“Action Man” holds on

| 21/05/2009

(CNS): Voters in East End at least opted not to “Stop the Progress” after all and they have sent Arden McLean back to the Legislative Assembly. The People’s Progressive Movement candidate received more than 59% of the vote compared with his namesake John McLean, who polled just over 40%. The second full result of the evening confirms the trend that has now begun to emerge across the islands that Cayman looks to be returning party candidates and rejecting the independents.

North Side may well be the only district to return an independent candidate. So far the UDP are holding on to the first four places in the counts that have been completed in West Bay. In George Town, while incumbent PPM members Kurt Tibbetts and Alden McLaughlin are holding 1st and 2nd place, 3rd and 4th are currently taken by Mike Adam and Ellio Solomon. Meanwhile in Bodden Town Anthony Eden is out in front but being trailed by Mark Scotland which will prove a controversial result if things stay that way, with Osbourne Bodden sitting in third.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Boy, young Johnny surely gave the Arden a run for his money. One can tell that despite his win Arden is unhappy that East Enders would dare vote against him.   Hope Johnny stay in the spotlight for the next four years, because, then, he will be able to sweep out Arden.  No amount of top soil will buy the MLA position for ever.

    • Anon says:

      Some East Enders have voted against Arden in every election. Nothing new in that. What is very heartening is that most East Enders did not fall for the propoganda and exercised good common sense. The "too close to call" race simply did not materialize.  

      Having a challenger will be good motivation for Arden to maintain his high standards and keep striving for his country. So long as he does that he has nothing to worry about, least of all from Johnny.   

  2. Nicole says:

    East End needed a change, I do hope they will wake up in the next four years and realize change needed to be done.  No more PPM East End, y’all need to wake up and smell the coffee.  Anyway we will debate about that in the next four years, for election is over now.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Nicole, EE did not need change. That is simply a party line because you support the UDP (with which Johnnie was secretly aligned). In any event if EE did need change that change would not be represented by Johnnie who quite apart from his lack of any relevant experience simply does not have the qualities it takes and has no real understanding of public affairs. He is not a leader but a follower: he does not read important documents like the draft Constitution but decided to vote against it anyway because of what his advisors told him. This is an ideal puppet. He has never shown any interest or involvement in the affairs of his country or his community prior to these elections. His great concern for the people is pure hype for an election which would rapidly dissipate if he was elected because it is simply not the real Johnnie. He lacks the necessary stability.  

      Thankfully most of the EE electorate saw through this charade. We are far wiser than you give us credit for. In EE we do not carried away with party politics. This was about whether the candidate himself was a good representative, and that he was and is.   


  3. Anonymous says:

    MINISTER must be another day on the other side of HELL



  4. Anon says:

    Congratulations to Arden on a landslide victory!! Just goes to show you cannot believe all the hype at election time in this instance that his seat was under any real threat from John Jr. Who knows , if John Jr. goes to work to make himself into a credible leader he could be the next MLA for East End. In this case at least, the people have chosen wisely.     

    • Anonymous says:

      Seems as if there was not enough top soil and marl in the Cayman Islands to guarantee the return of the other PPM candidates.  Like some of the recipients of those truckloads of soil said:   We taking the marl but we voting them out same way.  Boy, were you guys ever serious.

  5. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    Go ARDEN!  I hope that you remain a minister as you have done many great things!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hell no…he will not get a minister’s seat…he will be sitting in the back!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Who would the UDP replace McLean with as Minister? If Scotland, isn’t it obvious that he has an inherent actual conflict of interest that is not resolved by a simple declaration of the contracts of his company with government? Would he really resign his directorship and sell his shares or would there be a nominee arrangement to hide the conflict?