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| 21/05/2009

(CNS): With one week before his swearing in as Cayman’s first Premier, the leader of the United Democratic Party, McKeeva Bush, introduced his new Cabinet today (21 May) and their broad duties, but the ministries have not yet been fully defined. Bush has offered a ministerial post to Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, which includes District Administration, Works and Gender Affairs; Mark Scotland will be responsible for Health and Sports, while Mike Adam will be covering Social Services.

The major ministerial responsibilities however, will be taken by Rolston Anglin who will take over Education, Labour and Training, and with Bush himself taking on Tourism, Cayman Airways, Financial Services and Development. Anglin was also confirmed as Deputy Leader. Cline Glidden will return as Deputy Speaker alongside Mary Jo Lawrence, who has been invited to serve as Madame Speaker, the first person outside the House to hold the position since Sybil McLaughlin. Bush also announced that Ezzard Miller, who ran as an independent in North Side, has been invited to take responsibility for the HSA Board.

Bush’s ministerialsuggesitons will be palced before the Governor for approval sometime this week.

The Leader of Government Business elect said that he had impressed upon the “minority party” to put aside differences and work with him to deal with the challenges ahead.  Talking about the possible challenge to Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour’s election to office because of their failure to qualify under the conditions of the Constitution, Bush said there was “nothing to be gained by carrying on this vendetta". He said it was time to work together.

He also told the press that he wanted to work with them and would offer an "open door policy", although there would no longer be any televised weekly press briefings. However, he hoped to do bi-weekly meetings of some kind.  “As well as calling on people to work together, I am calling on the press to leave out the sensationalism,” he added. Bush said his administration would be as open as possible and he was hoping to have the swearing in ceremony for the new government on the steps of the Legislative Assembly next week rather than inside, which would enable everyone to take part.

He said that his new government would be assessing existing capital projects in hopes of reducing some of the costs associated with them, and he would take a new approach to the potential port development, which would includie a jetty in West Bay and moving cargo operations out of down town George Town, which he said would become a tourism Mecca.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    HealthCare seriously sucks!!!! and needs to be looked at immediatley

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good one.

    Mark Scotland in charge of the country’s healthcare?

    Better make sure you don’t get sick for the next four years!

    Juliana in charge of Gender Affairs?

    Glad I’m not a woman!


    Can someone please tell me why Caymanian’s are being turned away from most of the hospital’s in Fla.

    Can someone please tell me why the Cayman Islands owe Baptist so much money.

    Mac, you and your crew, let ma tell u all something, I will be watching you all for the next four years to see if you will be approving your fellow WB or others to seek overseas medical treatment for a simple headache and so on..  I WILL BE WATCHING YOU ALL………….

  3. Just the facts madam says:

    Once again MAC is really greedy despite his gastric bypass surgery. I mean look at his portfolio! The last time he tried to take that much on after the coupe in 2001 then governor WOULD NOT APPROVE his portfolio. I guess I better gett on the NOW governor’s blog and inform him of this.

    Mac your behind is too greedy and it will be the desmise of you yet.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope or economy do not DEFLATE and look as bad as MAC looks now .The govonor would be silly to give him all that GOD knows he cant handle it just pure GREED .Remember the LOVE of $$MONEY$$ is the root of ALL evil .

  4. Anonymous says:

    And last time I checked the main reason we were all suffering over the last four year had more to do with getting hit by a Cat 5 hurricane and not government! I think the fact that Cayman has been rebuilding it self so rapidly, which the whole world basically acknowledges, that the people forget we were actually devestated. I never suffered from Mac or Kurt being in office. What I suffered from was the lost of shelter, increased prices, shady contractors and lack of supplies which will always happened after a natural disater and demand and supply and contracts and monopolies already inplace, which my family had to deal with on our own for some normalcy and things are only started to ease up over the past year, and not  because of the chance of UDP being voted in. I could have went to the governement to help me rebuild, we would have qualified but I decided to do things on our own through research and hardwork because there were other that needed that help over us and I wanted progress then and not go through the process cause it was not only me affect but the whole island.

