Bodden Town returns controversial result

| 21/05/2009

(CNS): In probably the most surprising result of the night, both UDP candidates, Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour, have been elected to the district of Bodden Town but will face an immediate challenge owing to their failure to meet the constitutional requirement to declare their business contracts with government before the deadline. Even before the final results were announced, Osbourne Bodden, the People’s Progressive Movement candidate who came in fourth, a few votes behind Seymour, confirmed that both candidates’ election would be challenged.

Anthony Eden’s huge percentage was cut dramatically from almost 75% of the vote at the last election to just over 49%, making him the second elected member.  Dwayne Seymour with 36% of the vote literally squeezed in to take the third seat in the district  from Bodden, who got just over 35%. Theresa Lewis-Pitcairn gained the largest percentage of the vote by any independent candidate with over 31%, just behind Charles Clifford who came in 5th with 33% of the vote.

With only a few votes left to count in West Bay and George Town and the UDP poised to take at least 6 of those 8 seats, Cayman will be waking up to a UDP government tomorrow as the electorate not only voted against the incumbent government but also rejected the independents and voted for party allegiances. The UDP are likely to have 9 candidates and will also be able to depend on the support of Ezzard Miller in North Side if they lose their Bodden Town candidates as a result of the anticipated challenge.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is exactly the irrational and highly uncooperative behaviour that we need to avoid in our beloved isle. I can’t believe that we as a people have missed the goal by so far. Why are we bickering over people taking up office? Honestly, why? What purpose does it serve? Do we really believe that any of these people hold our fate in their hands? Why are we worshipping these people and risking our families, friends and our own lives for them?

    Please people, get back to basics. I for one trust in the Lord God Almighty.  We have to be careful putting any person up on a pedestal, please stop idolizing these people!

    Remember Ephesians 6:11-12.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any challenge to the election of Mark and Dwayne will be a challenge to the integrity and intellect of the Bodden Town electorate; and this is not right.

    As a STRONG PPM supporter, I would be truly disgusted and annoyed if the party of which I hold in high regards, would make an attempt to overturn what the people of BT have democratically done. We lost this election on OUR OWN. No one assisted us. The UDP won because of OUR faults and won on a clear mandate too I must add. So we need to get on with the program and be a formidable backbench.

    To the PPM leadership, PLEASE use any energy that we would expound on a challenge to the BT result on making sure that issues in the country are addressed and by holding the UDP accountable just like they held us for the past 4 years and maybe in 2013- the decision will once again be on our side.

    From a strong PPM supporter- congrats Mark and Dwayne. I hope that you do well in your term and wish you nothing but good as you commence your tenure as our BT representatives

    • Anonymous says:

      In response to any challenge to the election

      Loyal PPM Supporter the challenge has nothing to do with the people of Bodden Town it has to do with the Cayman Islands as a whole and the most important Law of the land.

      If this situation is not challenged then what does that say about the Cayman Islands, we will vote in persons who do not have respect for authority, shame shame!!

      It does not matter if it was an oversight or not though I really do not see how Mark can use that as an excuse as he ran in 2005.  Caymanians we have to go through this process and I appauld the person or persons who present the challenge!!

      People Country before self always remember this!!

  3. $$$$$$$$$$$ says:

    Thanks Anon I stand corrected, by-election it is.

    Please see below which supports my argument that at the time the Bodden Town voters made their X there was nothing factual to support that Mark and Dwayne were disqualified. It is clear that they were in breach of section 19(1)(g) of the Constitution but that did not have an effect on their nominations and their right to be named on the ballot– is this not correct?

    "Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez told CNS that he had alerted candidates to this both through advertisements and news reports in the local media (See CNS Elections Office reminds candidates to check the law) but this issue is not in the Elections Law and that none of the candidates involved in this have actually broken that law.

    He explained that this could, however, become an issue after the elections should any of the candidates that this concerns be elected and then a challenge is made. Gomez said it would be a case of someone challenging the legitimacy of the candidate’s election through the courts in accordance with the section 28 (f) of the current Constitution and therefore a matter for the Attorney General’s Office. "

    In my opinion, unfortunately this incident had to first unfold in its entirety before the wrong could be made right. I am all for the challenge tobe made because we have to do things right and in respect of the law..There is no other way to live. We HAVE to respect the laws.

    PS I am a finance person and not a lawyer hence my constant references to "my" opinion and I hate party politics!

    • Anon says:

      "Please see below which supports my argument that at the time the Bodden Town voters made their X there was nothing factual to support that Mark and Dwayne were disqualified. It is clear that they were in breach of section 19(1)(g) of the Constitution but that did not have an effect on their nominations and their right to be named on the ballot– is this not correct?".

      When the candidates were nominated they were qualified and therefore duly nominated. A decision to remove their names from the ballot because, on the face of it, they subsequently became disqualified, would have usurped the function of the courts by in effect ruling on the issue. However, not removing the names from the ballots should not have been taken as a ruling that they were indeed eligible or qualified. 

      While I believe a challenge would not be in the best interests of the country even taking into account the breach of the Constitution (and the PPM should act "for love of country"), it is a little disingenuous for the UDP to have first argued that it could only be addressed by the courts after the election, and then having won the election argue that a challenge in the courts after the election is illegitimate. One cannot have it both ways.     

