Ivan victim gets new roof

| 06/05/2009

(CNS): More than 4 years after Hurricane Ivan devastated Grand Cayman, Anita Welds and her 2 children, Brandi and Tiffany finally have a dry roof, thanks to the efforts of the National Recovery Fund, joint Rotary Disaster Fund and Rotary Central. Two years ago, Rotary Central was approached to assist Welds with repairs to her home. Now she not only has a new roof, but new dry wall, cabinetry and tiling.“This project took a long time, and it was well worth it. The NRF was able to provide this family with so much more than what Rotary could have done on its own,” said Nickie Sonnenberg Community Services Directory of Rotary Central in a release from the club.

“It is really nice to live in a dry house” said Tiffany. Brandi was all smiles and equally pleased with the work done to make their home livable.

Two years ago, when a member of the community asked Rotary Central to finish roofing Welds home, Rotary Central provided labor and materials to install rubber coating on the roof. The roof continued to leak even after an additional coatings was applied. After getting an estimate from Square Deal Roofing for construction of a new roof, Sonnenberg contacted Welds to discuss how to proceed. Welds informedher that the NRF had gotten involved with the home but needed additional assistance in order to finish the project.

The joint Rotary Disaster Fund agreed to donate CI$ 4,000 and the Rotary Central board of directors agreed to match the donation.

“The National Recovery Fund is delighted to be in partnership with Rotary to assist with helping this needy family back into their home after such a long and patient wait since Hurricane Ivan” said Mark Laskin, Executive Director of NRF.

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