     All governments take a while to get things rolling so sometimes when we need things "now" we have to do things for ourselves (within the law) instead of waiting to see what a government will do. UDP was voted out in 05 cause they  never kept to their promises and lacked to support the people after Ivan remember that? (And I remember the ludicrous statement that it was cause the UDP and corruption we got hit by Ivan, this is what blinds us petty ignorant thoughts) PPM was voted out cause the people lost confidence wanted change and it’s obvious the choice of more that 2 choices (parties) in GT and BT played a factor as these were the only 2 districts not including the Sister Islands to have more than 2 ways to go. I actually feel bad for Mac because he is gonna face the same stuff the US did to Obama when he got elected, he’s gonna have to fix everything from PPM’s and his party UDP’s previous rule overnight to please some people.

    So enough is enough with party in party out, I roll my eyes at party politics, but respect the indiviual representatives and what they stand for or against. Because truth be told  the people speak again in four years, and alot can happen during that time, bad and good, or God forbid another hurricane…..

  5. movement of JAH people says:

    Yes a vote for Don dadda Eden is a vote for a balanced LA cause he is such a nice man he ain’t got a darn thing to to do now but collect salary as he did in the past 4 years he is sleeping his way to a pension again! oh wait asks him what cow got out last night in Lower Valley. As for the hollier than thou candidate here in the Brac well i can see the Religious Police now roaming the streets detaining all none believers besides family members. someone needs to solve the great burger Caper and ask who ate dem BK burgers sent to C/B after Paloma a heinous and ungodly crime committed against the citizenry of the sister islands. Now thats a crime the RCIPS can finally solve. hahaha take a bite out crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have it wrong old buddie the only one sleeping there way to a pension is Cap. Eugeen. I guess we’ll have an answer to BK burgers when we herewho really beniffeted from the First Cayman Fiesta, the Boatswain Beach Contracts, Ritz Carlton and I could go on and on. Get out from under the Bush and come back to the light.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why people are so on about "suffering" in the last four years. Last I checked, in 2005 the people suffered so much that they the had the UDP removed in a clean sweep. The message was loud and clear in 2005 that the resounding majority had suffered and was tired of it. There’s no better way forward, in going back. But without a doubt change will happenin these Islands. We just have to see if it’s for better or for worse. But for the record, we’re in a GLOBAL economic crisis, Mckeeva can do little to nothing to change that. So don’t get believe for a sceond that he can actually fix anything.

    • Anon says:

      Did anyone notice anything funny about these proposed Cabinet portfolio assignments?

      According to the UDP Mr. Adam was dismissed by the PPM Government for merely political reasons but in fact was an excellent manager for Cayman Airways. Well, if that’s true, and he was indeed an excellent manager for Cayman Airways, why wasn’t Cayman Airways assigned to him as a Minister since he obviously knows it inside out? 

      Mr. Bush gets financial services, and not Mr. Anglin – the only financially-qualified person in Cabinet. 

      Mr Scotland gets health services, but Mr. Miller has responsibility for the health services authority. What does "responsibility" mean exactly since there can be only 5 Cabinet Ministers for the time being? Does it mean Mr. Miller will be Chairman of the HSA?

      What does Mr.  Adam know about housing and social services?      

    • West Bayer says:

      "I don’t understand why people are so on about "suffering" in the last four years. Last I checked, in 2005 the people suffered so much that they the had the UDP removed in a clean sweep. The message was loud and clear in 2005 that the resounding majority had suffered and was tired of it."

      You always think the grass is greener on the other side until you get there. That’s what happened in 2005 but thank the Lord the UDP stood there and waited for us to see the real truth and didn’t do like Noah did, "locked the door". Thanks Mac for loving us enough to treat us like the father and his prodigal son.

  7. Anonymous says:

     "In regards to the comment from the expat – please bear in mind that you can’t judge our entire society based on the expressed views of some.If you come here and wish to reside peacefully amongst us and show respect to our God fearing way of life and culture – you will be met with open arms by the friendliest people the world over."

