Changes in law will help Cubans get residency

| 19/05/2009

(CNS): Cubans with Caymanian connections who may have been waiting to have their status regularized for almost a decade are being urged to apply for permanent residency as soon as possible, as a change to the law means they can now gain extra points. Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson has said these people need to make their applications before 30 November of this year.

“I urge those Cuban nationals who qualify to submit their applications for permanent residence at an early stage,” Manderson said. “I also ask those Cuban nationals who have already applied for permanent residence to contact the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Secretariat to ensure that their applications are up-to-date and complete so that the application can be presented to the Board.”  

Nationals exempted by the Governor in Executive Council (now Cabinet) from work permit requirements in the 1990s because of their close Caymanian family connections and who have been resident in the Islands for at least eight years are encourage to submit applications prior to 30 November 2009.

Cabinet recently approved a change to the Immigration Regulations (2007 Revision) which means members of this group who apply for permanent residence before 30 November this year can receive additional points resulting from their close Caymanian connections in the Permanent Residents Points System.

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  1. Rita Myles says:

     have a question for anyone who can answer.

    Why do kids that are born here to a Caymanian father and a mother with residence and naturalization that has been here for 25 years be denied entrance to government school?

    Dont worry friend, I’m a natural born Caymanian, and I cant believe what I’m hearing here.  Now that a new goverment is in, you can better believe change is coming.  I have nothing against immigrants and I feel we all should all live as one.   No child or anyone born in the Cayman Islands should be denied access to goverment schools.   So UDP you hear the crys of the people, get on working and make it happen!  One luv.

  2. Anonymous says:


    I have a question for anyone who can answer.
    Why do kids that are born here to a Caymanian father and a mother with residence and naturalization that has been here for 25 years be denied entrance to government school?
    I am not going on hear say this has happened to me and I am Cuban.  I had residence and naturalization and been living in the Cayman Islands for 25 years when this happened. When it was time for my child to go to primary school I was told she could not be accepted till she got status. I had to return my daughter to preschool for an extra year in order to apply and get her papers. During that same time I saw Cubans who had just arrived with no Cayman connections get their kids in school with no problem. As you would know she didn’t get her papers within that year, 3 years later it arrived. Had I not gone in and cursed and carry on like an a#& my daughter would have been out of school for three years. By the way her papers were submitted with DNA results of a Caymanian born father all they had to do was approve the acknowledgement. Of course the kid has no employment letter, bank statement, property or criminal records.
    This is what is wrong with Cayman; there is no set law across the board.  I know every case is different but I have come to the conclusion that it is based on who you see at immigration on that day and their mood. Sometimes you find some nice ones but other times they are just plain rude and feel that you owe them something. Government need to send their staff for customer service training.
     I know people living in Cuba that only visits maybe once a year and some that have never set foot in Cayman that have status. 
  3. Anonymous says:

    Careful Twyla that you are not being used for misinformation – this is permanent residence we are talking about – we need to support the Boards so that they can get it right. Clealry somone with a dirty mouth needs to be looked at very carefully. I am many friends who waited their turn and were granted their permanent residence.

    • Twyla M Vargas says:

      CAREFUL? Hello there, I got the Proof

      You want it, then call me and get it. Sister Permanent.

      This person have resided here for 25 years did you hear me!!! again.   This person has taken their test passed it , paid for it and was told that the documents were here there and everywhere.  This person applied for the residence 5 years ago and has been living here for 25 years.  Anything about that we do not understand?

  4. Twyla M Vargas says:

    25  LONG YEARS

    I know of a person who has lived here for 25 long years, not from Cuba, but from another Country, have applied for cayman Residence and status for Umteen years took the written and oral test, payed his fees and have not even had an answer.   Tired of enquiring,  everything misplaced,  Asking for information again.   Now what do we call that?.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where have you been living???. The UDP put forward a motion in the LA last year to allow the Cubans who they let it in 1990 because of their close Caymanians connections to be granted permament residence. The Cabinet has now acted on that motion and here we are. You situation seems much different from the Cubans in that you were not gievn permission from the Cabinet to enter the Islands. However from reading the points sysytem you will get points for your Caymanian mother.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That is some bull F*&^ing S*&^ if I have ever heard any in my life!

    I have lived in Cayman for the past 23 years October 25 with make 24 years of my 26 years of living. My grandparents have Caymanian Status and are well know in the Cayman Society, My mother is married to a Caymanian and has Caymanian Status, my older brother has his caymanian status and my 3 younger siblings are all caymanians. I have 3 kids by Caymanian men. My point is, is that I submitted my permanent residency application to Immigration nearly 5 years ago, plus at that time they made a new rule saying if anyone had been here for more than 7 years wouldn’t have to go threw all the mombo jumbo that you would have to normally go threw and I still haven’t heard nothing back from them besides them saying my application is being investigated eternally. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE F&^% THAT MEANS?