      • Anonymous says:

        I believe that the people of Bodden Town have spoken loud and clear.  To challenge the results now would be a waste of time and money.  This is not a 100 meter race where the runner up moves up to take the place of the person who is disqualified.  This one has be be settled by a bi-election. Will the people vote differently? I dont think so. We have more important things to spend money on.  God bless the Cayman Islands and the UDP leaders and the back-benchers as they get on with the business of running the country.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Listen I am not a UDP supporter, but it seems to me that my PPM party are sore losers!  Let’s face it we lost.  Plain, simple, reality.  We lost.  Even though we won on Brac, we lost!

    If we really had a problem with Scotland and Seymour, then object prior to the elections, not after the results are in and Bodden Town has made it’s choice.  In fact the more you relate to these gentlemen as anyhting less that good, then you have in fact said that either the BT people are less than that or that all the other unsuccessful and by that I am refurring to the PPM members that were not elected as less than good.  We seem desperate.

    BT made their choice, elections office brushed issue off to courts that could happen only God knows when and the PPM are complaining only after a defeat.  You know what, sometimes I even feel it was a good trade off.  Sorry to say.

    I beleive that the election office could have delt with this differently, and I am sure, if everyone could put aside their selfishness and examine this carefully, that one would recognize that there cannot be any other but the elections office to blame.  They are to ensure compliance and enforce laws in this area.  If it were the RCIP, they would have already been crucified, torn apart and probably investigated and humilated.

    Shame on complainers, sore losers.


    CAYMAN BRACKER PPM supporter

  5. Anonymous says:

    Since the people voted for the constitution….

    Lets go ahead and do the right thing.  If Joke Joke (I still think its a joke he got in) and Mark did wrong and broke the law of the land in the current constitution, it means they must face the consequences.  We would be hypocrites if we were to approve the constitution then ignore its laws.

    Dont get me wrong…I like Mark and feel he will do a great deal for us but since we can waste million on stupid investigations….why not spend the money to make this right and prove without question he is the man.  Dont you agree Cayman?

    Is it going to hurt to have another election and see if the people really want him in? 

  6. Young Caymanian Voter says:

    Let’s be clear here, if it had not been for Mark’s and Duane’s disregard for the constitution we would not have a question of a by election, the costs and blame should be lain soley at their feet! PPM has been, and always will be synonymous with transparency, honesty, integrity…too many times UDP and each of their members have been caught up in some scandal and accused of corruption. Whga Granni say? ‘If it nah so, it go near so!’

  7. UDP Sucks says:

    Keep the photo up – it’s perfect! Speaks of things to come. God will deal with the UDP and the people of Cayman for putting them in.

    Watch and see what will happen this hurricane season if you don’t believe me!

  8. $$$$$$$$$ says:

    As much as I am concerned about the finances of this country we HAVE  to do this right and on principle! The results will need to be contested and it is a decision for the courts. We have to go through this process because we cannot start off with a new Government by ignoring the highest law in the land–that’s a dangerous precedent.

    However, the people of Bodden Town have spoken their wishes LOUD and clear!!!! And as far as I am concerned when the people of Bodden Town went to the polls there was no disqualification or removal of the names of Mark Scotland or Dwayne Seymour from the ballot. They were properly nominated as declared by the Supervisor of Elections. There were no solid FACTS or evidence to voters in Bodden Town that these men were in fact disqualified when they went to vote because a disqualification is categorically a matter for the Courts which would be decided after the fact.

    Therefore the people of Bodden Town exercised their democratic right by marking their X against the names of these individuals. In my personal opinion again, due consideration must be given to the will of the majority of the electorate and that a Court should not lightly reject the will of the majority and impose upon an electorate a person whom the majority of them did not select to represent them as would be expected by some PPM supporters. A bi-election not just  a move up of Chuckie and Ossie will have to take place and contrary to Dennie’s rambling on the radio this morning Mark and Dwayne would be elegible because they are now in compliance with the Constitution.

    The will of the people would then be heard AGAIN and possibly even louder the second time around.

    • Anonymous says:


      I Cannot agree with you more.  I could honestly understand if such a breach would have disenfranchised the Cayman people, but frankly it has not. 
      1. If it was an eligibility requirement  at the time of Nomination, that NO potential candidate should have a contractual agreement with the Government or any Govt Board  and such potential candidate fails to submit such document in time, and as a result of the failure, or lateness of the submission a person was duly nominated, and it came to notice that such person indeed had an agreement in place with the government, then I could understand this person being disqualified immediately, as it would be out right dishonest. (This has not been the case.)  This now means that having a contract with the Government is not a problem; it just needs to be declared. Frankly speaking, If there is no BAN from being Nominated or elected because you have a Government contract. Why is it so important if you fail to declare it in time? The people or other potential Candidates are not disenfranchised in anyway.
      2. If I am schedule to work at 7:00am and I showed up two minutes late, does that make me a bad person? Because I never called into to say that I would be late, does this automatically disqualify me from being in the work place? The fact should be that I did arrive to work, and I should be excused for my lateness. I quite understand what the constitution says, but that’s the reason why we seeking change to it now. (They are now compliant, and there is/was no evidence that they tried to hide anything.
      3. Anyone that challenges this does not have the people at heart, "The people spoke".  We need to look at the big picture; Respect is due to everyone who exercises their democratic right.
      On another Point. I notice a lot of people BASHING the UDP. The UDP has several new members, Please please! Give them a chance, they are under the Gun. They have made mistakes in the past yes. Who have not????
      I listen to people on the radio shows, where people talk about integration back into society and that we need a vocational School and stuff for the ex Prisoner.  Hear this. The UDP was convicted several years ago, and they were sentenced to 4years without power. They have served their sentence at hard labor; they have perhaps rehabilitated themselves, by charting a better way forward. We as a society has to accept them back into society, and give them a chance. They are right now, on a four years suspended sentence. If they mess up again, they will be perhaps sentence to life, where their political career will be over. Let’s have them integrate back into society.
      We often wonder why the poor prisoner cannot get a Job. You know why?? Same reason why some of us fail to accept the UDP back into society.  They have served their time. So please Cayman, its Now UDP TIME! Please sit back and enjoy the ride, it will be a little bumpy to start with, but in time the ride will be smooth. Disagree with me? Have you flown lately? Did you arrive ok? Or you still are experiencing a bumpy ride? Flight Cayman… I wish you all the best.  God Bless!!
      • Anonymous says:

        "Frankly speaking, If there is no BAN from being Nominated or elected because you have a Government contract. Why is it so important if you fail to declare it in time?"

        Because the Constitution says its important and disqualifies you if you fail to comply.  

    • Anon says:

      I am not writing as a supporter of the PPM or the UDP, just a dispassionate observer.

      First, please stop calling it a "bi-election". It is either "by-election" or "bye-election".

      "There were no solid FACTS or evidence to voters in Bodden Town that these men were in fact disqualified when they went to vote because a disqualification is categorically a matter for the Courts which would be decided after the fact".

      The facts which constituted the disqualification were abundantly clear notwithstanding the efforts of the UDP to confuse the issue by falsely claiming that the Elections Office and the Attorney General had stated that the two candidates were eligible, and by conflating the matter of other candidates not updating the register of interests as required under the Register of Interests Law (which has nothing to do with disqualification). The candidates failed to publish their interest on government contracts by the required deadline and were therefore in breach of section 19(1)(g) of the Constitution.

      It is correct that only the courts can make an official ruling on the issue. 

      I agree that Mark and Dwayne would be eligible for a by-election.   


  9. Anonymous says:

    Bi-Election = YES!

    Mark Scotland is not in compliance with the constitution. He breaks the law already and we are going to going to praise him?

    HELL NO!!! He needs to go.

  10. Anonymous says:

    As far as I am concerned about Scotland and Seymour regarding the whole debacle-I think the elections office should answer to the general public and be held responsible for any by-elections etc.  They should have and could have done things differently.  As far as I am concerned it’s almost as if the people who did not return to office by way of vote sees this as a selfish opportunity to return to the house.  END OF STORY!

  11. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    We are aboutto vote on the constitution but if we are not going to abide by it at all times why did we just go through this rigourous process!  Mark and John I do believe that you two could make good leaders for our country but PLEASE do it the right way.  You do not want to win the fight but lose the war!  You can’t expect to tell the youth to follow the law when you yourselves don’t abide by it.  Please rise above illegal win and show the youth and our country that you are really concerned for the people of Cayman and not just your ego.

  12. Twyla M Vargas says:



    Feathers and fur for miles.  Congratulations to Mark and John,  but we needed a sweep in Bodden Town.,  And  With no disrespect I believe Mr Anthony Eden should resign now.   The poor man looks weary and tired. 

    He has been striped of his stripes.  Robbed of his spirit  and all  of his back up hand- tied team is out on a limb,  and  Like I said ITS NOT GOIN WOK, with two UDP and  One PPM.   Ever thought of putting Silverster in Tweety cage and watch the drama?  Pure Fur and Feathers through the LA.

    Well My Girl Theresa you did not make it this time, but not that I did not tried, just could,nt squeeze you in.  But as the saying goes.  It aint over until the fat lady sings.  Blessed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, there Twyla,…. I know you’re a woman of substance and I know you worked really hard for Theresa. But this is not the end. Theresa is a brillant young woman and MAC could surely use her. As you know he is selecting his VP’s now. What can a Government that demands change bring to the table? People that shine…of course!

      Mac is quite sensitive to the needs of this country and I am sure he will surround himself with people of sound minds that is not eager to put him or his Government down. Besides he really needs to surround himself with peoplewho he can trust. To say the least he surely doesn’t need for persons like Chuckie to be in his midst.

      Hold tight Twyla…..


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Twyla your are absolutely right about Mr. Eden which leads me to the question, why does Bodden Towners keep making the same mistake of returning him back to the LA? I am not a resident of Bodden Town, but I keep wondering why so many people vote for him. Can a Bodden Town voter suggest something that is outstanding that one can remember he has done? I have been racking my mind ever since and can’t arrive at an answer. And please don’t return with the answer of him being a NICE MAN. I am sick and tired of hearing that sentence.

      Well done Bodden Towners you have surely made PROGRESS!!!!!! Two out three ain’t bad. Next time EDEN must go!!!!!!!!!!!! He has been on the bench too…………..lonnnnnnggggg……………then it will be TOTAL PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Raise ur hand my brorhers and sisters not fold your hands like Mr. Eden and say……… Peace……………………..

      • Anonymous says:

        Mr Eden saved the Health Services in the nineties after Ezzard and Mac screwed them over and has left us with a hospital which is not in a swamp and district health centres which will last for years. Check the plaque by the entrance of the hospital to revive your memory.