    This is most true.  I have lived among you for a few years now, and God has blessed these islands with the best people on earth.  I am also blessed to be here, and I know it very well.  Thank you to the good Caymanians for sharing this.

  8. Expat 636 says:


    Expats have no votes and no representation, but I know that a lot of us are lining up behind you to work to secure the business future of the islands.  I pray that you don’t forget the contribution that we make to your islands.

    Expat 636

  9. Anonymous says:

    First off – congrats to all members of the LA and especially the Leader of Government Business. We will be praying that all elected Members of Parliament can work together in the best interest of these Islands.

    I have been reading the comments on this website with horror to say the least. It concerns me that there are some that suggest that if you didn’t vote for the PPM, you are not deemed “NORMAL”, you are illiterate, brainwashed, ignorant. I would appreciate if these same hateful individuals would spend the next 4 years seeking God in prayer (as many non PPM members had to do for the past 4 years) and familiarising themselves with the concept of brotherly love detailed in the Bible. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone but to tear them down for their views is downright wrong.

    Further, I have decided that the Devil uses criticism to get our eyes off of what we need to do to further the Kingdom of God so I 4 one will not be making it a practice of engaging in dialogue or defending our new Government. As they say, time will tell. In regards to the comment from the expat – please bear in mind that you can’t judge our entire society based on the expressed views of some.If you come here and wish to reside peacefully amongst us and show respect to our God fearing way of life and culture – you will be met with open arms by the friendliest people the world over.

  10. Born again, and again, and again says:

    Mac found God all right, she lives in Watering Place, Cayman Brac. Just in case anyone else was looking for her.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sick of hearing the sour grapes from the PPM supporters.  If your party had bothered to lookout for the entire population instead of for just a select few or seeing past their arrogance then they would still be in power.  You couldn’t even get them to return a phone call.  That one is for you Chuckie.  What they should do instead is focus on the shady stuff that went on like the shenanigans of Joey Ebanks at the Turtle Farm.  Now he says he wants to be their consultant.  I will be the first to picket with signs outside the Turtle Farm and call the talks shows every day if he is so much as allowed to visit the TF.  Now UDP, please do everyone a favour and ensure that Joey Ebanks does not return to the Turtle Farm or any other government office.  He showed his true colours by continuously advancing himself money just below the limit that would require Board approval while checks issued by the Turtle Farm were being bounced at the bank.  That is shameful and he should be punished!  Thanks North Siders for being smart and keeping him out.  Just remember that the PPM practically forgot about you all with Edna Moyle as Speaker instead of being your representative.  Their little strategy sure went south!

  12. anonymous says:

    Wha happen to you UDP supporters? Can’t take da heat now that your croonies in da hot seat or wha? Now it them going be the target of criticism and una wanteverybody to shut up and get along. Well ah sorry fa una….what goes around comes around so take una licks now!! No doubt ya croonies will give us plenty to complain about for the next 4 years if they make it that long before UK have to take over!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to the UDP!  You have been given this chance again to work together for the good of the Cayman Islands.  I encourage everyone to work alongside our Government, and our Government along with Cayman – together for better.

    PPM, although you are now on the opposing side, I encourage you to keep your chin up and work together for a better Cayman.

    Keep at heart the essence of this: 2 Chronicles 14:2-15

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mark is Minister of Health and Ezzard is in charge of the HSA, because when Mark is removed by the Grand Court, Ezzard can just move in and take his seat… And create his magic, just like he did when he was last Minster of Health…

    • Anonymous says:

      At first I thought this poster about Ezzard’s magic in Health last time must be mad but then I realised they were being sarcastic as it was so obvious what a total domineering failure he was.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe that the people of the Cayman Islands were so quick to put Big Mac back in power.  Already he is taking on too much and attempting the impossible.  Forget road works, healthcare and education – I just want to get through the next 4 years as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

  16. Anonymous says:

    come on mac lets try to change things around on this rock that ppm left!! UDP all the wayyy!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    GOD HELP US ALL! I am so disappointed with the easily brainwashed people that voted for the UDP! Shame! Shame! But guess what UDP suppporters! You ALL are going to SUFFER right along side the rest of us for the next four years!! Foolish indeed! Oh and to the person dragging the PPM shirt on the back of their vehichle in the dirt…..don’t worry… a few years I bet you’ll be wearing that red t-shirt!!! Or maybe Big Mac and his goonies will still be able to brainwash and bribe you for your vote. What a big disappointment!!

