Brac independent called UDP

| 06/05/2009

(CNS): A PPM minister at a political rally on Cayman Brac assured the crowd that independent candidate for the district, Lyndon Martin, was in fact a member of the opposition party. Calling the UDP liars and McKeeva Bush “a deadly man”, Arden McLean said, “They will do anything to get their two candidates elected up here…Don’t you be fooled by them, it’s not only one.” In front of a noisy crowd outside Kirkconnell’s Market to support PPM incumbent Moses Kirkconnell (left), McLean also promised to pave the main roads, provide piped water throughout the island,and sort out the dump if he returned as Minister for Works.

The only speaker among three ministers and three backbenchers to talk about the UDP, the “Action Man”, who had been all but invited to join the UDP at an opposition rally on the island a few weeks earlier, said the UDP “will do anything to get power… One thing you have not heard is that there was any corruption with anyone here. And I can stand in front of everybody and don’t have to worry which of them is taking 10% behind me.”

On the other hand, there was a note of praise for UDP incumbent Juliana O’Connor–Connolly for her role in the post-Paloma recovery. McLean said Kirkconnell had been very supportive of his clean-up efforts, but added, “I must say the other one has been, too.”

As Minister of Works and Infrastructure, McLean suspended post-Paloma clean-up operations on the Brac after a fire mid-December destroyed a tub grinder being used to grind debris from the hurricane. Immediately referring to the incident as “a senseless act of vandalism”, though the fire appears to have been an accident, he recalled around 30 Department of Environmental Health staff back to Grand Cayman.

Talking to Brackers at the election rally, McLean claimed there was much work to be done on the dump, and much debris to be processed. He said “the clean-up guys” would be back by Wednesday (today), and said how proud he was of Cayman Brackers and that they were as resilient as the people of East End.

“I am going to commit to you,” he told the people to much applause, “that when I become the Minister for Works again, two things is going to happen in this community: One, water is going to be put throughout this island, and number two, I am going to pave every main road in this island.”

He said he was committed to resolving the disposal of municipal waste in this country and to finding alternative method of disposal. He had been prevented from returning to the Brac to discuss the environmental impact study on the new landfill on the Bluff because of Paloma in November, he explained, but said the island would either have its own mini-processing plant for waste or it would be shipped to Grand Cayman to be processed there. Waste-to-energy was the key, he said. (Right: Mini Mt Trashmore – the view from the road at Public Beach)

Minister for Tourism, Environment, Investment and Commerce, Charles Clifford, noted the work of the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau on the island in nurturing small business, which was tied to the work of the CI Development Bank – both initiatives that had been implemented on the island during his ministry at the urging of Kirkconnell.

He said that while the CIDB had a regular presence here over here on monthly basis, Kirkconnell had been pushing for a dedicated office properly staffed on Cayman Brac, and announced that this was, in fact, the next step. Since it had been established on the Brac, the bank had approved and granted 11 mortgages, six debt consolidation loans, ten small business loans and three students loans – a total disbursement of CI$2.2million, the minister said. It had also put a moratorium in place on loan payments after Paloma to help people get back on their feet.

Highlighting help given to Brackers since the hurricane, Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts said government had funded three teams of Atlantic Star Construction crews, which had complete some 57 project and had around 12 more projects to do. The committee set up to assess applications for rebuilds and repairs has already processed 287 applications, for which $3.6 million was committed, and they were now looking at another 145 application.

The three ministers and two PPM back benchers, Lucille Seymour and Osbourne Bodden,repeatedly referred to MLA Moses Kirkconnell’s persistence in lobbying for Cayman Brac. And though there is no practical difference between being first and second elected member for the district, there was a constant encouragement to make the PPM representative the former. Tibbetts urged supporters to use only one of their two votes on election day and to vote ‘yes’ for the Constitution in the referendum.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Look at the colours on the signs.  He is a UDP.  He still has their ideologies and their inability to perform.   How can one consider such a person in these times?  There is only one candidate whoshould win a seat.  The others should sit down and take notes… in 4 years… if they’ve done their research they can rejoin the race.  The choice is clear… sure is unfortunate that there has to be two seats.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We only had one active MLA for the last 4 year and the Brac did alright . I don’t see that there is a need for change.

