UDP seals victory in W.Bay

| 21/05/2009

(CNS): There were few surprises went the West Bay result finally came in, returning all four incumbent United Democratic members and ensuring that, with the imminent result in George Town, McKeeva Bush will form the next government despite the problems with two of his UDP candidates in Bodden Town. Bush polled over 68% of the vote and Rolstin Anglin over 65%, and Cline Glidden and Cpt Eugene Ebanks taking over 57% and 52% respectively.

Rather than being challenged by the independents in George Town, the UDP actually increased their collective share of the vote and strengthened their already solid grip on the district. Moreover, the result came in as the last two ballot boxes and mobile votes remained to be counted, with two UDP candidate poised to take seats in the district from Lucille Seymour and Alfonso Wright. Mike Adam was flying to victory at around 2:00 am, neck and neck with Kurt Tibbetts for first elected member, while Alden McLaughlin was looking secure in his seat but as third elected trailed by radio shock-jock Ellio Solomon taking the fourth seat.

With five confirmed seats, two almost in and two in the hands of the lawyers and a first reserve in North Side in the shape of Ezzard Miller, the UDP will be back in office. In a complete reversal of fortunes for the PPM, they now have five seats and will be taking those on the opposition benches.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a Caymanian and want my country to succeed regardless of which party is in power and without sinking the country into a malestorm of controversy and questionable practices.  But I am not holding my breath, alleged associates of the new Government  have already made a great start with the election day shennagins in George Town and a potential constitutional crisis in Bodden Town. 

  2. Anon says:

    Well Twlya I hope you are right about him standing up for all Caymanians, cause if it turns out differently I’m sure we can count on you being our embassador to put him in check, hopefully get to him through your guys from BT, or at least post it on CNS….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, why do you think the PPM members hate Mac?!  Cause they know his power and influence.   I’m sure they had to place Alden under suicide watch! LMAO

    Job well done UDP!  We won the election from Monday Night!


  4. Expat 567 says:

    "As a young Caymanian I must say I concur with all the expatriates who say that Caymanians are DUMB!!!"

    As an old crusty expat I must say that if I heard any other expat saying Caymanians are dumb, I’d feel obligated to kick his XXX right then and there.

    …but maybe it’s just me…

  5. anonymous says:

    In response to McKeeva has done sooooo much…….great posting! Right on target…..

  6. anonymous says:

    UDP have no need to ‘steal’ a victory in West Bay….electorate there are so mesmerized with Mac it’s frightening! And their supporters are so clueless it’s awfully pathetic! And una try so remember….King McKeeva is only King in West Bay…and what a bunch he ruling over! We not interested in crowning him anywhere else in this Country! Hope when Rollie becomes Minister of Education he makes it mandatory for Mac & Elio to go back to School and get themselves educated….notice the lesser the education level the bigger the mouth?? And as for anger management….Mac better deal with certain of his party members on that cuz Lord knows they are an angry bunch of young people!  Wha wrong wid dem??!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow!! One can always tell a PPM fanatic.  Leave the Mac alone.  You  guys have your own problems in the party.  Remove the plank in your own eye before you try to remove the splinter in the Mac’s eye.  We love the Mac, and the majority reins supreme.  Long live the Mac!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    What a SAD day in the Cayman Islands! The people have been so brainwashed! And now the whole country is going to pay! And knowing the kind of malicious vendictive bulldog "BIG MAC" can be….he’s just going to be out for blood now! Don’t worry all UDP supporters…you all will suffer along with the rest of us! When this government finishes sinking this island you all are going to go down with us too! So be ready! After all Mckeeva Bush has done to this country already, you all still let him pull the wool over your eyes! How sad and foolish of you! Just a few gifts and all your memories were erased! How very very sad!!!! Now we are all going to pay for all of your FOOLISH mistakes!! What a SAD SAD day in the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank God the mad reign of the PPM is over;  had they continued for another four years, then dog eat our suppa.  Caymanians have been losing jobs right left and center and what does the PPM do? Nothing!!  I know for sure, their day has come and it came last night.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Every dog has his Day and the Caymanian People have entered that ERA once again, the dog days are here.  The Days of Lies, manipulation and corruption is here again. oooooh how we forget the Status Grants, the botched up low income houses,  Ritz Carlton and Camana Bay deals, the surge of people coming into the Islands which no one seemed to have control over. 