    • Anonymous says:

      God help us? i think he just did two nights ago.  I like it when PPM supporters come out saying about  the UDP going to make us suffer; well I wonder what we been doing the last 4 years. Listen, the election is over, the debates are over and the people has spoken with a resounding voice. The real dissapointment is the inablility of the PPM supporters to accept the failure of their party, they are going on protesting, bashing Mr. Bush for everything under the sun. If you want a perspective on your party, you should have a look at the editorial in the compass today; kudos to whoever wroteit, it was well done. The thing is we could keep up this back and fort all year, but isn’t it better to put our differences aside and pray for the new Government and its leader? after all they will represent us for the next 4 years.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said!

      • Anonymous says:

        Now that Kurt has demonstrated failed leadership – leadership that has been rejected by the voters – I wonder if he will do the right thing and step down as leader of the PPM?

    • Knowledgable West Bayer says:

      Tiche, tiche, tiche, you got your letters mixed up again? Oh BTW you need to put "SUFFER" in the past tense as that is what we have been doing for the last four years under the PPM. We are now looking forward to a brighter future under the leadership of the HONORABLE LEADER OF GOVERNMENT BUSINESS, MR. WILLIAM MCKEEVA BUSH.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If Mark was given roads it could be seen as a conflict as he owns a road paving company, any tender that he gave for a government project would be seen as such. Hopefully people with expertise in relative fields like Mr. Adam will be tapped for their input and not left on the side lines looking in. Congrats to all of candidates both successful and not.

    Time to stop the school yard he said/ she said childishness and get on the road to building back up our country. We are all grown adults and need to take personal feelings out of this and work towards a common goal, working for our country to make it the "Jewel of the Caribbean" again people.

    We have to learn that just because it does not go your way the 1,2 or 3rd time does not mean you should be bitter and try to tear each other down with this crab in the bucket mentality, instead give our elected officials your support, help out your neighbor and fellow man, teach our kids that you have to work to achieve something in life worth having and maybe JUST maybe one day we can all be happy to call Cayman home again.

    But then thats just my opinion….


  19. Casual Observor says:

    … and here I thought it was only expats that Caymanians hated … apparently you all hate each other a lot too!

  20. Soldier Crab says:

    What will the world think of us having "Minister of Finance’ who was previously been dismissed from his ministerial post because of involvement with a banking fraud?

    • Knowledgable West Bayer says:

      Stop your childish behaviour and get over it. The PPM is OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Islander says:

      Wondering the same thing! Time will tell for sure. When you think its finally save, then comes sudden destruction. As a Caymanian its sad to see how little knowledge my own people have. How short of memory they have, how eaisly they can be bribed. I suggest each and everyone get up to date with current world affairs. You don’t have to look to far either to see where we are heading. Just check out Turks. The situation my fellow Caymanians isn’t isolated to Turks. The paper and human trail are here and our day of judgement is quickly approaching. The elections have ended, the people have spoken and now we wait! Let’s see if the Darts, Red Sails, and the likes will be able to stop England when they step in. It won’t be a PPM, BT or Chuckie thing. It will be a Cayman thing and we’ll all be in the same bucket. So to them I say, enjoy and make good use of this time. The people have spoken. Remember this Cayman. Turks!! And remember we never had that looming over us before!! The love of money, is the root of all evil!! You want someone to get it done, regardless of how they get it done. That alone speaks for itself. The people have spoken!! Sad days ahead for this Island.

  21. anonymous says:

    Mark Scotland in charge of the country’s healthcare?

