Benson Ebanks tells district to vote for West Bay Four

| 19/05/2009

(CNS): Certainly not happy about the mistaken endorsement from the PPM when CITN incorrectly attributed their paid programming to the party, the West Bay four however were delighted recently to receive an endorsement from Benson Ebanks. A former MLA and member of Cabinet, the well known community leader offered the four West Bay independent candidates his wholehearted support when he said he had heard what they had to say and he liked it.

Telling the audience that he would keep his speech short, he said, “As Henry VIII said to one of his wives, I shan’t keep you long.” Ebanks, who still plays a role in the West Bay community and remains as Chairman of the Board of Cayman National, made the endorsement of Lana Mae Smith, Choppy Delapenha, Woody Da Costa and Paul Rivers at the independent’s joint meeting at Boatswain Beach on Thursday (14 May).

“I have known these candidates for most of their lives,” Ebanks added. “They have pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps and when elected on 20 May they will apply those same qualities to representation of this district in the Legislative Assembly.” He said he would be voting for the four and hoped everyone else would do the same.

Speaking on behalf of the four candidates Delapenha said it was an honour and pleasure to have the endorsement of someone of his stature, who he described as a statesman whose service to the Cayman Islands is unsurpassed.

“Having Mr Benson’s endorsement is a strong testimony to the high calibre of representation which he feels that our four independent candidates can offer to West Bay in particular and to the Cayman Islands as a whole,” he noted.

The four candidates have been quick to stress over the campaign that they are not a party, born out by they differing opinions on some political issues, but they say they have campaigned together in order to pool resources and because they have common ground in that they say they all agree that West Bay is in dire need of better representation.

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  1. JEB says:


    I have always respected you (Mr. Benson) and have voted for you in the pass. But I’m really sorry to say that the four that you are asking WEST BAYERS to vote for, I won’t be giving a vote. I’m strictly a UDP supporter and I’m voting 1, 3, 6  & 8 and then I will shut the gate because West Bay is a UDP STATE.

    Those four are PPM in disguise………………………..


  2. Anonymous says:

    I did I post earlier, but I don’t see it!!

    We voted you out before in West Bay, what makes you think that we will vote for these Four!! Who are also PPM …

    Poor Poor Mismanagement!!

    Poor People Money!!  

    Answer this question…What happened to the other independent candidate that you also nominated??

    Mr Benson I am shocked at you…West Bayers the only way forward is to vote straight tomorrow when you go to the polls – 1 3 6 8 and close the gate. Then we will march down freedom street!!   

  3. Anonymous says:

    Strange how no one has anything to say about this endorsement. Normally, we would have heard of some commendation or  disapproval by now….

    It is unfair that the district of West Bay has not running PPM representation. How ironic!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    A horse would have Mr. Benson’s endorsement if it was running against McKeeva.

    I always say choose your friends carefully, and your enemies with even more care.