    Please remember that McKeeva said that he got training of the party system from Jamaica, what does the parties do in Jamaica the instill violence and fear into voters, the put guns in the hands of their voters to have disruption in order of the country and then blame the opposing party of not having control. Big Mac was trained by these same leaders, what will he do with his training.  Please do not feel that we will be off the grey list anytime soon remember our new leader has affiliations with the ex-Primer of Turks and Caicos, which is still being scrutinized and investigated.

    I am a young Caymanian, I voted in the district of Bodden Town and believed the people of the Islands should have mixed the votes, a little bit of UDP a little bit of PPM and a little bit of Independent., this way we would have a mixed government and possibly a new and different Leader of Government Business (not Kurt or the Mac)
    The party system is all fine and dandy but our parties have taken the incite of the party system from the wrong people and may be should have looked towards England and the USA to see how a real party operates.
    Do not get me wrong the West Bayers should have voted for the Big Mac and Rolston and then they should have throw in a dash of 2 independents.
    Big Mac I can guarantee you and will bet the monies that was given to you by the private or anonymous investor, this will be the last 4 year reign for the UDP, a new breed of voters and Candidates is coming and your dictator ship and your communistic ways of leadership will be soon over, I wish you and the UDP a successful rule and hope that you assist Obama well.
    • Anonymous says:

      It is so obvious that the PPM supporters are still spewing their hatred.  Meanwhile, the UDP used all their energy to win the general election.   They were like the "No Drama Obama" campaign, they persevered despite the drama and malicious attacks , the goal was to win the election, and boy, did we ever.   That’s what am talking about!!  Long live the UDP!

      As he was so rightly refered to at the last campaign meeting – he is "the One" and the Cayman Islands have shown all and sundry that this is who we want to lead.

      God bless the Cayman Islands and "the One’ McKeeva Bush.


    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP had a dedicated team of senior execs who made executive decisions for the candidates during this campaign.  So to think that "the Mac" has to be the one, or is the one in control all the time is bull.  That foolishness could only be spoken by someone who does not know him or simply dislikes him.  He knows when to listen BoBo.

    • Anonymous says:

      I share many of the concerns and trepidations expressed in the post "Every dog has his day".  However,  the writer and everyone else for that matter should now realise beyond all doubt that mixing votes is very, very, very risky.  Nevertheless, the majority have spoken and I’ll give the "new" Government a chance and reserve any further comments, but the 2001 – 2005 period, their behavior during the last 4 years and during the election campaign does not exactly fill me with great hope.   

  9. Mercedezes says:

    What time is it people????

    UDP time and i say time for a change. We the people have spoken and now it’s time for all the negativity to stop. We are all one (CAYMANIANS!!!!!!) 

    We all need to work together for the betterment of our country and stop slandering about UDP and PPM and which party didn’t get in or which one would be the best. We on a whole should be concern about the issues and failures that surround our country.

    PPM had 4 year to turn this country around and did nothing constructive to date. so i say let someone else try to see what they can do to change the country around.

    We saw how they rush to try and complete the opening of the Coe Wood Beach about the go east  garbage. Who were they trying to fool? Ossie, Charles and Anthony had the nerves to spend money on this to put this in place and so much people in bodden town aren still living in trailers located near the recently re-build BT civic centre. Have they seen how that looks when driving on that back road in belforde estates and they have the nerve to say don’t stop the progress. what progress?

    And yes i’m a UDP supporter and I’m glad that they got rid of " Ossie (Boring) Bodden" 

    and Charles (Crookford ) Clifford" they should have replace Anthony Eden with Justin Woods whom me and my family also gave a vote for. Don’t give up Justin 4 years is not that long and i know BT will put you in next time. Thanks for running a clean campaign and stcking to the issues.

    Be Bless. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva has done sooooo much for West Bay.

    He’s built better schools in the district… oh wait.. no.. same schools that have always been there.

    He’s built a wonderfuly stocked library for the community to encourage education and literacy levels… oh no.. wait… no.. he didn’t do that either.

    He’s cleaned up the crime… oh wait.. no.. crime still rampant in the area and getting worse.

    He’s cleaned up the drug problem… oh wait… nope.. crack heads still rampant.

    He’s worked hard for beautification and the environment… oh no wait… He passed the 7 storey buildings law that has desacrated 7 mile beach.

    OH WAIT YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID????… everyone in West Bay has a NEW FRIDGE!

    hmmmm Yeah… West Bay is pretty much the same crap hole it’s always been.

    Now Cayman, it’s time to turn this man and his party on to the rest of the island once again so we can have so much of Nothing Good.