  3. Anonymous says:

    True, but no matter how many signs are plastered are around the island the facts remain the same. One candidate is a convicted criminal who did little when he had the chance.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh Boy!

    How sad! money can do everything … to change people’s minds.
  5. Anonymous says:

    Come on People!!!

    The island desperately needs to see true leadership.  For too many years we have all been held back by Julianna preaching socialism and Lyndon was standing right by her side. 

    If you work for something, it’s yours!!! We should not be willing to give up what we earned.  Here we have people telling us that its the rich people or certain others that have kept the poor people down.  When I wanted something I wanted it.  I didn’t wait for some rich person or politician to give it to me.  That way, I know what I have I have earned it.  Only people with no pride or dignity would blame their misfortune on a wealthy person.  Someone told me today that if "that politician thinks I’m going to give up what I’ve worked till retirement for she is sadly mistaken."  I have to agree!  This elderly man earned it and deserves to keep it.  If she is preaching anything to those who are struggling she should teach them how to get qualifications an certifications so that in a short period of time they will be able to fill the jobs needed instead of foreigners.

    It is time Brackers stood up and send a clear message.  We want to earn our belongings.   We don’t want to take from somebody who has earned it we want to earn it ourselves and have a real sense of pride.

    I for one know who can help us all be successful.  He has been doing it for more than the last four years.  He has been visible and present over the last 4 years.  He has given more than his share and he has always delivered what he said he would.

    The decision is easy… mark your x for the man who has helped us all.

    Stay blessed!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree Cayman Brac needs a team but not that team. We need people who work the full 4 years of their term and not only the 8 months before election time. Moses does not have to play second fiddle anyone. Nor does he need anyone to speak for him. Both parties want him on their side and the independents want to work with him. It is obvious from the last 4 years of acclomplishments who is a leader.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I support Mose and Julie forming their own little team for the Brac. They worked well together after ‘Paloma’, Moses could be the little man working on the ground (he is quite and more lreserved) and Julie could be the voice for them both (she is more articulated at getting her points across). What do you say Brackers – a new team for the Brac?

    • Anonymous says:

      You must be kidding! 

      Moses has been the one to make it all happen over the last 4 years and Julie has been silent, missing in action.  If he had to depend on her to talk we’d have nothing, just like when she was partnered with Lyndon.

      Too bad there isn’t someone else running that would be a partner for Moses, really be committed to workin for us for the next 4 years.  As I see it, it’s gonna all be on Moses shoulders, AGAIN.

    • Quincy Brown says:

      Yes… a new team for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman! 2 seats… 4 candidates…. Moses Kirkconnell and Lyndon Martin will represent the people of the Sister Islands 2009-2013!  I am asking all Brackers and Little Caymanians to keep the progress moving forward.  Vote on May 20th.  Get your free copy of the draft constitution and read it.  If there is something you don’t understand— then let’s discuss it.  DO NOT vote NO for the constitution just because you don’t understand it.  One candidate is saying vote NO— yet the Church that that candidate is a member of is IN SUPPORT OF THIS DRAFT CONSTITUTION along with the CMA.

      It’s time for change… Experience you can trust… Unity and Opportunity….

      Quincy Brown.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Question Brackers – should we go with the one man one vote scenario. Who will agree to that?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I would be happy to use both of my votes is only the was a second person that I could feel good about voting for.  As it is I will only  vote for #2

  10. Anonymous says:

    Just like it is your democratic right to vote for 2 candidates, it is also your democratic right to vote for only 1 if you feel that there is only 1 that you support.  2 people will get in but it will send a clear message as to who the people really support and want representing them.