        And Ezzard’s legacy thus far (apart from constant anti-expat/all Cymanians are geniuses claptrap)? Motorbikes on our roads so powerful they are lethal killing machines and the post office in North Side.

        • Anonymous says:

          Saved Health??? and you are talking about a plaque by the door? Oh boy, I thought I was going to be welcomed with a much more substantial answer. That’s ludicrist to even write to praise him with a plaque by the door. Come again…with something more positive.

          I also suggest that the old hospital has been renovated at the tune of over CI$29 mil alot more than the cost of the new hospital. Doesn’t that say something. There is no place to park, no qualified staff..please I could go on but time is of the essence now.

          Dear writer…isn’t the Clifton Hunter School being built on swamp? I suggest you go and review the facts then write something of importance, rather than just mentioning a plaque or swamp land. A plaque can be removed like how Mckeeva’s plaque was removed from the Port Authority and Turtle Farm.

          By now you should have gotten the drift.


    • Anonymous says:

      Twyla, What time is it?

      It is UDP time……………Mac is all fired up and ready to go….hewill be selecting the best and for that I rest assure he won’t be getting much rest trying to make so many decisions.

      Right now Anthony is not his concern nor the rest of the PPM to say the least. You stick to your girl tight….go figure….

  13. Mercedezes says:


    why can PPM retired candidates accept their loses and move on to the next chapter in their lives???

    I’m a UDP supporter and i voted straight in BT. I voted for Justin Woods as well for i saw that he would have worked very well with Mark and John John, It’s a pity that the Savannah people didn’t retire Mr. Eden. If Ossie tries to defeat Mark and John John seats,  We will vote for them again and they will be put back in by the BT people.

    Give it up Ossie you don’t care about the needs and wants of the BT people on a hold,  as you can’t stand up and hold a decent conversation with a drunken man.

    You needed to be fired the first day you took office, so you go sit down and shut your mouth.

    Like the saying goes "Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me" and i know the BT people wasn’t gonna let you fool them. You are only for a selected few in BT and the reason you got in as you went on to the PPM bandwagon, sorry this time you miss this one.

    On a serious level if you really care anything about the people of the Cayman Islands you need to just give this up as you know it will cost the country more money for this bi-election and don’t you at least care that your PPM crew has cost the country so much already.

    Think about it and if you have a heart and will be planning to run in the next 4 yrs, be good to the BT people and they might  consider you at this time but i have to say sorry again you got FIRED AND WE WILL HAVE TO REALLY CONSIDER HIRING YOU BACK AGAIN IN THE NEXT 4 YRS.

    Mark and John John are the better men for the job.  Tell your PPM buddies they are back benching for the next 4yrs, on sorry maybe 8 if the new constitution is passed and by the looks of it the people are voting yes. oh by the way tell your buddy Arden that Mark is the better man for his previous post as Minister.

    GO UDP!!! Mckeeva and Mark we love you.

  14. Mario Rankin says:

    Just want to congradulate Mark and Dwayne for their victory in BT.  However, I find if very strange that anyone would want to challenge the will of the people of BT which in my opioion would be a direct insult to the integrity of the BT voters.  Especially if it is any memeber of the incumbent party who had relied on these very same peopel to vote them in one election ago.  So I ask, "Are we willing to go through with something that has already been decided by the good peopel of BT?" Isn’t it our constitutional and democratic right to vote for who we want to represent us.  To all of those people who are making a big deal out of this issue, here are the plain and simple facts – Mark and Dwayne declared all of their business interest before the deadline they just did not have them gazetted 30 days before election – they were gazetted 26 days before election.  There was no intent to hide or deceive the people of the Cayman Islands.  Quick flash back, Mr. Jim Bodden was elected in the district of BT, ironically, and was not sworn in by the Governor for failing to give up his US citizenship before the general election.  There was then a bi-election and Mr. Bodden was then elected again and still had not complied with the constitution concerning his dual citizenship and the Governor then swore him in refusing to go against the will of the people.  Case closed!!


    PS – Wendy Ledger – there is a new photo of Mark in his victory in BT that you could have used.

    CNS: Wendy was in the Command Centre and unable to take pictures. However we would consider using any pictures sent to us.

  15. Anonymous says:

    So why vote for a new Constitution if you all obviously don’t give two hoods having the current one upheld? It has NOTHING to do with UDP vs. PPM, it has EVERYTHING to do with following what is set out in the Constitution and you don’t want to set a precedent for the Constitution not being followed. Where are you all going to draw the line going forward? If we ignore the Constitution this time, I guess we should just ignore the Constitution any old time it suits! During the next election, maybe nobody should follow any rules or regulations as set out, why should they? Wow, what a mess we are going to be in………but some ignorant fools can obviously not see past their own noses and then have the nerve to claim that they have their children’s future at their hearts.

    Boy, oh boy – and then you older wonder why UK doesn’t respect you and the Expats keep pulling one over you time and time again……….What a bunch of ignorant fools….

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with so why vote for a new 100%.  Individuals need to realize the Cayman Islands is not about PPM or UDP it is about its people and their success.

      If we ignore what these two individuals have mistakenly done even though I do not see how Mark can use that as an excuse as he ran in 2005 as well, then why did we vote for a new constitution yesterday which I hope passes.

      This legislation is the most important law in our islands it is the fabric of our being and if we allow this mistake to be overlooked or ignored then we might as well abolish all the other laws of these islands.