    Hooray! I’m tingiling with anicipation!

    • Anonymous says:

      Did not receive a fridge from the UDP but do know of someone who received a big truck load of marl from the PPM and promises a plenty from the especially  PPM West Bay party of Independents.

      • Twyla M Vargas says:



        Anyway I want to Congratulate Mr MacKeva Bush and his team.  He has certainly done it again.

        Now lots of things  are being said, about him, POLITICAL TRASH.  That,s  what I call it, and I am certain anyone who think they are going to catch him naping, think again.   People are claiming that he will give away another 3000 status.  Stop the crap,  Mr Bush learned the hard way, and I am sure he is going to stand up and protect all Caymanians.    I am sorry for those who are looking for political status faavours, you will be in for a very big surprise. 

        We wanted change in Bodden Town, but we needed a clean sweep.  Anyway its not over until the fat lady sings.

        • Anon says:

          "Stop the crap,  Mr Bush learned the hard way, and I am sure he is going to stand up and protect all Caymanians.    I am sorry for those who are looking for political status faavours, you will be in for a very big surprise". 

          We have no reason to believe Mr. Bush has learned anything since he did not apologise to the people for the status grants but tried to defend them. It is very clear from the huge number of expats following his bandwagon that they have been given certain promises. It is also very  clear that there are some big money donors who are expecting something in return. Mr. Bush has grabbed the ‘money portfolios’ and left the rest to be divided among the others. Why isn’t Rolston, a CPA, responsible for financial services policy?

          God help us all.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am very proud to see someone write such an intelligent and unbiased post!!! GREAT JOB!

    Unfortunately, I do not believe that the Brac will have 2 Ministers and actually don’t believe they should either.  I believe Mark and Rolston will get Ministries as I rightly believe they should and from what I read….I didn’t think Ezzard wanted a Ministry? But all that aside….I am hoping that the PPM will put all pettiness aside and work hand in hand with the UDP to get this country out of the mess it’s in.

    The one thing I know for sure is that the UDP did assemble to very best group in order to lead this country!!! I am proud of each one of them, including Pearlina and Jonathan and know that if they can all work together in some capacity it will truly be to the benefit of the Caymanian People!!!

    God Bless us all!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    As a young Caymanian I must say I concur with all the expatriates who say that Caymanians are DUMB!!!

    My how our memories are short! And not even one independent?!? (Ezzard doesn’t count because he was an un-declared UDP candidate).

    I pray that sound intelligence will return to our people.

    I’ve got the BLUES 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP is in the house and everyone must respect that.  The captain of the good ship Cayman is none other than "theMac, the One" McKeeva Bush. To all those sore losers, we invite you to jump on board the UDP train.  We welcome one and all.

      The UDP’s leader has rightly called for unity and healing  and all those who oppose this appeal, I beleive, would be the ones who want to divide the country. 

      Congratulations to team UDP, especially the NEW Leader of Government Business, the Hon McKeeva "the One" Bush, Rolston "Freedom Street" Anglin, Captain Eugene Ebanks, and last but not least,  Cline "the Negotiator" Glidden.   We love you gents!!!

      THE UDP had a  highly effective  executive committee that was almost 100 strong.  They were focused even when members of the PPM were creating all kind of scandal and saying all manner of negative comments about them.   In fact, the negativity made them and the majority of voters even more determined to usher in the change that the nation was calling for. 

      The PPM spent 4 years bickering about the UDP and now they will waste another four doing the same thing. Perhaps if they had harnassed some of that energy and worked on making Cayman a better place they would still be the Government.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with your comments.  We all have to work together and forget partisan politics.  Both parties have to work together most of us do not have anywhere to run so this Island failing is not an option for anyone.  I was also disappointed that no independent won a seat I thought and know we had somegreat choices that had good and beneficial ideas that would have benfited our Islands.  People remember country before self!!!!

  13. Big Al says:

    You are so right, so right. I know that blood-line Caymanians are in the minority and the new Caymanians don’t know or care about us enough to see what they doing. I don’t know what to say. This was the last General Elections in which Caymanians could have made a difference and put a stop to the imported politics but again we failed ourselves.

    How much is this really going to cost us, I wonder?

    • Anonymous says:

      The people have spoken!  Please respect that; this is a democracy.   We want the Mac. He is the only one with the know how to sail the good ship Cayman to safety.  The writing was on the wall for the PPM, they should have seen defeat coming a long time ago.  So much viceral from the losers.  Just take your medicine with a coating of sugar  and it will make it easier to go down.  God bless the Cayman Islands.

