Cayman Brac will have a minister

| 21/05/2009

(CNS): With the likely formation of a UDP government later today, returning UDP representative for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, can look forward to a Cabinet seat, which was promised to her by UDP leader McKeeva Bush on the campaign trail. In a neck and neck fight to the finish, O’Connor-Connolly was nudged out of the first elected member position by just 6 votes, with PPM member Moses Kirkconnell gaining 473 (59%) votes to 467 (56%).

Former MLA Lyndon Martin, who lost in 2005 and yesterday failed to regain a seat, received 300 votes and Maxine McCoy-Moore, on her fourth bid for election, polled 80 votes.

After the announcement of the results, O’Connor-Connolly, who has twice before been a member of government, said she was grateful to the people of Cayman Brac for re-electing her. “That was the first race. I realize there is a bigger picture and I’m anxiously waiting to see if we get seven more seats in Grand Cayman because all we need is eight.”

She said, “It’s a sweet victory and I’m eternally grateful to the people of Cayman Brac, but he that laughs last laughs best and I’m waiting for the morning so we can form a government because Cayman Brac will geta minister. I’m happy that my colleague Mose got in, and I believe that we can take this island in a better way forward. The people have spoken and I’m excited.”

McCoy-Moore, undaunted by another defeat at the polls, said, “I’m very happy that Mose won and I’m also happy that Julie came second.” Saying she would definitely run in the next election, she explained, “You know, a winner never quits and a quitter never wins. Next time I’ll be ready like Freddy!”

A total of 817 people on the Sister Islands took to the polls Wednesday out of 980 registered voters. Though both the UDP and PPM campaigns had urged supporters to vote only once, from the voting statistics it appears that most used both their votes in the voting booth, with only 157 people voting just once.   

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  1. Anonymous says:

    very concern parent on the Brac.

    ok time has gone and hurricane season is here again. what has happen to the promises that were made to help single mothers and elder people with their homes. come on Mr.Tibbetts ,Ms.Julianna & Mr. Moses . what is taking you people so long. it’s on fear to what you all are doing approving others that don’t need and have gotten insurance for their homes. please i have to get this one off my chest, becasuse i find it very on fear. how can you all approve a high postion government employee whose home was not destroyed and to build a garage to storge her personal items of memories,come on people open your hearts and minds we are still suffering  here with no help. our roofs and homes are all damaged and still haven’t touched.some of us are still living with family members or having to pay rent when our homes could have been fixed back. why can’t you all approve people that are in need not those that have everything and pretending they don’t.  since this paloma recovery fund was sent out alot off unfearness has been done and i think that is very wrong ,beacuse there are people who’s home were not insured and still waiting on the promise that their home would be fixed. since election is over please show that you both mean something to our island and help us. it just hurts alot when you have small children and you have to suffer not having a proper roof over your head or when it rains water is coming in and wetting everything up. i ask you all to look into this matter. paloma has gone , but we’re not sure what will be next upon us.  

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why did PPM win in the Brac?  Red Shirts are more popular on this island.  Blue shirts… well they lost by 6 votes.

    Enjoy being 2nd elected with a sympathy ministry.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh Jesus. Here we go!!! Let the circus begin

    • Anonymous says:


      I have written before. The Brac (and Little Cayman) is a lovely place. But their place in Cayman’s politics is way way out of proportion to what the country gets from them. They get one way donations from us on GCM. 1500 people? Humungous expenditure just to keep them going. 90% get free medical because they are either "seamen" or civil servants or receiving benefits from US providers, because, of course, as someone very memorably said, "anyone from Cayman Brac who had any get up and go got up and went"!!!. Kirconnells, Linton Tibbetts, Naul Bodden plus a whole host of civil servants.

      I long for a Government that says ‘you equal/or are less than one of our GCM constituencies so don’t expect anything special." But these religious hillbillies keep electing Julie and our political sysem is gutless in refusing to relegate these tiny little religious backward island outcrops to the position they should have in any modern society.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Red Shirts, Red Ink,

    The people have spoken.  Most recognized the fact the PPM red shirts matched the PPM red ink that they left all over the government accounts!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Everyone get ready.

    Here comes 4 years of………….NOTHING!

  6. noname says:

    Congrats Julie, s a woman we need more of us in the house that can take the beatings that they pass out there. you go girl

  7. Sabrina says:

    Hey Brackers ! Need some feed back on this: I think Mrs.Maxine should get her deposit back. The figures show that see got 9.9 % of the votes. I feel that should be rounded giving her the 10%. How does anyone else feel ? And I not looking to her she should not had run or she don’t deserve to get it back. Cause it is her right to run and she is a hard working mother and member of or community  So let me see if anyone else agrees and if Brackers are still Brackers that look out for each other and that have voices and aren’t afraid to speak up ?