      People remember country before self!!  The Cayman Islands is not just about us as individuals its about us as a whole body.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Here my Plee….

    I call out here to Mr. McKeeva Bush and likewise to Mr. Kurt Tibbetts to bury the hatchett on the whole party politics within our hallowed halls of the LA.

    I am asking Mr Bush to intergrally involve Mr. Tibbetts in all of the ongoings within the house even where he is not required to do so. I am asking that you do not JUST do things because you can but do things because we must. Allow the PPM government to act as devil’s advocates to open your eyes to things you may notsee because of being focussed.

    I am asking Mr. Tibbetts to put aside the party politics also and work with, not against the UDP party. I am asking him to do what is right not just because it flies contrary to what UDP is seeking to do.

    We are in some of the worst times our country has ever faced and we the people elected 15 members to the house not 8 or 10 whatever the majority maybe. I am asking that they all have a say in where we are going. I am asking that everyone’s opinions and thoughts are counted and not disregarded simply because they are one party or the other.

    We put you in there to save us. So be about the savings and check your party at the door of our LA.

    • Mercedezes says:

      Hello did i hear a PPM supporter begging for pardon. LOL!!!!

      Did Kurt ever considered Mckeeva in his doings?? No he didn’t, Mckeeva, Rolston, Cline and Eugene had to back bench and take up the crumbs that the PPM dished out. He would do things just to get under Mckeeva’s skin. 

      If the shoe was on the other foot would Kurt be so generous? No he wouldn’t Mckeeva would have to take the crumbs again. I agree with you 100% in what you say as it’s only for the betterment of the country and knowing the gentleman that Mr. Bush is he will do anything and take any measures which relates to the betterment of his country and people.

      Kurt should have buried the hatchette when he took office in 2005 and this election wouldn’t have been so slanderous. Kurt and Alden must feel what it is to be on the opposition side now taking up crumbs. There is a saying that goes God doesn’t like ugly, and an other that say everyday the bucket go to the well one day that bottom will drop out, and another that goes, you can do what you want, but not as long as you want as eveything has an END!!!

      This is Kurt and Alden’s end now, and the thing that is so sad about this is that Kurt and Alden never cared anything about the poorer people of this country and they made bad judgements and now we have people asking for sympathy for Mr. Kurt, as this is so clearly a PPM supporter who has posted this comment.

      Loving it like curry chicken and rice.

      Mr. Bush be bless and continue to put God first and hypocrites after. Cayman Love you and some PPM supporter might not admit it, but they love you too and are probably saying Thank God he sent you to recue us.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The people have spoken and made their choices in candidates to run this country for the next four years. PPM members and supporters – take your loss like men and women, last election UDP lost their seats and took their loss and continued working for the people of this country.

    We cannot afford a bi-election and if the people of BT wanted to re-elect you then you would have been re-elected. A bi-election will not change the people’s choice!! Ozzie don’t take it too hard, use this as a time to reflect on the short comings of your party and try to improve the representation you give to the voters in your district for the next time around. There must be a reason why you and Chuckie were not re-elected. Let us work together for the betterment of the Cayman Islands and move forward.

  18. Anonymous says:


    Did not get to squeeze inmy Girl THERESA with you all, but dont  worry all is well.  God Bless.

    Ja Rastafari

    • Anonymous says:

      CONGRATS to MARK and JOHN!!! BT have spoken….for sure…all the negative vibes we don’t need to hear it. BT will be FIRST again. Such fine young men we have got in our midst. Guys hold your heads up!!! Now, all we need is a REAL WOMAN like THERESA between both of you to get the job done to PERFECTION!!!

      Next time round. Keep straight…

  19. A True North Sider says:

    North Side has truly been victorious in this election. Congratulations Ezzard you are the right man for the job!

    With regards to the PPM I would like to say this: Always remember that when you are on your way UP the ladder you should take note of the people you crossed on the way up because remember some of those same people will be the people you cross on the way DOWN.

    Congratulations to all representatives because at the end of the day this is our country and when the elected officials succeed we all reep the benefits.

    I will pray that the seeds that are sowed for years to come are good ones so that our future will be the best. Remember, What you sow is also what you shall reap.

  20. Anonymous says:

    To whoever was moaning about some adults booing children that were going by in some motorcade to support the PPM….yes you are right in saying that it was rude to boo the motorcade, but more importantly than that is the fact that the parents of these children were putting their kids in the situation by putting them on a PPM motorcade when they shouldn’t be involved in politics at all. Why are their parents trying to brainwash the kids this way.

    The kids are obviously not supporters of either party because they would be too young to understand what is going on. To be succesful as a country the voters need to make educated decisions on who is best to run the country. When these kids are old enough to vote, hopefully they will do this and not just go with whatever their parents bullied them into believing.



    • Anonymous says:

      My kids were in their front yard, wearing their PPM shirts, MINDING their own business thank you VERY MUCH! Our front yard just happened to be on the motorcade route.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wow, how sanctimonious we all are!! Listen the result will be the same no matter what course of resolution this takes! Don’t insult the Bodden Town voters with smoke screens, don’t be such soar losers and lets get on with the mammoth task of running this country not your mouths! Sorry the elections are over and the people has spoken, simple as that!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Stop the sour grapes PPM.  The people have spoken for UDP.  Ozzie and whoever wants to challenge Mark and Dwayne, please, you already left the country in shambles.  Please do not make the people spend more money on this challenge as you will get the same or better result for UDP.  Ozzie you should be ashamed of yourself.  Accept that you were on the losing side for a reason.  Just look at what this country is going through because of your PPM.  Accept you loss like a man and not a whiner.