  14. Future Vision says:

    Now it is proven that Cayman has a majority of illiterate-money-driven people, will they along with the ‘green$ party’ lead us into damnation ?? 

    When and where ever ignorance prevails intelligence, (Grand Cayman) I rather not be.

    " Its foolish to be wise in the abundance of ignorance "

    right now my mind is in a crux about the destiny of my country and its minority of intelligent people.

    The actions and attitudes before after and during the general elections of certain politicians and Caymanians and wanna be Caymanians have prompted me to conclude with the above.


    Jahleb – Rastafari Live !



  15. Soldier Crab says:

    When will they ever learn…..?

    We have seen what happened in the Turks & Caicos Islands!

  16. Anonymous says:

    From all around the world we have only one thing to say "Return of the Mac"…………………

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well Cayman hope you don’t think we will be coming off the grey list anytime soon.  How short your memories are.  Have you forgotten Ivan, status grants – well you’d best remember because things are going to get worse now.  Don’t you realise that the increase in crime and the levels of violent crime is directly related to the farce of the status grants and the fact that no one had any control over who came in this country after Ivan.  Think back to the recent murders in this country and who is being held for them.  May the Good Lord help us because we will soon be exactly the same as Kingston.  To say that education is not important in this day and age shows how truly ignorant some people are.  How can we hope to discuss issues on the same level as the UK, USA, Europe, etc. without the same level of education.  They can tie uneducated people in knots with words.  Why are we building schools and updating degree programmes here?  Because we want our children to be on the same level as other educated people. Should that not apply even more so to our Government.  This is truly a sad day for the Cayman Islands.  We have at least 3 elected officials who eiether did not comply with the constitution, or were dishonest about their level of education.  If these people were so dishonest before they were elected, do you truly imagine that they will suddenly, now that they have been elected, become ethical moral people?  Sorry, its not going to happen. 

  18. Nicole says:

    Long live KIng McKeeva, lets face it y’all the King of West Bay can neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr be touch, it’s no doubt in my mind that he’s the man for the plan.  He has done alot for West Bay over the years, I am so happy for you once again Mr. McKeeva and even though I’m not a West Bayer you surely make them all proud.   West Bayers will be a fool if they ever took out Mr McKeeva, he has done so much for this country then any other canidate did in a lifetime.  


    • Anonymous says:

      CANT HELP IT!!!!!

      long live the king of West Bay.

      I have supported McKeva Bush from the day he first ran for office, and I dont have any reason up until this date to change my mind that he is the right man for the job.

      Say what we may but I am sure he will get us back on track.  I have always found him to be adventurous, aman with a plan.  MacKeva wants the best for Cayman, he is not doing it for the money I feel sure of that. 




  19. Bob says:

    Amazing how short of a memory our people have. Let me refresh your minds: our "new" government (UDP) is the one that steered the controversial status grants where blatant favouritism and "knowing the right person" (read UDP politicians) attitude created one of the most embarrassing moments in our history. Literally thousands of status were given away in a disorderly and shameful manner. Many did deserve to be granted their status, but that can’t said of too many others.

    And who remembers that in the aftermath of Ivan, the UDP was "commandeering" goods (like generators) flown in in order to be given to UDP party members or "friends". Those generators were literally taken straight from the airport tarmac and were then put in the homes of politicians or their friends instead of being brought to the areas in need. It got so bad that the governor himself had to intervene and temporally suspend the government and take all its power away!

    I guess we must have all decided to forget. History will repeat itself. 


  20. Anonymous says:

    I thought we woud have at least 3 Independents,I was rooting for Bernie to knock the Captain out but after a few box counts the Captain started to pull away like Bolt running the 100 meters then I knew it was over, and UDP would have the overall majority!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    What time it is???UDP time !!!!!!!!!! The People has spoken !!MOVE ON SORE LOSERS!!!!!

    Now is the time that should put the election behind us and work all together for the better of the cayman islands.And PPM stop dividing this country and you campaigned for the love of country above personal ambitions….you should work together with the udp and clean cayman mess…Hopefully now we will know how much the PPM put this lovely islands in debt!!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Long Live King McKeeva!!

    PS – I want a job at the Turtle Farm

  23. Anonymous says:

    Congrats !!!!!!!!!! To the true winners!!!!!

    May God bless them and guide them through this term…..

