS): Theinternational delivery and logistics company DHL Express has announced a 22 percent revenue growth in its fastest growing product, Import Express Worldwide — a door-to-door service in the Caribbean. The highest activity for imports using the service was in the Cayman Islands, the Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Jamaica and French Territories in America, where the product registered a 22% average growth rate, the firm said.

The company reported that the growth has been primarily driven by the increase in imports in the technology industry as well as in other sectors, including third-party import-exports and automotive. The top two DHL Express import trade partners for the Caribbean are the United States and France.

"This growth in imports indicates that businesses in the Caribbean have embraced the speed, reliability, security and simplicity offered by the solution and still have enormous potential for more growth," stated Jaime Hooker, Vice President of DHL Express Caribbean. "Twenty-two percent growth is both amazing and encouraging because it signifies how different countries and industries have adopted this service. In times of economic uncertainty, businesses must utilize and take advantage of efficient resources and tools to their maximum capacity."

Import Express enables customers to send or receive documents and packages of any size, weight or value to and from 120,000 destinations around the world. Using Import Express is very simple: customers only need to open an Import Express account number, which provides all routing order instructions. When submitting an order, DHL Express takes care of each step in the process — from pick-up to delivery. Once the shipment is underway, easy track and trace is available at every touch point throughout the transfer.

"The Caribbean has always been a region with enormous economic potential since it imports twice as much as it exports," said Steve Garside, Commercial Director of DHL Express Caribbean. "Import Express Worldwide is our fastest-growing product because customers from over 220 countries enjoy the simplicity and control of one point of contact, one fixed price, and one invoice in their local currency for all their door-to-door import requirements."


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