    Better make sure you don’t get sick for the next four years!

    Juliana in charge of Gender Affairs?

    Glad I’m not a woman!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I, for one, am THOROUGHLY confused about the selection of ministries.

    Mark will take Health Services but not Roads – his area of expertise and stregnth? I guess he has a company in the same field but he is certainly our best mind for infrastructure.

    Mac has too much on his plate –  why not give Cayman Airways to Mike (who has one) which is his area of expertise and strength?


    • Anonymous says:

      Poor Mark! He’s Minister of Health and Sports-but Ezzard has responsibility for the Health Services Authority (which is mostly what "Health" is all about). How will that work? Mr Miller isn’t exactly shy, retiring, low key and hands off in his approach to things………

    • Anonymous says:

      100% with totally confused!!

      These ministry responsibilities do not align with the indidivudals selected for ministries except Rolston.  Does not seem like much thought was given to these selections, why even bother to give Mark one he currently cannot even be seated as a member of the Parliament.

      H.E The Governor please review these selections carefully, also what about Environment which includes mount trashmore???


    • Anonymous says:

      I too agree that Mac is taking on waaaaay too much.  Mike has the looks, carriage and a wonderful speaking voice to be listened to and to be the face of the Cayman Islands to the tourist world.  HE would make a great MOT.  Mike knows tourism.  Mac, please reconsider.

    • Anonymous says:

      HOORAY TO MR ADAM !  while i am no great fan of the party system, I love Mr. Adam and voted for him.  Mr. Adam was loved at Cayman Airways, too bad he did get that Ministry but regardless, you are still loved Mr. Adam and you can see from the votes you got!

  23. Jae says:

    i believe it is up to the governor to decide when the constitution or parts of will come into effect so it is presumptious to say mckeeva is caymans first premier…likely but also not fact.

    Like the new seats contained within the constitution the premier title could indeed be left until the next election.  Just pointing out something… πŸ™‚

    Otherwise keep up the good work

  24. Voter says:

    boy,  Mike cant be too happy about that ministry – had heard he was promised tourism 

    I agree, after spending 30+ years at Cayman Airways, now what does that tell us !!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      It is most unusual for a first-time MLA to go right into the Cabinet.  I think that Mike is a great guy (I voted for him) but let’s not get too carried away.  A seat on the Cabinet is a great accomplishment for anyone, especially for a first-time MLA.  Congrats to Mike and best wishes.

      And CONGRATULATIONS TO MY FRIEND MARY LAWRENCE.  Speaker of the House.  I couldn’t be happier for anyone.  I pray that this will be the greatest time of your life!


    • Anonymous says:

      You all need to stop trying to stir up DRAMA!!!!!  Mike is extremely happy and excited to be working for hispeople in the capacity of Social Services! He’s already in contact with so many as we speak! This is what he and the UDP promised…..they would hit the ground running!!!  They are not there to serve themselves but the PEOPLE!!!


  25. Bearer of Good News says:

    Was just thinking, now that the good people of George Town have seen fit to elect Ellio, the UDP has already succededin bringing the unemployment figure down by 1! Good job guys, keep up the good work.

  26. Mac "The Refrigerator" Bushy says:

    Well praise be to Allah that they are keeping Julianna away from Edumacation is all I have to say on the matter.

    Oh, and where the hell is my fridge??

  27. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mr. McKeeva,

    Congratulation to Miss Juliana for getting a Ministry position in Mr. McKeeva’s newly formed government.  Mr. McKeeva has been a friend of Cayman Brac/Little Cayman in the past and many of us look forward to working with you to help improve our community.

    Just a few items to think about:

    Paloma Recovery/Paving of Main Road/Extension of Piped Water/Finish Hospital/Employment Opportunities for Young People/Review of Builders Bill/Cost of Living


    One person who is willing to help and make a difference.

  28. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Do your thing.  Lead.   Under your watch, I am sure we wont hear the words from our Two BT Representative MARK & JOHN saying things  like 


    Lies, lies, and Conspiracy to Lie has been the Bodden Town Team for 4 long years, as they claimed to have tied up each other hand..