    UDP the people’s choice……Well maybe this time around Kurt will feel the pressure and shed a few of those SURF N TURF pounds….Back to the drawing board OXTAIL & BEANS….

    Well Big Mac you did it again and thanks to the West Bayers BECAUSE YOU KNOW THEY VOTED STRAIGHT!!!!!!!

    And this time with no dead people voting I would say UDP did a great job….


    And remember STOP @ THE RED, GO WITH THE GREEN;)

  24. Anonymous says:

    Great , now to get the country back on course:

    • deal properly with Obama, and send the right people for the job
    • repeal that complete failure, the "rollover policy", and let our good expats stay, invest, spend and help the country re-grow
    • put the proper best people back in leadership positions where we need them

    God bless the Cayman Islands.

  25. Anonymous says:

    What other way did you all think it was going to go!! Yes we have majority.

    What time is it? IT IS UDP TIME!!

    We are walking down freedom street from the cluthes of the PPM (Poor People Money).



  26. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Congratulations to the UDP, dont care what anyone says, but MacKeva Bush  is the hardest.  Solid as a rock.


  27. Anonymous says:

    I am going to be behind them for what they promised for the 1st 100 days of power and thereafter.  Do people realise why they are sleeping in cars,- Mr McKeeva has been in for 24 years – look back at his track record – getting the 4% removed from the building of condos for the housing fund – things slowly creep up

    • Anonymous says:

      We have McKeeva to thank for the development of this island, and while there are some who would say that we developed much too quickly, I am not one of those persons.  Mr. Bush has been blessed with a politician’s instinct.  He knows what to do and when.  The man is afraid of no one,  in fact., President Obama will find that he has met his equal in Mr. Bush.   For all those sore PPM supporters who continue to denigrate Mr. Bush, I say, you are only upset because the UDP won the election.  Had it been the PPM you would be singing their praises. Well, today is UDP time so you had better get used to it.   Longlive the UDP. The majority has spoken and we say, UDP,UDP, UDP.  However, you are welcome to join the UDP since at the end o f the day we are all Caymanians despite the party affiliations.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Wow. It is amazing what short memories we have. I now look forward to another 4 years filled with allegations, inuendo and favouritism. It will be interesting so see if the processes of Govt. are left to function without undue interference such as we had during the past 4 years. Thanksfully the FOI law should assist, presuming that is that the new Govt. allow it to be followed as required.

  29. Anonymous says:

     Congratulations UDP!  Let’s get Cayman back in business!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Like we never saw this coming, I live in GT and every election I dont ever pay mind to West Bay results because as long as they run that districtwill put them in. Sure looks like those most of those infamous status grants that finally got the chance to vote this time must reside in BT and GT…execellent strategy. Here’s to 4 years hopefully on the right track, and next election give us a real nail bitter, hint hint.

  31. Anonymous says:

    This really shows the education level of person of and living in the Cayman Islands.  Now I really think I have to be the one to pull the roots from my island and move.

    I hope now that you all put them in that your lives are better.

    Remember, everything starts with being educated.  The educations system is the key.  As you all can see our education system is good enough for Caymanian to be crabs in only this country.  Caymanians can not and are not competting with intellegence on any world stage.  Not even to beauty they can win!  🙂

    Lord help us all!


  32. Yo Mama says:

    Who is Capt. Eugene Ebanks? I have lived in West Bay all my life and I follow Cayman politics very closely but I’ve never heard of him.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Not to worry, folks, the next General Elections will be in November 2012; not May 2013. Yeah, right!

  34. Anonymous says:

    If people thought Cayman was in a bad state, then today is the dawn of its worst state.  And that’s my opinion, but time will tell….

    • Anonymous says:

      If people thought Cayman was in a bad state….Well let me first say that we have gotten rid of the PIST POOR MANAGEMENT government that were handed out to us for the last four years!!! That’s correct…we’re moving forward under a leader that gets the job done!!! That is what is important. A leader that is able to make decisions.

      Kirk will get a few lessons of how you should run the country during the next four years.

      Alden will come down off his high horse to truly understand what poor people have been feeling and sit on the back bench and keep quiet. He surely had alot to say when MAC was not leader!

      Arden..can sit down now and be quiet too. Surely not the time to be disobedient. Mac is going to have extra tutoring for all of you to get a grip on anger management which doesn’t cost anything in the event that pressure mounts.