  8. Anon says:

    So who is exactly getting Education? Cause based on these boards and talks its conflicting is Jules of Rolsten? it would be interesting to know who laughs last? you know what the say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yep ant juju looks out for her own……. atleaset know u all see that more than uny need be represented ! peace and love

  10. mirta says:
    1. ant ju ju should of win but we going see this and we going lern that u should of pic juju


  11. Anonymous says:

    Call me a cynic but the truth is the truth. 

    She has done her best to seperate the island and last night was even more proof. 

    She lost her seat as first elected.  If she gets a ministry it’s only out of sympathy.

    I’ll keep looking forward to some worthy new candidate in 2013 when we can ALL have TRUE representation.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Being an educated voter is not enough. What we really need are voters that are educated and intelligent.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nobody who is a sound thinker would accept a cabinet seat in their first term.  Julie set him up.  She did that on purpose.  Also, you have totally contradicted yourself by saying, "This is all about money to him & his team. "  If it was about that why didn’t he take the ministry position that pays much more?  You’re just daft.

    How has Moses ever shown disloyalty?  He has been true to the people of Cayman Brac all along.  He is not about dividing the people like certain others.  He works with people from Spot Bay to Blossom Village.  He doesn’t stay in his watering hole and give free hand outs.  He works hard for the entire island.

    Julie never won anything last night!!!  She is no longer 1st elected so it goes to show what the people of the Brac wanted.  Now that we have gotten rid of her high horse… next election we’ll get rid of her!

  14. Bluff Rat says:

    To Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 05/21/2009 – 09:10……Who are you to say that the Brac nor Julianna does not need or deserve a Cabinet post????? Cayman Brackers posting here are waiting for your response since you’re bold enough to be so blunt.

    Congrats to Julianna and Moses! You have the Brac’s support.


  15. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with my fellow Brackers? Seriously can someone please let me know what Julie has done for the last 400 years she has been elected to represent Cayman Brac? I expected her to get back in as their was really no competition but why so many votes? What do you guys look at to decide that you will be voting for her? I can not understand this. Someone please help me. Provide me with a list of things she has done or even plans to do please. I need to be convinced that Brackers care about their Island and truly feel that Julie should have been elected AGAIN.

    I am so disappointed. There are so many things that upsets me with Julie. I’ll focus on one thing only as I would go on forever. What’s the status of this wonderful Sports Facility that she promised us on the bluff 8 years ago? Never mind I can answer that myself. The football field has been completed and that alone. The only reason that took place is because Grand Cayman has resurfaced all of there fields and probably gave us some left over material. 8 years to complete a football field and Grand Cayman did 4 in a year. Sad. What about the basketball court, the Olympic size swimming pool, the netball court, the volley ball court, you guys get the picture. A sports facility can not be a football field only. Aren’t you guys sick of having to use the basketball court with two holes in the middle for where the volley ball poles should be or the same with the netball court as they’re two holes there as well for the tennis court net? Well at least Julie has another four years (and probably another four after that) to complete this Sports Facility. Lets see if this happens.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well done Julie & UDP. For the person that thinks Cayman Brac does not need a minister, you are crazy! We need every advantage we can get here. We’ve had nothing for 4 years because Moses turned down the minister position Julie nominated for him. I wonder if he will jump ship now to UDP showing his true colors of disloyalty. This is all about money to him & his team. When PPM contest the 2 Bodden Town UDP seats causing the government even more money, we will see just how selfish PPM is. They have caused our islands millions of dollars. I’m glad we’re rid of most of them.

  17. Yo Mama says:

    Important questions:

    When Julianna becomes education minster will our children have to be Protestant Christians or can some of them still be Catholic?

    Will non-Christian children have to leave the Cayman Islands or can they stay here if they are homeschooled?

    -A concerened mother

    • Anonymous says:


      How cynical  of you!!!

      We need Change not your ignorance!!

      Well done Julie and God Bless our Islands….

      An Educated Voter!!

  18. anonymous says:

    Conrgats to all 2 of you. I am a bracker living in Grand Cayman and i truly hope that you two can work together as one for the people of Cayman Brac. Please do not let Mckeeva or anyone come between you two. We were not brought us this way and Brackers do not need 2 representatives bashing each other. I am so happy that you 2 got in. Please do what you have to do for our little island to keep it safe and drug free. Moses, i know you will do a good job and hopefully Julie will give you her full support for the next 4 years. This election is very surprising to people but Caymanianson a whole wanted a new government and they got it. I just pray that UDP will try to protect our islands and put Caymanians first.


    Congrats once again and keep your heads high.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ok UPDcongrats ! The ball is now in your court ! And we the young people of these islands don’t need talk we need action and positive movements ! First thing Mr.Mac you need to be wise about is  Cayman Brac and it"s "promised" Ministry seat >>>>>>>> Keep your promise but reconsider who sits in it ! Mrs. Julie is a good person, but  we need more than  that ! Stop for a minute and pause on the thoughts of your glorious victory and look at what has been done in Cayman Brac in the past four years ! (Just look at the reality of the results) remember Julie has been there and done that before and we nah had nothing but bathrooms and  "family parks" to show for it ! So I beg you use the power that you have gained to do right by all Caymanians. Prove that you are the beg man not in West Bay alone ! Yes I am a PPM supporter but I am a opened minded individual who wants the best for my islands and the future of my children ! So it is a new day and the new government has my support and respect as long as they can show me that they have the peoples best interest at heart ! (That means put uny personal issues, promises, friendly favors and any desire to victimive one side) And yes show us all  that there is a better way forward and a brighter future ahead ! May GOD Bless us all !