    Many people waited for this moment of change.   I hope Mr Eden resigns, it is the best thing to do right now.  I want to watch the drama unfold with Tweety in Sylvester Cage. Feathers, fur and more feathers.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The UDP should not fool themselves into believing that Hon. Mac has the support of the majority of the people in these beautiful isles and here is why:

    The UDP propoganda machine did a great job of convincing the voters that they should split their vote.  A group of well-educated, well-liked independents came to the front-line to replace the non-performing incumbents and guess what, not one of those independents actually won a seat (except Ezzard of course, who even Stevie Wonder could see was a UDP groupie and now will faithfully serve the many needs of the North Side people from an office on Hospital Road, GT!). The independents represented a sort of niche-market, shall we call it, each appealing greatly to their own small circle of voters particularly in BT and GT.  For example – Ms.Theresa – a strong woman of the soil who has been to the top of Corporate Cayman and understands the struggles of mothers/professional Caymanian women; another great example, Mr. Walling – a strong man of the soil who has been to the top of Corporate Cayman/Govt. and understands the struggles of the small man trying to get his business off the ground only to drown in the red tape that is CIG…I could go on but you get my drift.  These independents were the epitome of the Cayman dream and we were so proud of them for putting themselves forward to serve the general public’s interests.  Many of those who voted straight PPM in BT & GT for 2005 wanted to give his/her favourite independent candidate "just one little vote" this time around. 

    The intentions of the split-voters, shall we call them, were good mind you – they wanted to fill the L.A. with an even number from each party AND the best of the independents which would ensure that everyone was kept in check and bring an end to all of this party foolishness.  A very noble and worthy cause the only problem was that there were too many independents to go around so none of them actually stood a chance against the "straight-voting" of the UDP.  I know many of the split-voters woke up this morning and immediately regretted their actions which led to Mac becoming LOGB.  Clearly the majority of the people were in favour of the referendum, a document that was ridiculed by most in the UDP but promoted by all members of the PPM which indicates that either the majority of voters already disagree with their chosen leaders about the most important law in the land (nope, that doesn’t make sense to me either) or the majortiy of people in these beautiful isles support the PPM. 

    So you see the majority did not vote for UDP but in fact voted for PPM+Independents.  Guess what that means to the new UDP Government-there is a "Majority Opposition" out there and we pay our taxes/your salary just like everyone else and we will have our say! BTW is anyone still offering to take a reduction in MLA salaries now?  Just some initial questions from us in the "M.O." – Hon. Mac, didyou really have to take both Finance and Tourism? You’re not as young as you used to be and we happen to be in the middle of an economic crises that is stumping the minds of persons that graduated from Harvard. But then again, even from the picture on CNS it would appear that the real man in charge is Hon. Rolly.  Hon. Junior Minister Ellio we’re still waiting to see those degrees?! Hon. Mark, Mr. Dwayne, we still want to know why you promote such disregard for the highest law of the land? Hon. Mike, are you the first proposed minister in Cayman’s history to be responsible for only one (uno, for the Espanol voters) government department? Hon. Junior Minister Ezzard, you know what you did but we want to know WHY when there are so many North Siders that could have benefited from jobs in tourism during your last tenure with the UDP.  That’s it for now.    

  30. Anonymous says:
    Who will be in charge of Roads and Infrastructure?
  31. Caymanian to the bone says:

    CNS, if there is a bi-election in Bodden Town, would it mean that all voters would have the opportunity to cast their ballots for "all candidates" in that district with the exception of Anthony Eden whom was duly elected on the 20th May 2009???? 

    I’m thinking that if they have to vote on all candidates, we might have a situation where possibly Anthony Eden could be voted out and Theresa Lewis replacing him, since it’s now known that we have a new UDP Government, voters would sort of be inclined to vote for the present "make up" of Government, for which Theresa I believe indicated that she would be willing to work with UDP, same as Ezzard Miller have done.