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    What an absolute and utter disgrace! I’m disgusted! I’m outraged! I’m wondering what kind of thinking these people in Bodden Town have!!! My God! What have the people of Bodden Town done! All I can say is GOD HELP US ALL! Because a very big mistake was made by the people of Bodden Town! I voted up there, but I voted straight PPM! And as long as I live, I will always support the PPM members!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Bodden Towners, what a way to uphold the law!! I know both Mark and John John personally, and although they are fine men, the law is the law! And as candidates they should be the first to respect it!

    And what about the GT Primary incident, not to mention their adult supporters were BOOING and SNEARING at PPM supporting *children* while passing by in the motorcade, yet another show of UDP’s team and its supporters’ lack of RESPECT & CHARACTER!!!

    WORTHLESS BEHAVIOUR on the UDP’ and their SUPPORTERS’ behalf, unna gah do betta!

    Imagine,a truck full of adults Boo-ing at **CHILDREN**! Talk about IGNORANCE!!!!!! What a sign of things to come. It truly is the beginning of the end.

    I’ll just sit back and watch them hang themselves now…I want to see McKeeva create jobs and wealth out of thin air, and all other candidates uphold all their empty promises. That’s what I want to see, when he finds his magic hat, I’ll be sure to try buy one myself, maybe that’ll help me through the further worldwide economic drop that is to come.

    The next 4 years surely are going to be interesting!!! By the way – I am neither a PPM nor independant supporter. Imagine I was going to vote for some of these people, but their outrageous antics casued me not to….I just don’t tolerate slackness & that’s all I have to say.


    • 1norsider says:

      I hope this is the end of independent candidates in elections in this country. I supported an independent candidate in his attempt to get elected which failed. The people of Cayman cannot say 6 months before an election that they want to dispense with party politics then vote only for the parties.

      Any candidate who does not align himself with one of the parties for th enext election will be commiting political suicide. Not only will they be up against the big party money and machinery, they will be rejected by th every voters who convinced them to run independent in the first place ………. go figure.

      This election only settled one issue for this country, unlike 1965, PARTY POLITICS ARE HERE TO STAY and don’t anyone tell me differently.

      The voters had their best chance to vote to choose from the excellent slate of independents and the voted for the parties as is their right.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I want to start this by being abundantly clear. I voted for Mark Scottland and I voted for Anthony Eden and an Independent.

    I am non-biased in anyway shape or means. I see us as one country not as a party. I voted accordingly.


    Saying that, while I respect the people of Bodden Town and the votes they have thrown I can see no other recourse than to have a by-election.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, the constitution is our foundation. It is to be adhered to at all cost. We simply can not turn a blind eye to this document no matter what the people say. And no matter what the cost. Otherwise why did I waste my time voting on it!!


    In truth I believe but do not know if it will happen this way but I believe they should NOT be allowed to be voted on in the by-election. They should be deemed to be ineligible to run in the by-election. If they are allowed to re-file and be OKAYED after the fact then they are given a pass anyhow. The whole idea of having a by-election would be to see now that they are not there how their votes will be split up between the rest of the candidates.


    I finish with this.


    Dwayne and Mark. The right thing would have been for you to step aside and SHOW the Cayman Islands that you are the bigger man. This would have spoke volumes for your character. It would have said that you fully and explicitly respect the constitution which you are bound to and aspire to defend.


    I know that is a hard pill to swallow but it would have been the right thing. Now in retrospect I hear the blame being thrown on Ossy. Look I did not vote his way which should tell you my feelings there but this time he is not the one causing the by-election. This falls squarely on Dwayne and Mark. Do you blame a victim in a robbery for reporting it to the police? Same holds true here. He is only waving his hands in the air and saying “hey this is not right” and he is only being a good citizen. Now he stands to POTENTIALLY benefit but this is neither here nor there because the law is broken and it’s not him that broke it.


    What happened was sad and I do believe innocent but the law ladies and gentlemen is the law. When we allow people to break it we are placing people above it which is a very dangerous precedence.



    • Big Al says:

      "I want to start this by being abundantly clear. I voted for Mark Scottland……"

      That seems to be such hypocracy when compared to your further statements:

      "In truth I believe but do not know if it will happen this way but I believe they should NOT be allowed to be voted on in the by-election. They should be deemed to be ineligible to run in the by-election. If they are allowed to re-file and be OKAYED after the fact then they are given a pass anyhow. The whole idea of having a by-election would be to see now that they are not there how their votes will be split up between the rest of the candidates."

      If you felt this strongly about the situation then why did you bother to vote for him?

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry Big Al,

        Apparent hypocracy is not hypocracy.

        If this had happened to PPM I would feel the same way. Honestly I could care less in the matter with regards to who it is affecting. My feelings is more about my country’s constitution and my belief it should be defended vigorously.

        All I am saying is if the desire is to PUNISH someone for a wrong doing you do not allow them to gain the benefit.

        I can not think of a good comparison right now to give you to demonstrate the issue. I can only say that there should be a punishment. If the judge decides that they can run then there should be no by-election. A great mind once said "it is a fool who thinks that in doing the same thing he can achaieve a different result" or something like that. It would be a pointless by-election.

