Northward escapee charged with two offenses

| 15/05/2009

(CNS): While the prisoner who escaped from HMP Northward last week has been charged and appeared in court today, police said the two prison officers who have been suspended in connection to the escape are being investigated internally. A police spokesperson said that only if the Prison Service found indications of criminal activity would the investigation of the prison officers be turned over to the RCIPS. James Orville Ebanks, who spent four days on the run, has been charged with escaping lawful custody and damage to property. The 47-year-old appeared before the courts today, Friday 15 May.

Ebanks was found to be missing sometime Friday morning 8 May, but was caught and returned to custody Monday evening, 11 May, after being apprehended by prison officers. A full internal prison investigation into the facts surrounding the escape is proceeding as quickly as possible, the Prison Service has said.

The aim of the investigation is to determine what the exact circumstances of the escape were, what disciplinary actions may be warranted as a result, and what new security measures may be required to prevent any repetition of this incident.

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  1. Anonymous says:

     The investigation should have been independent of the prison staff who will either use the two  as scapegoats or cover up  evidence  of any  criminal activity.   It makes absolutely no sense to have comrades investigate each other internally,  especially with all the talk of how incompetent  the security department  is at the prison,. This would not be the first time  a cover up went on at the prison.

  2. BathRag says:

    Not even to that the police could do? All we have are traffic cops.