    Please check this out and report back please. Thanks !!!!!


    CNS: According to the authorities all of these questions are a matter for the courts if there is a challenge.

    • Anonymous says:

      "I’m thinking that if they have to vote on all candidates, we might have a situation where possibly Anthony Eden could be voted out and Theresa Lewis replacing him, since it’s now known that we have a new UDP Government, voters would sort of be inclined to vote for the present "make up" of Government, for which Theresa I believe indicated that she would be willing to work with UDP, same as Ezzard Miller have done".

      There is no issue as to the validity of Mr. Eden’s election as an MLA and therefore his seat would not be included in any by-election.

      A strong opposition is critical component of any democracy. You do not want a backbench of yes men (or women).   

      • Anonymous says:

        I was made to understand today that it would only be Mark and Dwayne seat that needs to be contested .If so people should vote for Mark and Theresa as she have a whole lot more to offer the country than Dwayne all due respect to him .UDP team would benefit with her KNOWLEDGE .


  32. Anonymous says:

    Who will be in charge of Roads and Infrastructure?

    • Anonymous says:

      According to the last paragraph it looks like the UDP is planning on spending some big bucks which is surprising seeing that they said the country was bankrupt. Guess they succeeded in fooling alot of people. 

  33. Anonymous says:

    You have it wrong about Mac becoming the premier ..

  34. Anonymous says:

    Why not make someone else handle tourism so  he can focus on getting the island "back" on track? Now that the "best people" for the job in, why is the LOGB/Preimer holding a ministry instead of overseeing everyone and insureng that they do what they are assigned to? Is this a sign he feels no one elected is capable of handling this ministry other than him? if he is government head isnt he technically in charge of everything as a whole already? I googled how many previous LOGB I found this link on Mr. Bush on wikipedia.

    This is not a good view for people who dont know or forgot about our new LOGB track record. I hope the LOGB does his best to reverse this image. Please!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, that is what he is known to the world for.

      He has now ‘cashed in’ his 2003 investment and received the ‘returns’ he was GAMBLING for! We have become so afflicted with dementia that we have no recollection of history.

  35. Anonymous says:

    "hoped to do biweekly meetings of some kind" – Cayman take note, he’s not even sworn in yet and already going back on campaign promises of keeping the public informed.

    "nothing to be gained by carrying on this vendetta" – I sincerely hope I’m not in a minority when I say I totally understand this is a matter of a breach of the Constitution and NOT a vendetta as Mac would have his brainwashed supporters believe. If Mark and Dwayne are men of principle, then they will abide by thefundamental principles that is the Constitution, and do the right thing!! Surely they don’t want to start off their political careers by blatantly disregarding what is clearly laid out in the Constitution? Do the UDP arrogantly believe they are above the laws of these beloved Islands? One might be inclined to believe this is the case when one reads the comments of Mac and his siamese twin Rolston.

    I hold neither a vote nor an allegiance to either party, but I have lived here for longer than just the past two administrations, and the only silver lining I could find on this morning’s dark and dismal cloud was that my memory’s capacity and capability is clearly not nearly as diminished as the WB’s electorate’s memory!

    God bless Cayman, and may He guide these beloved Islands’ legislators over the next four years.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget about the PPM minister, who started off his pollitical career by deliberately removing Government property from the glass house.  He knew full well upfront that these were not personal files as he was initially claiming, yet he kept his fingers crossed as a commission of inquiry investigated his actions.  Even when found guilty he did not offer to step down despite the statements of the sanctimonous PPM gov who had said that if one of their ministers were  found to have been less than innocent of any wrong doing one would step down.  And look what happened, nothing.  But nothing is the word that best the defines what the PPM  doen over the last four years.