  20. Anonymous says:

    Julie is still not going to do anything.  Moses money people will still have that… and Julie’s supporters will still hear that she is going to do but she will keep them down.  She is no longer queen… She had a ministry position before and did nothing for anyone other than her fat paycheck. 

    Moses wasn’t even a minister last time and look what he got… she had many years of chances and did nothing.  She has nothing new to offer. 

    The road ahead will be taken care of because Moses will be there getting projects done while Julie dissappears again for 3 1/2 years. 

    Remember… seats haven’t been given out yet… to use Julie’s own words… he who laughs last… laughs best!!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    The Brac does not need or deserve a Cabinet post – neither does Julianna.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is WHat I talking about BRACKER!!

      Lets Unite to get something for Our Island Hatred is UNPRODUCTIVE!



    CONGRATS TO JULIE! You should have came first, but we’ll settle for the MINISTERIAL POSITION!!! Now, Moses kirkconnell and all of his money greedy and proud supporters are the joke of the island! why? Because julie is the rock of this islands and she shalt not be move!

    Remember the last election, when ppm got in and destroyed our beautiful islands and they didn’t want anything to do with julianna who won 1st  elected MLA for the sister islands and it was so difficult for her to help these islands properly. Now the sledge hammer has changed hands and its julie’s turn! Agin ,Congrats to the UDP and all their canidates that won who are the NEW,BETTER,STRONGER, LEADERS OF MY CAYMAN ISLANDS! UDP,UDP,UDP,UDP!!!

  23. Nicole says:

     Congrats to Mrs O ‘Conner on her win and all the other UDP teams, we do hope this new goverment will make a change and lead us all to where we belong.  Mrs O’Conner was my once my Teacher, she’s a wonderful woman and will definately make a wonderful canidate.

  24. Anonymous says:

    She said “It’s a sweet victory and I’m eternally grateful to the people of Cayman Brac, but he that laughs last laughs best and I’m waiting for the morning so we can form a government because Cayman Brac will get a minister.

    Now my questions is what does CB having a minister have to do with it ? Isn’t the ministry for the islands as a whole, once again back to the divisions, nothing about her/their thinking is UNITED. Her comment about "he who laughs" is a perfect example of her thinking, Why is she joyous becuse she knows she will play her PROPER rule or is this a NA NA I won moment? So obvious how fixed this whole ExCo thing is, she was promised something not based on the best person but cause Mr. Bush "promised" her. Doesn’t this raise eyebrows? I guess that means he was promised her Vote as LOGB. Is it possible to get a list of promises made to us so we keep track and make sure UDP sticks to your word? Does anyoneremember being honest as one of the promises?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Julie is no longer queen.  Grand Cayman should have followed but no worries… Moses will still get more than any others have in the past. 

    Who in their right mind would have put in a convicted criminal?  Some brackers really need to be educated as to the real world.  Can you see someone sitting at a table trying to discuss business realizing that the person they are doing business with has been convicted of deception?  Honestly???… 300 votes???… come on brackers!!!.

    It’s now on to Grand Cayman where Moses will certainly do well in what ever position he has. 

    Last night was a SWEET victory!!!

    Well Done!!!


  26. Anonymous says:

    Thank God for the Change of Government,

    Congratulations to Mr. Moses for attaining the first-elected seat that his committee had vigorously sought after.  Even more congratulations to Miss Juliana for getting the more important seat – that as a soon to be Minister in the majority Government. 

    Only question now is how long will Mr. Moses remain part of the opposition?  I believe Mr. Moses has enough sense to try and work with Miss Juliana and the next Leader of Government Business the Honourable Mr. Mckeeva Bush (and won’t fall into the antagonistic views of his colleague, the Honourable Mr. Kurt Tibbetts and former MLA Mr. Osbourne Bodden).

    Congratulations to all four Sister Islands candidates for running relatively clean campaigns,


  27. Anonymous says:

    Something wrong with the story’s content.  The math does not add up:  59% + 56% + 37% + 9.9% = 161.9%.

    The tables shown on the Elections Office’s website has the same percentage tabulation errors in four districts’ tables.

    CNS: The electorate in the Sister Islands has two votes under the current Constitution, so if everyone who voted used both their votes, the total would add up to 200%.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Ciongratulations to Moses Kirkconnell.

    It is a pity that persons in Grand Cayman did not follow the same pattern of voting

  29. Anonymous says:

    Told ya…MOSES K.  our MLA

  30. Anonymous says:

    Where do we go from here?

    Should have been Julianna and Lyndon.