    • Anonymous says:

      The reality of two votes is that if we use two, then we are really splitting our vote in half and saying that we support each of them equally 50%/50%. 

      So if you think a candidate is worth 50% of your vote and another candidate the other 50%, then use both votes.  But if not, don’t dilute your vote. 

      I definitely think Mr. Kirkconnell is worth 100% of my vote and I want the rest of the elected members to see that all of the Sister Islands is behind him, so when he goes to battle for us they know they better listen.

      Vote once for No. 2, then vote no more.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Vote for an independent if you want to have chaos.  How can 15 independent candidate, with 15 different ideas be expected to come together with a way forward?  It will take 4 years for them to even come up with one plan that they can promise and of course not deliver.  Has anyone ever thought of that?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Not to defend Arden, he’s more than capable of doing that himself, but I think you have misunderstood what he said regarding Paloma.  He stated that he had been working on the new landfill sight on top of the bluff, in a recessed area, prior to Paloma.  Paloma had hindered him from returning to work at that particular project not from cleaning up.  He pulled his men out after the equipment was destroyed because it was better to utilise them in Grand Cayman, where their equipment was still working than to have them up here doing absolutely nothing.

    I also think you have wrongfully accused him of not doing anything for Cayman Brac.  Look at the equipment that we now have over here.  New trucks, more caymanians with jobs and a landfill that is on the way with the current one being organized albeit overflowing.

    I like his style of getting work done… he’s not afraid to make a decision, not always the best ones but at least he has backbone.  He doesn’t back down from an issue when it needs tackling and claim that he has put"a plan in place" to solve it like all the UDP candidates want to say.  Why is it that we never see any of these plans?


  13. Anonymous says:

    I would not vote for PPM in Grand Cayman either. Moses is a class act who has clearly out performed the rest. Its too bad that there is not another person of his caliber in the race for the Sister Islands regardless of  what their political associations may be.

    • Quincy Brown says:

      Moses Kirkconnell is indeed an action man and gets things done.  Last election he ran as an independent, this 2009 election as a member of the party called PPM.  He has the ability and the potential to be the leader of this party and Leader of Gov’t Business if this is what he wanted and got the support of the other members.  We need Moses Kirkconnell to be the next first elected MLA and Minister for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  I will venture as far as to say Mr. Bush and Mr. Tibbetts may squabble amongst each other about who should be the Cayman Islands’ first Prime Minister or Chief Minister—- If I could, I would vote for The RT. HON. Moses I. Kirkconnell JP, Bsc, MBE.

      That is my opinion…thanks for letting me share.


  14. Annoymous says:

    I agree, Mr. Moses Kirkconnell should go independent.

    Does the Hon. Min. Arden Mclean think that Cayman Brackers are stupid people?  He mentions that the Hurricane Paloma hindered him from returning.  Bull!!!  That hurricane was 6 months ago.  How many flights have flown to Cayman Brac since that time?  I am sure that the Hon. Minister can fly for free!!  IF you would have taken one of those fishing boats you go to 12 or 60 mile bank with on your many fishing expeditions since that time and diverted it to Cayman Brac, I know you would have reached there by now.  Not all people are as stupid as they look – and certainly not Brackers.

    Hon. Mclean with your mentality ‘if they don’t like it etc..’ or ‘its your way or the highway’, well the later statement is coming to haunt you now and it will haunt you on May 20th and hit you on May 21st.

    You thought the equipment was vandalized by PPM supporters and so you spitefully removed 30 workers from cleaning up our island as your way of saying ‘see what i can do’.  Those actions were very stupid moves on your part. 

    Clean up, that picture that has been circulating about the dump speaks a million words, I am proud to say that it took a Cayman Bracker with balls of steel to take that picture and then circulate it.  Kudos to Miss Kerry Tibbetts (Horek).  As a fellow bracker myself. I am honored she took the initiative to do this.  Min. Mclean you and your PPM Govt. should embrace this woman not ignore her for highlighting and putting forward a major short coming in our country.  The Hon. Min. Anthony Eden responded to her picture, why couldn’t you or was it because you didn’t take the picture yourself?  (your way or the highway mentality). 