      Now, objectively look at this entirely different senario:  here are Mark and John John who erroneously failed to submit information which was already in the public domain:  this  can not be compared to the deliberate misbehaviour of the PPM minister.   I totally support  Mark and John John’s decision to have the Grand Court settle this matter.  They did not conspire to fool the people like the PPM, so I say, the majority of the people hereby give permission to the two BT MLAs to have thier day in  Court just like everybody else.   Look at how BT voted: they knew that this information was submitted four days later, once the candidates realized their oversight and they voted a resounding YES for these gentlemen to represent them.  Now for those PPM supporters who continue to harp on this: I say,  stop being so divisive and try to accept  your defeat and come together with the majority and try to begin the healing that is needed.

    • Knowledgable West Bayer says:

      Get over it. This WB’s memory is not diminished. It’s not hard to forget the last four years under the PPM’s regime. No one forgets hardship and struggles. Yes the Lord is blessing these beloved Islands, He began by getting the PPM out of government.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Tourism, Development, and Financial Services. All three pillars of the Cayman economy in the personal day to day control of a single individual. Wow – that is about as absolute as power can get. I feel safe that at least Julie will have responsiblity for district sporting events .. after all, Mac is human and cannot be expected to do everything.

    Is this not the equivalent of giving all the nuclear launch keys to a single individual?

    Hey Guv – this cool with you.?

    In any event .. with integrity it can all work out for the better and I wish him luck and sincerely hope he succeeds – for all Caymanians.

  37. Concerned Caymanian says:

    Well I guess Dart and Ryan will have a successful four years!!!   

  38. JEB says:

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS to the UDP team for having been elected with the majority of seats to form the new GOVERNMENT.

    I trust and pray that you (UDP, PPM and Independent) will all work together for the betterment of our people and these BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS we all call home.




  39. anonymous says:

    So now Mac wants to ‘work together’ ……..what a hyprocrite! Pity the fools that are blinded by him! And oh! What a surprise! weekly televised press briefings will no longer be!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats a REAL HYPROCRITE with a capital H .Its a PITY none of this team got the + # * @ #~ to stand up to him when they see and know something is wrong .But i Pray the world will come to an end before these four years of UDP torment ruin us .GODHELP THE NORMAL PEOPLE OF CAYMAN who know not to VOTE for UDP   Under  Devil  Power .!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        you are living in a delusional world…….please try and wake up now!

      • NORMAL West Bayer says:

        Dearest one, you had better not pray for the world to come to an end now, because with all the HATRED you have built up in you, there is only one place you could go to and and we both know it is not Heaven as God will not accept haters there.

    • Anonymous says:

      No need for weekly press meetings as bi-weekly is acceptable to the majority.   Haters – don /t become so obsessed that you see conspiracy in every thing.  Just stop hating the Mac; in fact the man is to be admired. He came from the bottom of the food chain to elevate himself to the top.  Guess that’s why the so called high class don’t like him.    And so it is.

  40. anonymous says:

    hahahahaaaahahaha……out the door with the weekly press briefings!! out the door with transparency!! in comes the UDP…undercover experts!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Press briefings were abused by the previous administrations.

      The chain of communication of new ideas should be through the LA. Hopefully the new Speaker will squash this "government by press briefing".

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP has the permission of the majority to adjust the weekly press meetings.  We all know that the PPM used to struggle to have weekly meaningful discussions but were too stubborn to adjust to bi-weekly.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Yep brackers it all ova now ! Stock up! Stack up! Save up!  Unless of course……oh never mind we done know who ga suffer !  

  42. Anonymous says:

     boy,  Mike cant be too happy about that ministry – had heard he was promised tourism 




    • Anonymous says:

      On the contrary…. Mike was NEVER promised Tourism and he is in fact very happy with Human/Social Services and Housing because he wants to make a difference in the lives of these people! Mike looks out for his Caymanian people, all of them! However he will also be able to assist with Tourism & Aviation when his input is needed!

      I say this is a "win/win" situation for EVERYONE!!! Great job guys….glad to see you all working together! Now hopefully the PPM members will get on board.

  43. G says:

    Finally! A government that’s going to make a difference. Well done Mac, glad to have you back in power.

  44. Anonymous says:

    dear cns: does mac become the first premier? are u saying that that part of the new constitution becomes active immediately?

    CNS: Not immediately but shortly.