Political rival “threatened to kill my wife”

| 15/05/2009

(CNS): Despite the cease and desist letter sent to him from Bodden Town rival candidate Sandra Catron, UDP hopeful Mark Scotland has publicly defended statements made on a radio call-in show last week by his campaign colleague Dwayne Seymour, who said on air that Catron had threatened to kill a woman and had stalked her former boss’s children. While the United Democratic Party has said it will not comment on the matter at this time, Scotland has sent a statement to CNS that Catron once threatened to kill his wife.

Scotland said, “The proof I have that Sandra Catron did in fact threaten to kill my wife is an extract from the Police Incident Logging System (IRB no. 196631) dated 17th June 2003. It states that our housekeeper received a call on May 24th, 2002 from a female who advised her that she was going to kill my wife. It further states that, following investigations by the police Sandra Catron was warned of her actions in the incident and accepted the warning. She also stated ‘I will be moving on with my life and have now put the incident behind me’. The question for Sandra is – if she did not make the threatening call why would she accept the warning and ‘put the incident behind her’?”

Responding to the UDP candidate’s comments, Catron said, “Mark Scotland has demonstrated how desperate he is by pulling out of his archives a police report from almost 8 years ago. The police report stated that his Filipino helper had relayed a message to Cindy Scotland that a threat had been made against her. No one denies that a call was made; but that was NOT the message left. In fact, the police were so dumbfounded with this case that when they spoke to me in 2002 they simply asked me to leave the matter alone at which point I stated that I had already moved past all of that.”

She went on, “It is quite clear that by releasing a barely legible police report and not providing the full details Mr Scotland is being deceptive at best. He has gone about maliciously outright distorting the facts in this matter. For example, in his statement given to CNS he does not divulge that the helper conveyed this message and I never admitted to such a threat. He also does not divulge that neither he nor his wife is in a position to say that I have ever said anything as there was no communication with them.”

Catron said, “In Dwayne Seymour’s on air comments he accused me of stalking Mark’s children – there’s no mention of that in the police report because it never occurred and they did not have “children” at the time. So they continue to add on to the story as it suits them to doso and only strengthen my defamation case even further. What this report states is that a helper received a phone called, incorrectly conveyed a message and Cindy filed a report. The police spoke to me about the matter for about 5 minutes at my residence and that was the end of the matter.”

She added, “Mark’s question about why did I accept the warning – I’m not sure there’s any other response that one can give to a police warning. It’s not an admission of culpability and it’s not a trial or hearing. I thank the officer for her time and that was the extent of it.”

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