        If I had to vote all over I would vote for Mark again because of my level of respect for Mark as a person. My voting for him has absolutely positively NOTHING to do about UDP. Same holds true with my vote for Mr. Tony. It is all about my belief that they can do the job and they are people I respect.

        Again, if it was Mr. Tony who did it I would say the exact same thing. It is not about sides but about the LAW.

        We need to get away from the mentality of party and start thinking about what is right for our country PLURAL.

        PS If I am not allowed to vote for Mark in a By-Election I would probably go with Theresa as his replacement. I do not believe Ossy or Chuckie gave us good representation and therefore I will not vote for them.

        Don’t allow your allegencies to cloud your judgement. We have a law which needs to be upheld. When we fail to do so and allow people to be above it we are threading on some seriously dangerous ground.

    • Voter says:

      ‘I want to start this by being abundantly clear. I voted for Mark Scottland and I voted for Anthony Eden and an Independent.’

      so after saying all that and feeling the way you do, you you still voted for Mark S, why?


  27. Anonymous says:

    The way I understood it from Dennie Warren on the Talk Show this morning, if Mark and Dwayne are disqualified then they can not run in the by-election.  Someone please clarify this!!!!

      To: 05/21/2009 – 09:51,
      You misunderstood me. To be clear, if a by-election were to be used to resolve the matter then Messrs Scotland and Seymour would be qualified to run because it’s a completely different election from the one held on May 20, 2009.
  28. Nicole says:

     Mr. Ossy Bodden and Gilly and the whole team members of the PPM, let me just say this to you all, even though I never voted for anyone at all, I’m a George Towner and If I could had voted in Bodden Town, I would had given my vote to Mr. Frederick and the rest of the UDP team members instead of you all.  Even though Mr. Frederick did not get elected in Bodden Town, I have seen the way you all have viciously deprive him and gang up on him like an animal.  I have also seen the things you said about Dwayne and Mark.  Let me say this to you all that I dont like dirty people like you, and God do not like ugly.   

    Lets face it PPM you all are nothing but soar losers, look whos laughing now, so you all want to challenge the UDP team well bring it on for you will never get no where.   The people has spoken and we will be darn if you all think we are going to let you all challenge Dwayne and Mark and get away with it.  Your nothing but soar losers suck it up and move on and go cry like the little boy who cried wolf.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Maybe now i can get my resedency after 5 years of having it pending!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry Sandra – despite your best efforts the People have spoken, and you were not the type of candidate they had in mind.

  30. Anonymouse says:

    Why bother? Because its the law.

    There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. You wouldn’t want the UDP starting off their term doing the wrong thing, would you? The UDP need this hashed out in court so that there is no implication of improper actions on their part. Lets not spoil the victory with questionable side-issues.

    At worst the court throws out the two candidates in question and the UDP form the Government with 8 members. The other option is that a by-election is called for two BT seats and these two candidates are again elected (the voters are unlikely to change their mind over an issue they already knew about). Either way the UDP will be the government and they can begin their term with no questions of political malpractice.

  31. Anonymous says:

    This is a challenge to the rule of law within the Cayman Islands and it is vital that the newly elected leaders support the rule of law over party politics.

    No I am not naive enough to actually believe this will happen but it is what honorably would happen.

  32. Nicole says:

    The people has made their choice, I’m very please with the outcome results,so what we need to all do now is move on and let a new goverment take over to get the job done.  Election is now over, we do not need to waste no more time spending our money on foolish things. instead we need to now work together as a unity and hope for a better tommorow. 

  33. Anonymous says:

    Geeeez. The people spoke! What more do you want?

    Even if the PPM goes to challenge these two UDP members they will still put back in Mark & Dwayne and unfortunately; (the poor PPM sufferers will lose Anthony) I bet Theresa will take his seat!

    I wish all of you PPM supporters will just sit down and watch how a real Government is supposed to be run.



    • Anonymous says:

      "Even if the PPM goes to challenge these two UDP members they will still put back in Mark & Dwayne and unfortunately; (the poor PPM sufferers will lose Anthony) I bet Theresa will take his seat!"

      There is really no political point to a challenge since the UDP has sufficient seats to form a government without Mark and Dwayne. However, if there is a challenge and a subsequent bye-election it would involve only two seats. There is no question whether Anthony Eden is qualified. He has been validly elected andhe would not therefore be required to run in the bye-election. It is by no means a foregone conclusion that both Mark and Dwayne would win in a bye-election. There are different dynamics from the general election. Much depends on how many candidates run and how the votes are split. Since there would be only two seats available it is conceivable that those persons who voted for Anthony Eden would then cast their votes for Osbourne Bodden and Charles Clifford in which case they would defeat at least Dwayne Seymour.        

      • Anonymous says:

        Give it a break why don’t you?

        PPM can’t get back in either way you put it. The people have spoken and they obviously heard everything they needed to know from before election day. =]

        In my opinion, I think that the PPM just can’t take losing and they are upset at the fact that their sorry little candidates didnt get in.

        Sorry if anyone took offense but it has shown over the past four years.