    I suppose the Bodden Town electorate will give Min. Tony Eden support for his actions for responding as the news stated, as you Min. Mclean was missing in action!!

    Action Man….your Actions have spoken louder than your words…Cayman Brackers don’t need your help, or want it if it is going to come with an attitude.  We have been forgotten about for years by all the Governments that have come before you so do you think it is going to bother us further that we have been ignored by your Ministry.  Hogwash, we don’t really care if you help us or not, because we Cayman Brackers can HELP OURSELVES!!

    I am going to the poles to vote for Mr. Moses Kirkconnell on May 20th and only him but I am not supportive of the PPM I am supportive of my fellow Bracker Moses.  I also hope that the young woman Kerry Tibbetts will start her election campaign to run in the next general elections, because women with her mentality is what we want helping to run this country.

    GO KERRY TIBBETTS FOR 2013!!!  Calling for all Brackers to give her a chance because she has the right attitude for the job.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Oh for goodness sake…enough already. I hope May 20th hurry up and come. PPM got to go. I don’t care for UDP either. We need a new government come May 20th. Vote Lyndon Martin.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think it is very reckless and un-statesman like for Arden or anyone else to ask the Cayman Brac public to throw away one of their votes, that is their democratic right. to vote for two individuals and Cayman Brac is not East End with one elected member. PPM you are shameful bunch and will stop at no length to get elected. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!

    Guess what, no matter what there will be two elected members in Cayman Brac and at least one of them will not be PPM!!

    Fellow Cayman Brackers exercise your votes…all of them. Don’t let Arden or the PPM tell you any differently!


    • People for Realism says:

      So "Reckless", what you are advocating is that we vote simply for the sake of voting?

      If there are not suitable sufficient candidates that you feel are worth voting for in your district, whichever district that may be, then I say vote only for those whom you have confidence in.

      On a similar note, given the lack of suitable candidates, not only in the Sister Islands, perhaps a return to a 12 seat Legislative Assembly would be worth considering.

      There, $350,000 or thereabouts saved in one fell swoop to put towards Education or something more worthwhile than 3 wasters sitting in the back of the LA doing sweet FA.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I support Moses but not the PPM.

    • Quincy Brown says:

      Someone said that they support Moses– but not the PPM.  That’s fine, to each his own.  I think the PPM needs MK and all Ministers and members of that party support and have a great amount of respect for this Cayman Bracker named Moses Kirkconnell! I am not a member of either political party, yet I would like to see the PPM returned!  Whom ever forms the next gov’t… some UDP’s… some PPM’s … some independents…. or yet another landslide victory for PPM—IT IS CRUCIAL that Moses Kirkconnell is first elected for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and the next Cabinet Minister holding responsibility for these islands.  So I am asking that after May 20th when the "big boys" and girls gather at the round table to form the next government…. please remember this request.

      Supporters of MK and the sustainable development of the Brac and Little Cayman led by Quincy Brown (Public Relations/Radio Broadcaster)  Thanks for letting me share.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Red is for danger.  Moses is willing to take on dangerous tasks in order to get things for our islands.

    Bashing, I agree… shouldn’t be going on.  Moses isn’t doing it so his supporters shouldn’t be either.  Let’s all look at the positives on our island and agree together on who we want to put forward.

    Isn’t it great that we have the right to vote for 1 or 2.  Some of us support one man one vote.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thats right there are 2 seats from Cayman Brac. Too bad there is not a better slate of candidates.

    # 1 Did’nt do but at least prayed about it

    #2 Is true and he can do

    # 3 Did’nt do and lied about it

    #4 Need I say more?