      Moises, well I didn’t see much of a smile on your face in the News Services highlight of the Brac. Although you was ahead of Julianna by 6 votes.. you’re face didn’t show any joy. It is obvious that you may have had different plans…Here this my boy…money isn’t the answer to life’s problems. What you spent on handouts should have been given to those that were least fortunate. Julianna will be in a Ministerial position. What does that say??? SACRIFICE over GREED is important! 

      Anthony…well you always escape under the notion of MR. NICE GUY…for how long???? Well we’ll see…MAC just needs to find another suitable candidate for BT to get you off the pot. Niceness and folded hands doesn’t help our country.

      Now Cayman that is 5 wasted votes I just mentioned. Yep! that’s correct. To put it quite simple that’s approximately $60K per month or $600K per year of our money just simply wasted.

      Mac… man I know you are kind hearted but exempting these persons entirely from the new Government would not be a bad idea. Afterall, just before they were removed from power they VOTED to have all electors the opportunity to serve one term in office in only in order to obtain their entire pension and health. What  a shame!!! Again, we have seen first hand the remnants of a PIST POOR MANAGMEMENT government.

      Mac we got your back covered…because we know that ENVY and JEALOUSY is high up on their list to do whatever they can to create a problem.

      and one more thing Mac….clean those BOARDS properly…and always make sure you carry the BOARD DUSTER with you as you clean…..remember what happen with CHUCKIE????


  35. whodatis says:

    DING!! DING!! DING!!

    Cayman…are you prepared??

    Letttt”’sss get readyyy to rrrruuuuummmmbbbllleeee!!!


  36. Anonymous says:

    My Thoughts on the winners:

    Feel free to give input in my opinions….

    North Side:  Mr Miller is a good man and he has a good heart.  I think we will see what he does as he might have ideas to assist us and move this country forward.

    East End:  Arden is  back again.  He has done quite a bit for East End so we have to give him that.  I think he made some mistakes as a minister but I doubt we have to worry about that happening in this new government.  So lets see if he will be a strong backbench opponent so keep things in check.

    Bodden Town:  Everyone knew Tony would get back in.  After all…those Savannah people stick together dont they.  He was not voted back because he is a good politician…he was voted back because he is a nice guy.  Simple as that.

    Mark and Dwayne?  Here we go now.  Joke Joke got in by a miracle.  Mark got in because people feel he will make a fresh start for Cayman.  However we may never see this come to light as we all new this is now a court issue with them.  The judge may skip the bi election and bring up the #4 and 5 man to the top.  Lets see what happens here.

    George Town:  Mike Adams…Minister of Aviation and Comminication and all that stuff.  Communication you say?  Was it his brother or cousin who was head of Cable and Wireless at one time?  Aviation you say?  I expect a few resignations from the board. Maybe that is why Hernandez jumped ship already.  I think he is definately in as a minister. 

    Elio… Finally you got a paying job.  $100,000 a year aint bad my boy.  PLEASE JUST EARN THE MONEY THE RIGHT WAY and do something for the people other than run your mouth. 

    Kurt….  Well you are still in.  If you truly are the stateman that you claim to be, you will be a good leader of opposition and yet cross the isle and support the ideas that the new government has that will move this country forward.  You had your 4 years and you failed in alot of things.  Now it is time for the other party to move and see if they can fix it.

    Alden…  Figured you get back in.  Same comments as Kurt.  Work for the people now.  Show them what you really have inside.


    WEST BAY>>>>   We knew this would happen lol.  Same ol same ol but now we have McKeeva about to be the big man in charge.  Mac…lets see what you can do this time.  I am willing to give you a chance.

    SISTER ISLANDS…..  Moses congrats.  You are a good man and I hope that you keep up the good work.   Juliana….  you will probably be made a minister again.  Try and do a good job and watch out cuz Alden is watching you.


    MINISTERS in MY OPINION:  McKeeva Bush, Mike Adam, Ezzard Miller, Julianna and MOSES….I think Moses is a good man and maybe UDP will show they are willing to work together as a team for the better of this company and reach across the isle and extend a hand of good faith.




    • Anonymous says:

      You hit every nail right on the head!!!

    • Big Al says:

      "….I think Moses is a good man and maybe UDP will show they are willing to work together as a team for the better of this company and reach across the isle and extend a hand of good faith."

      Do you really think that Mac will pass over his #2 man Rolston? No way my man – Rollie is our next Minister of Education. Betta believe it!

      Now would you like some fries with your order?

      • Anonymous says:


        Full that plate catsup and all.

        You go get it on Rolston we love you.