  34. Anonymous says:

    It is a fundamental right of all voters and the Bodden Town candidates to challenge this "victory".  The monetary cost will be nothing compared to the reputational damage we will incur as a free democratic society and you can be guaranteed that the UK has all eyes on us to see how seriously we do take our Constitution.  For far too long the Caymanian people have sat by and let things slide and Enough is Enough!  Hopefully, by the time of the By-Election the people of Bodden Town will have woken up from the apparent slumber they seem to be in!

  35. Knal N. Domp says:

    The simplest and cheapest way forward is to declare Bodden Town invalid, and hold a bye-election in that district as soon as possible. Since Mark and John John are now compliant with the Constitutional requirements of interests declaration, they can be re-voted in by their loyal electorate. The only risk here is if the electorate has an ‘oops’ moment and reverses its opinion on the candidates- giving Ozzie his outside chance of wresting his seat from John John.

  36. Anonymous says:

    The constitution needs to be upheld.  Why did we just vote for a new one if we can’t even follow the old one?

    No seats for Mark and Dwayne.  Put the right candidates back in!!!

  37. Anonymous says:


    This district election just goes to show you how selfish that the PPM Team (and especially former MLA Mr. Osbourne Bodden) really are. 

    Apparently PPM has not finished putting Government into more debt – now we are faced with a by-election.  This reader expects the same results.  But wouldn’t it be ironic if Mr. Anthony Eden lost his seat in the by-election (not expected, but then again PPM didn’t expect the butt-kicking that they just got at the polls!!!). 

    In the end it will be 10 UDP and 5 PPM. 

    The technicalities won’t change the final results. 

  38. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe the people of Bodden Town!!!

  39. Nonnie Mouse says:

    The two UDP candidates do not have any arguments to oppose a challenge, if they are challenged they are ineligible.  But a challenge is not going to make any difference to who really runs the country given the results elsewhere.  At least with the landslide we are not in the nightmare scenario of not having a leader now when the country needs to address its problems both here, and more importantly, beyond these shores.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I guess we will now see if Cayman is a country of law or lawlessness.

    "The People have made their choice, so why bother with additional expenses?"

    Are you really so ignorant and uneducated to ask this question?  The reason is that because it is part of the CONSTITUTION.  Take a read (if you can) and you will see they clearly violated it.  There is no question that if they are challenged (which they will be) that they will be removed immediately. If they are not, then the Cayman Islands should just forget the law and let marshall law exist.

  41. Anonymous says:

    DEMOCRACY has spoken and yes some of us may not like the outcome- but thats what being democratic is about.

    As such, I IMPLORE the 2 parties seeing that no independents were elected, to join hands and work for the good of the country. PPM- you MUST repsect the wishes and demands of the people as it was THE PEOPLE who elected the UDP and not the UDP themselves. As well, UDP you must be cognizant that you represent ALL of the Cayman Islands and as such we will entrust that representation to you.

    The election process in Cayman is one to be truly proud of irresepective of the minor incidents that happened on polling day. We should give thanks that this is all that happened. We could have had to be dealing with gunshots, stabbings etc like has transpired in other countries.

    The campaign is over and we the electorate will hold both parties accountable to do what they have tiressly preached during the said campaign.

    To the PPM- please consider the financial cost and logisitics to conduct a by-electon. Instead, lets bury the gauntlett on the issue and work together for the good of the country. After all, winnning first place is a clear mandate by the Bodden Town electorate that Mark is their candidate of choice along with Tony and Dwayne. Tony is a man of integrity and honor and I know that he conducts the respect of the UDP- so BT- you just might get something now.

    Congrats to ALL winners and congrats to all candidates.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Go Mark and Dwayne, the Bodden Town people have spoken and its clear who they want to represent them in the Legislative Assemble.  Disgruntled loosers should just accept defeat and start filling out job applications.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately it may get worse before it gets better.  But God knows His stuff so let’s just trust Him.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Well , if you never had anything, don’t expect to have anything now. This country continues to surprise me. I’m not a PPM support nor UDP, much less independants, but honestly, I would have thought people would be able to see past the balony and vote wisely.

    I sure do hope Im wrong  🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      I think alot of us are waking up this morning and feeling the exact way, this really does feel like spite voting to me, like a scorned person, upset by the previous government and showing them they lost the chance but sticking with the same thing, this isnt even a case of the worse of two evils. I’m not saying the elected members are not good people,  you can be a good person but not the best for a profession… I hope I’m wrong as well, I hope some people have changed the ways this time around being that the situation is different, I hope that some of the campaign rhetoric is just that and left behind and these politicians step up to the task. Not all elected represent my choice, gone are the days of days travel to other districts, we need to realise that this electoral sysem is out dated, because from now we have no say of the people who actually runs government. But they are our people’s representation,. So this is a task to us all, we need to hold them accountable for what they promised to do, and not just certain districts or  individual favors but the best for the Islands as a whole, we need to speak out if we feel they are not acting in our best interest, we are a people that we tend to suffer in silence andwhat is said is not an accurate depiction of the majority. Question them, add your concerns, we ARE entitled to approach them with our concerns (to benefit all) and if you get anything less than a gracious concerned response we need to call them out on it, your vote gave them the job. So in ending I say Congradulations to the victors and remember although you are representative of your districts, from here on out you need to think of our Islands as a whole. And to the minority, dont succumb to being backed in the corner. People support your represntatives now and give them your thoughts on who you feel is the best man elected, for the task at hand, ExCo is the next important step.

  45. Anonymous says:

    The People have made their choice, so why bother with additional expenses?