    Which is why Arden said vote # 2 lock the door and don’t vote for no more

  20. Anonymous says:

    Weather you vote one or two, on May 20th two people will be elected. I think it is everyones responsiblity to have an input into the selection of all two representatives.  It is highly irresponsible for a LOGB that talks of depending democracy to be advocating that the people of Cayman Brac should not fully exercise there democratic right and vote for two candidates.

    Same on you Kurt

  21. Anonymous says:

    Moses said he was going to get things done and he did. The rest? they only surface every 4 years with the hope of enjoying a government paycheck.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Moses I don’t think you look good in that red shirt it bring out the color of your skin, you would look better in green it will bring out the cooler of your eyes. Just a little campaign joke fellas. Claim down boys.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I say significant victory for Moses- over 70% turn out will vote for him.

    What’s up with the Lyndona and Maxine bashing? I feel confident that they would do a remarkable job as would Juilianna. These people have sacrificed much and in some cases all, so don’t bash. The bashing is causing me and others to take a second look at these candidates as opposed to Moses! Must be a psycological thing-liking the underdogs.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Moses, Moses, he’s our man,

    If he can’t do it, NOBODY CAN!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Moses is de Man!!

      Give your love to your family and your vote to Moses if you care about our future.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Arden came through on his word… more than UDP could ever do.  Just saw DEH guys up here.  ACTION MAN delivers again.

    "Give us a run" – Go to family  members of candidates… ask them who they are voting for… I can promise you that it will only be their family member.  ONE VOTE if you want to… it’s our constitutional right.

    Moses can do with or without PPM.  Julianna struggles with UDP and she is constantly bashing PPM and in particular the Education Minister. Lyndon – is Lyndon (nuff said).  Maxine (nuff said).

    The reason I like Moses campaign is that he states what he wants us all to get accomplished and we know we can count on it because he has come through for us over the years.  The other people are mostly stating who they are and what they would have done with no real vision for our future.

    Paving and water are coming if Arden says it.  Moses will ensure it!

  26. anon says:

    I give my 100% support for Moses to step away from the PPM – Moses I am behind you on this one.

  27. anon says:

    No doubt we need to reelect Mr. Kirkconnell; however he needs to let that rope loose that ties him to the PPM. The only PPM member that I would believe is Mr. Mclean. Moses also needs to stop encouraging his buddies from thrashing the other candidates. Be the bigger man and continue to run ….

    I encourage all Bracker and Caymanians to read this post in its entirety. All Caymanians should be so bould and courages to say it like it is. Job well done. Keep up the good response.

    I am a Bracker living in Grand Cayman and always proud to be called a Bracker – soiler crabs and all.

  28. mr nice says:

    What can the ppm do they cannnot fix the Dump in Cayman now they are over in the Brac fixing things send My hands are tied Eden he can get things done Cayman vote out these boys before they put the FIX on us

  29. Anonymous says:

    I agree that next government should include Moses in cabinet. He  acclompished more in 4 years without being a Minister  as has been done by others in 8 years. I agree it was a wee bit presumptuous to assume that Arden was referring to Lyndon.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Moses is the way to go!!!

  31. Could give you all a run for your money says:


    No doubt we need to reelect Mr. Kirkconnell; however he needs to let that rope loose that ties him to the PPM. The only PPM member that I would believe is Mr. Mclean. Moses also needs to stop encouraging his buddies from thrashing the other candidates. Be the bigger man and continue to run a clean campaign. No one is going to get it right every time we’re all humans and boy can we mess up. Just remember what thisis about, THE FUTURE OF CAYMAN BRAC. It’s true we need good roads, so give them to us and stop talking about it. Stop talking  about pipe water and give us the bloody thing. We need unity like we saw after Paloma, work together number one and number two and you could give us all a chance to shine in this dismal time.Or you could end up with number 3, (sorry but your’re not right for us at this time,you’re not a bad guy just cleanup your act). Stop encouraging people to vote for one person. We are the people who said no one vote for Cayman Brac and now election time is here and that’s the main title of the sermon "ONE VOTE”, stop it! There is lots to bedone and no time to waste on petty bickering. Get the playfield finished. Give our youth a proper youth center; get the air service right for once, make sure the curriculum is what our children need to succeed. And for the love of all that is good, get District Admin back in order, they need direction and leadership. Get off the who done what band wagon, step up to the plate, and hit the ball out of the Ball Park and make Cayman Brac be known as more than soldier crab territory to those fools that think we eat them. Yes I’m a Bracker.
  32. Anonymous says:

    The fact remains, the meeting had little do with calling anyone else a UDP it was much more about the positive projects the Brac could look forward to.

    It should have been titled, NEW ROADS AND WATER FOR THE BRAC.

    "CNS: Depending on the outcome of the election, the political affiliations of any independent candidates elected may be critical in the formation of the next government."

    Does anyone actually think that one of the two independents in Cayman Brac will get elected?

    Not likely!!!

    There’s no need to bring Lyndon Martin’s name into this.  Focus on the issues.

    Moses is doing that!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Moses for Leader of Government Business!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I think Moses would do better with the "to be"new government-UDP. 

    Moses have my support, but the PPM doesn’t.  Moses should be minister for Tourism AND Adminstration (Sister Islands). 

    • Quincy Brown says:

      Does being a member of a party mean you can’t break away from it? I don’t know…or is it a situation where you’re in it for life?  It should really be about LOVE OF COUNTRY (PPM) and being there FOR ALL THE PEOPLE (UDP) .  Mr. Moses Kirkconnell would make an excellent LoGB–he has carisma, experience, and a great knowledge in the business world and economics.  We need someone like him to travel the world as a representative of the Cayman Islands – as he’s done in India and China and other places as a backbencher and businessman.  He would do well with the portfolio of Business and Finance— but then again he would do an equally good job with Culture and Tourism – which in my opinion should fall together under the same Ministry.  We’ll see what happens— but in the mean time, Brackers and Little Caymanians want him for their next Minister—the many that I have spoken to all returned that verdict!!


      Quincy Brown


  35. Anonymous says:

    Title doesn’t fit

    This article certainly highlights the promises made at the rally but the title is so far removed from the entire meeting that it seems too political.  That being said, except for a few small tidbits of comments from Min. McLean the entire night was full of positive comments and support for the only sensible choice. 

    I agree with Mr. Tibbetts on using only one vote.  There is a difference when it comes to ministerial positions and Mr. Kirkconnell should have one. 

    Mrs. Julie tried and failed. 

    Mr. Lyndon failed before he tried.

    Mrs. Maxine – Not even sure where she is.

    Mr. Moses is the only real choice to bring business and commerce to Cayman Brac.  He has a business head on him and it is clear that people know this.

    I say we should all support him and cast our vote for him on May 20th!!!

    CNS: Depending on the outcome of the election, the political affiliations of any independent candidates elected may be critical in the formation of the next government.

    • Anonymous says:

      Inappropriate heading by CNS.  I was at the event and have to say it was a very upbeat, exciting atmosphere.  All the ministers and backbenchers talked about the accomplishments here on the Brac that PPM had accomplished at the urging of Mr. Kirkconnell. 

      Shame on CNS taking one comment made during the evening and making it the title, that’s misleading journalism.  If CNS thinks that political affliations of independent candidates is so critical then maybe they should dedicate a whole article to it.  Not hijack this one.

      The headline of the evening was really Moses makes Progress happen for the Brac

      Let’s vote only once, and make that vote for Mr. Kirkconnell.  Maybe he can bring Progress to all of the Cayman Islands if he becomes a Minister!

  36. Anonymous says:

    I don’t recall Mr. McLean naming who he thought the second UDP candidate may be. Apart from an unfortunate headline it is a very good article.

    CNS: No, he didn’t name Lyndon Martin but there is no doubt who he was referring to.